Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
The Galveston Bay Plan

Publication GBNEP-49

April 1995

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Cover, Table of Contents (11,058 kb)

Executive Summary (3,594 kb)

I. Introduction (19,625 kb)

II. Habitat / Living Resource Conservation (32,458 kb)

III. Balanced Human Uses (38,070 kb)

IV. Water and Sediment Quality Improvement (52,644 kb)

V. Support Action Plans (16,434 kb)

VI. The Galveston Bay Regional Monitoring Program (28,653 kb)

VII. The Public Role in Drafting The Galveston Bay Plan (7,929 kb)

VIII. Implementing and Funding The Galveston Bay Plan (19,067 kb)

Appendices (71,153 kb)