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Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust – Comments

The tables on this page provide links to comments and recommendations received by the TCEQ. Check this page for periodic updates.

To submit a comment or view background information, visit the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust main page.

The TCEQ will consider these comments as we develop an Environmental Mitigation Plan for Texas. The draft plan will then be provided for public comment before the final plan is approved.

To view or download a comment, click on the Tracking Number below. Comments are provided in .pdf format.

Comments Received After TCEQ Was Designated Lead Agency

Comments Received as of March 5, 2018

Tracking Submitted By
VW-02-001 Michael Bayer
VW-02-002 RB Cox
VW-02-003 Anthony Han
VW-02-004 North Central Texas Council of Governments & Regional Transportation Council
VW-02-005 Jef Page
VW-02-006 Paul Palmier
VW-02-007 Joseph Russo
VW-02-008 Nick Wielbacher
VW-02-009 Capital Area Council of Governments
VW-02-010 Enervee
VW-02-011 CNG 4 America
VW-02-012 Michael Henning
VW-02-013 Ritchard Shadian
VW-02-014 Orange EV
VW-02-015 NGV America
VW-02-016 General Motors
VW-02-017 Airlines for America
VW-02-018 Wayne O'Quin
VW-02-019 KEW Grant Services LLC
VW-02-020 Electric Vehicle Charging Association
VW-02-021 Edwin Price
VW-02-022 Permian Basin Petroleum Association
VW-02-023 Greater Houston Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance
VW-02-024 Robin Cox
VW-02-025 Union Pacific Railroad
VW-02-026 FreedomCNG
VW-02-027 Alternative Fuel Stakeholder Coalition
VW-02-028 Uvalde CISD
VW-02-029 New Braunfels ISD
VW-02-030 Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter
VW-02-031 CNG America
VW-02-032 McKinney Avenue Transit Authority
VW-02-033 Port Freeport
VW-02-034 City of Dallas
VW-02-035 Novus Wood Group
VW-02-036 Golden Spread Electric Cooperative
VW-02-037 Tesla
VW-02-038 Environmental Defense Fund
VW-02-039 Off Grid Logistics-Hydrogen Fuel Cells
VW-02-040 Port of Houston Authority
VW-02-042 Ford Motor Company
VW-02-043 Blue Gas Marine, Inc. 
VW-02-044 City of Houston
VW-02-045 University of Texas at Austin
VW-02-046 Stealth Power
VW-02-047 Revitalize Charging Solutions, Inc. 
VW-02-048 Public Citizen
VW-02-049 Brandon Wade
VW-02-050 SAE International 
VW-02-051 DM Home Entertainment
VW-02-052 Tracy Love
VW-02-053 Mata-Turf, Inc. 
VW-02-054 Tommy Ford
VW-02-055 Randy Harris
VW-02-056 Whitney Courville
VW-02-057 Ben Campbell
VW-02-058 Dean Dahlquist
VW-02-059 Richard Barrett
VW-02-060 Jose A. Fernandez
VW-02-061 John DeVries
VW-02-062 Heather Buen
VW-02-063 John Melvin
VW-02-064 Ray Champion
VW-02-065 John LaCoke
VW-02-066 Melissa W. Lawson
VW-02-067 Wesley Ellis
VW-02-068 John Cusack
VW-02-069 Allison Shelton
VW-02-070 MedicAire, LLC
VW-02-071 John Weber
VW-02-071 John Weber
VW-02-072 Donna Head
VW-02-073 Randal House
VW-02-074 Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
VW-02-075 Frances Clark
VW-02-076 Houston-Galveston Area Council
VW-02-077 Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
VW-02-078 Schneider Electric


Comments Received Before TCEQ Was Designated Lead Agency

Tracking Submitted By
VW-01-001 Alamo Area Council of Governments
VW-01-002 BYD America
VW-01-003 (number not used)
VW-01-004 Blue Bird Corporation
VW-01-005 ROUSH CleanTech
VW-01-006 Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance
VW-01-007 Texas Clean Air Working Group
VW-01-008 Convoy Solutions, LLC
VW-01-009 NGV America