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Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program: Submitting Grant Applications

This page outlines the process for submitting a grant application under the Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program. Participating Dealers are no longer required to complete and submit a grant application on behalf of the grant applicant.

The latest application period has ended. Applications may no longer be submitted for funding consideration. Grant documents are provided for reference only.

Before completing the TNGVGP Application Form, Participating Dealers should first review the Request For Grant Applications (RFGA) and TNGVGP Example Contract with interested entities.

Follow these steps:

STEP 1: Download copies of the RFGA and TNGVGP Example Contract.

  • Request for Grant Applications (RFGA) (PDF): The RFGA is the formal announcement of funding opportunities under the TNGVGP, and serves as a guide for deteriming applicant eligibility.
  • TNGVGP Example Contract (PDF): The TNGVGP Example Contract contains the terms and conditions which are the legal criteria that an applicant must follow if awarded a grant under the TNGVGP.


STEP 2: Review the RFGA and TNGVGP Example Contract with the Applicant to determine if the entity and proposed project meet the eligibility requirements.


STEP 3: Download the Application Form.

Application Form
Excel image

If using Excel, each of the sections for the TNGVGP Application Form is on an individual Excel worksheet within the Workbook. Use the tabs located at the bottom of the worksheet to access each form.

In order to print all the pages located in the workbook, please follow these directions:
(1) Click on “File” (2) Click on “Print” (3) Under the “Print What” section, select “Entire Workbook”

The TCEQ is committed to accessibility. If you would like to request a more accessible version of these documents, please contact the TERP program at 800-919-TERP (8377).


STEP 4: Download a copy of the W-9 Form.

The TCEQ requires applicants to complete the W-9 to certify their taxpayer identification number (TIN). The W-9 Form must be submitted by the Participating Dealer with the Application Form.


STEP 5: Assist the Applicant in completing the Application Form using the instructions provided in Appendix G of the RFGA.

Use the Tools and Links below to assist in the completion of the Application Forms. Application Forms should be completed electronically, printed, and signed where indicated.


STEP 6: The Application Form and required documentation must be submitted to the TCEQ by the Participating Dealer through the TERPonline Web Site.


Questions on determining eligibility, obtaining the TNGVGP RFGA, Example Contract, and Application Form, or completing and submitting applications? Contact TERP staff to discuss.


Tools and Links


  • Emissions Reduction Calculator (Excel): This calculator is provided to assist the applicant in the estimation of potential emissions reductions resulting from replacement or repower projects funded under this program.

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