Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
Trawling Bycatch in the Galveston Bay System

Publication GBNEP-34

March 1992

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Cover, Table of Contents (3,815 kb)

I. Executive Summary (3,302 kb)

II. Introduction (972 kb)

III. Review of Historical Bycatch Studies in Galveston Bay (20,707 kb)

IV. Characterization of Trawl Bycatch During 1992 (39,920 kb)

V. Comparison with TPWD Fishery Independant Surveys (10,044 kb)

VI. Discussion and Conclusions (11,276)

VII. Industry Advisory Panel (1,102 kb)

VIII. Acknowledgments (866 kb)

IX. References (14,833 kb)

List of Figures (3,047 kb)