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Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Program: Information for Sponsors

Would you like to sponsor a Mickey Leland intern? Here's how.

Complete a Request Form:

Managers at the TCEQ, other state agencies, or private industry interested in sponsoring an intern must complete a Sponsor Request Form. Participating organizations external to the TCEQ provide their own funding for selected interns and determine the duration of the internship assignment.

Please specify the preferred major(s), required skills, and include a description of the tasks and duties to be performed. The goal of our internship program is to ensure that students are provided a meaningful learning experience.

NOTE: Online Sponsor Request Forms received January 1, 2018 through March 9, 2018 have the best opportunity to receive candidate application packages for review and selection by early spring 2018, enabling selected interns to finalize their plans for the summer 2018.

What is the timeline for the 2018 Mickey Leland Internship Program?

Sponsor Request Forms/Student
Applications Accepted Starting
January 1, 2018
Student Application Deadline March 9, 2018
Sponsors Interview Candidates April - May 2018
Candidates Notified of Selection April - May 2018
Intern Assignments End * August 31, 2018 *
2018 Program Concludes August 31, 2018

* Individual intern assignments may end prior to August 31, 2018 to allow student to return to school for the fall semester. Actual start and end dates of internship assignments and duration of assignments will vary and are agreed upon by the hiring manager and intern.

Next Steps in the Process:

1. The Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Program Coordinator at the TCEQ verifies each candidate’s eligibility and refers qualified candidate applications to potential sponsors.
2. Sponsors interview candidates and make final selections, or authorize the MLEIP Coordinator to select interns for placement. Selections are based on academic major, scholastic achievements, geographic preference, and life and work experiences.
3. The sponsor/mentor notifies candidates in writing of their selection, and gives specifics related to their internship assignment including location, assigned mentor, pay rate, duties, and reporting requirements.
4. TCEQ managers who sponsor an intern refer to MLEIP procedures on ShareNet.

During the Internship:

Interns are expected to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the positions to which they are assigned. Interns must abide by all policies, procedures, and regulations of the employing agency or organization including drug testing and background checks.

Sponsors/ mentors are expected to discuss both employer expectations and intern expectations during the internship assignment.  Mentors effectively set up their interns for success by providing feedback and guidance related to their performance at regular intervals during their internship assignment.