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Science Advisory Committee to the Study Commission on Environmental Flows

Advisory committee that served as scientific advisors to the Study Commission regarding use of Texas' water resources.

About the Committee

In 2003, the Texas Legislature enacted Senate Bill 1639 establishing the Study Commission on Water for Environmental Flows. The Study Commission was to "...conduct public hearings and study public policy implications for balancing the demands on the water resources of the state resulting from a growing population with the requirements of the riverine, bay, and estuary systems including granting permits for instream flows dedicated to environmental needs or bay and estuary inflows, use of the Texas Water Trust, and any other issues that the study commission determines have importance and relevance to the protection of environmental flows." To assist the with this effort, the legislation directed the Study Commission to appoint an advisory scientific committee to "...serve as impartial scientific advisors and reviewers for the study commission..."

The science advisory committee appointed by the Study Commission consisted of nine members, with expertise in a variety of disciplines. The science advisory committee reviewed the hydrological conditions for the state's major river basins and estuaries, assessed analytical procedures for identifying environmental flow needs, and responded to issues brought to them by the Study Commission.

List of Members

Dr. Robert J. Brandes, R.J. Brandes Company
Dr. B.L. Harris, Texas Water Resources Institute
Dr. Larry M. Hauck, TIAER, Tarleton State University
Mr. Clay J. Landry, Managing Director, WestWater Research LLC
Dr. Mitchell L. Mathis, Houston Advance Research Center
Dr. Paul A. Montagna, Marine Science Institute, University of Texas
Mr. Dwight K. Shellman, Jr.
Mr. Jeff Taylor, Deputy Director, Public Utility Division, Department of Public Works and Engineering, City of Houston
Dr. George H. Ward, Jr., University of Texas

Agendas and Minutes

June 18, 2004:
Agenda (Help with PDF.)

May 21, 2004

April 29, 2004:


June 18 Presentations:
The State Methodology for Determination of Freshwater Inflow to Bays and Estuaries
Approaches to Establish Minimum Flows to Bays and Esutaries
Developing and Implementating Ecosystem Flow Recommendations for the Savannah River (GA/SC) and an accompanying document, A Multi-Level Approach to Developing Environmental Flow Recommendations
Water Banks in the United States
The Economics of Water for Environmental Flows

May 21 Presentations:
Role of the Texas Water Development Board in Environmental Flow Studies
Ecosystem Overview
Texas Hydrological Conditions
Default Methodologies
Bay and Estuary Studies Methodology
The Texas Instream Flow Program
Environmental Flows and Water Rights Permitting
Water Bank and Water Trust