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Meteorological and Climatological Data

Current and historical air pollution and climatologic and meteorological data from monitoring networks; web camera images of visibility; and geostationary operational environmental and moderate resolution spectroradiometer satellite images, and wind data.

Wind Data

  • Real-Time Winds Aloft
    Current measurements of winds in the lower atmosphere, which help determine the movement of air pollution across Texas.
  • Wind Roses Illustrations of wind direction movement at particular Texas cities from 1984 to 1992, used to help predict long term air quality.

Wind Plots

Use the wind measurements from the following profilers to determine how air pollution is transported and help validate model-generated wind fields for air quality modeling:

  • Dallas-Fort Worth, Cleburne Airport Current Wind Plot
    *Currently Unavailable*
  • El Paso-Socorro Radar Current Wind Plot
    *Currently Unavailable*
  • La Porte Current Wind Plot