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Arroyo Colorado Tidal Dissolved Oxygen Modeling

A project to learn more about the causes of varying levels of oxygen in the Arroyo Colorado’s tidal segment. Scientists will develop a dissolved oxygen dynamics model, a computer program that simulates how oxygen moves within the segment. This completed model will be used to estimate the effectiveness of various methods for improving oxygen levels.


The Arroyo Colorado Tidal sometimes experiences periods of low dissolved oxygen, which can result in adverse wildlife habitat conditions and sometimes in fish kills. All of the state's assessments since 1996 have classified this segment as impaired for low dissolved oxygen.

In order to restore water quality, the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership developed the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) in 2007. Implementation has been ongoing since then.

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Project Description

This project will supplement the existing Soil and Watershed Assessment Tool model for the segment with a receiving water model to simulate the dissolved oxyten dynamics in this tidal environment. The model will evaluate the potential effects of a variety of proposed management measures.

The Arroyo Colorado Partnership will review the results of the model simulations, propose alternative scenarios as needed to simulate achievement of the DO standard, and will incorporate the results and proposals into an updated WPP document.

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For More Information

To find out more about the NPS Program, call 512-239-6682 or e-mail us at

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