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Assistance for Public Water and Wastewater Systems

Through a contract with skilled professionals, we offer free financial, managerial, and technical assistance to help public water and wastewater systems comply with regulations.

Why is the TCEQ offering free help?

For the health of citizens throughout Texas, it's important for our public water and wastewater systems to remain financially sound as they provide clean drinking water, collect and treat wastewater, and reuse or discharge that treated wastewater properly.

Without this help, some of our water or wastewater systems might fall out of compliance with regulations designed to protect human health and the environment.

Under this program, our professional contractors can provide a water system or the utility operating it help that is tailored to their specific need. Our contractors can even help struggling water or wastewater systems carefully consider whether consolidation with a neighboring system would be a reasonable way to solve long-running problems.

If we need help, how can we get it?

If you operate a water or wastewater system and would like to arrange for financial, managerial, or technical assistance, contact our Financial, Managerial and Technical (FMT) program coordinator:

Stacy Foster
Phone: 512-239-3105

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What if we would like to consolidate?

If you operate a water or wastewater system and need help to figure out whether consolidation is a viable option, contact:

Stacy Foster
Phone: 512-239-3105

You can request assistance by using the FMT Assistance Referral Forms (TCEQ-20167), available in Adobe Acrobat PDF Document or Microsoft Word Document.

You can find more information including some of the types of assistance available on the FMT Assistance Contract.Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

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