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Peach Creek: A TMDL Project for Bacteria

An inactive project to develop TMDLs for bacteria in Peach Creek

Counties: Bastrop, Caldwell, Fayette, Gonzales
Parameter: Bacteria
Basin: Guadalupe River
Segment: 1803C

Background and Goals

In Peach Creek (Segment 1803C) in the Guadalupe River Basin, TCEQ assessment found concentrations of bacteria often exceed the criteria established to protect water quality.

Bacteria from human and animal waste often indicate the presence of disease-causing microorganisms that pose a threat to public health. People who swim or wade in the bayous may be at risk. Swimming and wading is called contact recreation in the state's standards for water quality, referring to all recreation in which people come in direct contact with the water.

The goal of this project is to reduce bacteria concentrations to within acceptable risk levels for contact recreation by developing total maximum daily loads.

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Proposed TMDL

Final adoption of this TMDL has been postponed. Revisions to the water quality standards adopted in 2010 made it advisable to delay development of this TMDL. Prior to moving forward with the TMDL, the TCEQ will hold meetings with stakeholders to discuss options.

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Public Participation

An advisory group was formed to involve the public in development of the TMDL. The group includes stakeholders who represent government, permitted facilities, agriculture, business, environmental, and community interests. This voluntary committee provides advice and comment to the TCEQ on its project to restore water quality in Peach Creek.

Meeting Records of the Stakeholders Group

The documents linked below are provided in PDF.

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Project Reports

The document linked below is provided in PDF.

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For More Information

For additional information regarding this project, e-mail us at, and reference the Peach Creek Bacteria TMDL in the subject line. Or call Louanne Jones at 512-239-2310.

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