Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
Galveston Bay Characterization Workshop

Publication GBNEP-6

February 21-23, 1991

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Cover, Table of Contents, Preface, Introduction (6,646 kb)

Overview (6,691 kb)

Research Agency Programs (9,995 kb)

Point and Non-Point Source Pollution (6,850 kb)

The Houston Ship Channel (12,382 kb)

Toxicants in Water (4,326 kb)

Toxicants in Aquatic Organisms (10,044 kb)

Toxicants in Birds (2,357 kb)

Oil Spill Impacts (3,120 kb)

Oilfield Produced Water (4,802 kb)

Nutrients (5,341 kb)

Pollutant Transport (4,756 kb)

Habitat Studies (12,681 kb)

Ecological Surveys (4,792 kb)

Faunal Surveys (5356 kb)

Other Biological Studies (6,224 kb)

Physical Features (3,958 kb)

Inflow and Hydrology (4,604 kb)

Salinity (7,622 kb)

Modeling (11,067 kb)

Information Synthesis (7,551 kb)

Appendix (2,489 kb)