Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
The History of Galveston Bay Resource Utilization

Publication GBNEP-39

January 1993

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The Formation of the Galveston Bay Ecosystem, the Indigenous People,and the European Intruders Pre-history to 1800
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From a Food Source to a Conduit for Settlement: The Bay During the Struggle for Mexican Independence,Anglo American Colonization, and the Republic of Texas,1810-1845
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Improving Navigation: Statehood to World War 1,1846-1914
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Increasing Population and Industrialization Threaten the Bay's Ecosystem:The Sewer Era and Efforts to Clean It Up,1870-1992
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Commercial and Sport Fishing and Bay Area Wildlife 1850-1990s
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Galveston Bay Over 14,000 Years: A Summary
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