Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
Status and Trends of Selected Living Resources in the Galveston Bay System

Publication GBNEP-19

June 1992

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I. Executive Summary (6,872 kb)

II. Introduction (1,192 kb)

III. Fisheries (116,459 kb)

IV. Status and Trends of Selected Vertebrate Resources in the Galveston Estuary: Birds and Alligators (30,193 kb)

V. Characterization of Plankton from the Galveston Estuary (17,635 kb)

VI. Marsh Benthos (19,040)

VII. Characterization of Open Bay Benthic Assemblages of the Galveston Estuary and Adjacent Estuaries from the Sabine River to San Antonio Bay (21,464)

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