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Natural Outlook, Winter 2009

Table of contents for this issue

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Giant salvinia
Home Invasion

With a number of non-native plants and animals having moved into various regions of the state, the TCEQ and other agencies are concerned about the effects on water quality and quantity.

Underground storage tank
A Long Road to Remediation

For two decades, the TCEQ has overseen the cleanup of leaking petroleum storage tanks. So far, more than 22,000 sites have been remediated.

A New Cover for Closed Landfills

The TCEQ has begun approving a new landfill cover that may turn out to be more stable and plant friendly.

eServices logo
More Services Move Online

The TCEQ is making additional electronic features available to the users of agency services.

Light Switch around the Corner

The traditional incandescent light bulb is scheduled to be phased out to make way for newer, more efficient models.

Computer Recycling in Full Gear

Under a new e-waste program, more than 60 computer manufacturers report having recycling services in Texas.

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