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Public Water System Plan Review

Explains reviews of technical plans of public water systems carried out by the TCEQ before construction begins. Also lists plans under review with estimated review timelines.

Our reviews are based upon the requirements in the TCEQ’s “Rules and Regulations for Public Water Systems,” 30 TAC Chapter 290.38 through 290.47. Download TCEQ rules in PDF format at the following website. You can also download any of our checklists and forms.

Submittals of Plans and Specifications for Water Systems

  • Waterline, tank, groundwater chemical treatment system (except for changes to chloramination) and pump system plans and all specifications only may be submitted on CD-R;
  • Electronic signatures, seals, and dates allowed by Texas Board of Professional Engineers;
  • P&S must be in Adobe (*.pdf) format with one folder for plans and one folder for specs;
  • Hard copies may still be submitted. We only request hard copies if CD submittals are not legible or, are too complex.
  • Detailed information on CD submittals.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please submit ONLY ONE of each of the following for plan review and approval:

    • Cover letter with engineering report
    • Submittal form
    • TCEQ Core Data Form (for new systems)

Core Data Form and Instructions

  • Sealed engineering plans and specifications
  • Well completion data


Utilities Technical Review Team
Water Supply Division MC -159
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78711-3087

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New PE Board Rules on the Submission of Engineering Materials to the TCEQ

Please note that the Texas Board of Engineers Rules 137.33 and 137.77 have been recently changed to require that all engineering documents released, issued, or submitted by or for a registered engineering firm, including preliminary documents, must clearly indicate the engineering firm name and firm registration number. It is both the responsibility of the PE that signs and seals a document and the firm that releases the document to verify that the firm name and number appear on the engineering work.

You can find the full text of the rules here: specifically 137.33(n) & 137.77(h).</p

The Board has developed a Frequently Asked Questions page to help explain this requirement. You can access the FAQ at the following website.</p

Please note these rules are in effect now; however, no enforcement sanctions will be issued specific to violations of this new Board requirement until January 1, 2010.

When Is a TCEQ Review NOT Required?

Please note that for certain distribution systems, our rules do NOT require the submittal of engineering plans and specifications. Review and approval MAY be required for those projects that are defined by Section 290.39(j)(1)(D) as a significant change in an existing distribution system that would add more than 10% of the existing capacity or 250 connections whichever is smaller. The TCEQ must be notified of the proposed project by a Texas professional engineer only if the distribution expansion is defined as significant. Upon request by the TCEQ, public water systems shall submit plans and specifications for the proposed changes.

If distribution system modifications are not defined as significant, TCEQ review is not required. If a TCEQ response letter is needed, a written request must be submitted to the TCEQ for those distribution projects that are defined as not significant.

Please be advised that even though the TCEQ will not review engineering materials for distribution projects that are not significant, requirements found in 30 TAC Chapter 290 must still be met in the design and installation of the waterline project.

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TCEQ Suggested Construction Notes That Will Help Expedite Plan Review Process

Status of Plan Reviews in Progress

To view status of plan reviews in progress, please visit the following website: "Main IWUD Report Form," Select the report called "PWS Plan Review Report," then "Select Report." A question follows "Are you ready to process the report?" Select "Yes." The list will have all plans that have either: (1) not been picked up for review, or (2) are currently under review. They are listed alphabetically by the name of the water system. If you have any questions, e-mail us at and refer to your project's log number.

Radionuclide Testing Required for Well Completion

Several areas of Texas have groundwater with elevated radionuclide levels. If you are drilling a well in a county where radionuclide testing is required, you must conduct radionuclide testing for interim approval.

For guidance on conducting this testing properly, see How to Conduct Radionuclide Testing for Well Completion Interim Approval.

For more information you may e-mail your questions or comments to You can also call our main Water Supply Division line at 512-239-4691.

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