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Free environmental-compliance assistance is just a phone call away. (Natural Outlook, Winter/Spring 2011)
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Are you confused about state and federal environmental regulations that affect your business or local government? Did you know that you may need to follow drinking-water rules or file for an air authorization or a storm water permit to conduct business? Or that you must notify the TCEQ that you're generating waste?

To help small businesses and local governments, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality provides free, confidential environmental-compliance assistance to small businesses and local governments on air, water, waste, and pollution prevention issues, without the threat of enforcement. In addition, the program's helpful website,, serves as an information hub with useful links to information on air, water, and waste issues and industry requirements.

The TCEQ's Small Business and Local Government Assistance Program is charged with providing assistance of this kind. Businesses and local governments can request one-on-one assistance and free, on-site environmental-compliance assessments—and all the information remains confidential from the TCEQ's enforcement process.

And by visiting you can find a number of compliance-assistance tools, regulatory guidance leaflets, and easy-to-follow checklists for various industries, such as auto body shops, metal finishers, dry cleaners, automotive repair facilities, surface coaters, and auto salvage yards. In addition, you can find air, water, and waste requirements for small businesses. For example, offers guidance on calculating your air emissions, explains how to manage hazardous waste, and includes templates for storm water pollution prevention plans, tools for wastewater facilities, and resources for public-drinking-water facilities.

Feel free to call TCEQ's TexasEnviroHelp hotline for more information about these programs, as well as free and confidential assistance with questions on environmental regulations. Call 800-447-2827 Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information on the TCEQ's program and tools, visit

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