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Border 2012: Local Success Stories in the Four-State Region from 2007 through 2009

Various entities in the Four-State Region implemented many successful programs or projects in this period.

The many partners involved in the Border 2012 Program believe it has helped increase the attention given to environmental challenges, and encouraged local governments and citizens to do their part in developing projects and programs that address those challenges.

In the Four-State Region, cities on both sides of the border have been active in developing innovative ways of improving their environment. In some cases these efforts have received assistance from state and federal governments, whether in direct funding or in the form of workshops that disseminate information on available technologies or best practices. In other cases the cities and residents have provided all necessary resources on their own.

The TCEQ and EPA have cooperated in preparing special summaries of some of these successes:

Water Infrastructure

Scrap Tire Management

Collection of Household and Small-Scale Hazardous Waste

Municipal Recycling and/or Composting

Reduction of Illegal Dumpsites

Emergency Preparedness for Sister Cities

Environmental Education

Awareness of Toxic Risks