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Meteorological and Climatological Data

Current and historical air pollution, climatological, and meteorological data and visibility web camera images of West Texas.
  • Historical Pollutant and Weather Data
    Air pollution and meteorological data from the TCEQ, local Texas monitoring networks, and the EPA since 1972.
  • Web Camera Images of West Texas
    Images showing visibility and meteorological conditions in El Paso, Big Bend National Park, and the Davis and Franklin Mountains.
  • Texas Climatology 1974-2003
    Average precipitation and snowfall, average minimum and maximum temperatures, and highest and lowest temperatures recorded across the state.
  • Real-Time Winds Aloft
    Current measurements of winds in the lower atmosphere, which help determine the movement of air pollution across Texas.
  • Wind Roses
    Illustrations of wind direction movement at particular Texas cities from 1984 to 1992, used to help predict long term air quality.