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Job Openings

Employment opportunities at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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Title Job # Monthly Salary Section/Division Date Closes
New InformationAdministrative Assistant IV (Corpus Christi) L19002 $2805.00 Coastal and East Texas Area 09/28/2018
New InformationBudget Analyst IV 19005 $4598.66 Budget and Planning 09/28/2018
New InformationContract Specialist III L19003 $3520.33 Air Quality 09/28/2018
New InformationContract Specialist III (Re-Opened) 18257 $3520.33 Air Quality 09/28/2018
New InformationEngineer II L19005 $5062.00 Central Texas Area 09/28/2018
New InformationEngineering Specialist IV L19007 $4027.00 Monitoring 09/28/2018
Environmental Permit Specialist VI 19001 $4602.00 to $6915.00 Air Permits 09/21/2018
Geoscientist V L19000 $5258.66 to $6413.46 Remediation 09/21/2018
New InformationNatural Resources Specialist II (Amarillo) 19009 $3235.00 Environmental Assistance 09/24/2018
New InformationNatural Resources Specialist IV L19001 $4023.16 Radioactive Materials 09/28/2018
New InformationNetwork Specialist III (Re-Opened) (Waco) 18259 $3763.16 Information Resources 09/28/2018
Planner I 19003 $3081.33 Air Quality 09/21/2018
Planner II 19002 $3520.33 Monitoring 09/21/2018
New InformationProgram Specialist V (Re-Opened) L18115 $4023.16 Air Quality 09/28/2018
New InformationPurchaser III L19004 $2909.83 Water Quality Planning 09/28/2018
New InformationPurchaser II L19006 $2595.33 Water Quality Planning 09/28/2018
New InformationSystems Analyst II L19008 $3293.41 Air Permits 09/28/2018