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Special Projects of the Surface Water Quality Monitoring Team

Projects to monitor surface water quality to advance state and national goals or to advance scientific knowledge

These project reports are available in PDF. Please download these documents to your local system to ensure proper display and formatting. (Help with PDF.)

National Projects

To find out more about national water quality monitoring initiatives, see the Web site of the National Water Quality Monitoring Council. Exit the TCEQ

Border Projects

Find out about other environmental issues and projects along the Texas-Mexico Border.


 Binational Study of the Presence of Toxic Substances in the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo and its Tributaries

      A series of studies conducted as a binational multi-phase and multi-agency effort to determine if suspected contamination of the boundary water was, in fact, occurring.
      • Phase 1 (November 1992, PDF)
      • The results of the first phase of the study conducted by the US and Mexico. Samples were collected from 45 sites from El Paso/Ciudad Juárez to Brownsville/Matamoros.
      • Phase 2, vol. 1 (April 1998, PDF)
      • A summary report of the results of 46 sites previously identified during Phase 1 of the study as having an increased potential for the presence of toxic substances.
      • Phase 2, vol. 2 (September 1997, PDF)
      • Technical assessment reports and data sets of Phase 2.
        The results of an intensive study focused on the area from El Paso/Ciudad Juárez to Big Bend National Park.


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    Statewide and Regional Projects

    Find out more about regional water quality projects by partners in the Texas Clean Rivers Program.

    For More Information

    Please call Christine Kolbe at 512-239-6682. Or send an e-mail to

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