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Am I Regulated As a Water or Sewer Utility?

Brief introduction to the conditions that would subject anyone who provides water or sewer service in Texas to regulation as a utility.

The TCEQ is responsible for the general supervision and oversight of districts and utilities, including the processing of petitions to create districts and applications to approve utility service areas. In addition, the agency maintains approval authority over many utility matters including the review of most district bond issues and of the rates charged by privately owned utilities.

For more information on water districts, see TCEQ publication GI-043, Texas Water Districts: A General Guide.

From our Water Utilities Database (WUD), you can get a current list of water districts.

If you need water and sewer utility service, you need to contact your local water or sewer utility. To find your utility:

  1. Go to WUD.
  2. Find your county on the map.
  3. If your property is inside an area that falls under a certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN), check the name of the utility that holds that CCN.
  4. To get information about that utility, look up the utility in WUD.

We also have a Web page that lists rules for water utilities and districts.

Staff Contact

For more information you may e-mail your questions or comments about water utilities and districts to You can also call our main Water Supply Division line at 512-239-4691.