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Custom SEPs for Respondents in an Enforcement Action

Information for Respondents in TCEQ enforcement actions who wish to develop and perform a Custom SEP

Respondents performing a Custom SEP must have the proper resources to complete the SEP, including but not limited to licenses, permits, personnel, and equipment. TCEQ may evaluate your ability to perform the SEP prior to submitting the Custom Application and approval.

Respondents in a TCEQ enforcement action may be eligible to develop and perform a custom SEP. A respondent must complete a Custom SEP Application with detailed documentation to show that the respondent is capable of performing the SEP.

If the Custom SEP is approved, the respondent must report to TCEQ on the progress of the SEP and meet all deadlines specified in the SEP.

Custom SEP approval is based upon a direct, measurable, and enduring environmental benefit. The following are types of projects that may be appropriate Custom SEPs:

  1. Preventing or reducing pollution;
  2. Environmental or habitat restoration that goes beyond repair to the enhancement of the environment;
  3. Clean up of illegal dumps where no responsible party can be found or where a responsible party is financially unable to clean up the site (tires, trash, large municipal solid waste); and
  4. Collection of tires, electronics, large municipal solid waste, and household hazardous waste from citizens at no cost and for proper disposal and/or recycling.

Download the Custom SEP Application Form:

If you have any questions regarding the application process for a Custom SEP, please contact the SEP program at 512/239-2223 or by email at sepreports@tceq.texas.gov.

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