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TexAQS II Field Study: Data

Technical data collected by the TexAQS II Field Study for analysis in determination of its findings.

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Emissions Inventory Files

2006 TexAQS II Intensive, Special Inventory Period (Aug. 15–Sept. 15) Modeling: Emissions Inventory Files

The TCEQ has made available emissions inventory files for point, area, non-road, on-road and biogenic sources that coincide with the 2006 hourly Special Inventory. For this period, the hourly SI emissions are built into the point source files, as well as the hourly acid-rain emissions for the power plants within the modeling domain. The files are in ASCII (e.g., AFS and AMS) formats. The TCEQ is using these files for photochemical modeling of the period; they are subject to change. Please see the ReadMe.txt files for further instructions and important explanations.

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The official 2005 EI for Texas, as reported to the EPA by the TCEQ in NEI/CERR format, as of June 1, 2007, is available via FTP link and described in the section below.

2006 Hourly Point Source Emissions Inventory

The 2006 hourly point source emissions inventory was collected during the intensive field research portion of the second Texas Air Quality Study (TexAQS II) from August 15 to September 15, 2006. During this period, 141 sites in the eastern half of Texas reported their hourly emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from predetermined industrial sources.

Sources were selected for the 2006 hourly inventory based upon the following criteria:

  • sources subject to highly reactive VOC rules
  • NOx and sulfur dioxide sources equipped with continuous emissions monitors, and
  • emissions sources located near ambient air monitoring sites.

The 2006 hourly point source emissions inventory data and a PDF file with instructions on importing the data can be downloaded here:

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For additional information on the 2006 hourly point source emissions inventory, please contact Danielle Nesvacil at 512-239-2102.

2005 NEI/CERR Texas Submissions to the EPA

The 2005 National Emissions Inventory data consist of a set of eight compressed fixed-length text files. The format of the text files corresponds to the Environmental Protection Agency's national input format, version 3.1Exit the TCEQ. All data within the files are based on the identification numbers generated in the State of Texas Air Reporting System (STARS) database and not the industry-submitted names for the equipment at the sites. The emissions listed represent both criteria and hazardous air pollutant emission rates with annual emissions stated in tons per year and ozone season emissions in pounds per day.

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All emissions inventory categories can be found at the above address, including point, area, nonroad mobile, and onroad mobile sources. Each is located within its own subdirectory, each with its own ReadMe file explanation.

2005 Mobile Source Emissions Inventory Data FTP DownloadExit the TCEQ

TCEQ Auto GC (HGB and non-HGB) 2005 and 2006 Data

TCEQ Auto-GC data from 2005 and 2006 are available at the FTP page linked below. The data are for the entire state. They are split into HGB and non-HGB files, and are in both DBF and SAS dataset format. All files are zipped.

Auto GC 2005 Data (Compressed ZIP File)
Auto GC 2006 Data (Compressed ZIP File)

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