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About TCEQ Development Support Documents (DSDs) for Effects Screening Levels (ESLs) and Air Monitoring Comparison Values (AMCVs)

A Development Support Document summarizes how chemical-specific toxicity values were derived based on published guidelines (RG-442).

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What is a Development Support Document?

A Development Support Document (DSD) summarizes how chemical-specific toxicity values were derived based on RG-442, Guidelines to Develop Effects Screening Levels, Reference Values, and Unit Risk Factors.

When are Proposed and Final DSDs Published?

A proposed DSD is published at the TCEQ web site for a 60-day public review and comment period. After public comments are received, the TS will address and resolve all relevant issues and make scientifically defensible changes to the DSD and toxicity values, if needed.

The final DSDs with a Response to Comments, if applicable, are then published on the TCEQ website. Registrants on the Toxicology Announcement List will be notified by e-mail when proposed or final DSDs are posted.

Files linked from this page are in Portable Document Format (PDF) Adobe Acrobat PDF Document. (Help with PDF.)

WHITE PAPER – TCEQ Guidelines to Develop 24-Hour Inhalation Reference Values

WHITE PAPER – Updated Recommendations for Animal-To Human Inhalation Dosimetry

The Toxicology Division (TD) of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) amended Section 3.9.1, Default Dosimetry Adjustments for Gases in the October 2012 regulatory guidance document, TCEQ Guidelines to Develop Toxicity Factors (RG-442). This section was updated to include information on animal-to-human inhalation gas dosimetric adjustments based on recommendations in Advances in Inhalation Gas Dosimetry for Derivation of a Reference Concentration (RfC) and Use in Risk Assessment (USEPA 2012, EPA/600/R-12/044). Please refer to the White Paper Adobe Acrobat PDF Document for a discussion of the changes.


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