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Halls Bayou-Westfield Estates: Implementing a Watershed Protection Plan

Implementation of low-flow water devices, a pet-waste program, and outreach for managing on-site wastewater facilities in Westfield Estates.


Westfield Estates is a small neighborhood in an unincorporated portion of Harris County that contributes drainage to the Halls Bayou watershed. The community is served solely by on-site sewage facilities (such as septic tanks), many of which are failing due to problems in design, maintenance, or operation. The failing OSSFs, combined with bacterial contamination from domestic animals and other wildlife, have led to elevated bacteria levels in the watershed that exceed the state’s criteria for protecting contact recreation.

To alleviate possible risks to recreationalists, the Westfield Estates Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) was developed by stakeholders and the state, led by an interdisciplinary stakeholders’ advisory froup. The goals of the WPP are to reduce bacteria levels, institute both structural and behavioral best management practices (BMPs) to maintain improved water quality and raise awareness of water quality issues in area residents.

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Project Description

This project implemented BMPs specified in the Westfield Estates WPP. Structural measures include installation of low-flow water devices to reduce pollution from OSSFs and an incentive program to reduce pollution from pet waste that includes waste-disposal facilities and waste recycling. Public awareness of pollution prevention was raised through educational materials, meetings, and community events.

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