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Air Quality Successes - Air Permits

Texas’ air quality has made huge strides in the past few decades. The state has devoted significant resources for air monitoring and research to advance the science and find innovative ways to improve air quality.

Our Nation's AirExit the TCEQ by the US EPA
April 2015 Natural Outlook Story on Texas Air Quality

The Air Permits Division (APD) has experienced a marked increase in applications from specific industry sectors which include oil and gas, refineries, and chemical plants. This has resulted in significantly increased workloads in the Rule Registrations Section and the New Source Review (NSR) Permit Sections, and an increase in the ancillary industries like: utilities, metal parts coatings, concrete batch plants, etc. In fact, the total number of air permit applications received has increased over 125% since 2009. APD has been able to keep pace by increasing the number of permit applications completed through streamlining initiatives that reduce review times in order to meet permit target timeframes. Initiatives that are already in progress to improve efficiencies in the permitting process include:

  • Conducting a more extensive administrative review, which results in a better quality permit application being placed in front of a permit reviewer;
  • Continuing the development of a more automated process for handling specific types of projects, such as oil and gas; and
  • Developing automated advances, such as e-Permitting, so a large percentage of applications can be received, processed, and completed electronically.

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