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Engineer Hiring Program

The TCEQ is accepting applications from Licensed Engineers. Engineers at the TCEQ play a vital role in accomplishing the mission of the agency to protect our state’s natural resources, to ensure clean air and water, and to dispose of waste safely. As an engineer at the TCEQ, you will have opportunities for increasing job responsibility, as well as pay, while enjoying great benefits and retirement options.

Want to join the team? Submit your State of Texas application Exit the TCEQ today to jobs@tceq.texas.gov.

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Who is eligible?Three circles aligned vertically with blue skies, desert rock formation, and river rapids

The program is available to individuals who hold a Texas Professional Engineer’s License.

How does the Engineer Hiring Program work?

Hiring supervisors in the Austin Central Office, or any of the TCEQ’s sixteen regional offices may request applicants with a P.E. license and geographic preferences from the pool of engineer applicants.

How do I apply for employment under this program?

Applicants must complete a State of Texas Application Exit the TCEQ (It is not necessary to "register"; simply scroll to the bottom of the Work in Texas webpage to access the application.) In the job title field of the application, make a note of "Engineer Hiring Program." There is not a posting number or close date. To apply for a specific job vacancy, a separate application is required.

How long does my application stay on file?

Applications remain on file for one year from the date of receipt. Eligible individuals may submit a new application for an additional one year period.

TCEQ Engineers in Action

Kevin Smith, P.E. Senior Engineer, Edwards Aquifer Protection Program

Kevin Smith, P.E.
Senior Engineer, Edwards Aquifer Protection Program

I’m now in my 20th year as an engineer, and 17th year with the TCEQ.  I am currently a Sr. Engineer with the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program (EAPP), where I review and approve major roadway improvements, innovative stormwater engineering controls, neighborhood and commercial development plans, and provide technical consultation. The Edwards Aquifer is a pollutant-sensitive limestone aquifer network.  It supplies drinking water and recreational activities for millions of Texans and life for rare endangered species; therefore, it is important proper engineering for overlying human stressors be conducted according to law and best management practices. The diversity of the construction and transportation projects we receive from expert engineering consultants challenges our team to achieve top environmental results.

A site-assessment photo taken in the Edwards Aquifer Zone, showing a shallow river, rocky banks, and trees.

Photo taken during a site-assessment in the Edwards Aquifer Zone

Under Texas law, the TCEQ regulates activities having the potential for polluting the Edwards Aquifer and hydrologically connected surface streams in order to protect existing and potential uses of groundwater and maintain Texas Surface Water Quality Standards. Our Edwards Aquifer Protection Program - regulates activities over the Contributing Zone, Recharge Zone, Transition Zone and Contributing Zone within the Transition Zone. The EAPP Map Viewer displays these zones as defined by the TCEQ.

Screen shot of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone Map Viewer. Shows the contributing, recharge and transition zones

Screen shot of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone Map Viewer