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Air Quality Technical Workshops

Technical workshops to improve the understanding of air quality science through the agency’s advisory committees on air quality.

In its ongoing effort to improve the understanding of air quality science, the TCEQ hosts science and technical workshops. Most TCEQ technical workshops on air quality are hosted through the agency’s air quality advisory committees. Information on these workshops is available on each committee’s page:

The workshops listed below were hosted by the TCEQ outside the advisory committee structure. The agendas, reports, and presentations are in PDF.

TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair (May 10, 2006)

Following are presentations on ozone SIP modeling by TCEQ staff.

Title Author(s)
Dallas–Fort Worth Ozone-Modeling Update Brian Foster
Houston-Galveston-Brazoria Ozone-Modeling Update Dick Karp

Texas Mobile Source Summit (November 3–4, 2005)

The TCEQ hosted the Texas Mobile Source Summit on November 3–4, 2005 at the at the J.J. Pickle Center in Austin. The purpose of the workshop was to maximize the effectiveness of mobile source control strategies, discuss emerging mobile source measures and identify effective policy actions.

  • Agenda
  • Notes and Reports from the Workshop:
Title Author(s)
Issues and Recommended Action Plan—Funding Texas Mobile Source Summit
Brian Bochner
Issues and Recommended Action Pla—Regulatory and Statutory Options
Thomas Diggs
Technology Development Group Report Sandra Rennie
Enforcement Session Issues Report Hazel Barbour
Engines and Fuels Report Morris Brown

Photochemical Modeling Summit (January 21, 2004)

The TCEQ hosted an Ozone Photochemical Modeling Summit on January 21, 2004. The purpose of the meeting was to promote a dialogue on and review of photochemical-modeling updates and other scientific studies under way to support ozone-related State Implementation Plan revisions and Early Action Compact agreements.

Title Author(s)
Dallas–Fort Worth Ozone Modeling Update Brian Foster
Impact of Ellis County Cement Plants on DFW Air Quality Jim Schermbeck
DFW Modeling and Power Plant Impacts Dick Robertson
Houston-Galveston-Brazoria Ozone Modeling Update Jim Smith
Event Emissions and Their Impact on Ozone Formation in Houston Galveston Area (revised)
(Event Emissions in Houston-Galveston Area)
David Allen, et al.
Trees and Heat Island Modeling for the Houston-Galveston Region Daewon Byun
Beaumont–Port Arthur Ozone Modeling Update James Red
Photochemical Modeling for Austin’s Early Action Compact Cyril Durrenberger,
et al.
Updates on Photochemical Modeling for the Early Action Compact in San Antonio Region Steven Smeltzer
Northeast Texas Early Action Compact Greg Yarwood
Summary of TERC Research (revised) Jay Olaguer
A Decision-Making Framework for Studying Ground-Level Ozone Pollution in Atlanta Victoria Chen, et al.