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Download Effects Screening Levels (ESL) Lists Used in the Review of Air Permitting Data

Download previous and current effects screening levels (ESL) lists used in the review of air permitting data, and sign up to receive ESL-related announcements.


Updated InformationTCEQ Guidelines to Develop Toxicity Factors
Updated InformationThe ESL List has been updated
Updated InformationThe AMCV List has been updated
New InformationPOSITION PAPER: Approaches to Derive Odor-Based Values and Response To Public Comments
New Information2 updated DSDs and 5 finalized DSDs
New InformationThe public comment period for 2 proposed DSDs has begun


What to Do if a Chemical Is Not on the List

If you cannot find a listing for a particular constituent, this does not mean a health effects review is not required.  A default short-term ESL of 2 µg/m3 can be used, or you may contact the Toxicology Division to determine if a screening level has been established for a constituent that is not in this list.  If no screening level exists for the constituent, then all customers must complete the TCEQ Effects Screening Level Derivation Request Form Microsoft Excel and submit it to the Toxicology Division staff.

In the interest of time and resources, the Toxicology Division requests that you please conduct a thorough search of the Current ESL List with CAS numbers and synonyms of the constituent of interest prior to contacting the Toxicology Division. If a request has been received with constituents that are listed on the Current ESL List it will be returned.

Questions Regarding the ESL List

Technical questions regarding the ESL List should be addressed to Ross Jones, 512/239-1804, or Jong-Song Lee, 512/239-1790.

Download the Latest ESL List

In Excel format (Help with Downloading Files)

Updated InformationCurrent ESL List Microsoft Excel (Updated 9/30/15)

Download Previous ESL Lists

In Excel format Microsoft Excel (Help with Downloading Files)

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