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TCEQ Records Services

Describes location of and services offered by the TCEQ file rooms and copy center.

What is the Central File Room (CFR)?

The Central File Room (CFR) provides storage, maintenance, and access to key agency records, file retrievals for the public and agency staff, and arranges for copy service. The CFR's Customer Service Center has a viewing area, microfilm and microfiche reader/printers, photocopiers, scanners with email capabilities, and a full-service customer request counter. When you require access to public records for:

  • File reviews
  • Large volume copy requests
  • Duplication and/or certification of agency records

Please contact the Central File Room (CFR) Customer Service Center at:

Please Note: If you wish to submit an Open Records Request (under the Public Information Act) or if your request is for any and all documents, current applications, ongoing compliance or enforcement actions or records that are not available in the Central File Room, see Open Records Requests. Once an Open Records Request is placed, it is not necessary to request records through the Central File Room (CFR).


Where's the Central File Room?

Central File Room: Building E, Room 103, First Floor
Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

TCEQ campus map

For information about the Records Services facilities,
please call 512/239-2900.

The Central File Room maintains only a certain percentage of the agency records and all other records are kept in the agency program areas. Customer Service staff will assist in retrieving records currently checked out by program staff. In addition, the customer service staff will assist in providing program area contacts for any records not maintained in the Central File Room.


What Records Can I Get?

Listed below are the types of records that are located in the Central File Room:

Files Available in Hard Copy and Microfilm Formats

Air Quality

  • Air Compliance
  • Air Permits/Exemptions
  • Air Title V
  • Air Portables


  • IHW: Corrective Action Files
  • IHW: Radioactive Waste
  • IHW: Uranium Solution Mining
  • Industrial Hazardous Waste (IHW)
  • Leaking Petroleum Storage Tanks (LPST)
  • LPST Reimbursement Claims
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • MSW: Composting
  • MSW: Medical Waste Transporters
  • MSW: SUB T
  • MSW: Tires
  • MSW: Used Oil Registrations
  • MSW: Unauthorized Sites
  • Underground Injection Control (UIC)
  • UIC: Class I Waste Disposal Wells
  • UIC: Class III Sodium Sulfate Solution
  • UIC: Class III Sulphur Solution Mining
  • UIC: Class IV Hazardous Injection Wells
  • UIC: Class V Injection Wells
  • Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Saltwater Disposal
  • Sludge Transporter Stream Monitoring

Water Supply

  • Certificates of Convenience & Necessity (CCN)
    (Includes water utility rate cases)
  • Complaint Files
  • Districts
  • Edwards Aquifer
  • Groundwater Technical Data
    For Well Data contact:
    Texas Water Development Board
    1700 N. Congress, Room 428
  • Onsite Sewage Facilities
  • Public Water Supply
  • Reclamation Engineer
  • Resolutions and Rules
  • Saltwater Disposal
  • Sludge Transporter Stream Monitoring
  • Storm Water General Permits
  • Surface Casing
  • Texas Dam Safety
  • Wastewater General / Water-Masters
  • Water Rights Adjudications, Applications,
    Certified Filings, Claims, Temporary
    Applications, Wattery Supply Contracts
  • Water Well Drillers

Water Quality

  • Agriculture - Unpermitted
  • Dredging Permits & Unpermitted
  • Industrial/Municipal Waste Discharge
  • Sludge
  • Storm Water General Permits
  • Pretreatment
  • Water Quality Protection Zone

Limited Program Files Available In Microfilm Format Only

  • Superfund - Federal and State
  • Site Discovery and Assessment
  • VCP, Brownfields
  • Innocent Owner/Operator


How Can I Order Copies?

Information requests may be submitted in person, phone, fax, e-mail or regular mail.

  • (512) 239-2900
  • (512) 239-1850 (fax)
  • CFR mailing address is:

    Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
    ATTN: Central File Room, Mail Code 213
    PO Box 13087
    Austin, TX 78711-3087


What Will Copies Cost?

Services and Fees Table
Hard Copies of Documents up to 8-1/2" by 14" (Black and White) $0.10 each
Hard Copies of Documents up to 8-1/2" by 14" (Color) $1.00 each
Hard Copies of Oversize Documents up to 11" X 17" (Black and White) $0.50 each
Hard Copies of Oversize Documents up to 11" X 17" (Color) $2.00 each
Hard Copies of Oversize Documents larger than 11" X 17" (Black and White) $0.75 per sq ft
Hard Copies of Oversize Documents larger than 11" X 17" (Color) $1.50 per sq ft
Hard Copies of Documents from Microfiche, Microfilm, and CDs (Self-Serve) $0.10 each
Duplicate Copies of Audio Cassette Tapes $1.00 each
Duplicate Copies of Compact Disks $1.00 each
Certifications $0.50 each
Microfiche (Diazo Duplicate) $0.45 each
Microfilm (16mm - 215' Diazo Roll) $9.35 each
Labor Charges $15.00 per hour

If you have any questions about copying costs, payment, or delivery options, please call the Copy Center at 512/239-2950.