Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
Recreational Fishery By-Catch in the Galveston Bay System

Publication GBNEP-25

November 1992

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Cover, Table of Contents, Executive Summary (5,151 kb)

1.0 Purpose and Organization (483 kb)

2.0 Introduction (2,364 kb)

3.0 Historical Data Review (9,383 kb)

4.0 Methods (1,444 kb)

5.0 Results and Discussion (3,478 kb)

6.0 Conclusions and Recommendations (1,702 kb)

7.0 Literature Cited (5,664 kb)

Appendix A (2,167 kb)

Appendix B: Current North American and International Literature Survey on Fisheries By-Catch (12,870 kb)

Appendix C: Estimated Landings, Sizes, and Weights of Selected Species of Finfish from the Galveston Bay System and Coastwide (5,825 kb)

Appendix D: Summary of National Marine Fisheries Service Marine Recreational Fishery Statistics Survey Data for the Galvesotn Bay System by Year and Mode of Fishing (3,687 kb)