Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
EPA/State Management Conference Agreement

Publication GBNEP-46

November 1994

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Executive Summary (3,630 kb)

Policy Committee (1,076 kb)

I. Introduction (1,285 kb)

II. The Galveston Bay Program of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (5,900 kb)

III. Who Will Do What (8,064 kb)

IV. Agency Responsibilities (4,326 kb)

V. Enforceable Policies (47,158 kb)

VI. Legislative Needs (2,976 kb)

VII. Memoranda of Understanding (3,831 kb)

VIII. Local Ordinances (2,047 kb)

IX. Measuring Results (1,490 kb)

SAMPLE PERFORMANCE REPORT Galveston Bay Plan Implementation (783 kb)

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