Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
Federal Consistency Report For The Galveston Bay Plan

Publication GBNEP-48

November 1994

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Cover, Table of Contents
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Executive Summary
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GBNEP Policy Committee

I. Introduction
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II. Inventory of Federal Programs
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III. One-Time Assessment of Federal Consistency
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IV. Federal Consistency Strategy
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V. Upon Federal Approval of the Texas Coastal Management Program

VI. Conclusions and Recommendations

VII. Sources

VIII. Acronyms

Appendix I. Clean Water Act
Section 320


Appendix II. Executive Order 12372

Appendix III. Texas Review and Comment System

Appendix IV. Action Plan Summaries

Appendix V. Summary of Federal Programs and Projects Reviewed in Inventory

Appendix VI. Letter from GBNEP to SPOC

Appendix VII. Letter from GBNEP to H-GAC

Appendix VIII. Guideline Considerations-State Water Quality Certification

Appendix IX. Clean Water Act
Section 319
Nonpoint Source Management Program


Appendix X. Identification of Federal Assistance Programs and Federal Development Projects to Undergo Consistency Review

Appendix XI. Coastal Coordination Council Rule on Federal Consistency Review

Appendix XII. Coastal Coordination Council Rule on Special Area Management Plan