Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
Framework for Action: Galveston Bay Management Evaluation

Publication GBNEP-27

January 1993

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Cover, Table of Contents
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Executive Summary
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Chapter Two. Overview of Galveston Bay
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Chapter Three. Point Source Pollution
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Chapter Four. Nonpoint Source Pollution
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Chapter Five. Spills / Dumping

Chapter Five (cont'd) Dumping and Marine Debris

Chapter Six. Dredging and Filling

Chapter Seven. Freshwater Inflow

Chapter Eight. Shoreline Development

Chapter Nine. Habitat Protection

Chapter Ten. Species Management

Chapter Eleven. Human Health

Chapter Twelve. Subsidence and Erosion

Chapter Thirteen. Environmental Management for Galveston Bay

Chapter Fourteen. Implementing the CCMP

Chapter Fifteen. Conclusions and Recommendations