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Stage II Vapor Recovery Equipment Decommissioning deadline is Aug 31, 2018

Aug. 2018 – All Stage II vapor recovery equipment must be decommissioned at all gasoline dispensing facilities in ozone non-attainment counties no later than Aug. 31, 2018.

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Since May 2014, amended 30 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 115Exit the TCEQ has allowed gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs) in designated non-attainment counties in Texas to decommission their Stage II vapor recovery systems. By Aug. 31, 2018, all decommissioning of Stage II vapor recovery equipment at GDFs in these non-attainment counties must be complete. Failure to complete decommissioning activities by this deadline may result in violations during an investigation.

Prior to starting decommissioning activity, a GDF owner or operator must submit a decommissioning notification form to the local TCEQ office in their region. Additionally, at least 24-72 hours before starting any decommissioning activity, further notification is required to be submitted to the local TCEQ office and the local government with jurisdiction.

A licensed Underground Storage Tank On-Site Supervisor with an A or A/B license must direct the decommissioning. During decommissioning, all Stage II equipment must be removed from the entire GDF site. Until equipment is decommissioned, owners and operators of GDFs must maintain the Stage II equipment according to Stage II requirements.

If a GDF is replacing Stage II vapor recovery hanging hardware through attrition, the facility must replace all Stage II hanging hardware with conventional industry-standard hanging hardware by Aug. 18, 2018.

For additional information on decommissioning, visit the TCEQ’s Gasoline Vapor Recovery website or read through TCEQ answers to some common questions.