Marked Agenda
Commissioners' Work Session
Thursday, October 8, 1998
1:30 p.m.
Room 201S, Building E, Park 35, Austin


  1. Discussion of agency reports on enforcement actions for various media including agriculture, air, industrial and hazardous waste, municipal solid waste, occupational certification, petroleum storage tanks, public water supply, water quality, and multi-media. Anne Dobbs (Enforcement Division) presented this item. No action taken.

  2. Discussion of Enforcement Penalty Policy and other agency enforcement issues. Joe Vogel (OCE), Ann McGinley (OCE/ENF), Paul Sarahan (OLS), Vic Fair (Beaumont Regional Director), Leonard Spearman (Houston Regional Director), Carl Forrester (COMM/ADR), Ron Pedde (WASTE), Ramon Dasch (OLS), and Tamra-Shae Oatman (EXEC/SBA), participated in the presentation of these issues.

  3. Discussion of enforcement default orders and use of Alternative Dispute Resolution to address these and other enforcement actions. Due to insufficient time this issue was deferred to a future work session.

  4. Discussion of enforcement orders issued to small businesses for fiscal years 96 through 98. The discussion of this issue was addressed in Item 2.

  5. Consideration of activities associated with State Implementation Plans and the proposed Regional Clean Air Strategy. Herb Williams (OPRD/AIRPR) presented this item. The Commissioners identified the counties to be included in the Texas Clean Air Strategy Region and directed staff to proceed with rulemaking relating to clean fuels and Stage I Vapor Recovery in this area. Staff was also directed to examine the possibility of limiting further rules on small sources in the new area without an adequate, well-documented need.

  6. Discussion of issues for the up-coming fall meeting of the Environmental Council of States. Trace Finley (OPRD) presented this item. No action was taken.

  7. Consideration of the agency's legislative proposals and other related issues to be addressed during the 76th Texas legislative session. The commission may also meet in closed meeting to receive legal advice regarding these matters, or any of the above matters, as authorized by Section 551.071 of the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 of the Government Code. Any commission action, decision, or vote on these matters will be made in open meeting in accordance with Section 551.102 of the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 of the Government Code. No action was taken on this issue.

  8. Planning for the next Commissioners’ Work Session. The next Commissioners’ Work Session will be on Thursday, November 5, 1998.