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Hillcrest Community Environmental Investigation (HCEI): Related Remediation Information

Remediation as it relates to the HCEI, which attempts to determine whether there are environmental impacts from volatile organic compounds to soil, groundwater, or ambient air in the Hillcrest community and adjacent areas of Corpus Christi.


This page last updated on 12/15/2011

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First Half, 2010, Inner Harbor Area Hydrocarbon Plume Status Report

Related Remediation Information

The TCEQ Remediation Division’s Corrective Action Program oversees the cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination from industrial and hazardous-waste sites throughout Texas, which includes petroleum refineries. The TCEQ’s Corrective Action Program sets reasonable response objectives to eliminate or reduce the concentration of chemicals of concern in environmental media. The refineries adjacent to the Hillcrest community are actively cleaning up groundwater contamination through the Corrective Action Program.

During the week of April 5, 2010, in an effort to collect additional delineation data, Flint Hills completed the installation of five permanent monitor wells on its property east of Nueces Bay Boulevard at the request of the TCEQ. The locations of these permanent monitor wells were selected by TCEQ. Wells at these permanent locations replace the temporary wells installed along the Flint Hills boundary.

Analytical data from temporary monitor wells has been incorporated into the draft hydrocarbon-plume map by the Corpus Christi Inner Harbor System Operator (CCIHSO). The final CCIHSO report and plume map will be updated in May 2010.

Fact Sheets

What is toxicology?

What are Chemicals of Potential Concern?

How is a Health Assessment Conducted for Phase II of the HCEI?

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Contact Information

For more information or to suggest topics for future meetings, please contact Neeraja Erraguntla, Ph.D., of the Toxicology Division at 512-239-1795 or toll-free, 877-992-8370 / or Omar Valdez of the Remediation Division at 512-239-2200 /