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Rule Adoptions

Adoptions are rules that have been adopted by the commissioners and republished as final in the Texas Register.


ADOPTIONS are rules that have been adopted by the commissioners and republished as final in the Texas Register. They usually become effective 20 days after the TCEQ files them with the Texas Register for publication.

Adoptions will remain on this page for 30 days after the effective date.

Adoption Dates Rule Project Number Short Title/Description Adoption

Approval Date

Effective Date

2015-035-290-OW Revised Total Coliform Rule Plus (RTCR Plus)
The rulemaking amends Chapter 290 for consistency with the federal Revised Total Coliform Rule; to address EPA comments on the federal Ground Water Rule; and provide clarification on existing state rules.

Executive Summary

Ch. 290

Approval Date

Effective Date

2016-031-114-AI Low Income Vehicle Repair Assistance, Retrofit, and Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Program (LIRAP) Revisions
The rulemaking amends definitions in Chapter 114 and incorporates the Tier 3 emission standards established under 40 CFR §86.1811-17 as an eligibility component for replacement vehicles and as a determinant for the replacement compensation amount. The rulemaking also specifies that no more than $600 may be used for emissions-related repairs per vehicle per year.

Executive Summary

Ch. 114

Approval Date

Effective Date

2016-012-122-AI Update to Applicable Requirements for Operating Permits
Revisions to Chapter 122 reflect current applicable requirements for the Federal Operating Permits Program; particularly the removal of outdated provisions relating to the Clean Air Interstate Rule, the removal of outdated provisions which required certain sources of greenhouse gases to obtain a federal operating permit, and the addition of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule as an applicable requirement.

Executive Summary

Ch. 122