Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
The State of the Bay Symposium,III

Publication GBNEP-T1

June 1997

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Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction
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The Economic Value of the Texas Gulf Coast
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The Galveston Bay Plan
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Changes In Freshwater Inflows to Galveston Bay and the Trinity-San Jacinto Estuary, Texas
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Alterations In The Water Quality of Galveston Bay On A Time Scale of Decades
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Partnerships in Conservation Education "Bringing the Message Home", Learning to be Water Wise & Energy Efficient Youth Education Program
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The Texas Clean Rivers Program: The Upstream Link to Galveston Bay Management
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The Watershed Management Approach: Potential Impacts on Fresh Water Inflows
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Quality of Storm Water Runoff from Urbanized Houston Metropolitan Area
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Galveston Bay Seafood Safety
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The Status and Trends of Selected Marine Resources of Galveston Bay: An Overview
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Developing a State Wetlands Conservation Plan for Texas
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Created Salt Marshes As Habitats For Fishery Species
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Status and Recent Trends of Galveston Bay's Colonial Waterbirds With Management Implications
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Marsh Restoration at San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park Harris County, Texas
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Building Condos For Oysters
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The Brownwood Marsh Restoration Project: A Successful Effort To Restore and Create Wetland Habitat
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Marsh Creation From Dredged Material - A Case Study
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The Galveston Bay Yards & Neighbors Program Reducing Residential Non-Point Source Pollution To Galveston Bay
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Public Section/Private Sector Solutions: Summary and Commentary
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The GBF Experience In Finding Common Ground as a Mechanism for Solving User Conflicts
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Public Perceptions of Environmental Problems Facing Galveston Bay: Findings from the 1996 "Texas Environmental Survey"
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