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Tule Creek West Improvement, Phase II

A stream restoration project to stabilize Upper Tule Creek West. Reshaping part of the bank and re-establishing native riparian vegetation helped reduce significant erosion along the creek and sedimentation of Little Bay.


Upper Tule Creek drains areas of Rockport and Fulton, Texas. Population growth and development, which have led to more stormwater runoff and bank erosion in the creek, are expected to increase in the next two decades. Higher peak flows in the creek have already led to significant bank failure along the creek and massive deposits of sediment from the mouth of Tule Creek into Little Bay.

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Project Description

This project addressed increasing, chronic bank erosion by extending bank modifications and restoration along an additional 1,600 feet of the creek's east bank. Some portions of the bank were made more stable by flattening the slope, installing erosion control fabric, and reseeding. Native riparian vegetation was re-established to provide long-term protection against bank failure.

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For More Information

To find out more about the NPS Program, call 512-239-6682 or e-mail us at nps@tceq.texas.gov.

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