Friends of Trinity River Refuge
Box 12
Liberty, TX 77575

August 8, 2002

Final Report - Giant Salvinia Public Education Program

Contract No. 582-1-32240

The Friends of Trinity River Refuge (FOTRR) received a $5,000 grant to help educate the public about Giant Salvinia, Salvinia molesta, an invasive aquatic weed from South America with the potential to do serious harm to U.S. waterways.

FOTRR began their efforts early in 2001 by contacting Randy Helton and Ron Jones of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD). We obtained a CD, from TPWD, of photographs from which we made slides and pictures for the display board. Also, TPWD provided a video and Giant Salvinia flyers. We purchased a portable television/VCR to show the video during display presentations. TPWD has been very helpful by providing all the flyers we needed. The flyers are available anytime that FOTRR sets up the display or gives a program. In February 2002 several FOTRR members took Giant Slavinia flyers to distribute at the First Annual National Refuge Friends Conference in Washington D.C. This conference was attended by National Wildlife Refuges Friend's group members from across the United States.

Giant Salvinia Flyer Giant Salvinia flyers on distribution table
at the National Refuge Friends Conference
Washington DC Feb. 22-23, 2002

In June of 2001 FOTRR ordered a display board on which we placed articles, pictures and other Giant Salvinia information. The display board has been used at such places as the Public Hunt meeting of the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge, the Golden Triangle Audubon Society meeting in Beaumont, the Liberty Jubilee, the Lower Trinity Valley Bird Club meeting, the Liberty Lions Club meeting and will be displayed at the Dayton/Liberty Ducks Unlimited Banquet on August 30, 2002. We estimate more than 750 people have viewed the display.

Giant Salvinia Display Lower Trinity Valley Bird Club

FOTRR bought a 20x20 foot canopy and tables to use when they do educational outreach activities out of doors. The canopy and display were used at the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge's "fishing day" on Champion Lake.

"Fishing Day" at Champion Lake

FOTRR ordered informational signs about Giant Salvinia to be placed on public display boards and at area boat ramps. These signs also contained information about Hydrilla and Water Hyacinth which are also non-native aquatic invaders. The first order was for 100 plastic signs and 25 aluminum signs. They have just received a second order of 126 plastic and 50 aluminum. Businesses, private and public boat ramp operators, and local officials have been very receptive to these signs. Signs have been placed in Chambers, Liberty, Harris, Jefferson and Polk counties. FOTRR members will continue to distribute these signs.

Giant Salvinia poster on public notice board at Houston AUdubon Society's Boy Scout Woods Santuary
High Island, TX
Chambers County Public Boat Ramp at White Park
Hankamer, TX

Installing Giant Salvinia sign at boat ramp on Champion Lake Tract
of Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge

FOTRR put together a slide program about Giant Salvinia that has been given to numerous local organizations. A slide projector and accessories were purchased to present this program. Some of the groups, that the program has been presented to, are the Onalaska Lioness Club, Liberty Woman's Club, Lower Trinity Valley Bird Club, Coterie Club, Liberty Lion's Club, Dayton Garden Club and Golden Triangle Audubon Society. The slide presentation has been given to nearly 250 people.

Barbara Tilton presents Giant Salvinia Program Onalaska Lioness Club Meeting November 200
These ladies all live on or very near Lake Livingston
which has the potential for future infestations.

In conclusion, the program, display and equipment will be used for years to come informing people about the detrimental effects of Giant Salvinia.

Barbara Tilton, President