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Success Is in the Air

Texas has been successful in reducing air pollution in the state. This issue of Natural Outlook highlights some of the success stories and the TCEQ programs and initiatives that have contributed to these successes. (Natural Outlook, Spring 2010)

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Texans are extremely proud of Texas. And they well should be. With a vigorous economy, a rich supply of natural resources, and a diverse population, the Lone Star State is worth bragging about.

Although Texas has some of the most highly industrialized and populated areas in the nation, air quality in these and other areas of the state is continuously improving and is comparable to or better than that of similar areas in other states.

“Texas is a leader when it comes to protecting the environment,” says TCEQ Chairman Bryan W. Shaw, Ph.D. “The state has been especially successful in reducing air pollution. For example, in the last eight years, ozone has been reduced by 22 percent across the state and NOx, a precursor to ozone formation, has been reduced by 46 percent.”

According to the Texas Data Center and the Office of the State Demographer, the population in Texas will increase by 71.5 percent between 2000 and 2040, from 20.9 million to 35.8 million. This growth poses increasingly complex challenges to state leaders.

Keeping the air clean and safe for Texans is the challenge that has been and will continue to be addressed by the TCEQ.

In the following articles, Natural Outlook highlights a few of the air quality success stories around the state and the TCEQ programs and initiatives responsible for those successes. We will also examine challenges that lie ahead.

Articles in this issue of Natural Outlook:

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