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Ozone Data

Current and historical measurements of ozone air pollution in Texas.

Air Quality Forecast and Ozone Action Day E-Mail Alerts
Sign up to receive Today's Texas Air Quality Forecast and Ozone Action Day e-mail alerts for several metropolitan areas throughout Texas.

Current Texas Ozone Levels
Map showing latest ozone levels in metropolitan areas across Texas.

Daily Maximum Eight-Hour Ozone Averages
Maximum eight-hour ozone averages measured daily from yesterday back to 1997.

Eight-Hour Ozone High-Value Days
Averages that meet or exceed 85 parts per billion ozone. Data available from one hour ago back to 1997.

Four Highest Eight-Hour Ozone Concentrations
Calculated from TCEQ monitoring site data available from today back to 1997.

High One-Hour Ozone Values
Measurements of high one-hour ozone concentrations.

High Ozone in Your Metro Area
Table that summarizes high one-hour averages greater than 125 ppb and eight-hour ozone averages greater than 76 ppb in Texas metropolitan areas.

Hourly Air Pollution Data by Day, Month, or Year
Search for air quality data collected on a specific day, during a particular month, or a definite year and at a specific TCEQ air monitoring site.

Ozone Hourly Averages (and Other Air Pollutants)
The hourly average concentration of ozone measured an hour ago back to 1997.

Peak Daily One-Hour Ozone Averages
Maximum one-hour ozone averages measured daily from yesterday back to 1996.

Texas Cities' Compliance with Eight-Hour Ozone Standard
Report for the fourth-highest daily maximum eight-hour average ozone concentrations in Texas Metropolitan areas.

TCEQ Data Clearinghouse

Data not available online?

See standard and customized data and reports available for purchase from the TCEQ and how to request them.


TCEQ Toxicology:
Toxicology is used to help us make scientifically sound decisions when developing environmental regulation and policy.