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Air Sampling Results and Health Effects Information

TCEQ air sampling results, health effects evaluations, reviews of third-party reports, and additional health effects information.

The Barnett Shale: from problem formulation to risk management

The Barnett Shale: from problem formulation to risk managementExit the TCEQ has been published in the Journal of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources and is now available: the TCEQ.

This peer-reviewed publication describes in detail the problem formulation process used by the TCEQ to identify and quantify risks associated with air emissions from natural gas operations in the Barnett Shale area and the subsequent risk management strategies implemented. Our hope is that this manuscript may serve as a resource to others to identify and manage risks in other shale plays. For more information about this publication, you may e-mail us at

TCEQ Sampling Results and Associated Health Effects Evaluations by County

TCEQ laboratory analysis, listed by county, of air sampling conducted near oil and/or natural gas facilites in the Barnett Shale area. Health effects evaluations for air sampling results are posted as they become available.

TCEQ Sampling in City of Fort Worth (posted 2010)

Documents related to air sampling in the City of Fort Worth including Fort Worth Health Effects Evaluations and laboratory analysis results.

TCEQ Evaluations of Third-Party Reports

Additional Health Effects Information

  • February 8, 2010 Memorandum pdf file discussing the conservativeness of TCEQ's current effects screening levels (ESLs) for carbon disulfide and air samples in areas of oil and gas exploration.