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Legislation from the 80th Session

Key legislation passed during the 80th Legislative Session that affects the TCEQ.

During the regular session, the Legislature considered a total of 6,190 bills. A total of 1,481 bills, excluding resolutions, were enacted by both the House and Senate. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) monitored more than 1,223 bills with the potential to affect the agency or its operations. Of this amount, 345 bills passed that impact the agency and will require either rule making, revisions to guidance documents, operational or procedural changes, or some type of administrative action within the agency.

The 80th Legislative Session Wrap-up report summarizes legislation of interest to the agency that passed during the regular session, impacting agency programs, employees, and stakeholders.

Legislative Summaries: 80th Legislature Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

The Legislative Implementation table from the 80th Regular Session provides TCEQ contact and schedule information on legislation that will impact the agency.

Legislative Implementation: 80th Legislature Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

Examples of the more significant initiatives approved by the Legislature that impact the agency include:

  • Transfer the regulation and licensing of commercial processing and storage of radioactive substances from TDSHS to TCEQ (SB 1604).
  • Revisions to the Low Income Repair Assistance and Accelerated Vehicle Purchase (LIRAP) and the Texas Emission Reduction Plan (TERP) with increased program funding (SB 12).
  • Major legislative revisions affecting environmental review for water permitting, water conservation and rainwater harvesting, regulation of irrigation systems, CCN changes, designation of unique reservoir sites, and increased permitted groundwater withdrawals for the Edwards Aquifer (HB 3, HB 4, SB 3).
  • Creation of a grant program to reduce NOx emissions from stationary compressor engines (SB 2000).
  • Implementation of a permitting process for advanced clean energy projects and other environmentally protective projects (HB 3732).
  • Extension of the Petroleum Storage Tank Remediation program until 2011 to provide storage tank owners additional opportunity to close leaking tank sites. Providing TCEQ shut down authority for operations that lack financial assurance (HB 1956/HB 3554).
  • Revisions to Dry Cleaner Remediation Program created by the 78th Legislature (HB 3220).

The Commission will be initiating the necessary actions to implement all legislation described here that requires rule making or other changes to agency operations. Any questions concerning legislation affecting the TCEQ can be directed to the Intergovernmental Relations Division at (512) 239-3500.