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Dry Cleaner Advisory Committee Vacancy

May 2018 - The Dry Cleaner Advisory Committee advises the TCEQ on implementing the Dry Cleaner Environmental Remediation Program.

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This committee has been appointed in accordance with House Bill 1366Exit the TCEQ, 78th Texas Legislature (Regular Session), 2003 which created Chapter 374 of the Texas Health and Safety Code (THSC).

In accordance with Chapter 374.004 of the THSC, the advisory committee is to be composed of three industry representatives and two public representatives—one rural and one urban.

The current members of the Dry Cleaner Advisory Committee are:




Ms. Vicky Maisel

San Antonio

Dry Cleaning Industry


Dry Cleaning Industry

Ms. Shirley French Reichstadt


Dry Cleaning Industry

Dr. Charles Riggs


Urban Public

Ms. Carolyn Gibson-Baros

El Campo

Rural Public

The TCEQ is currently seeking an industry representative on the Dry Cleaner Advisory Committee. Potential candidates must be a representative of the dry cleaning industry (own and/or operate a dry cleaner, etc.). Applicants should submit a resume to the following address:

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Dry Cleaner Advisory Committee, c/o Michael A. Bame, P.G.
Mail Code 137
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78711-3087