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Water Rights Database and Related Files

Links to TCEQ databases associated with surface water and its management.

The Water Rights database contains data from all active and inactive surface water rights permits and water supply contracts. It is updated once each month. For an explanation of the data, please open the "Data Dictionary" document. Further questions about this database should be directed to the Data branch of the Water Rights Team at (512) 239-4691.

  • Water Rights Database Files: Two Excel files, one containing all of the active water rights (wractive.xlsx), and the other containing all of the inactive water rights (wrinactive.xlsx).
  • Data Dictionary for Water Rights database (Word or PDF)- defines each field used in the database.

The Water Rights Water Use data files contain data obtained from the annual Surface Water Right Water Use Reports submitted by March 1st of each year. The data provided here is self-reported and only includes the non-Watermaster areas of the state.

For water use data in Watermaster areas, call:
1-800-733-2733 -for the South Texas Watermaster area
1-866-314-4894 -for the Concho River Watermaster area
1-800-609-1219 –for the Rio Grande Watermaster area

A map of the Watermaster areas can be viewed here.

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