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Find opportunities to comment on TCEQ activities, including pending permit applications and proposed rules.

Please note: the contents of this page may not reflect all opportunities to comment on TCEQ activities.

Public Comment on Pending Actions by the Commissioners

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Disclaimer if you use our online method for filing comments or requests about a pending permit application with the Chief Clerk: Based on TCEQ rule Section 1.10(h), the TCEQ General Counsel has waived the filing requirements of Section 1.10(c) to allow the filing of comments, requests, or withdrawals using this online system. The General Counsel also has waived the requirements of Section 1.10(e) so that the time of filing your comments or requests is the time this online system receives your comments or requests. Comments or requests are considered timely if received by 5:00 p.m. CST on the due date.

Documents that can be filed electronically with the TCEQ’s Chief Clerk:

  • comments
  • hearing requests
  • public meeting requests
  • request for reconsideration
  • withdrawal of any of the above
  • combination of any of the above