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TCEQ Water Utility Database (WUD)

Data, reports, maps, and reference materials of use to water districts and other water utilities in Texas.

What is the Water Utility Database?

The Water Utility Database is a collection of data from Texas Water Districts, Public Drinking Water Systems and Water and Sewer Utilities who submit information to the TCEQ. Use the database to search for local and regional entities associated with each district, utility or water system.

The Water Utility Database does not yet contain water analysis results for Public Water Systems. Individual Public Water Systems receive their chemical water analysis results from the Texas Department of Health Laboratory or the LCRA Environmental Laboratory. In accordance with 30 TAC §290.46, Public Water Systems are required to keep chemical analysis results on file for a minimum of 10 years.

Online Training and Help

To have a better understanding of the site and how to successfully navigate it, click the Water Utilities Database Web GuideAdobe Acrobat PDF Document.

Contact Us

Our database is updated weekly. With millions of records in it, you might find some information that is out of date or missing. If this happens please let us know. You can call the Water Supply Division at 512-239-4691 or e-mail us at