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Legislation from the 79th Session

Key legislation passed during the 79th Legislative Session that affects the TCEQ.

During the regular session, the Legislature considered a total of 9,338 bills and resolutions. A total of 1,591 bills, excluding resolutions, were enacted by both the House and Senate. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) monitored more than 600 bills that had the potential to affect the agency or its operations. Of this total, 192 bills passed that impact the agency and will require either rule making, revisions to guidance documents, operational or procedural changes or some type of administrative action within the agency.

The 79th Legislative Session Wrap-up report summarizes legislation that passed during the regular session that is of interest to the agency, either impacting agency programs, its employees or agency stakeholders.

Legislative Summaries: 79th Legislature Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

The Legislative Implementation table from the 79th Regular Session provides TCEQ contact and schedule information on legislation that will impact the agency.

Legislative Implementation: 79th Legislature Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

Examples of some of the more significant initiatives approved by the Legislature that impact the agency include:

  • Extension of the Texas Emission Reduction Program to increase funding for grants in the air quality non-attainment areas for reduction of diesel emissions (HB 2481).
  • Extension of the Petroleum Storage Tank Reimbursement Program to provide storage tank owners additional opportunity to close leaking tank sites (SB 485/HB 1987).
  • Revisions to the Dry Cleaner Remediation Program created by the 78th Legislature in 2003 (HB 2376/SB 444).
  • Amendment of the Commission's authority to grant franchises to water utilities for designated service areas through Certificates of Convenience and Necessity (HB 2876).
  • Designation of a portion of the Brazos River Basin within which enhanced permitting requirements and controls would be applied to mining and quarrying operations to assess the impact of more stringent regulations on water quality and preservation of habitat (SB 1354).
  • Regulation and permitting of a commercial industrial solid waste facility connected to a publicly owned treatment works facility (SB 1281).

The Legislature also considered Senate Bill 3 — a broad water resource policy proposal that addressed a number of issues, including surface water environmental flows, management of the Edwards Aquifer, the operation and authority of groundwater districts, water conservation, and financing of water infrastructure. However, Senate Bill 3 did not pass during the regular session.

The Commission will be initiating the necessary actions to implement all legislation described here that requires rule making or other changes to agency operations. Any questions concerning legislation affecting the TCEQ can be directed to the Intergovernmental Relations Division at (512) 239-3500.