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00074CITY OF CALDWELL                                                                107 S HILL ST                                                                                               CALDWELL                            TX778361735UNITED STA                                                                                                    Local Government                          
00173LAMB COUNTY                                                                     100 6TH ST                                                                                                  LITTLEFIELD                         TX793399999UNITED STA                                                                                                    County Government                         
00241EAGLE CONSOLIDATED INC                                                          PO BOX 565                                                                                                  ITASCA                              TX760550565UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17423245012 
00280BRAZOS RIVER AUTHORITY                                                          PO BOX 7555                                                                                                 WACO                                TX767147555UNITED STA1-817-7761441                                                                                       Local Government                          
00295COLLINGSWORTH COUNTY                                                            824 EAST AVE                                                                                                WELLINGTON                          TX790952712UNITED STA                                                                                                    County Government                         
00393CITY OF HOUSTON                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
00513CITY OF LA GRANGE                                                               155 E COLORADO ST                                                                                           LA GRANGE                           TX789452201UNITED STA                                                                                                                                              
00614CITY OF ROBERT LEE LANDFILL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                                   
00631CITY OF SADLER                                                                   HWY 901 COMMUNITY CENTER                                                                                   SADLER                              TX762649999UNITED STA                                                                                                                                              
00658CITY OF SONORA                                                                  201 E MAIN ST                                                                                               SONORA                              TX769502609UNITED STA                                                                                                    Local Government                          
00678CITY OF THREE RIVERS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
00914CITY OF CACTUS                                                                  PO BOX 365                                                                                                  CACTUS                              TX790130365UNITED STA                                                                                                    Local Government                          
01147GRIMES COUNTY                                                                   7460 HILLSBORO ST                                                                                           IOLA                                TX778619999UNITED STA1-936-3968151                                                                                       County Government                         
01346WEISS GO                                                                        6161 ADDICKS SATSUMA RD                                                                                     HOUSTON                             TX77084    UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
07072RHONE-POULENC BASIC CHEMICALS CO                                                3439 PARK                                                                                                   BAYTOWN                             TX775209999UNITED STA1-281-4282980                                                                                       Corporation                   15103019772 
10011HILL SAND COMPANY INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Corporation                   17417217084 
11036TREES INC                                                                       PO BOX 38038                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772388038UNITED STA1-713-6926371                                                                                       Corporation                   17411855848 
20001SOUTHWESTERN ICE INC                                                            PO BOX 532590                                                                                               HARLINGEN                           TX785532590UNITED STA1-210-4235892                                                                                       Corporation                   18606985226 
20002SOUTHEASTERN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY                                             PO BOX 666                                                                                                  CRYSTAL CITY                        TX788390666UNITED STA1-512-3743811                                                                                       Unknown                       11355340180 
20003SOUTHEASTERN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY                                             101 N 16TH ST                                                                                               MCALLEN                             TX785014732UNITED STA1-210-6867451                                                                                       Unknown                       11355340180 
20004AT&T SISTEMAS PARA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20005AG-MEIER INC                                                                    1000 E 6TH AVE                                                                                              BELTON                              TX765132804UNITED STA1-254-9393731                                                                                       Corporation                   17424951279 
20008GLOBE MOTORS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Corporation                               
20011T P W INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   32020252477 
20012PHILIPS CONSUMER ELECTRONICS                                                    PO BOX 9638                                                                                                 EL PASO                             TX799959638UNITED STA1-915-7780771                                                                                       Corporation                               
20014GIB LEWIS FURNITURE FACTORY                                                     PO BOX 9000                                                                                                 WOODVILLE                           TX759909000UNITED STA1-409-2838181                                                                                       Corporation                               
20017MONUMENT CHEMICAL BAYPORT LLC                                                   10200 BAY AREA BLVD                                                                                         PASADENA                            TX775071852UNITED STA1-281-5073223                                               NDAVE@MONUMENTCHEMICAL.COM                                                        
20018MICRO PRECISION OF TEXAS INC                                                    PO BOX 40146                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772400146UNITED STA1-713-4627599                                                                                       Corporation                   17603639992 
20024HOLLY ENERGY PARTNERS-OPERATING LP                                              PO BOX 1260                                                                                                 ARTESIA                             NM882111260UNITED STA1-575-7488949                 1-575-7465480                 dickie.townley@hollyenergy.com          Other/Misc                    15105046963 
20025SONOCO PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                         1925 COUNTRY CLUB DR                                                                                        CARROLLTON                          TX750065851UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       15702484203 
20026FRANKSTON PAPER BOX CO LIMITED PARTNERSHIP                                      PO BOX 368                                                                                                  FRANKSTON                           TX757630368UNITED STA1-903-8762550                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20028BAILEY TOOL & MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                             906 MERCURY AVE                                                                                             DUNCANVILLE                         TX751372232UNITED STA1-214-2980567                                                                                       Corporation                   10125375900 
20029OHMITE TEXAS LP                                                                 488 REGAL RD STE 103                                                                                        BROWNSVILLE                         TX785214226UNITED STA1-512-5420276                                                                                       Corporation                               
20030MAUDLIN                                           EARL                          PO BOX 699                                                                                                  KEMAH                               TX775650699UNITED STA1-713-3347566                                                                                       Individual                                
20031FOUR SEASONS HEAT EXCHANGE DIVISION                                             2617 MANANA DR                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752201301UNITED STA1-214-3533055                                                                                       Corporation                               
20032TANDY CRAFTS INC                                                                1400 EVERMAN PKWY                                                                                           FORT WORTH                          TX761405006UNITED STA1-817-5519697                                                                                       Corporation                   17514752249 
20034NORTHWEST PIPE COMPANY                                                          351 LONGHORN RD                                                                                             SAGINAW                             TX761792404UNITED STA1-360-3976250                                                                                       Corporation                   19305579880 
20035CIRCUIT RESOURCES INC                                                           PO BOX 161611                                                                                               AUSTIN                              TX787161611UNITED STA1-512-8377555                                                                                       Corporation                   30113589854 
20036VULCAN CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS                                                   PO BOX 791550                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782791550UNITED STA1-210-5243522                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20038TUBULAR SERVICES LLC                                                            1010 MCCARTY ST                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770292426UNITED STA1-713-6756212                                                                                       Corporation                               
20039KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Corporation                               
20040TRANS-TEC MACHINE CO INC                                                        6320 RIDGEMONT ST                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770873310UNITED STA1-713-6439114                                                                                       Corporation                   17420183224 
20041BLENRITE INTERNATIONAL INC                                                      17001 NORTHCHASE DR                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770602141UNITED STA1-512-8848534                                                                                       Unknown                       17425656265 
20042TECCOR DE MEXICO SA DE CV                                                       PO BOX 391                                                                                                  BROWNSVILLE                         TX785220391UNITED STA1-950-5411973                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20045GEORGIA-PACIFIC GYPSUM II LLC                                                   133 PEACHTREE ST NE                                                                                         ATLANTA                             GA303031804UNITED STA1-404-6524000                                                                                       Other/Misc                    32049875340 
20046OWEN OIL TOOLS LP                                                               PO BOX 765                                                                                                  GODLEY                              TX760440765UNITED STA1-817-5510660                                                                                                                     17515941668 
20047KEARFOTT CORPORATION                                                            950 E LEVEE ST                                                                                              BROWNSVILLE                         TX785205104UNITED STA1-210-5414199                                                                                       Unknown                       10612307206 
20048AGHASSIBAKE                                       ALI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Individual                                
20048AGHASSIBAKE                                       ALI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Individual                                
20049BASIC ENERGY SERVICES LP                                                        PO BOX 1536                                                                                                 ALBANY                              TX764301536UNITED STA1-325-6604892                 1-325-7623935                 wayne.cloud@bsicenergyservice.com       Corporation                   17524418195 
20051NAGEL MANUFACTURING AND SUPPLY COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                                   
20051NAGEL MANUFACTURING AND SUPPLY CO INC                                           PO BOX 849                                                                                                  CALDWELL                            TX778360849UNITED STA1-979-5674745                                                                                       Corporation                   17410401289 
20052KINETIC CONCEPTS INC                                                            PO BOX 659508                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782659508UNITED STA1-210-6629191                                                                                       Corporation                   17418917278 
20053TEXAS INTERNATIONAL CABLE                                                       3312 TOWERWOOD DR                                                                                           DALLAS                              TX752342317UNITED STA1-214-2479885                                                                                       Corporation                   17424729055 
20054BAKER HUGHES OILFIELD OPERATIONS LLC                                            17021 ALDINE WESTFIELD RD                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770735101UNITED STA1-713-8791258                                               amy.hood@bakerhughes.com                Corporation                   19413028861 
20059SUPERIOR AIR PARTS INC                                                          15050 W BELTWOOD PKWY                                                                                       DALLAS                              TX752449999UNITED STA1-214-9918364                                                                                       Corporation                   17512535984 
20060GILLIS                                            DAVID                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Individual                                
20060GILLIS                                            DAVID                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Individual                                
20061RANDOLPH GEAR INC                                                               1110 N AVENUE T                                                                                             LUBBOCK                             TX794151902UNITED STA1-806-7655583                 1-806-7657735                                                         Unknown                       17528106481 
20062TRUCK MOUNT INSTALLATION DIVISION                                               1200 TEXAS CENTRAL PKWY                                                                                     WACO                                TX767126579UNITED STA                                                                                                    Other/Misc                                
20065EVERGREEN HELICOPTERS INC                                                       2001 TERMINAL DR                                                                                            GALVESTON                           TX775549280UNITED STA1-409-7400231                                                                                       Unknown                       19304950520 
20066QUEST MEDICAL INC                                                               1 ALLENTOWN PKWY                                                                                            ALLEN                               TX750024206UNITED STA1-214-3872740                                                                                       Corporation                   17527405066 
20068CONOCO INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Corporation                   17301960005 
20069PERMIAN MARBLE AND TILE                                                         PO BOX 3613                                                                                                 MIDLAND                             TX797023613UNITED STA1-915-6898411                                                                                       Corporation                               
20070STATE FAIR FOODS INC                                                            PO BOX 561223                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX753561223UNITED STA1-214-9058824                                                                                       Corporation                   17511567905 
20072LYNX TOOL COMPANY INC                                                           PO BOX 2448                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797602448UNITED STA1-915-3371565                                                                                       Unknown                       19800328684 
20073NORTH TEXAS STEEL COMPANY INC                                                   PO BOX 2497                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761132497UNITED STA1-817-9275333                                                                                       Unknown                       17507114969 
20075JEJ FABRICATORS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Unknown                                   
20075J & J FABRICATORS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                                   
20077SUNBEAM HOME COMFORT                                                            PO BOX 4519                                                                                                 BROWNSVILLE                         TX785234519UNITED STA1-512-5465581                                                                                       Corporation                               
20078BIG D BRAKE & CLUTCH INC                                                        2914 SEA HARBOR RD                                                                                          DALLAS                              TX752124229UNITED STA1-214-6388461                                                                                       Corporation                   17522970791 
20080FARMERS COOPERATIVE GIN OF KNOTT TEXAS                                          PO BOX 429                                                                                                  AMHERST                             TX793120429UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
20083DATA GENERAL CORPORATION                                                        50 WALTER JONES BLVD STE 5                                                                                  EL PASO                             TX799065312UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   10424363975 
20085ACME BRICK COMPANY                                                              PO BOX 425                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010425UNITED STA1-918-8340618                                                                                       Corporation                   17524033366 
20087SOUTH COMMUNITY COOP GIN                                                        PO BOX 213                                                                                                  LEVELLAND                           TX793360213UNITED STA1-806-2973361                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20088LANDERS                                           C                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Individual                                
20088LANDERS                                           C                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Individual                                
20089MIDWAY PRESS LTD                                                                PO BOX 1184                                                                                                 ADDISON                             TX750011184UNITED STA1-214-2338404                                                                                                                     17528106192 
20090CONTRACT NETWORK                                                                10390 BROCKWOOD RD                                                                                          DALLAS                              TX752381611UNITED STA1-214-3406400                                                                                       Unknown                       17521524789 
20094WELLBORE INTEGRITY SOLUTIONS LLC                                                1310 RANKIN RD BLDG 18                                                                                      HOUSTON                             TX770734802UNITED STA1-903-3431431                                                                                       Corporation                   32071561057 
20095HERITAGE-CRYSTAL CLEAN LLC                                                      2124 E HIGHWAY 31                                                                                           CORSICANA                           TX751099076UNITED STA1-903-6493610                 1-903-9837713                 SHANE.ODOM@CRYSTAL-CLEAN.COM            Corporation                   32001817132 
20096MASTERSON INDUSTRIES INC                                                        1101 S INDUSTRIAL BLVD STE B                                                                                ROUND ROCK                          TX786812902UNITED STA1-512-3880911                                                                                       Unknown                       17523784050 
20097US FILTER RECOVERY SERVICES INC                                                 4415 OSCAR NELSON JR DR                                                                                     BAYTOWN                             TX775239744UNITED STA1-281-3837033                                                                                       Corporation                               
20098PICCO COATINGS CO                                                               11601 MCKINLEY ST                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770383314UNITED STA1-281-4478877                                                                                       Unknown                       17601037025 
20100CITY PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD                                                       PO BOX 1771                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782961771UNITED STA1-210-9782929                                                                                                                                 
20101ADM ALLIANCE NUTRITION INC                                                      PO BOX 1918                                                                                                 HEREFORD                            TX790451918UNITED STA1-806-3645211                                                                                       Corporation                   13713281171 
20102AXIP ENERGY SERVICES LP                                                         919 MILAM ST STE 1000                                                                                       HOUSTON                             TX770025386UNITED STA1-713-7446146                 1-281-6643421                 mbaughman@valerus-co.com                Corporation                   17530892201 
20103BJ SERVICES COMPANY USA LP                                                      11211 FM 2920 RD                                                                                            TOMBALL                             TX773758927UNITED STA1-281-3572572                                                                                       Corporation                               
20104HOME FRAGRANCE HOLDINGS INC                                                     8323 FAIRBANKS WHITE OAK RD                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX770404245UNITED STA1-713-4664600                 1-832-4673214                 mmccready@hfh.cc                        Corporation                   17605817737 
20105SICPA SECURINK CORP                                                             4049 MEACHAM BLVD                                                                                           HALTOM CITY                         TX761171602UNITED STA1-703-4558050                                                                                       Unknown                       15216015949 
20110SGI DE MEXICO SA DE CV                                                          5665 COSTA BLANCA PL                                                                                        EL PASO                             TX799321927UNITED STA1-915-7793116                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20114EXCEL SYSTEMS INC                                                               12 ZANE GREY ST                                                                                             EL PASO                             TX799065256UNITED STA1-915-7784870                                                                                       Unknown                       30117127578 
20116AT&T CONSUMER PRODUCTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   11354814904 
20119SENSUS TECH INC                                                                 450 N GALLATIN AVE                                                                                          UNIONTOWN                           PA154012458UNITED STA1-412-4397887                                                                                       Corporation                   12515930894 
20120AO SMITH CORPORATION                                                            125 JOHNSON ST                                                                                              DEL RIO                             TX788405161UNITED STA1-830-7757358                                                                                       Corporation                   13906197903 
20120AO SMITH ELECTRIC PRODUCTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Corporation                   38205052194 
20124BAE SYSTEMS RESOLUTION INC                                                      PO BOX 1637                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772511637UNITED STA1-281-4574341                                                                                       Corporation                   17410516052 
20125R & R MACHINE SHOP INC                                                          14270 WORTHAM BEND RD                                                                                       CHINA SPRING                        TX766333136UNITED STA1-254-8631313                                                                                       Corporation                   17423750276 
20126TEXAS LIME COMPANY                                                              PO BOX 851                                                                                                  CLEBURNE                            TX760330851UNITED STA1-817-6414433                                                                                       Corporation                   17508626805 
20127CHANDY                                            ALEX                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Individual                                
20128JOHN WATKINS INC                                                                7263 ENVOY CT                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752475103UNITED STA1-214-6881177                                                                                       Corporation                   17526583483 
20129MISSION PHARMACAL COMPANY                                                       1325 E CESAR E CHAVEZ BLVD                                                                                  SAN ANTONIO                         TX782101724UNITED STA1-210-6968400                                                                                       Corporation                   17410417756 
20132SPECTRUM MFG INC                                                                PO BOX 1359                                                                                                 MAURICEVILLE                        TX776261359UNITED STA1-409-7454760                                                                                       Unknown                       17601754322 
20134R-5 METAL FABRICATORS INC                                                       PO BOX 605                                                                                                  WILLS POINT                         TX751690605UNITED STA1-903-8732633                                                                                       Unknown                       17521852636 
20138SERVICE WIRE COMPANY                                                            7207 NORTH LOOP E                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770285950UNITED STA1-713-6746666                 1-713-6740635                 martha.barvin@servicewire.com           Unknown                       15504915255 
20139GSE LINING TECHNOLOGY LLC                                                       19103 GUNDLE RD                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770733515UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17601015393 
20140MURRAY CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   15207942051 
20141HI TECH SALES CO                                                                608 S CENTER ST                                                                                             GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750511811UNITED STA1-972-2635436                                                                                       Unknown                       17423675333 
20146HDH INSTRUMENTS LP                                                              PO BOX 709                                                                                                  PATTISON                            TX774660709UNITED STA1-281-3756835                 1-281-9343105                                                         Corporation                   17419872019 
20149COBB FABRICATING INC                                                            PO BOX 457                                                                                                  SCOTTSVILLE                         TX756880457UNITED STA1-903-9386638                                                                                       Corporation                   17522735137 
20150EGS PRODUCTION MACHINING INC                                                    2332 E GRAUWYLER RD                                                                                         IRVING                              TX750613314UNITED STA1-214-4382251                                                                                       Unknown                       17517276097 
20151AIR LIQUIDE AMERICA LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Other/Misc                                
20152BORDEN DAIRY PRODUCTS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Unknown                                   
20153TEXAS METAL WORKS INC                                                           PO BOX 3607                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777043607UNITED STA1-409-8335601                                                                                       Corporation                   17409412198 
20154GPX FORGE INC                                                                   13370 INDUSTRIAL RD                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770156813UNITED STA1-713-8684421                                                                                       Unknown                       17601681939 
20156THERMO MEASURETECH                                                              2555 N IH 35                                                                                                ROUND ROCK                          TX786642015UNITED STA1-512-3889287                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20158LINDSEY COMPLETION SYSTEMS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
20158LINDSEY COMPLETION SYSTEMS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
20160BIOTICS RESEARCH CORPORATION                                                    PO BOX 36888                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772366888UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17419050038 
20164GARLAND PRECISION MACHINE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Unknown                                   
20165MW ENTERPRISE                                                                   630 E WALNUT CIR                                                                                            GARLAND                             TX750406541UNITED STA1-214-2721152                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20166MCGILL MAINTENANCE PARTNERSHIP LTD                                              PO BOX 2521                                                                                                 FREEPORT                            TX775422521UNITED STA1-713-2281944                                                                                       Unknown                       17419973619 
20167ALBRITTON MACHINE INC                                                           819 W 81ST ST                                                                                               ODESSA                              TX797641907UNITED STA1-915-3678221                                                                                       Unknown                       17514880362 
20168DAWSON GEOPHYSICAL CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
20168DAWSON OPERATING COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                       17509705483 
20169EMERSON AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS FINAL CONTROL US LP                                3950 GREENBRIAR DR                                                                                          STAFFORD                            TX774773919UNITED STA1-281-2744602                 1-282-2744600                                                                                       15824287377 
20170FLAME TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED                                                 PO BOX 1776                                                                                                 CEDAR PARK                          TX786301776UNITED STA1-512-2198481                                                                                       Corporation                   17419688514 
20172SWARB                                             STEVEN                        1609 S FRANKLIN AVE                                                                                         MONAHANS                            TX797566717UNITED STA1-915-9436701                                                                                       Individual                                
20173D & D MACHINERY AND SALES INC                                                   2420 WR LARSON RD                                                                                           SAN ANTONIO                         TX782612200UNITED STA1-512-9803447                                                                                       Unknown                       17423808355 
20177MEYER UTILITY STRUCTURES LLC                                                    2525 N STEMMONS FWY                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752072401UNITED STA1-214-5892645                 1-214-5892581                 VANESSA.COLEMAN@TRIN.NET                Corporation                   32054724912 
20178BROWN JORDAN COMPANY LLC                                                        9860 GIDLEY ST                                                                                              EL MONTE                            CA917311110UNITED STA1-818-4438971                                                                                       Unknown                       19545565392 
20179AMERICAN TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CONSUMER PRODUCTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20179AT&T CONSUMER PRODUCTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   11354814904 
20180AT&T CONSUMER PRODUCTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   11354814904 
20181THE HAMMERBLOW CORP                                                             2716 CHICO CT                                                                                               EL PASO                             TX799033702UNITED STA1-915-5657297                                                                                       Corporation                   13912720425 
20182OWENS BROCKWAY INC                                                              19 LEIGH FISHER BLVD                                                                                        EL PASO                             TX799065216UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                               
20183THOMSON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS INC                                                26 SPUR DR                                                                                                  EL PASO                             TX799065308UNITED STA1-915-7752757                                                                                       Unknown                       13517248350 
20185CURTIS D WOLLMAN INC                                                            1002 SHADY OAKS LN                                                                                          BROWNFIELD                          TX793166740UNITED STA1-806-6374656                                                                                       Unknown                       30113915927 
20186DACO COMPOSITE MANUFACTURING INC                                                PO BOX 487                                                                                                  PILOT POINT                         TX762580487UNITED STA1-940-6869294                                                                                       Corporation                   17524871807 
20189WEATHERFORD INTERNATIONAL LLC                                                   515 POST OAK BLVD STE 600                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770279408UNITED STA1-281-6700038                 1-281-4420503                 patrick.ford@weatherford.com            Corporation                   10425150199 
20190ADUCO INTERNATIONAL INC                                                         3333 CASITAS AVE                                                                                            LOS ANGELES                         CA900392207UNITED STA1-817-4731432                                                                                       Unknown                       17524508169 
20192QUALITY RACK AND PINION MANUFACTURING                                           6329 AIRPORT FWY STE B                                                                                      HALTOM CITY                         TX761176602UNITED STA1-817-8347031                                                                                       Corporation                               
20193AMERICAN REBUILDERS                                                             PO BOX 355                                                                                                  CRANDALL                            TX751140355UNITED STA1-214-2874608                                                                                       Unknown                       17520726807 
20194AVENU ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS LLC                                                  7505 CARPENTER FWY                                                                                          DALLAS                              TX752474824UNITED STA1-214-9052288                                                                                       Corporation                   17521798607 
20195ROCKWALL INTERNATIONAL INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       32001809816 
20196EXTRUSION TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                      105 E AVENUE M                                                                                              CONROE                              TX773014303UNITED STA1-409-7602888                                                                                       Corporation                   18408797613 
20199GREEN ACRE FOODS INC                                                            PO BOX 271                                                                                                  CENTER                              TX759350271UNITED STA1-409-5983356                                                                                       Unknown                       17522548720 
20201AECT HOLDING COMPANY                                                            11595 S US HIGHWAY 181                                                                                      SAN ANTONIO                         TX782234203UNITED STA1-210-6333224                                                                                       Corporation                   17425298084 
20202INFRATECH LED INC                                                               10440 MILLER RD                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752381210UNITED STA1-214-5031087                 1-214-3438805                 LEE.PEICHIH@GMAIL.COM                   Corporation                   17521148373 
20203DYNACORE HOLDINGS CORPORATION                                                   8400 DATAPOINT DR                                                                                           SAN ANTONIO                         TX782293234UNITED STA1-512-4916005                                                                                       Corporation                   17416051740 
20204LEVI STRAUSS & COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                                   
20204LEVI STRAUSS & CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Corporation                   19409051604 
20205MENTOR TEXAS LP                                                                 3041 SKYWAY CIR N                                                                                           IRVING                              TX750383500UNITED STA1-972-2526060                                                                                       Unknown                       17702872577 
20206CADENCE ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY INC                                                PO BOX 770                                                                                                  MICHIGAN CITY                       IN463610770UNITED STA1-800-2378708                                                                                       Unknown                       13513561368 
20207NEW GRAND INTERNATIONAL CORP                                                    PO BOX 1867                                                                                                 BURLESON                            TX760971867UNITED STA1-817-2958115                                                                                       Corporation                   17525059550 
20209INTERNATIONAL DYNA-M2ACS INC                                                    1200 FORD ST                                                                                                IRVING                              TX750615702UNITED STA1-214-4382250                                                                                       Unknown                       17521959415 
20210DALLAS TOOL & MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Unknown                       17510707361 
20211NATIONAL-OILWELL LP                                                             10000 RICHMOND AVE                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770424200UNITED STA1-713-3467767                 1-713-3467958                                                                                       17604889877 
20212GRANT PRIDECO INC                                                               PO BOX 1310                                                                                                 NAVASOTA                            TX778681310UNITED STA1-409-8259170                                                                                       Corporation                               
20213NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              17604889877 
20215ELECTRO PAINTERS INCORPORATED                                                   PO BOX 7022                                                                                                 BEDMINSTER                          NJ079217022UNITED STA1-972-6209606                                                                                       Corporation                   13510568994 
20217CONAGRA BRANDS INC                                                              1734 E EL PASO ST                                                                                           FORT WORTH                          TX761026770UNITED STA1-817-2101618                                                                                       Corporation                   14702487100 
20219ROUND ROCK MACHINING & MANUFACTURING INC                                        PO BOX 1507                                                                                                 ROUND ROCK                          TX786801507UNITED STA1-512-2551624                                                                                       Unknown                       17522424070 
20221ECC AMERICA INC SOUTHERN CLA                                                    PO BOX 44                                                                                                   GONZALES                            TX786290044UNITED STA1-512-6722891                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20225ENTERGY GULF STATES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                   17406627301 
20226SRC LIQUIDATION COMPANY                                                         1201 BONNER ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770073509UNITED STA1-713-8642611                                                                                       Corporation                   13104554400 
20227S H LEGGITT COMPANY                                                             1000 CIVIC CENTER LOOP                                                                                      SAN MARCOS                          TX786669568UNITED STA1-512-3962257                                                                                       Corporation                   13812708876 
20228MINIGRIP LLC                                                                    1650 N HEIDEKE ST                                                                                           SEGUIN                              TX781552823UNITED STA1-830-4336100                 1-830-3721562                 YVONNE.KORSHAVN@MINIGRIP.COM            Corporation                   32048388295 
20231AREA TANK INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Unknown                                   
20233FORTERRA PIPE & PRECAST LLC                                                     11201 FM 529 RD                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770413205UNITED STA1-713-4666324                 1-713-4663503                                                         Corporation                   15401792104 
20234SANMINA SCI CORP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Unknown                                   
20235MANUFACTURING SPECIALTIES INC                                                   3521 OAK LAWN AVE                                                                                           DALLAS                              TX752194309UNITED STA1-972-2250511                                                                                       Corporation                   15103784532 
20236HOBAS PIPE USA LP                                                               1413 E RICHEY RD                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770733508UNITED STA1-281-8212200                                                                                       Corporation                   17604316319 
20238DALLAS CITY PACKING INC                                                         3049 MORRELL AVE                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752034000UNITED STA1-214-9483901                                                                                       Corporation                   17510022001 
20239POLYCYCLE SW INC                                                                8221 HIGHWAY 225                                                                                            LA PORTE                            TX775718710UNITED STA1-713-9301727                                                                                       Corporation                   12326138521 
20240BILCO BRICK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                                   
20241SPECTRUM BRANDS INC                                                             2600 N STATE HIGHWAY 91                                                                                     DENISON                             TX750209042UNITED STA1-903-4637976                 1-903-4647754                                                         Corporation                   12224235569 
20242POLY-AMERICA INC                                                                2000 W MARSHALL DR                                                                                          GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750512709UNITED STA1-972-3377215                 1-972-3378215                 jims@poly-america.com                   Corporation                   13628091228 
20243DEAN FOODS VEGETABLE COMPANY                                                    1126 KILBURN AVE                                                                                            ROCKFORD                            IL611015924UNITED STA1-815-9620647                                                                                       Corporation                   13904211201 
20244SAN ANTONIO PACKING COMPANY                                                     1922 S LAREDO ST                                                                                            SAN ANTONIO                         TX782077020UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17411004793 
20246SAINT-GOBAIN PERFORMANCE PLASTICS CORPORATION                                   PO BOX 1580                                                                                                 ATHENS                              TX757511580UNITED STA1-903-6758571                                                                                       Unknown                       19519471551 
20246SEISMIC ENERGY PRODUCTS LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
20248GLOBAL OCTANES TEXAS LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                                   
20251LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY INC                                                  1817 WOOD ST RM 720                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752015605UNITED STA1-214-5733874                                                                                       Corporation                   32001572125 
20252BERGSTEIN OILFIELD SERVICES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                                   
20252BERGSTEIN OILFIELD SERVICES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17517424051 
20253BERGSTEIN OILFIELD SERVICES INC                                                 PO BOX 1262                                                                                                 LEVELLAND                           TX793361262UNITED STA1-806-8944040                                                                                       Corporation                   17517424051 
20254MOBIL PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                         PO BOX 150527                                                                                               LONGVIEW                            TX756150527UNITED STA1-903-7592791                                                                                       Corporation                   17504094503 
20255BERGSTEIN OILFIELD SERVICES INC                                                 PO BOX 481                                                                                                  ANDREWS                             TX797140481UNITED STA1-915-5249405                                                                                       Corporation                   17517424051 
20256BERGSTEIN OILFIELD SERVICES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17517424051 
20256BERGSTIEN OILFIELD SERVICES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Unknown                                   
20257LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   32001572125 
20257LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
20258FAIR-WEST TRAILERS INC                                                          PO BOX 345                                                                                                  HALLETTSVILLE                       TX779640345UNITED STA1-361-7984979                                                                                       Unknown                       30010360805 
20259TEXLA PARTS AND EQUIPMENT INC                                                   11907 N GARDEN ST                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770713109UNITED STA1-713-9959797                                                                                       Unknown                       17420221404 
20260GUIBERSON OIL TOOLS                                                             PO BOX 2177                                                                                                 PEARLAND                            TX775882177UNITED STA1-713-6900228                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20264VICKERS INDUSTRIAL COATINGS INC                                                 401 N 4TH ST                                                                                                SAINT CHARLES                       MO633012023UNITED STA1-713-7038351                                                                                       Corporation                   17419267533 
20266VF IMAGEWEAR INC                                                                PO BOX 1409                                                                                                 CLARKSVILLE                         TX754261409UNITED STA1-903-4273888                                                                                       Unknown                       16215172814 
20268FABCO OIL AND GAS INC                                                           PO BOX 1551                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797601551UNITED STA1-432-3674988                                                                                       Unknown                       17526884378 
20269NABORS DRILLING TECHNOLOGIES USA INC                                            515 W GREENS RD STE 200                                                                                     HOUSTON                             TX770674511UNITED STA1-281-7758434                                               KENNETH.KING@NABORS.COM                 Corporation                   17303292704 
20270SIPCO SERVICES & MARINE INC                                                     7702 FM 1960 RD E STE 100                                                                                   HUMBLE                              TX773462202UNITED STA1-713-8526111                                                                                       Corporation                               
20272ANODICS INC                                                                     4105 MURRAY AVE                                                                                             HALTOM CITY                         TX761171714UNITED STA1-817-2812743                                                                                       Corporation                   17512211487 
20273HANSON AGGREGATES WEST INC                                                      300 E JOHN CARPENTER FWY STE 1645                                                                           IRVING                              TX750622772UNITED STA1-972-6533735                                               LALIT.BHATNAGAR@HANSON.BIZ              Corporation                   17512933924 
20274CERAMIC COOLING TOWER COMPANY                                                   PO BOX 164009                                                                                               FORT WORTH                          TX761614009UNITED STA1-817-2321580                                                                                       Unknown                       15205617226 
20275TEXAS CEMENT COMPANY                                                            1500 CHISHOLM TRAIL RD                                                                                      ROUND ROCK                          TX786812934UNITED STA1-512-2582099                                                                                       Unknown                       17512283486 
20277KILLEEN IRON AND METAL                                                          PO BOX 10083                                                                                                KILLEEN                             TX765470083UNITED STA1-817-6343200                                                                                       Unknown                       17423030778 
20278WEATHERFORD INTERNATIONAL LLC                                                   PO BOX 389                                                                                                  HUNTSVILLE                          TX773420389UNITED STA1-409-2950080                                                                                       Corporation                   10425150199 
20280PRECISION CABLE MANUFACTURING CORPORATION                                       1290 IH 30                                                                                                  ROCKWALL                            TX750879999UNITED STA1-214-7711233                                                                                       Unknown                       17512870241 
20284AMP RECYCLING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Corporation                   17423030778 
20285OD RENTALS INC                                                                  167 PAYNE ST                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752077205UNITED STA1-214-7482795                                                                                       Unknown                       17510860285 
20289DBZ HOLDING I INC                                                               PO BOX 190                                                                                                  ORANGE                              TX776310190UNITED STA1-409-7355553                                                                                       Unknown                       17412782850 
20293CONTECH ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS LLC                                                PO BOX 26                                                                                                   SCHULENBURG                         TX789560026UNITED STA1-979-7434123                                                                                       Corporation                   13111771658 
20296MEADOWS STEEL PRODUCTS                                                          510 N WILDWOOD DR                                                                                           IRVING                              TX750618828UNITED STA1-214-5791175                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20297DALIO PL SUB LP                                                                 6969 ARDMORE ST                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770542308UNITED STA1-713-7470090                                                                                       Corporation                   17416598104 
20300ACME BRICK COMPANY                                                              PO BOX 425                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010425UNITED STA1-918-8340618                                                                                       Corporation                   17524033366 
20301ACME BRICK COMPANY                                                              PO BOX 425                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010425UNITED STA1-918-8340618                                                                                       Corporation                   17524033366 
20302ACME BRICK COMPANY                                                              PO BOX 425                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010425UNITED STA1-918-8340618                                                                                       Corporation                   17524033366 
20303ACME BRICK COMPANY                                                              PO BOX 425                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010425UNITED STA1-918-8340618                                                                                       Corporation                   17524033366 
20305LIFETILE CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                   17420610622 
20305LIFETILE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                                   
20310ERC INDUSTRIES                                                                  2906 HOLMES RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770511000UNITED STA1-713-7339301                                                                                       Corporation                               
20314DEBS TS CUSTOM SCREEN PRINTING INC                                              6006 W 34TH ST STE A                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770926422UNITED STA1-713-6838601                                                                                       Unknown                       17603785886 
20323MEDICAL RETRO DESIGN                                                            4211 TODD LN                                                                                                AUSTIN                              TX787441152UNITED STA1-512-4620036                                                                                       Other/Misc                    17426527119 
20324PARRISH MACHINE & SERVICE INC                                                   7419 AVENUE O                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770111715UNITED STA1-713-9212277                                                                                       Unknown                       17422530356 
20324TURBINE CHROME SERVICES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                       17422530356 
20326THE GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY                                              4411 HOMESTEAD RD                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770285817UNITED STA1-713-6720007                                                                                       Corporation                   13402532405 
20327SEMINOLE TUBULAR PRODUCTS CO                                                    9208 JEFFREY DR                                                                                             CAMBRIDGE                           OH437259417UNITED STA1-713-9286437                                                                                       Unknown                       12313274370 
20328KUEST CORPORATION                                                               PO BOX 33007                                                                                                SAN ANTONIO                         TX782653007UNITED STA1-512-6551220                                                                                       Corporation                   17414693832 
20332GARDNER DENVER NASH LLC                                                         2414 BLACK GOLD CT                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770733325UNITED STA1-281-8219514                                                                                       Corporation                   15223348549 
20334REDONDO MFG CO INC                                                              2919 FM 1516 N                                                                                              CONVERSE                            TX781093345UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17413824933 
20335UPPER VALLEY BLOCK INC                                                          4560 RIPLEY DR                                                                                              EL PASO                             TX799221014UNITED STA1-915-5844453                 1-915-5844453                 delnortemasonry@hotmail.com             Corporation                   17416490724 
20336FARMERS SELECT LLC                                                              7321 N LOOP DR                                                                                              EL PASO                             TX799152523UNITED STA1-915-7722736                 1-915-7720907                 farmersgs@aol.com                       Unknown                       32020025246 
20337CONDUIT SPECIALTIES INC                                                         PO BOX 7408                                                                                                 PASADENA                            TX775087408UNITED STA1-281-2260187                 1-281-8670968                 bct2471@sbcglobal.net                   Corporation                   12600959626 
20338G A MOSITES COMPANY OF FORT WORTH INC                                           PO BOX 1308                                                                                                 ALVIN                               TX775121308UNITED STA1-713-3314461                                                                                       Unknown                       17509564765 
20340STELLAR MOLD & TOOL CO                                                          PO BOX 608                                                                                                  SAN MARCOS                          TX786670608UNITED STA1-512-3968276                                                                                       Corporation                   13912862839 
20343J & J FABRICATORS                                                               1901 W STATE ST                                                                                             GARLAND                             TX750426773UNITED STA1-972-2761100                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20344WOMACK                                            ROBERT                        7114 HARRY HINES BLVD                                                                                       DALLAS                              TX752354010UNITED STA1-214-3573851                                                                                       Individual                                
20346ALAMO CONCRETE PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17426896159 
20349PBV-USA INC                                                                     12735 DAIRY ASHFORD RD                                                                                      STAFFORD                            TX774773612UNITED STA1-281-3405418                                                                                       Corporation                   19310361571 
20351CNC MANUFACTURING                                                               5904 JESSAMINE ST STE A12                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770816528UNITED STA1-713-6678021                                                                                       Unknown                       17420584108 
20352SMITH INTERNATIONAL INC                                                         602 COMMERCE ST                                                                                             ALICE                               TX783322901UNITED STA1-281-2335401                 1-281-2335620                                                         Corporation                   19538226317 
20354PREMIER LUBRICATION SYSTEMS INC                                                 14105 PACKARD ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770405431UNITED STA1-713-4625255                                                                                       Corporation                   17602993127 
20356VSE CORPORATION                                                                 2550 HUNTINGTON AVE STE 100                                                                                 ALEXANDRIA                          VA223031410UNITED STA1-703-3294491                 1-703-3294457                 jcpettit@vsecorp.com                    Corporation                   30114135715 
20357AKER KVAERNER SUBSEA INC                                                        3600 BRIARPARK DR                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770425206UNITED STA1-713-6832812                                               anthony.ray@akerkvaerner.com            Corporation                   17604232359 
20358HENDEE                                            CHARLES                       9350 S POINT DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770543724UNITED STA1-713-7962322                                                                                       Individual                                
20362INX INTERNATIONAL INK CO                                                        1001 MORSE AVE                                                                                              ELK GROVE VILLAGE                   IL600075109UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   13607029108 
20364ABBEY                                             STEVE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Individual                                
20364ABBEY                                             STEVE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Individual                                
20365NATIONAL-OILWELL LP                                                             PO BOX 1595                                                                                                 ROSENBERG                           TX774711595UNITED STA1-281-3415365                                                                                                                     17604889877 
20366DRECO INC                                                                       10000 RICHMOND AVE STE 400                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770424211UNITED STA1-281-3427001                                                                                       Corporation                   17420069637 
20367LHOIST NORTH AMERICA OF TEXAS LTD                                               350 APG LN                                                                                                  NEW BRAUNFELS                       TX781325035UNITED STA1-830-2211600                 1-830-2211687                 AARON.JONES@LHOIST.COM                                                17524058108 
20368BARO SERVICES                                                                   10525 KINGHURST DR                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770993505UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17602898391 
20370CONSOLIDATED CONTAINER COMPANY LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Unknown                       17528253382 
20371CLYDE UNION INC                                                                 4600 W DICKMAN RD                                                                                           BATTLE CREEK                        MI490377325UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   13811187809 
20374BIG STATE PUMP                                                                  2357 GARDEN RD                                                                                              PEARLAND                            TX775818744UNITED STA1-281-4854554                                                                                       Unknown                       17601679966 
20375NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO LP                                                       16503 PARK ROW                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770845016UNITED STA1-281-5994731                 1-281-5994733                                                                                       17604889877 
20376GEORGE COMPRESSOR SALES                                                         244 N COMMERCE ST                                                                                           BURLESON                            TX760284266UNITED STA1-817-2955032                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20379KRUEGER ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING CO INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
20381MARTIN SPROCKET & GEAR INC                                                      3100 SPROCKET DR                                                                                            ARLINGTON                           TX760152828UNITED STA1-817-4656377                                                                                       Corporation                   17508322686 
20388METALPLATE GALVANIZING LP                                                       1120 39TH ST N # 966                                                                                        BIRMINGHAM                          AL352342456UNITED STA1-205-5954700                                                                                       Corporation                   32036243924 
20389GRANT PRIDECO INC                                                               PO BOX 1310                                                                                                 NAVASOTA                            TX778681310UNITED STA1-409-8259170                                                                                       Corporation                               
20390GRANT PRIDECO INC                                                               PO BOX 1310                                                                                                 NAVASOTA                            TX778681310UNITED STA1-409-8259170                                                                                       Corporation                               
20391WEATHERFORD DISTRICT BOARD OF MISSIONS INC                                      515 POST OAK BLVD STE 600                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770279408UNITED STA1-713-6934913                                                                                       Corporation                   32016933767 
20393T-BLAST INC                                                                     PO BOX 1143                                                                                                 GROVES                              TX776191143UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17603456157 
20395C M C STEEL FABRICATORS INC                                                     255 SKYTOP RD                                                                                               VICTORIA                            TX779055469UNITED STA1-361-5754561                                                                                       Corporation                   17421952346 
20396PAULUHN ELECTRIC MFG CO INC                                                     PO BOX 53                                                                                                   PEARLAND                            TX775880053UNITED STA1-281-4854311                                                                                       Corporation                   11353095406 
20399CUSTOM BODIES                                                                   1701 TEXOMA DR                                                                                              SHERMAN                             TX750902635UNITED STA1-903-8920561                                                                                       Unknown                       17516117938 
20401STERLING MANUFACTURING AND SUPPLY INC                                           3623 E VICKERY BLVD                                                                                         FORT WORTH                          TX761051625UNITED STA1-817-5341970                                                                                       Unknown                       17518012764 
20403LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY INC                                                  1817 WOOD ST STE 720W                                                                                       DALLAS                              TX752015605UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   32001572125 
20404PRECISION WELDING AND MACHINE                                                   PO BOX 13867                                                                                                ODESSA                              TX797683867UNITED STA1-915-3670861                                                                                       Unknown                       17521895155 
20405BROTHERS GOURMET COFFEES INC                                                    7105 KATY RD                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770249999UNITED STA1-713-8688100                                                                                       Unknown                       15216817088 
20408JT CHAPMAN                                                                      3251 ROYALTY ROW                                                                                            IRVING                              TX750624943UNITED STA1-214-7210080                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20409VICEROY PARTNERS II LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                                   
20411TEXAS TANK MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                2010 E BROADWAY ST                                                                                          SWEETWATER                          TX795563510UNITED STA1-915-2355494                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20412OLDS PRESS & FORGE INC                                                          3315 CARR ST                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770264505UNITED STA1-713-2240957                                                                                       Unknown                       17412359881 
20414MAHARD EGG FARM INC                                                             PO BOX 248                                                                                                  PROSPER                             TX750780248UNITED STA1-972-3472421                                                                                       Corporation                   17511365748 
20415CRESTAR                                                                         2240 E UNION BOWER RD                                                                                       IRVING                              TX750618814UNITED STA1-214-5548004                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20416TRANSDATA INC                                                                   1601 N GLENVILLE DR                                                                                         RICHARDSON                          TX750817209UNITED STA1-214-4709993                                                                                       Corporation                   32015529178 
20418CHF INDUSTRIES INC                                                              PO BOX 70                                                                                                   KAUFMAN                             TX751420070UNITED STA1-972-9322173                                                                                       Unknown                       10106716599 
20419ALSAY TEXAS CORPORATION                                                         1233 W 34TH ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770186207UNITED STA1-713-8628813                                                                                       Corporation                   30010699509 
20420P-K INTERESTS INC                                                               PO BOX 7064                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772487064UNITED STA1-713-6743163                                                                                       Unknown                       17412761219 
20422CII MIDTEX RELAYS                                                               14 BUTTERFIELD TRAIL BLVD STE A                                                                             EL PASO                             TX799065262UNITED STA1-915-9721061                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20424SPECIALTY PACKAGING INC                                                         3250 W SEMINARY DR UNIT A                                                                                   FORT WORTH                          TX761331145UNITED STA1-817-3389505                                                                                       Corporation                   17520942081 
20425PLANT PAINTING & MAINTENANCE INC                                                PO BOX 3213                                                                                                 PORT ARTHUR                         TX776433213UNITED STA1-409-9623272                                                                                       Unknown                       17600430999 
20426FLOWSERVE CORPORATION                                                           906 W 13TH ST                                                                                               DEER PARK                           TX775363164UNITED STA1-713-6689270                                                                                       Corporation                   13102679001 
20427THREAD-TEX TOOL CO INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                       17517297416 
20428CRESCENT REEL MANUFACTURING CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   17418938878 
20430ATRIUM WINDOWS AND DOORS INC                                                    2100 E UNION BOWER RD                                                                                       IRVING                              TX750618801UNITED STA1-214-4389210                                                                                       Corporation                   17526424886 
20431DRILL MASTER INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                               
20431BROSEH ENTERPRISES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   17521264428 
20433DRIL-QUIP INC                                                                   13550 HEMPSTEAD RD                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770405849UNITED STA1-713-9397711                 1-713-9395369                 tim_duffy@dril-quip.com                 Corporation                   17421620885 
20437US FILTER RECOVERY SERVICES INC                                                 4415 OSCAR NELSON JR DR                                                                                     BAYTOWN                             TX775239744UNITED STA1-281-3837033                                                                                       Corporation                               
20438EAGLE CREST FOODS                                                               1625 VALLEY VIEW LN                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752349002UNITED STA1-987-3123500                 1-987-3123501                                                         Corporation                   17518418953 
20439TRIPPLE M MACHINE                                                               1101 COPUS AVE                                                                                              ODESSA                              TX797633688UNITED STA1-915-5635211                                                                                       Corporation                   17528752722 
20440IMMUNO CONCEPTS INC                                                             8700 N ROYAL LN                                                                                             IRVING                              TX750632539UNITED STA1-214-9290147                                                                                       Corporation                   13823338242 
20441TURBO SPECIALTIES & MACHINE CO INC                                              PO BOX 3202                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797603202UNITED STA1-915-3628001                                                                                       Corporation                   17515277865 
20442REAGAN NATIONAL ADVERTISING                                                     PO BOX 14373                                                                                                AUSTIN                              TX787614373UNITED STA1-512-9267740                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20443MESA MANUFACTURING INC                                                          601 WEIR WAY                                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761082508UNITED STA1-915-3678606                                               roberto.garza@weirmesa                  Corporation                   17515518532 
20444R EB INDUSTRIAL INC                                                             PO BOX 1605                                                                                                 NEDERLAND                           TX776271605UNITED STA1-409-7246492                                                                                       Unknown                       17600712826 
20445ASTRO REDI-MIX CONCRETE INC                                                     PO BOX 3037                                                                                                 PEARLAND                            TX775883037UNITED STA1-713-4361000                                                                                       Corporation                   17600576908 
20446J & B SAUSAGE COMPANY INC                                                       PO BOX 7                                                                                                    WAELDER                             TX789590007UNITED STA1-830-7887511                 1-830-7887279                                                         Corporation                   17416482531 
20449MAGNUM FABRICATIONS INC                                                         6648 GULFWAY DR                                                                                             PORT ARTHUR                         TX776420315UNITED STA1-409-9630161                                                                                       Corporation                   17421248828 
20451PRP SALES INC                                                                   730 S JUPITER RD                                                                                            GARLAND                             TX750427701UNITED STA1-214-4870605                                                                                       Corporation                   30113565391 
20453THE JAVELINA CORPORATION                                                        ROUTE 2 BOX 322                                                                                             FRISCO                              TX750349999UNITED STA1-972-3779807                                                                                       Corporation                   17514941370 
20455COD CONCRETE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Unknown                                   
20456BATISTA                                           RAYMOND                       7 FOUNDERS BLVD STE F                                                                                       EL PASO                             TX799064916UNITED STA                                                                                                    Individual                                
20462MULLINS INDUSTRIES INC                                                          PO BOX 520                                                                                                  PILOT POINT                         TX762580520UNITED STA1-817-3659898                                                                                       Corporation                   17523021271 
20463APPAREL ART                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                                   
20464PACKAGING CORPORATION OF AMERICA                                                1900 W FIELD CT                                                                                             LAKE FOREST                         IL600454828UNITED STA1-915-7791291                                                                                       Corporation                   13642770500 
20467LYNTEGAR ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE INC                                               PO BOX 970                                                                                                  TAHOKA                              TX793730970UNITED STA1-806-9984588                                                                                       Corporation                   17504054739 
20468MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS INC                                                   15409 OLD HUMBLE RD                                                                                         HUMBLE                              TX773962243UNITED STA1-281-4416804                                                                                       Corporation                   15618485781 
20469MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS SOUTHWEST LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                17407748304 
20470MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS SOUTHWEST INC                                         17910 IH 10 W                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782579505UNITED STA1-210-6968500                                                                                       Corporation                   17407748304 
20471ARCOSA MATERIALS INC                                                            PO BOX 5187                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265187UNITED STA1-409-8354933                                                                                       Corporation                   17426139709 
20472MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS INC                                                   5723 UNIVERSITY HTS STE 100                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782491887UNITED STA1-210-6968500                                                                                       Corporation                   15618485781 
20473MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS SOUTHWEST LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                17407748304 
20474MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS SOUTHWEST LTD                                         5723 UNIVERSITY HTS STE 100                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782491887UNITED STA                              1-210-2804299                                                                                       17407748304 
20477MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS SOUTHWEST LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                17407748304 
20477MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS SOUTHWEST INC                                         17910 IH 10 W                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782579505UNITED STA1-210-4937331                                                                                       Corporation                   17407748304 
20478MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS SOUTHWEST LTD                                         5723 UNIVERSITY HTS STE 100                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782491887UNITED STA                                                                                                                                  17407748304 
20479SERCEL INC                                                                      17200 PARK ROW                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770844925UNITED STA1-281-4926688                 1-281-4927443                                                         Corporation                   17313966032 
20482TEXACE CORPORATION                                                              PO BOX 7429                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782070429UNITED STA1-210-2277551                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20483GARLOCK SEALING TECHNOLOGIES LLC                                                250 PORTWALL ST STE 300                                                                                     HOUSTON                             TX770291300UNITED STA1-281-8404800                                                                                       Corporation                   11000023397 
20483SEIDEL                                            FRANCIS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Individual                                
20484ENERGY RECOVERY SERVICES                                                        422 E MAIN ST STE 187                                                                                       NACOGDOCHES                         TX759615261UNITED STA1-409-5601371                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20487KNIFE RIVER CORPORATION-SOUTH                                                   PO BOX 1800                                                                                                 WACO                                TX767031800UNITED STA1-254-7612661                 1-254-7612660                                                         Corporation                   17426567610 
20488ARCOSA MATERIALS INC                                                            PO BOX 5187                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265187UNITED STA1-409-8354933                                                                                       Corporation                   17426139709 
20489ARCOSA AGGREGATES INC                                                           PO BOX 5187                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265187UNITED STA1-409-8354933                                                                                       Corporation                   17525005264 
20490ARCOSA MATERIALS INC                                                            PO BOX 5187                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265187UNITED STA1-254-5823831                                                                                       Corporation                   17426139709 
20491MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS INC                                                   17910 IH 10 W                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782579505UNITED STA1-281-4414671                                                                                       Corporation                   15618485781 
20492CHEVRON PHILLIPS CHEMICAL COMPANY LP                                            10001 SIX PINES DR STE 4034B                                                                                SPRING                              TX773801498UNITED STA1-832-8134867                 1-832-8136061                                                         Corporation                   17315877120 
20493AIRMEC INC                                                                      2102 VANCO DR                                                                                               IRVING                              TX750618816UNITED STA1-214-4384015                                                                                       Unknown                       17514483407 
20495TEXAS ALUMINUM INDUSTRIES INC                                                   2900 PATIO DR                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770177309UNITED STA1-713-9469000                                                                                       Corporation                   17414915508 
20496GH FLOW AUTOMATION INCORPORATED                                                 9303 W SAM HOUSTON PKWY S                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770995226UNITED STA1-713-2720404                                                                                       Unknown                       17602235024 
20497BOWLES INTERNATIONAL INC                                                        660 FRANKLIN                                                                                                LEWISVILLE                          TX750572302UNITED STA1-972-4364191                                                                                       Unknown                       30010109038 
20498FENENBOCK                                         MARK                          PO BOX 12904                                                                                                EL PASO                             TX799130904UNITED STA                                                                                                    Individual                                
20500TRUFORM METAL SERVICE INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                               
20503CHELTON INC                                                                     PO BOX 976                                                                                                  LEWISVILLE                          TX750670976UNITED STA1-972-2211783                                                                                       Corporation                   17518807734 
20506NETTLE WELDING WORKS INC                                                        825 WAGON TRL                                                                                               AUSTIN                              TX787584328UNITED STA1-512-8362287                                                                                       Corporation                   17422061394 
20507PARKVIEW METAL PRODUCTS INC                                                     1275 ENSELL RD                                                                                              LAKE ZURICH                         IL600471532UNITED STA1-512-7540200                                                                                       Unknown                       13621621831 
20508MERLIN VENTURES LTD                                                             11520 W HIGHWAY 80 E                                                                                        ODESSA                              TX797659607UNITED STA1-915-5633634                                                                                       Unknown                       17518204585 
20509REPLACEMENT PARTS CORPORATION                                                   3509 E ORANGE ST                                                                                            PEARLAND                            TX775813405UNITED STA1-281-4852727                                                                                       Unknown                       17418263087 
20510BIG TEX TRAILER MANUFACTURING INC                                               12400 W IH 20 E                                                                                             ODESSA                              TX797659620UNITED STA1-915-5630300                                                                                       Corporation                   17520562061 
20511STARY                                             ANTON                         PO BOX 797                                                                                                  YOAKUM                              TX779950797UNITED STA1-512-2932501                                                                                       Individual                                
20512CIRCLE Y OF YOAKUM TEXAS INC                                                    PO BOX 797                                                                                                  YOAKUM                              TX779950797UNITED STA1-361-2933501                                                                                       Unknown                       17413602008 
20513TUCKER                                            STEVE                         PO BOX 271                                                                                                  YOAKUM                              TX779950271UNITED STA1-361-2933501                                                                                       Individual                                
20514CIRCLE Y OF YOAKUM TEXAS INC                                                    PO BOX 797                                                                                                  YOAKUM                              TX779950797UNITED STA1-361-2933501                                                                                       Unknown                       17413602008 
20515SMITH                                             HARRY                         PO BOX 271                                                                                                  YOAKUM                              TX779950271UNITED STA                                                                                                    Individual                                
20516CIRCLE Y OF YOAKUM TEXAS INC                                                    PO BOX 797                                                                                                  YOAKUM                              TX779950797UNITED STA1-361-2933501                                                                                       Unknown                       17413602008 
20517CIRCLE Y OF YOAKUM TEXAS INC                                                    PO BOX 797                                                                                                  YOAKUM                              TX779950797UNITED STA1-361-2933501                                                                                       Unknown                       17413602008 
20518TUCKER                                            STEVE                         324 LOTT ST                                                                                                 YOAKUM                              TX779952763UNITED STA1-512-2933501                                                                                       Individual                                
20525CAMERON TECHNOLOGIES US INC                                                     4580 W WALL ST                                                                                              MIDLAND                             TX797037624UNITED STA1-281-5829507                                               CHUCK.ROGERS@C-A-M.COM                  Corporation                   19803991934 
20526WESTERN TOWING COMPANY                                                          18350 MARKET ST                                                                                             CHANNELVIEW                         TX775303858UNITED STA1-713-4524555                                                                                       Corporation                   17416065211 
20527TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                      PO BOX 3946                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772533946UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17604074967 
20528TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20529TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20530TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20531TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20532TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20533TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20534TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20535TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20536TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20537TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20538TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                      1301 MCKINNEY ST STE 700                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770103030UNITED STA1-713-9513460                                                                                       Unknown                       17604074967 
20539TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20540TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20541TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20542TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20543TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20544TEJAS GAS PIPELINE CO                                                           6555 SIERRA DR                                                                                              IRVING                              TX750392479UNITED STA1-214-8758654                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20545TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20546TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                      1301 MCKINNEY ST STE 700                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770103030UNITED STA1-713-9513460                                                                                       Unknown                       17604074967 
20547TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20548TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20549TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20550TEJAS GAS PIPELINE CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
20551TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20552TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20553TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20554TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20555TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20556TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20557TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20558TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20559TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20561TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                      1301 MCKINNEY ST STE 700                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770103030UNITED STA1-713-9513461                                                                                       Unknown                       17604074967 
20562TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20563TEJAS GAS PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                       17604074967 
20564TEJAS GAS PIPELINE CO                                                           1301 MCKINNEY ST STE 700                  STE 700                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770103030UNITED STA1-713-9513461                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20565TEJAS PIPELINE CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                                   
20566THE TORO COMPANY                                                                9455 RAILROAD DR                                                                                            EL PASO                             TX799246330UNITED STA1-915-7577188                                                                                       Corporation                   14105804703 
20567TEJAS TUBULAR PRODUCTS INC                                                      PO BOX 1728                                                                                                 STEPHENVILLE                        TX764010017UNITED STA1-254-9655162                 1-254-9654739                 JSAVAGE@TEJASTUBULAR.COM                Corporation                   32044558289 
20568SPRING LAKE FEEDYARD DIVISION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Unknown                                   
20574VASTAR RESOURCES INC                                                            15375 MEMORIAL DR                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770794138UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   19544461775 
20576PIONEER FABRICATING INC                                                         1013 JARVIS RD                                                                                              SAGINAW                             TX761795614UNITED STA1-817-2324303                                                                                       Corporation                   17523348641 
20578TRIUMPH DRILLING TOOLS                                                          6922 LA PASEO ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770875235UNITED STA1-713-6433159                                                                                       Other/Misc                                
20579DISCOUNT DRIVE AXLE OF AUSTIN                                                   8204 N LAMAR BLVD STE C26                                                                                   AUSTIN                              TX787535945UNITED STA1-512-3399868                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20582SERV TECH                                                                       5500 CEDAR CREST ST                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770873220UNITED STA1-713-4953548                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20583MADIX INC                                                                       PO BOX 729                                                                                                  TERRELL                             TX751609001UNITED STA1-214-5155400                 1-214-5155485                 brobinson@madixinc.com                  Corporation                   17510948106 
20586SOFANOU INC OF TEXAS                                                            12050 ROJAS DR                                                                                              EL PASO                             TX799367711UNITED STA1-915-8582975                                                                                       Corporation                   17423745995 
20588TEKNOR COLOR COMPANY                                                            505 CENTRAL AVE                                                                                             PAWTUCKET                           RI028611945UNITED STA1-864-4086445                 1-401-7250978                 lcobb@teknorapex.com                    Corporation                   10503042904 
20589ELECTRO-HYDRAULICS CORP OF AMERICA INC                                          8744 FORUM WAY                                                                                              FORT WORTH                          TX761405008UNITED STA1-817-2931830                                                                                       Corporation                   17510829660 
20590ELECTRICAL SIGN DISPLAYS INC                                                    6537 RUPLEY CIR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770873441UNITED STA1-713-6448081                                                                                       Unknown                       17417235664 
20593NCI BUILDING SYSTEMS LP                                                         7307 FAIRVIEW ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770412105UNITED STA                                                                                                                                  17603991872 
20594KOCH MATERIALS COMPANY                                                          701 BRAZOS ST STE 490                                                                                       AUSTIN                              TX787013273UNITED STA1-281-4205526                                                                                       Corporation                   14312273049 
20598MSA AIRCRAFT PRODUCTS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17424337727 
20600POLYMER DYNAMICS INC                                                            4116 SIEGEL ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770093960UNITED STA1-713-6943296                                                                                       Unknown                       17601198926 
20601AMOCO TRANSPORT COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                       30007943707 
20601COASTWISE TRADING COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   13630535634 
20603COAST GRAPHICS & SIGNS INC                                                      12999 MURPHY RD STE E1                                                                                      STAFFORD                            TX774773943UNITED STA1-281-4999721                                                                                       Unknown                       17600876530 
20609IMERYS TALC AMERICA INC                                                         9000 E NICHOLS AVE STE 200                                                                                  CENTENNIAL                          CO801123406UNITED STA1-713-4560133                                                                                       Corporation                   18411963582 
20610SUN CITY REDI-MIX INC                                                           11520 CEDAR OAK DR                                                                                          EL PASO                             TX799366027UNITED STA1-915-5935446                                                                                       Corporation                   17425215070 
20611SENSIENT TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                       13905610708 
20611UNIVERSAL FOODS RED STAR YEAST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                               
20612PLASTIC ENGINEERED COMPONENTS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                       13916331211 
20615US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE                                                        PO BOX 4100                                                                                                 THREE RIVERS                        TX780714100UNITED STA                              1-361-7865070                 mhidalgo@central.unicor.gov             Federal Government Ownership              
20616GRIFFIN CHIPPING INC                                                            PO BOX 607                                                                                                  WOODVILLE                           TX759790607UNITED STA1-409-2832542                                                                                       Unknown                       17510988656 
20618FOUR SEASONS GARMENT CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                                   
20619THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INC                                                    2130 WOODWARD ST                                                                                            AUSTIN                              TX787441038UNITED STA0-512-4456979                                                                                       Corporation                   10422091867 
20620ROCORE INDUSTRIES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Corporation                               
20621KONECRANES AMERICA INC                                                          7300 CHIPPEWA BLVD                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770863231UNITED STA1-281-4452225                                                                                       Corporation                   15215880889 
20622COLT GATHERING NORTH TEXAS LP                                                   PO BOX 429                                                                                                  SPRINGTOWN                          TX760820429UNITED STA1-817-5232307                 1-817-5235563                 randall.burdorf@enbridge.com                                          14216114679 
20623TENARIS COILED TUBES LLC                                                        8615 E SAM HOUSTON PKWY N                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770441843UNITED STA                                                            LDESOUSA@TENARIS.COM                    Corporation                   12604205166 
20624HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17302712801 
20625ATEC INC                                                                        12600 EXECUTIVE DR                                                                                          STAFFORD                            TX774773604UNITED STA1-281-2401919                                                                                       Corporation                   17414949622 
20628DEPOSITION TECHNOLOGY INC                                                       3733 DROSSETT DR                                                                                            AUSTIN                              TX787441101UNITED STA1-512-2527607                                                                                       Corporation                   32003114405 
20629EARTHGRAINS BAKING COMPANIES LLC                                                PO BOX 9277                                                                                                 EL PASO                             TX799959277UNITED STA1-915-5321486                                                                                       Corporation                   17100510407 
20631BAKER HUGHES OILFIELD OPERATIONS LLC                                            17021 ALDINE WESTFIELD RD                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770735101UNITED STA1-713-8791258                                               AMY.HOOD@BAKERHUGHES.COM                Corporation                   19413028861 
20637FRANKE FILLING INC                                                              PO BOX 8209                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761240209UNITED STA1-817-4575755                                                                                       Corporation                   17513647051 
20638HYDRO-SEAL VALVE COMPANY INC                                                    4970 WASHINGTON BLVD                                                                                        BEAUMONT                            TX777074312UNITED STA1-903-9848574                 1-903-9846307                 srcox@hydroseal.com                     Corporation                   17512512272 
20639DEAF SMITH ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE INC                                             PO BOX 753                                                                                                  HEREFORD                            TX790450753UNITED STA1-806-3641166                                                                                       Corporation                   17502303856 
20640THE LUNDYCO INC                                                                 4050 BLACK GOLD DR                                                                                          DALLAS                              TX752476304UNITED STA1-214-4841504                                                                                       Corporation                   17522177777 
20642CENTRE LEASING & MANAGEMENT CO INC                                              6688 N CENTRAL EXPY STE 1165                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752063960UNITED STA1-214-3696988                                                                                       Unknown                       11758550040 
20644CHAPMAN                                           PERRY                         PO BOX 15037                                                                                                ODESSA                              TX797685037UNITED STA1-432-3680888                 1-432-3639539                                                         Individual                                
20645MOORE FARMS INC                                                                 8373 FM 159                                                                                                 NAVASOTA                            TX778689999UNITED STA1-409-8253341                                                                                       Unknown                       30118489852 
20649CENTER GIN COMPANY                                                              PO BOX 207                                                                                                  ROPESVILLE                          TX793580207UNITED STA1-806-5623781                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20651CABOT PARTNERS                                                                  1406 HALSEY WAY STE 110                                                                                     CARROLLTON                          TX750076444UNITED STA1-617-7230900                                                                                       Corporation                               
20652SMURFIT STONE CONTAINER CORPORATION                                             7350 STILES DR                                                                                              EL PASO                             TX799152518UNITED STA1-915-7744452                                                                                       Corporation                   13620412562 
20653PRECISION FORMED PLASTICS                                                       3245 ROYALTY ROW                                                                                            IRVING                              TX750624943UNITED STA1-214-5798803                                                                                       Corporation                   17514179252 
20654BAND M TOOL COMPANY                                                             40 E INDUSTRIAL LOOP                                                                                        MIDLAND                             TX797018510UNITED STA1-915-6820856                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20655BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB COMPANY                                                    PO BOX 4000                                                                                                 PRINCETON                           NJ085434000UNITED STA1-609-2524319                                                                                       Unknown                       12207903506 
20656CAMP LOGAN CEMENT WORKS INC                                                     PO BOX 70126                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772700126UNITED STA1-713-8693385                                                                                       Corporation                   17419378124 
20657SUPREME BEEF PROCESSORS INC                                                     5219 2ND AVE                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752109999UNITED STA1-214-4281761                                                                                       Corporation                   17512437462 
20658CRYSTAPHASE PRODUCTS INC                                                        16825 NORTHCHASE DR STE 1000                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770606090UNITED STA1-713-8742110                                                                                       Corporation                   17603115654 
20659ALLTEK CIRCUITS INC                                                             3524 DIVIDEND DR                                                                                            GARLAND                             TX750427606UNITED STA1-972-4850800                 1-972-4850809                                                         Corporation                   32037343905 
20661KELLERS CREAMERY LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   32002465279 
20662BAZFLEX TEXAS INC                                                               719 SMITH ST                                                                                                GAINESVILLE                         TX762403324UNITED STA1-817-6651297                                                                                       Corporation                   17521708838 
20663UDT SENSORS INC                                                                 12525 CHADRON AVE                                                                                           HAWTHORNE                           CA902504807UNITED STA1-310-9780516                                                                                       Corporation                   19542650486 
20664SCHEPPS DAIRY                                                                   PO BOX 279000                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752279600UNITED STA1-214-8248163                                                                                       Corporation                   17510404027 
20667PRATT                                             RANDY                         1930 ALPHA DR                                                                                               ROCKWALL                            TX750874911UNITED STA                                                                                                    Individual                                
20670C-POWER PRODUCTS                                                                2009 INDUSTRIAL BLVD                                                                                        ROCKWALL                            TX750874908UNITED STA1-214-7714312                                                                                       Unknown                       17525268136 
20673LONE STAR CORRUGATED CONTAINER CORPORATION                                      PO BOX 177357                                                                                               IRVING                              TX750177357UNITED STA1-972-5791551                 1-972-4384986                 PMCLEOD@LONESTARBOX.COM                 Corporation                   17510379914 
20674CHLOR A VAC                                                                     3913 TODD LN STE 512                                                                                        AUSTIN                              TX787441060UNITED STA1-512-4623747                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20676LEONS FINE FOODS INC                                                            PO BOX 1850                                                                                                 MCKINNEY                            TX750708160UNITED STA1-214-5295050                                                                                       Unknown                       17513262505 
20677KIRBY INLAND MARINE LP                                                          3105 E NAVIGATION BLVD                                                                                      CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784021906UNITED STA1-361-8836387                                                                                       Corporation                   17410740140 
20678POLK OIL SERVICES INC                                                           1422 S 1ST ST                                                                                               LUFKIN                              TX759014718UNITED STA1-409-6348484                                                                                       Unknown                       17524357716 
20679PANDORA METHANOL LLC                                                            PO BOX 1647                                                                                                 NEDERLAND                           TX776271647UNITED STA1-832-2950685                 1-832-2950784                                                         Other/Misc                    32043174229 
20680BPX FILMS LP                                                                    4949 WINDFERN RD                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770417502UNITED STA1-713-4607600                 1-713-4607637                                                         Corporation                   17429747888 
20681FLOWSERVE CORPORATION                                                           5320A GORMAN RD                                                                                             BEAUMONT                            TX777056417UNITED STA1-409-8429085                                                                                       Corporation                   13102679001 
20683VALLEY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY INC                                           2400 W EXPRESSWAY 83                                                                                        MCALLEN                             TX785017768UNITED STA1-956-6323700                                                                                       Unknown                       17424731275 
20684LOOMIS ARMORED US INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Corporation                   17501172005 
20684LOOMIS ARMORED INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20687GREGG COUNTY OFFICE PRODUCTS INC                                                2011 OLD HIGHWAY 135 S                                                                                      KILGORE                             TX756627871UNITED STA1-903-9848900                                                                                       Corporation                   30114227132 
20688D G & S CORPORATION                                                             627 W 1ST ST                                                                                                ODESSA                              TX797615425UNITED STA1-915-3332766                                                                                       Unknown                       17516163858 
20690TURNER TOOL JOINT REBUILDERS CORPORATION                                        PO BOX 10406                                                                                                CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784600406UNITED STA1-361-2891525                                                                                       Corporation                   17415515240 
20692LEE-CO COATING ENTERPRISES LLC                                                  PO BOX 10100                                                                                                MIDLAND                             TX797027100UNITED STA1-432-6873628                 1-432-6209220                 TEDA@SUDDENLINKMAIL.COM                 Corporation                   32046778364 
20695SAMCO ENTERPRISES INC                                                           PO BOX 60829                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772050829UNITED STA1-281-4436505                                                                                       Corporation                   17417684101 
20698AEES INC                                                                        12746 CIMARRON PATH STE 116                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782493420UNITED STA1-830-7744787                                                                                       Other/Misc                    12514834014 
20700THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INC                                                    2215 GRAND AVENUE PKWY                                                                                      AUSTIN                              TX787283812UNITED STA1-512-2511418                                                                                       Corporation                   10422091867 
20701MORRISON PRODUCTS INC                                                           3400 US HIGHWAY 80 E                                                                                        MESQUITE                            TX751491102UNITED STA1-214-2794000                                                                                       Unknown                       30006133190 
20702MALOR MANUFACTURING INC                                                         3245 SAINT LOUIS AVE                                                                                        FORT WORTH                          TX761104134UNITED STA1-817-9260278                                                                                       Unknown                       17509753384 
20703HYDRO REMEDIATION INC                                                           5700 NW CENTRAL DR STE 230                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770922047UNITED STA1-713-6907578                                                                                       Unknown                       30114841791 
20705METRO FUEL INCORPORATED                                                         7468 DOGWOOD PARK DR                                                                                        RICHLAND HILLS                      TX761186470UNITED STA1-817-5950855                                                                                       Corporation                   17424609596 
20706WILSON ALS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
20706SMITH INTERNATIONAL INC                                                         PO BOX 69837                                                                                                ODESSA                              TX797690837UNITED STA1-432-3850091                                                                                       Corporation                   19538226317 
20710INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND SERVICES INC                                              3420 PINEMONT DR                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770181330UNITED STA1-713-6815485                 1-713-6811640                 BOBHORSWELL@YAHOO.COM                   Corporation                   17602157970 
20713U-JOINTS INC                                                                    1308 W 2ND ST                                                                                               ODESSA                              TX797634317UNITED STA1-915-3333241                                                                                       Corporation                   17312486198 
20715SANDEN INTERNATIONAL USA INC                                                    601 SANDEN BLVD                                                                                             WYLIE                               TX750984923UNITED STA1-972-4428400                                                                                       Unknown                       17514587264 
20716IMO CENTRAL MARC DIVISION                                                       5710 RANSOM ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770874104UNITED STA1-713-6412211                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20719P I COMPONENTS CORP                                                             350 HIGHWAY 290 E                                                                                           BRENHAM                             TX77833    UNITED STA1-713-8940190                                                                                       Corporation                   17602217246 
20720LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY INC                                                  1817 WOOD ST STE 720W                                                                                       DALLAS                              TX752015605UNITED STA1-214-5733874                                                                                       Corporation                   32001572125 
20721ACME SIGN & PLASTICS COMPANY                                                    1225 WALNUT ST                                                                                              ABILENE                             TX796013647UNITED STA1-915-6779469                                                                                       Corporation                   17513735955 
20722CIRRUS LOGIC INC                                                                2901 VIA FORTUNA                                                                                            AUSTIN                              TX787467565UNITED STA1-512-8514296                                                                                       Unknown                       17700248184 
20723H & T BIT SERVICE INC                                                           7024 N COUNTY RD W                                                                                          ODESSA                              TX797642636UNITED STA1-915-3621358                                                                                       Unknown                       17517420463 
20727CAMP LOGAN CEMENT WORKS INC                                                     PO BOX 70126                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772700126UNITED STA1-713-8693385                                                                                       Corporation                   17419378124 
20728PEARSOLL HYDROLANCE INC                                                         12221 CARLSBAD ST STE B                                                                                     HOUSTON                             TX770851207UNITED STA1-713-4998265                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20729GENLYTE CONTROLS                                                                2413 S SHILOH RD                                                                                            GARLAND                             TX750411344UNITED STA1-972-8401640                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20730NAPPS TECHNOLOGY CORP                                                           PO BOX 1509                                                                                                 LONGVIEW                            TX756061509UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17522865934 
20732BIRD MACHINE COMPANY                                                            17015 ALDINE WESTFIELD RD                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770735101UNITED STA1-713-2336550                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20735F STREET INVESTMENTS INC                                                        1220 N TENNESSEE ST                                                                                         MCKINNEY                            TX750692116UNITED STA1-214-9414958                                                                                       Corporation                   17406582126 
20737ABB RANDALL CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                       17420299640 
20737PERMIAN TANK & MANUFACTURING INC                                                PO BOX 4456                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797604456UNITED STA1-432-5507317                 1-432-5507702                                                         Corporation                   17515072282 
20744INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY                                                     1485 SILLIMAN ST                                                                                            SEALY                               TX774744007UNITED STA1-979-8854191                 1-979-8852589                 mark.johnson2@weyerhaeuser.com          Corporation                   11308728051 
20746PURINA MILLS LLC                                                                PO BOX 1430                                                                                                 HEREFORD                            TX790451430UNITED STA1-806-3644673                                                                                       Corporation                   14120155347 
20748MAVERICK MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                  PO BOX 367                                                                                                  CLARKSVILLE                         TX754260367UNITED STA1-903-4272426                                                                                       Unknown                       17512859053 
20751INTERNATIONAL BIOMEDICAL LTD                                                    PO BOX 143449                                                                                               AUSTIN                              TX787143449UNITED STA1-512-8730033                                                                                       Corporation                   17514340698 
20752OILFIELD RENTAL                                                                 11711 W LITTLE YORK RD                                                                                      HOUSTON                             TX770414717UNITED STA1-713-6721601                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20753PFS THERMOPLASTIC POWDER COATINGS INC                                           3400 W 7TH ST                                                                                               BIG SPRING                          TX797208001UNITED STA1-915-2635263                                                                                       Corporation                   17523825663 
20756PRECISION ENERGY SERVICES INC                                                   8701 INDUSTRIAL BLVD                                                                                        PEARLAND                            TX775819999UNITED STA1-713-4829606                                                                                       Unknown                       17602243317 
20757EVI HIGHLAND PUMP COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 2112                                                                                                 BIG SPRING                          TX797212112UNITED STA1-915-3344530                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20760ANTIQUE STREET LAMPS INC                                                        PO BOX 43289                                                                                                AUSTIN                              TX787459999UNITED STA1-512-2829780                                                                                       Corporation                   17427221035 
20761HIGHLAND THREADS INC                                                            11700 GLOGER ST                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770396308UNITED STA1-281-9865100                 1-281-9865151                 shirlene@highlandthreads.com            Unknown                       17419461631 
20762CAPROCK INDUSTRIES INC                                                          PO BOX 888                                                                                                  DALHART                             TX790220888UNITED STA1-806-3842333                                                                                       Corporation                   17513224968 
20763POLYSPEC LP                                                                     PO BOX 6923366                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX772699999UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17606504466 
20763POLYSPEC CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                   17606504466 
20766ND INDUSTRIES INC                                                               3611 DALWORTH ST                                                                                            ARLINGTON                           TX760115408UNITED STA1-248-2880000                                                                                       Unknown                       13860774549 
20767WATER SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY INC                                                    15400 HENRY RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770604508UNITED STA1-713-9990574                                                                                       Corporation                   30115688084 
20768SONOCO PROTECTIVE SOLUTIONS INC                                                 1255 CHAMPION CIR                                                                                           CARROLLTON                          TX750066802UNITED STA1-972-9915263                                                                                       Corporation                   12511193729 
20770NATIONAL OILWELL GRIFFITH VECTOR                                                10720 W INTERSTATE 20 E                                                                                     ODESSA                              TX797659415UNITED STA1-915-5631173                                                                                       Unknown                       17420069639 
20773FARR BETTER FEEDS                                                               104 S PROGRESSIVE RD                                                                                        HEREFORD                            TX790459500UNITED STA1-806-3643890                                                                                       Unknown                                   
20775R E SWEENEY COMPANY INC                                                         PO BOX 1921                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761011921UNITED STA1-817-8347191                                                                                       Corporation                   17510374519 
20776TEXAS MANUFACTURED MARBLE INC                                                   PO BOX 790                                                                                                  COLUMBUS                            TX789340790UNITED STA1-409-7322382                                                                                       Corporation                   17423241805 
20777PUFFER SWEIVEN LP                                                               227 N 8TH ST                                                                                                LA PORTE                            TX775713215UNITED STA1-281-4702650                 1-713-2188649                                                         Other/Misc                                
20781NEWCOMB SPRING CORP                                                             2831 SATSUMA DR                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752293524UNITED STA1-972-2416781                                                                                       Unknown                       10606729472 
20784VALERO REFINING COMPANY-TEXAS                                                   500 DALLAS ST STE 3200                                                                                      HOUSTON                             TX770024804UNITED STA1-713-6465263                                                                                       Corporation                   17418349407 
20786ARCOSA MATERIALS INC                                                            PO BOX 991                                                                                                  BRYAN                               TX778060991UNITED STA1-800-2539821                                                                                       Corporation                   17426139709 
20787ARCOSA MATERIALS INC                                                            PO BOX 991                                                                                                  BRYAN                               TX778060991UNITED STA1-800-2539821                                                                                       Corporation                   17426139709 
20788PLASTIPAK PACKAGING INC                                                         PO BOX 1145                                                                                                 HIGHLANDS                           TX775621145UNITED STA1-713-4265525                                                                                       Corporation                   13824181260 
21484MAGNA-FLOW INTERNATIONAL INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Corporation                   17603678594 
23000JCM INDUSTRIES INC                                                              PO BOX 1220                                                                                                 NASH                                TX755691220UNITED STA1-903-8322581                                                                                       Corporation                   17515046005 
23004LINDE GAS NORTH AMERICA LLC                                                     200 SOMERSET CORPORATE BLVD STE 7000                                                                        BRIDGEWATER                         NJ088072882UNITED STA0-908-4648100                                                                                       Corporation                   32033074876 
230053D HANEING                                                                      PO BOX 1050                                                                                                 KATY                                TX774921050UNITED STA1-281-3918989                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23008H-K READY MIX                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Unknown                                   
23016POOL COMPANY TEXAS LTD                                                          515 W GREENS RD STE 1000                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770674599UNITED STA1-281-8740035                 1-281-7754864                                                         Corporation                   17605207699 
23019POOL COMPANY LTD                                                                515 W GREENS RD                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770609999UNITED STA1-281-8740035                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23019POOL COMPANY TEXAS LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   17605207699 
23020POOL COMPANY TEXAS LTD                                                          10375 RICHMOND AVE                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770424143UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17605207699 
23022R & H WELL SERVICE INC                                                          HC 34 BOX 3                                                                                                 MIDLAND                             TX797069834UNITED STA1-915-5634894                                                                                       Corporation                               
23023POOL COMPANY TEXAS LTD                                                          10375 RICHMOND AVE                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770424143UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17605207699 
23024POOL COMPANY TEXAS LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   17605207699 
23024POOL COMPANY TEXAS LIMITED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
23026TOTAL MINERALS CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
23026URANIUM ONE USA INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   17419417195 
23029MARTIN SPROCKET & GEAR INC                                                      3524 DIVIDEND DR                                                                                            GARLAND                             TX750427606UNITED STA1-817-4731526                                                                                       Corporation                   17508322686 
23030HOUSTON ATLAS                                                                   1201 N VELASCO ST                                                                                           ANGLETON                            TX775153282UNITED STA1-713-3481000                                                                                       Unknown                       17604407191 
23035SHANEDA MACHINE INC                                                             2500 E PEARL ST                                                                                             ODESSA                              TX797615911UNITED STA1-915-3337083                                                                                       Unknown                       17525642512 
23036MO-VAC ENVIRONMENTAL INC                                                        PO BOX 2677                                                                                                 MCALLEN                             TX785022677UNITED STA1-956-6319121                 1-956-6824186                 www.mo-vac.com                          Corporation                   17426104752 
23038PLIT                                                                            2603 JOEL WHEATON RD STE 113                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770821878UNITED STA1-713-5588553                                                                                       Unknown                       30114010678 
23040HUMBER COATING INCORPORATED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                       17602476479 
23040HUMBER COATING INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23041LEAR CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Unknown                       13832658721 
23043ENGINE SERVICE & SUPPLY COMPANY                                                 817 CENTRAL DR                                                                                              ODESSA                              TX797614266UNITED STA1-877-8724670                                                                                       Unknown                       17515806317 
23044S M C O CORP                                                                    8040 N COUNTY RD W                                                                                          ODESSA                              TX797641962UNITED STA1-915-5507116                                                                                       Unknown                       17418292938 
23046CABLE CONCRETE STRUCTURES                                                       1425 GREENGRASS DR                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770085005UNITED STA1-713-8638225                                                                                       Unknown                       15817616327 
23047SMI                                                                             900 W UNIVERSITY BLVD                                                                                       ODESSA                              TX797647114UNITED STA1-915-3336205                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23048OPTEX SYSTEMS INC A WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF IRV                              850 N DOROTHY DR STE 510                                                                                    RICHARDSON                          TX750812769UNITED STA1-214-6440722                                                                                       Corporation                   17521814636 
23049KLEIN PRODUCTS OF TEXAS INC                                                     PO BOX 2066                                                                                                 JACKSONVILLE                        TX757662066UNITED STA1-903-5863800                                                                                       Unknown                       17512955042 
23052KCC CORROSION CONTROL COMPANY LTD                                               4010 TREY DR                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770844042UNITED STA1-281-5501199                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23055B AND W SALES AND SERVICE                                                       300 W 61ST ST                                                                                               ODESSA                              TX797643576UNITED STA1-915-3638343                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23058ABLE FUEL INJECTION SERVICE INC                                                 1419 CRESCENT AVE                                                                                           LEWISVILLE                          TX750572644UNITED STA1-214-2211555                                                                                       Unknown                       17517302315 
23064PATTERSON DRILLING COMPANY                                                      PO BOX 1876                                                                                                 SAN ANGELO                          TX769021876UNITED STA1-915-6556773                                                                                       Corporation                   17514621360 
23064PATTERSON-UTI DRILLING COMPANY LP LLLP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   32002200817 
23065WESTERN GAS RESOURCES INC                                                       PO BOX 20                                                                                                   MIDKIFF                             TX797550020UNITED STA1-915-6932302                                                                                       Corporation                   18411276134 
23069TEXAS LEHIGH CEMENT COMPANY LP                                                  PO BOX 610                                                                                                  BUDA                                TX786100610UNITED STA1-512-2959233                                               LRODRIGUEZ@TEXASLEHIGH.COM              Corporation                   17521096580 
23074AXALTA COATING SYSTEMS USA LLC                                                  9800 GENARD RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770417624UNITED STA0-832-9550277                                               KEVIN.FUENTES@AXALTACS.COM              Corporation                   32063971157 
23075EVI HIGHLAND PUMP COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 60950                                                                                                MIDLAND                             TX797110950UNITED STA1-915-3344530                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23076TECHNIPFMC UMBILICALS INC                                                       16661 JACINTOPORT BLVD                                                                                      HOUSTON                             TX770156542UNITED STA1-281-2492800                 1-281-4571537                                                         Corporation                   17604955546 
23077H-E-B LP                                                                        4839 SPACE CENTER DR                                                                                        SAN ANTONIO                         TX782185325UNITED STA1-210-9385513                                                                                                                     17430106579 
23078LEVI STRAUSS & CO                                                               1000 KASTRIN ST                                                                                             EL PASO                             TX799071703UNITED STA1-915-5951155                                                                                       Corporation                   19409051604 
23079LEVI STRAUSS & CO                                                               PO BOX 15906                                                                                                KNOXVILLE                           TN379019999UNITED STA1-915-7752500                                                                                       Corporation                   19409051604 
23081LEVI STRAUSS & CO                                                               2101 CYPRESS AVE                                                                                            EL PASO                             TX799054012UNITED STA1-915-5326020                                                                                       Corporation                   19409051604 
23084LEVI STRAUSS & CO                                                               2200 INDUSTRIAL DR                                                                                          MCALLEN                             TX785044007UNITED STA1-956-6878401                                                                                       Corporation                   19409051604 
23085LEVI STRAUSS & CO                                                               1155 BATTERY ST                                                                                             SAN FRANCISCO                       CA941111203UNITED STA1-415-5018980                                                                                       Corporation                   19409051604 
23086LEVI STRAUSS & CO                                                               1902 W LOOP 499                                                                                             HARLINGEN                           TX785503521UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   19409051604 
23088LEVI STRAUSS & CO                                                               1155 BATTERY ST STE IH1-5                                                                                   SAN FRANCISCO                       CA941111203UNITED STA1-956-5475105                                                                                       Corporation                   19409051604 
23090KMA & ASSOCIATES                                                                11353 JONES RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770706307UNITED STA1-713-8908496                                                                                       Corporation                               
23092M & M DIESEL                                                                    7531 MORLEY ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770612808UNITED STA1-713-4828796                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23095KATY STEEL CO INCORPORATED                                                      28015 US HIGHWAY 90                                                                                         KATY                                TX774941019UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17419308352 
23097PS PUMP & SUPPLY                                                                PO BOX 3416                                                                                                 MIDLAND                             TX797023416UNITED STA1-915-6820165                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23098GALYEAN EQUIPMENT COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Unknown                       17517511360 
23101BEST EQUIP CO BROWN                                                             PO BOX 7095                                                                                                 TYLER                               TX757117095UNITED STA1-903-5956511                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23102US NETTING INC                                                                  220 E SAINT ELMO RD                                                                                         AUSTIN                              TX787451218UNITED STA1-512-4477000                                                                                       Corporation                   17602244349 
23103KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT INC                                                        PO BOX 1540                                                                                                 ARANSAS PASS                        TX783351540UNITED STA1-713-6764569                                                                                       Corporation                               
23104RIDGEWAY MACHINE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Unknown                                   
23106AMERICAN ECOLOGY ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES CORPORATIO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   17517471755 
23107MORDRED REAL ESTATE CORPORATION                                                 3890 W NORTHWEST HWY STE 100                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752205137UNITED STA1-214-9569949                                                                                       Unknown                       30113943176 
23111BURGESS SPECIALTY FABRICATING INC                                               8222 FAWNDALE LN                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770405510UNITED STA1-713-4620293                                                                                       Corporation                   17419620517 
23112RAINS                                             RONNIE                        PO BOX 7346                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797607346UNITED STA1-915-3629291                                                                                       Individual                                
23114TIFFANY BRICK CO LP                                                             500 NE 14TH AVE                                                                                             MINERAL WELLS                       TX760674037UNITED STA1-817-3259466                                                                                       Unknown                       17525149195 
23115LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
23115LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   32001572125 
23116LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY INC                                                  1817 WOOD ST STE 720W                                                                                       DALLAS                              TX752015605UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   32001572125 
23118COOPER MACHINERY SERVICES LLC                                                   16250 PORT NW                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770412667UNITED STA1-713-3541900                                                                                       Corporation                               
23121TUBE ALLOY CORP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Unknown                                   
23121TUBE-ALLOY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Other/Misc                                
23122MCGAFFEY METAL RECYCLING                                                        3315 BECKETT CIR                                                                                            SEAGOVILLE                          TX751593901UNITED STA1-214-2877976                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23123ARCONIC INC                                                                     14555 OLD CORPUS CHRISTI RD                                                                                 ELMENDORF                           TX781129607UNITED STA1-412-5532500                                               SHAWN.SULLIVAN@ARCONIC.COM              Corporation                   12503178209 
23124FAIRMOUNT MINERALS LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   13415137101 
23124TECHNISAND INC                                                                  PO BOX 426                                                                                                  BRIDGMAN                            MI491060426UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   13416842394 
23125KRIEGSHAUSER INC                                                                PO BOX 1732                                                                                                 HEREFORD                            TX790451732UNITED STA1-806-3643484                                                                                       Corporation                   17526377423 
23126CEG INDUSTRIES INC                                                              101 S FLORIDA ST                                                                                            BORGER                              TX790075508UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17523415655 
23127BERRIAGE JACK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Unknown                                   
23130CENTRAL TOOL WORKS INC                                                          6812 AVENUE O                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770111443UNITED STA1-713-9215795                                                                                       Unknown                       17422059505 
23132CRANEMANN INC                                                                   13938 CHRISMAN RD                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770391918UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17605833569 
23134AMERICAN ECOLOGY ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES CORPORATIO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   17517471755 
23136SERVICE FRACTURING COMPANY                                                      PO BOX 1741                                                                                                 PAMPA                               TX790661741UNITED STA1-806-6657221                                                                                       Unknown                       17514145139 
23138BRYAN WOOBINE OPERATING CO INC                                                  1400 S STATE HWY 6 STE A200                                                                                 BRYAN                               TX778029999UNITED STA1-409-7760121                                                                                       Corporation                               
23140METAL INDUSTRIES INC                                                            PO BOX 339                                                                                                  VAN ALSTYNE                         TX754950339UNITED STA1-813-4412651                                                                                       Corporation                               
23141FEDERATED METALS CORPORATION                                                    1350 CHEERS ST                                                                                              BROWNSVILLE                         TX785214439UNITED STA1-713-6747611                                                                                       Corporation                   11328289332 
23147YAZAKI NORTH AMERICA INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Corporation                   13626063526 
23152BRIGGS & STRATTON                                                               11355 ROJAS DR                                                                                              EL PASO                             TX799366465UNITED STA1-414-2595333                                                                                       Unknown                       13901823305 
23154IRVIN AUTOMOTIVE FALCOMEX                                                       PO BOX 420037                                                                                               DEL RIO                             TX788420037UNITED STA1-830-7685800                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23155PRADO                                             HORACIO                       PO BOX 3770                                                                                                 BROWNSVILLE                         TX785233770UNITED STA                                                                                                    Individual                                
23156FREUDENBERG NOK GENERAL PARTNERSHIP                                             50 AMMON DR                                                                                                 MANCHESTER                          NH031033308UNITED STA1-603-6694050                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23160CAL COMPACK FOODS                                                               PO BOX 1711                                                                                                 ANTHONY                             NM880211711UNITED STA1-915-8863777                                                                                       Corporation                   19535895353 
23164SOUTHERN TRADITIONS ONE LTD                                                     PO BOX 751                                                                                                  MEXIA                               TX766670751UNITED STA1-817-5629344                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23166LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY INC                                                  1817 WOOD ST RM 720                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752015605UNITED STA1-214-5733874                                                                                       Corporation                   32001572125 
23167LEOS FOODS INC                                                                  3200 NORTHERN CROSS BLVD                                                                                    FORT WORTH                          TX761373601UNITED STA1-817-4578608                                                                                       Corporation                   17515942112 
23168ALFRED CONHAGEN INC OF TEXAS                                                    PO BOX 1115                                                                                                 LA MARQUE                           TX775681115UNITED STA1-409-9384226                                                                                       Unknown                       17419520907 
23169POWELL                                            DON                           2720 INDUSTRIAL LN                                                                                          GARLAND                             TX750412303UNITED STA1-214-2789507                                                                                       Individual                                
23170AFT INDUSTRIES INC                                                              715 AVENUE H E                                                                                              ARLINGTON                           TX760113120UNITED STA1-469-8652810                 1-469-8651196                 JROSE@AFT-CORP.COM                      Corporation                   17527498541 
23172LEBUS INTERNATIONAL INC                                                         PO BOX 2352                                                                                                 LONGVIEW                            TX756062352UNITED STA1-903-7585521                                                                                       Unknown                       17509566463 
23174PENCCO INC                                                                      PO BOX 600                                                                                                  SAN FELIPE                          TX774730600UNITED STA1-979-8850005                                                                                       Corporation                   17423333842 
23175WRANGLER INC                                                                    1471 N FABENS RD                                                                                            FABENS                              TX798389999UNITED STA1-915-7642201                                                                                       Corporation                   17417647017 
23177PERMIAN SIGN COMPANY INC                                                        PO BOX 10337                                                                                                MIDLAND                             TX797027337UNITED STA1-915-6972888                                                                                       Corporation                   17517827683 
23179ENCLEAN INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Corporation                   17600332302 
23180TECHNICAL COMPRESSION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
23181SIEMENS WESTINGHOUSE                                                            16530 PENINSULA ST BLDG 3                 BLDG 3                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770156504UNITED STA1-281-6045236                 1-281-4575524                                                         Corporation                               
23185INTERNATIONAL COMMODITIES CORPORATION                                           301 E HIGHWAY 6                                                                                             ALVIN                               TX775115621UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
23186NW MACHINING INC                                                                14518 HEMPSTEAD RD                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770404038UNITED STA1-713-8950041                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23187FLS PROPERTIES                                                                  5600 HIGHWAY 169 N                                                                                          MINNEAPOLIS                         MN554283027UNITED STA1-612-5366600                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23188HEXPOL COMPOUNDING LLC                                                          635 TOWER DR                                                                                                KENNEDALE                           TX760603013UNITED STA1-817-4839797                                                                                       Unknown                       12013291724 
23196INDIAN RUBBER COMPANY INC                                                       440 W FORK DR                                                                                               ARLINGTON                           TX760123488UNITED STA1-817-2656731                                                                                       Corporation                   17517484071 
23198TRIMAC TRANSPORTATION INC                                                       6800 MCLARIN RD                                                                                             FAIRBURN                            GA302134210UNITED STA1-770-9644848 x212            1-770-3063445                 KBARTHLOW@TRIMAC.COM                    Corporation                   17612647945 
23206CAMERON INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION                                               14510 BEAUMONT HWY                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770491454UNITED STA1-281-4591100                 1-281-4593796                                                         Corporation                   17604518435 
23207BJ SERVICES COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   30114124933 
23209TITAN INDUSTRIES INC                                                            22335 GOSLING RD                                                                                            SPRING                              TX773894409UNITED STA1-713-3533600                 1-281-3536800                 paswad@titan-solutions.com              Corporation                   17312955671 
23210COLEMAN CABLE INC                                                               1530 S SHIELDS DR                                                                                           WAUKEGAN                            IL600858307UNITED STA1-800-3239355                                                                                       Corporation                   13644108873 
23212LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY INC                                                  1817 WOOD ST STE 720W                                                                                       DALLAS                              TX752015605UNITED STA1-214-5733874                                                                                       Corporation                   32001572125 
23215CHAPARRAL INDUSTRIES INC                                                        2320 OREGON ST                                                                                              ODESSA                              TX797641841UNITED STA1-915-3670955                                                                                       Corporation                   17517502898 
23216BIMBO BAKERIES USA INC                                                          PO BOX 937                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010937UNITED STA1-817-2936230                                                                                       Corporation                   17524912015 
23218ASTEC UNDERGROUND INC                                                           3545 E MAIN ST                                                                                              GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750504505UNITED STA1-214-2640311                                                                                       Corporation                   17517397059 
23219GEMCO OF PORT LAVACA INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                       17415571185 
23220WILLIAMS                                          RAY                           4301 CLAY AVE                                                                                               HALTOM CITY                         TX761171808UNITED STA1-817-6568277                                                                                       Individual                                
23224CRC EVANS REHABILITATION                                                        11601 N HOUSTON ROSSLYN RD                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770863609UNITED STA1-713-4349900                                                                                       Unknown                       17313534111 
23226MRS BAIRDS BAKERIES INC                                                         PO BOX 60                                                                                                   SAN ANTONIO                         TX782910060UNITED STA1-512-3850126                                                                                       Corporation                   17507516015 
23228MRS BAIRDS BAKERIES INC                                                         7301 SOUTH FWY                                                                                              FORT WORTH                          TX761344004UNITED STA1-817-6153054                                                                                       Corporation                   17507516015 
23229WEBB                                              LONNIE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Individual                                
23231MRS BAIRDS BAKERIES INC                                                         PO BOX 937                                                                                                  LUBBOCK                             TX794080937UNITED STA1-806-7639304                 1-806-7639604                                                         Corporation                   17507516015 
23232HI NICKEL                                                                       9040 SCRANTON ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770751121UNITED STA1-713-9478844                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23236KENDRICK & SON INSPECTION CO INC                                                PO BOX 3876                                                                                                 MIDLAND                             TX797023876UNITED STA1-915-6825164                                                                                       Unknown                       17517416313 
23237TECH LINE OIL TOOLS                                                             PO BOX 942                                                                                                  PERRYTON                            TX790700942UNITED STA1-806-4357101                                                                                       Unknown                       17313846697 
23238ATMOS ENERGY CORPORATION                                                        301 S HARWOOD ST STE 10                                                                                     DALLAS                              TX752015600UNITED STA1-214-8756119                 1-214-8753660                 Robert.bennett@atmosenergy.com          Corporation                   17517432476 
23239ATMOS ENERGY CORPORATION                                                        301 S HARWOOD ST STE 10                                                                                     DALLAS                              TX752015600UNITED STA1-214-8756119                 1-214-8753660                 robert.bennett@atmosenergy.com          Corporation                   17517432476 
23240LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
23240LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   32001572125 
23241AMERICAN LANTERN COMPANY                                                        4344 HIGHWAY 67 N                                                                                           NEWPORT                             AR721122765UNITED STA1-501-5232705                                                                                       Unknown                       30010772975 
23242XOMOX CORPORATION                                                               4444 COOPER RD                                                                                              CINCINNATI                          OH452425615UNITED STA1-513-7456000                                                                                       Unknown                       13105867819 
23244AMATEX CORPORATION                                                              PO BOX 9815                                                                                                 EL PASO                             TX799952815UNITED STA1-915-8574734                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23245GABHEN INC                                                                      1 MALTESE DR                                                                                                TOTOWA                              NJ075121402UNITED STA1-201-2560666                                                                                       Unknown                       11318728265 
23247COILCRAFT INCORPORATED                                                          1350 PULLMAN DR STE 300                                                                                     EL PASO                             TX799367738UNITED STA1-915-8499330                                                                                       Unknown                       13620442411 
23248S&H FABRICATING & ENGINEERING INC                                               1501 E RAMON AYALA DR                                                                                       HIDALGO                             TX785572635UNITED STA1-210-8439255                                                                                       Corporation                               
23252AI DIVESTITURES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   12222698420 
23253STANT CORPORATION                                                               1550 IL ROUTE 38                                                                                            DIXON                               IL610218856UNITED STA1-612-5643211                                                                                       Corporation                   30118317855 
23254DURO BAG MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                  PO BOX 4380                                                                                                 BROWNSVILLE                         TX785234380UNITED STA1-512-9690042                                                                                       Unknown                       16104759663 
23255KENDALL HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS COMPANY                                             15 HAMPSHIRE ST                                                                                             MANSFIELD                           MA020481113UNITED STA1-508-2618586                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23257WRRD INC                                                                        PO BOX 162749                                                                                               FORT WORTH                          TX761612749UNITED STA1-817-6252841                                                                                       Unknown                       17518548783 
23260HANDY & HARMAN AUTOMOTIVE                                                       PO BOX 3144                                                                                                 LAREDO                              TX780443144UNITED STA1-528-7151737                                                                                       Unknown                       11333179072 
23261GENERAL BINDING CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                       13608874700 
23264VAREL MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                       30009253441 
23265HAYES AXEL INC                                                                  400 N HARVEY RD                                                                                             SEMINOLE                            OK748684118UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
23268HASTINGS INCORPORATED                                                           245 E GARRISON ST                                                                                           EAGLE PASS                          TX788524815UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
23269BLATNIK                                           ROBERT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Individual                                
23269BLATNIK                                           ROBERT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Individual                                
23281MRS BAIRDS BAKERIES BUSINESS TRUST                                              PO BOX 937                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010937UNITED STA1-817-6153020                                                                                       Corporation                               
23282EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         PO BOX 38                                                                                                   CRANE                               TX797310038UNITED STA1-915-6886679                                                                                       Corporation                   11354090059 
23286HYDRAULICS INC                                                                  2935 SAINT LOUIS AVE                                                                                        FORT WORTH                          TX761104104UNITED STA1-817-9231965                                                                                       Corporation                   17509392050 
23289BIO-SYNTHESIS INC                                                               PO BOX 28                                                                                                   LEWISVILLE                          TX750670028UNITED STA1-972-4208505 x116            1-972-4200442                 biosyn@biosyn.com                       Unknown                       17522971716 
23291TIN LLC                                                                         PO BOX N                                                                                                    DIBOLL                              TX759419999UNITED STA1-936-8291671                                                                                       Corporation                   17514624273 
23292VP BUILDINGS INC                                                                200 PUBLIC SQ                                                                                               CLEVELAND                           OH441142316UNITED STA1-214-8271740                                                                                       Corporation                   32000300130 
23295TRECORA CHEMICAL INC                                                            12500 BAY AREA BLVD                                                                                         PASADENA                            TX775071308UNITED STA1-281-4747500                 1-281-4742611                 JNOVAK@TRECCHEM.COM                     Corporation                   17602870523 
23296CITY OF BRADY                                                                   PO BOX 351                                                                                                  BRADY                               TX768250351UNITED STA1-915-5972244                                                                                                                                 
23299INTERSTATE WIRE COMPANY INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                       17515656142 
23300ALPA PRECISION MACHINE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                       17601214954 
23301POWERQUEST PRUDUCTS INC                                                         6121 PINEMONT DR STE A                                                                                      HOUSTON                             TX770923208UNITED STA1-713-6831055                                                                                       Corporation                               
23302THREE RIVERS FLYING SERVICE CO INC                                              PO BOX 612                                                                                                  SAN ANGELO                          TX769020612UNITED STA1-915-6551110                                                                                       Unknown                       17512952239 
23304SARA LEE BAKERY GROUP INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   13632010453 
23305ALLEN PRECISION MACHINE COMPANY                                                 RR 1 BOX 52                                                                                                 ANGLETON                            TX775159801UNITED STA1-409-8491611                                                                                       Corporation                   17600364156 
23307WARREN POWER & MACHINERY INC                                                    15 SMITH RD STE 4000                                                                                        MIDLAND                             TX797055455UNITED STA1-432-5718426                                               DAVID.OLEARY@WARREN-EQUIPMENT.COM       Corporation                   17427652262 
23308TRI STATES FOUNDRY INC                                                          PO BOX 1146                                                                                                 KENNEDALE                           TX760601146UNITED STA1-817-4789481                                                                                       Corporation                   17512184502 
23309MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL AMERICA INC                                                 9115 HARRIS CORNERS PKWY STE 300                                                                            CHARLOTTE                           NC282693810UNITED STA1-713-7588106                 1-281-4742757                 JOE.LEE@M-CHEM.COM                      Corporation                   32077995036 
23310UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY                                                  1416 DODGE ST RM 930                                                                                        OMAHA                               NE681790001UNITED STA1-402-2716571                                                                                       Corporation                   19460013238 
23311AMERICAN FRAC SERVICES INC                                                      2632 FAUDREE RD                                                                                             ODESSA                              TX797658538UNITED STA1-432-9340942                                               JDOBBS@AMERICANFRACSERVICES.COM         Corporation                   32070362986 
23315MANCHAK MANUFACTURING INC                                                       1809 AFTON ST                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770552201UNITED STA1-713-8691520                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23316JEANNS INC                                                                      5824 WALTRIP ST                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770875139UNITED STA1-713-6445595                                                                                       Unknown                       17513647689 
23318MOSS BLUFF GAS STORAGE SYSTEMS                                                  ROUTE 2 BOX 110                                                                                             LIBERTY                             TX775759998UNITED STA1-409-3368761                                                                                       Unknown                       17603146212 
23319GALVESTON ISLAND GATHERING SYSTEM                                               200 WESTLAKE PARK BLVD STE 1000                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770792612UNITED STA1-281-5976200                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23324PRODUCTION OPERATORS INC                                                        PO BOX 576                                                                                                  IRAAN                               TX797440576UNITED STA1-713-4660980                                                                                       Unknown                       17416220394 
23325PIONEER CONCRETE OF TEXAS INC                                                   PO BOX 339                                                                                                  ALTAIR                              TX774120339UNITED STA1-409-7583661                                                                                       Corporation                   17419376185 
23327WRANGLER INC                                                                    12173 ROJAS DR                                                                                              EL PASO                             TX799367702UNITED STA1-915-8588700                                                                                       Corporation                   17417647017 
23328GONZALES MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                  PO BOX 1521                                                                                                 GONZALES                            TX786291021UNITED STA1-830-6729541                                                                                       Unknown                       17417916735 
23329UNIVERSAL FOREST PRODUCTS TEXAS LIMITED PARTNERSHI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23331BEAUTICONTROL INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Corporation                   17520363437 
23333VOUGHT AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES INC                                                  PO BOX 655907                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752655907UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17528840725 
23335DISCOUNT AUTO PARTS EXCHANGE INC                                                3300 NORTH FWY                                                                                              FORT WORTH                          TX761111813UNITED STA1-817-6241100                                                                                       Unknown                       17523329237 
23338LEE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                       17513231666 
23342SWEETWATER INDS                                                                 13955 MURPHY RD                                                                                             STAFFORD                            TX774774920UNITED STA1-713-4994778                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23348M & P SEALING CO                                                                11125 IH 10 E                                                                                               ORANGE                              TX776307813UNITED STA1-409-7452002                                                                                       Unknown                       17605494974 
23349LANCE MACHINE CO                                                                5916 W 34TH ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770926430UNITED STA1-713-6808703                                                                                       Corporation                               
23352SHAW PIPE SUPPORTS INC                                                          5209 ESTES PKWY                                                                                             LONGVIEW                            TX756039449UNITED STA1-903-6439166                 1-903-6439357                                                         Corporation                   17212669406 
23353FLEXTRONICS ENCLOSURES INC                                                      PO BOX 472944                                                                                               GARLAND                             TX750472944UNITED STA1-972-2715525                                                                                       Corporation                               
23355GRAND-LIENARD                                     ROBERT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Individual                                
23355GRAND LIENARD                                     ROBERT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Individual                                
23357TRAILER SERVICE INC                                                             PO BOX 98913                                                                                                LUBBOCK                             TX794998913UNITED STA1-806-7444881                                                                                       Corporation                               
23358CITY PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
23358CPS PUBLIC SERVICE                                                              PO BOX 1771                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782961771UNITED STA1-210-3536095                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23359THE EMF COMPANY                                                                 PO BOX N                                                                                                    DIBOLL                              TX759419999UNITED STA1-214-3506848                                                                                       Unknown                       17515520447 
23360TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23361TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23362TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23364TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23365TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23366TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23367ATMOS ENERGY CORPORATION                                                        301 S HARWOOD ST STE 10                                                                                     DALLAS                              TX752015600UNITED STA1-214-8756119                 1-214-8753660                 robert.bennett@atmosenergy.com          Corporation                   17517432476 
23368TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23369TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23369LONE STAR GAS COMPANY                                                           1817 WOOD ST                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752015605UNITED STA1-214-5733874                                                                                       Corporation                               
23370TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23370LONE STAR GAS COMPANY                                                           1817 WOOD ST                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752015605UNITED STA1-214-5733874                                                                                       Corporation                               
23371LONE STAR GAS COMPANY                                                           1817 WOOD ST                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752015605UNITED STA1-214-5733874                                                                                       Corporation                               
23371TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23372ATMOS ENERGY CORPORATION                                                        301 S HARWOOD ST STE 10                                                                                     DALLAS                              TX752015600UNITED STA1-214-8756119                 1-214-8753660                 robert.bennett@atmosenergy.com          Corporation                   17517432476 
23373LONE STAR GAS COMPANY                                                           1817 WOOD ST                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752015605UNITED STA1-214-5733874                                                                                       Corporation                               
23373TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23374ENVIROSPEC OF TEXAS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                       30115773019 
23375PRC-DESOTO INTERNATIONAL INC                                                    920 AVENUE R STE 200                                                                                        GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750501528UNITED STA1-214-9880376                                                                                       Corporation                   19514362094 
23376INTERNATIONAL AEROSPACE COATINGS INC                                            4601 N MAIN ST HNGR 39N                                                                                     FORT WORTH                          TX761062417UNITED STA0-903-2620537                                               JOE.BROWN@IAC.AERO                      Corporation                   32062367258 
23377TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23380PRO AG AERIAL                                                                   PO BOX 122                                                                                                  D HANIS                             TX788500122UNITED STA1-210-3637526                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23381CONTINENTAL EXPRESS INC                                                         17795 JOHN F KENNEDY BLVD                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770326013UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                               
23383GRUMA CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Corporation                   19535764864 
23383MISSION FOODS DAN MORTON                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                                   
23386TARRANT CONCRETE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                               
23386TARRANT CONCRETE CO INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                   17513358550 
23387MICROMETALS TEXAS INC                                                           5615 E LA PALMA AVE                                                                                         ANAHEIM                             CA928072109UNITED STA1-714-9709400                 1-714-9700400                 TLONGRIDGE@MICROMETALS.COM              Unknown                       17523760142 
23388MCKINLEY IRON WORKS INC                                                         PO BOX 790                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010790UNITED STA1-817-3351268                                                                                       Corporation                   17520774203 
23391PORT OF CORPUS CHRISTI AUTHORITY OF NUECES COUNTY                               823 NAVIGATION BLVD                                                                                         CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784082644UNITED STA1-361-6643648                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23393PORT OF CORPUS CHRISTI AUTHORITY OF NUECES COUNTY                               4820 W NAVIGATION BLVD                                                                                      CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784039999UNITED STA1-361-8831162                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23394ADM GROWMARK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Unknown                                   
23397LONE STAR GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Corporation                               
23397TXU GAS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17503990669 
23398ATMOS ENERGY CORPORATION                                                        301 S HARWOOD ST STE 10                                                                                     DALLAS                              TX752015600UNITED STA1-214-8756119                 1-214-8753660                 robert.bennett@atmosenergy.com          Corporation                   17517432476 
23400KMMS INC                                                                        906 OAK TREE LOOP                                                                                           ARDMORE                             OK734011098UNITED STA1-806-7621166                                                                                       Unknown                       30113565433 
23401TARRANT INTERIORS INC                                                           5000 SOUTH FWY                                                                                              FORT WORTH                          TX761153902UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17519741767 
23405POOL COMPANY TEXAS LTD                                                          515 W GREENS RD STE 1200                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770674536UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17605207699 
23407LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   32001572125 
23407LONE STAR PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
23409ATMOS ENERGY CORPORATION                                                        301 S HARWOOD ST STE 10                                                                                     DALLAS                              TX752015600UNITED STA1-214-8756119                 1-214-8753660                 robert.bennett@atmosenergy.com          Corporation                   17517432476 
23410POWER TECHNOLOGY INC                                                            10385 BROCKWOOD RD                                                                                          DALLAS                              TX752381656UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17518609056 
23412SOUTH TEXAS MACHINE SHOP INC                                                    PO BOX 547                                                                                                  ALICE                               TX783330547UNITED STA1-512-6648302                                                                                       Unknown                       17420757928 
23414G & S MACHINE INC                                                               2804 RENEE ST                                                                                               BEDFORD                             TX760215208UNITED STA1-817-2673633                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23415BOMBER BAIT CO                                                                  PO BOX 1058                                                                                                 GAINESVILLE                         TX762411058UNITED STA1-817-6655505                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23416IRVING METAL FINISHERS                                                          650 N MAIN ST                                                                                               IRVING                              TX750617578UNITED STA1-972-2549797                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23417EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         22777 SPRINGWOODS VILLAGE PKWY # S2B2282                                                                    SPRING                              TX773891425UNITED STA1-832-6246081                                               JIMMY.J.STREET@EXXONMOBIL.COM           Corporation                   11354090059 
23418CHARLOTTE PIPE AND FOUNDRY COMPANY SOUTHWEST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Unknown                       17421514054 
23420QCP INC                                                                         2001 INDUSTRIAL BLVD                                                                                        ROCKWALL                            TX750874908UNITED STA1-214-7712514                                                                                       Corporation                   13308893372 
23421W SILVER RECYCLING INC                                                          1720 MAGOFFIN AVE                                                                                           EL PASO                             TX799011824UNITED STA1-915-5325643                                                                                       Unknown                       17419282557 
23423UNOCAL OIL & GAS COMPANY                                                        PO BOX 3100                                                                                                 MIDLAND                             TX797023100UNITED STA1-915-6856829                                                                                       Other/Misc                                
23429PLASTIC DISTRIBUTING                                                            700 PLASTICS AVE                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770208023UNITED STA1-713-6754030                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23430KENNYS KRUSADERS INC                                                            2500 STEVEN RD                                                                                              ODESSA                              TX797641717UNITED STA1-915-3638185                                                                                       Unknown                       17518966340 
23432LINDE INC                                                                       39 OLD RIDGEBURY RD                                                                                         DANBURY                             CT068105103UNITED STA1-409-9439200                 1-409-9439228                                                         Corporation                   10612490507 
23434TRISTAR CORPORATION                                                             1 EUROSTAR DRIVE                                                                                            PLEASANTON                          TX780649999UNITED STA1-210-2817000                                                                                       Corporation                   11331293180 
23436MICRO PRECISION OF TEXAS INC                                                    11355 ROJAS DR STE 1                                                                                        EL PASO                             TX799366430UNITED STA1-915-5920362                                                                                       Corporation                   17603639992 
23437ENERFLEX ENERGY SYSTEMS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                       17602033213 
23438ETS-LINDGREN LP                                                                 PO BOX 80589                                                                                                AUSTIN                              TX787080589UNITED STA                                                                                                                                  17427595909 
23440ALLOY CASTING CO INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                   17518186071 
23443D & L QUALITY PAINTING INC                                                      12212 GREEN RIVER DR                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770442213UNITED STA1-281-4583588                                                                                       Unknown                       17604049852 
23444SCHEPPS DAIRY                                                                   PO BOX 279000                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752279600UNITED STA1-214-8248163                                                                                       Corporation                   17510404027 
23445SCHEPPS DAIRY                                                                   PO BOX 279000                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752279600UNITED STA1-214-8248163                                                                                       Corporation                   17510404027 
23446BAYPORT POLYMERS LLC                                                            1201 LOUISIANA ST STE 1800                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770025605UNITED STA0-713-4835061                                                                                       Corporation                   32065726476 
23448THE BUTLER WELDMENTS CORPORATION                                                PO BOX 1000                                                                                                 CAMERON                             TX765200300UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17419058064 
23449WINSTON ROYAL GUARD CORPORATION                                                 PO BOX 6440                                                                                                 LONGVIEW                            TX756086440UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17415345176 
23452BABIN MACHINE WORKS INC                                                         PO BOX 2007                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777042007UNITED STA1-409-8921231                                                                                       Corporation                   17422010177 
23457LCY ELASTOMERS LP                                                               4803 DECKER DR                                                                                              BAYTOWN                             TX775201447UNITED STA1-281-4246100                 1-281-4246169                                                                                       10207133116 
23458ARRIS TECHNOLOGY INC                                                            1725 LAKEPOINTE DR                                                                                          LEWISVILLE                          TX750576409UNITED STA1-972-3530309                                                                                       Corporation                   13641342210 
23461SOUTHERN STUD WELD INC                                                          3645 CONFLANS RD                                                                                            IRVING                              TX750616362UNITED STA1-214-7903339                                                                                       Corporation                   17600848679 
23463CREST RIDGE HOMES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unknown                       13832131679 
23464INX INTERNATIONAL INK CO                                                        651 BONNIE LN                                                                                               ELK GROVE VILLAGE                   IL600071911UNITED STA1-847-9819399                                                                                       Corporation                   13607029108 
23465NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION                                   2101 NASA PKWY                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770583607UNITED STA1-281-2440472                                                                                       Federal Government Ownership              
23466TEXAS UTILITIES VALERO TRANSMISSION JOIN                                        PO BOX 500                                                                                                  SAN ANTONIO                         TX782920500UNITED STA1-210-2452395                                                                                       Unknown                       17507059305 
23467ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23468ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23469ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23470ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23471HODGE PRINTING                                                                  11416 NEWKIRK ST                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752292028UNITED STA1-972-2412982                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23472PRODUCT HANDLING DESIGN INC                                                     PO BOX 831117                                                                                               RICHARDSON                          TX750831117UNITED STA1-214-2314628                                                                                       Corporation                   17511690095 
23474ROLM                                                                            2205 GRAND AVENUE PKWY                                                                                      AUSTIN                              TX787283812UNITED STA1-512-9906006                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23475JW BILL CHRISTIE MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                          PO BOX 386                                                                                                  FRISCO                              TX750340007UNITED STA1-214-3772111                                                                                       Unknown                       17517282848 
23476AKER SUBSEA INC                                                                 3750 BRIARPARK DR                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770425208UNITED STA1-713-3695351                 1-713-6855839                                                         Corporation                   17604232359 
23478HIRSCHFELD STEEL CO INC                                                         PO BOX 3768                                                                                                 SAN ANGELO                          TX769023768UNITED STA1-915-5507976                                                                                       Corporation                   17513076830 
23479ULTRA PREMIUM SERVICES LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             18707757359 
23479CURLEYS MACHINE SHOP                                                            3333 BRAZOS AVE                                                                                             ODESSA                              TX797646553UNITED STA1-915-3621481                                                                                       Corporation                   12018923511 
23483LONCO SIGNS                                                                     625 109TH ST                                                                                                ARLINGTON                           TX760117601UNITED STA1-817-6407374                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23484DEFIANCE METAL PRODUCTS OF TEXAS INC                                            2357 W JEFFERSON ST                                                                                         GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750511137UNITED STA1-972-5951526                 1-972-5951697                 cmontalvo@defiancemetal.com             Corporation                   32023674230 
23485ATLAS MACHINE AND WELDING SERVICE INC                                           860 S BROADWAY ST                                                                                           JOSHUA                              TX760583153UNITED STA1-817-5587777                                                                                       Corporation                   17517946194 
23486ARTIC STAR MFG                                                                  3540 W PIONEER PKWY                                                                                         PANTEGO                             TX760134625UNITED STA1-817-2741396                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23487SIEMENS ELECTROCOM LP                                                           634 107TH ST                                                                                                ARLINGTON                           TX760115309UNITED STA1-817-6405690                                                                                                                     17522325731 
23488E G C CORPORATION                                                               PO BOX 16080                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772226080UNITED STA1-281-7746238                                                                                       Corporation                   17413376611 
23491KMTEX LLC                                                                       PO BOX 1421                                                                                                 PORT ARTHUR                         TX776411421UNITED STA1-409-9841418                 1-409-9856350                 davidj@kmtex.com                        Corporation                   32048186509 
23492WESTPORT ORANGE SHIPYARD LLC                                                    11 N WATER ST STE 16250                                                                                     MOBILE                              AL366025016UNITED STA1-409-2915540                 1-409-8869835                 mscogin@signalint.com                   Corporation                   32055037389 
23493TEXAS PNEUMATIC TOOLS INC                                                       PO BOX 38                                                                                                   REAGAN                              TX766800038UNITED STA1-254-5872533                                                                                       Unknown                       17419367432 
23494FERGUSON HAIRSTON                                 BETTY                         3306 ELLA BLVD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770187320UNITED STA1-713-6886624                                                                                       Individual                                
23496MCCORMICK & COMPANY INCORPORATED                                                3300 CENTURY CIR                                                                                            IRVING                              TX750624901UNITED STA1-972-5541354                 1-972-5791916                 CHRISTOPHER_LIVELY@MCCORMICK.COM        Corporation                   15204082901 
23499OWENS-ILLINOIS INC                                                              700 INDUSTRIAL BLVD                                                                                         ROCKWALL                            TX750874935UNITED STA1-972-7710425                 1-972-7225600                                                         Corporation                   13443234771 
23500BIG D BINDERY INC                                                               9109 PREMIER ROW                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752475407UNITED STA1-214-6348060                                                                                       Unknown                       12002012750 
23501WRIGHT CONTAINERS LLC                                                           6633 LINDBERGH ST                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770875114UNITED STA1-832-3856552                                               RWRIGHT@WRIGHTCONTAINERS.COM                                          32060471219 
23502PLAINS MARKETING LP                                                             PO BOX 4648                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104648UNITED STA1-713-6464100                                                                                       Corporation                   17605871155 
23503SOUTHERN PLASTICS INC                                                           1010 ENERGY DR                                                                                              KILGORE                             TX756625534UNITED STA1-903-9884165                                               mark.galliardt@alcoa.com                Corporation                   17206314530 
23505TEXAS RECYCLING & REFINING INC                                                  1920 RANKIN RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770735113UNITED STA1-281-4432070                                                                                       Unknown                       17603598453 
23506HERITAGE INKS INTERNATIONAL                                                     1134 AVENUE S                                                                                               GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750501252UNITED STA1-972-6603615                                                                                       Unknown                       12233809297 
23508LACKEY                                            JIM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Individual                                
23508LACKEY                                            JIM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Individual                                
23510D & J TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                          2010 MARTIN LUTHER KING FWY                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761046303UNITED STA0-817-5360718 x106            0-817-5350290                                                         Corporation                   17529030573 
23511TAPEMARK                                                                        220 MARIE AVE E                                                                                             SAINT PAUL                          MN551184002UNITED STA1-800-4246104                                                                                       Unknown                       14107772288 
23512KTEC ELECTRONICS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                               
23516LEGGETT & PLATT INCORPORATED                                                    903 S KAUFMAN ST                                                                                            ENNIS                               TX751196023UNITED STA1-214-8747501                                                                                       Corporation                   14403246300 
23517SURREY INC                                                                      82449 61ST AVE                                                                                              THERMAL                             CA922748711UNITED STA1-512-2677172                                                                                       Corporation                   17414579833 
23518DARLING INGREDIENTS INC                                                         1712 75TH ST                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770111610UNITED STA1-972-2814490                                                                                       Corporation                   13624953462 
23519HEREFORD BI-PRODUCTS INC                                                        PO BOX 2257                                                                                                 HEREFORD                            TX790452257UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                               
23521HOMCO INTERNATIONAL INC                                                         PO BOX 1487                                                                                                 PALESTINE                           TX758021487UNITED STA1-903-7293241                                                                                       Corporation                   17416146557 
23522AQUATIC INDUSTRIES INC                                                          8101 E KAISER BLVD STE 200                                                                                  ANAHEIM                             CA928082287UNITED STA1-512-2592255                                                                                       Corporation                   13116314587 
23526TEVCO MACHINE INC                                                               8404 N COUNTY RD W                                                                                          ODESSA                              TX797641922UNITED STA1-915-3677263                                                                                       Corporation                   17513198840 
23527GRIFFIN INDUSTRIES LLC                                                          PO BOX 400                                                                                                  WYLIE                               TX750980400UNITED STA1-972-4422285                                                                                       Corporation                   16105634600 
23529TRINITY ARCHITECTURAL METALS COMPANY INC                                        3501 HOUSE ANDERSON RD                                                                                      EULESS                              TX760402005UNITED STA1-817-2679699                                                                                       Corporation                   17520411889 
23530ACCURA FOURLANE FIBERGLASS PRODUCTS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                               
23530ACCURA FIBERGLASS PRODUCTS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   17602704540 
23533ANVIL INTERNATIONAL INC                                                         PO BOX 4434                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761640434UNITED STA1-817-6243107                                                                                       Corporation                   10205100232 
23536POLY EXTRUSION IMCOA                                                            4325 MURRAY AVE                                                                                             HALTOM CITY                         TX761171822UNITED STA1-817-4855290                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23538JAYTRON ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING                                                10503 FOREST LN                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752435441UNITED STA1-972-6441689                                                                                       Unknown                       30114716829 
23539HAWTON                                            JOHNNY                        PO BOX 2846                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797602846UNITED STA1-915-3322500                                                                                       Individual                                
23541WASTE MANAGEMENT OF TEXAS INC                                                   800 GESSNER RD STE 1100                                                                                     HOUSTON                             TX770244257UNITED STA1-713-6475454                 1-713-6475466                 hlehrmann@wm.com                        Corporation                   17512235288 
23542USA WASTE SERVICES OF HOUSTON INC                                               10701 TODD ST                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770551831UNITED STA1-713-6866666                                                                                       Corporation                   17419163195 
23543THE AERMOTOR COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                   32016552203 
23543AEROMOTOR WINDMILL CO INC                                                       PO BOX 5110                                                                                                 SAN ANGELO                          TX769025110UNITED STA1-915-6514951                                                                                       Corporation                   17527498491 
23544MULTI-METAL & MFG CO INC                                                        1500 INTERSTATE 30 E                                                                                        ROCKWALL                            TX750879999UNITED STA1-972-7717012                                                                                       Unknown                       17514256589 
23548THE CARTER CHAMBERS FAMILY                                                      PO BOX 15705                                                                                                BATON ROUGE                         LA708955705UNITED STA1-504-9262236                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23551GREEN ACRE FOODS INC                                                            PO BOX 631670                                                                                               NACOGDOCHES                         TX759631670UNITED STA1-409-5646145                                                                                       Unknown                       17522548720 
23552PRECISE MACHINE COMPANY                                                         14813 TRINITY BLVD                                                                                          FORT WORTH                          TX761552609UNITED STA1-817-3556058                 1-817-3556075                 kwilson@miaerospace.com                 Corporation                   32000910029 
23553NAPA AUTO PARTS                                                                 1526 FORT WORTH HWY                                                                                         WEATHERFORD                         TX760864627UNITED STA1-817-5942736                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23554KATY STEEL CO INCORPORATED                                                      28015 US HIGHWAY 90                                                                                         KATY                                TX774941019UNITED STA1-713-3917047                                                                                       Unknown                       17419308352 
23555AMORPHOUS MATERIALS INC                                                         3130 BENTON ST                                                                                              GARLAND                             TX750427410UNITED STA1-214-4945624                                                                                       Corporation                   17515503393 
23556FRANKLIN MANUFACTURING & SUPPLY INC                                             1548 N MAIN ST                                                                                              JOSHUA                              TX760584715UNITED STA1-817-2952288                                                                                       Corporation                   17522507197 
23559PRESTIGE PRINTERS INK CORPORATION                                               2430 LUDELLE ST                                                                                             FORT WORTH                          TX761051017UNITED STA1-817-5312736                                                                                       Corporation                   17524069477 
23561ALL STAR COMPOSITES                                                             9817 WHITHORN DR                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770955027UNITED STA1-281-8559603                                                                                       Corporation                   17604398390 
23562ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23563ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23564ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23564VALERO TRANSMISSION LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
23565ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23566ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23567ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23568ENTERPRISE TEXAS PIPELINE LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17427797497 
23571CBI INVESTMENTS INC                                                             2150 HUTTON DR                                                                                              CARROLLTON                          TX750066807UNITED STA1-214-2417546                                                                                       Corporation                   17518644343 
23572CITY OF FLOYDADA                                                                PO BOX 10                                                                                                   FLOYDADA                            TX792350010UNITED STA1-806-9832834                                                                                                                                 
23573SCHEPPS DAIRY                                                                   PO BOX 279000                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752279600UNITED STA1-214-8248163                                                                                       Corporation                   17510404027 
23575APPLIED MATERIALS INC                                                           9700 E US HIGHWAY 290 # MS3600                                                                              AUSTIN                              TX787241102UNITED STA1-512-2726523                                                                                       Corporation                   19416555266 
23576IMPACT INC                                                                      10435 BURNET RD STE 114                                                                                     AUSTIN                              TX787584450UNITED STA1-512-8329151                                                                                       Corporation                               
23577HYDRO CONDUIT OF TEXAS LP                                                       6560 LANGFIELD RD BLDG 3                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770921008UNITED STA1-832-5905300                 1-832-5905399                                                         Corporation                   19120287446 
23578C & S MANUFACTURING INC                                                         702 PROFIT DR                                                                                               GARLAND                             TX750405765UNITED STA1-214-4870146                                                                                       Unknown                       17518549849 
23580OCEANIC SYSTEM INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                               
23580OCEANIC SYSTEMS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   17517714030 
23583ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND COMPANY                                                  PO BOX 296                                                                                                  RICHMOND                            TX774060008UNITED STA1-281-3424606                 1-281-3426188                                                         Corporation                   14101291509 
235863D SYSTEMS INC                                                                  1611 HEADWAY CIR                                                                                            AUSTIN                              TX787545160UNITED STA1-512-3392922                                                                                       Unknown                       19540489390 
23587KAG SPECIALTY PRODUCTS GROUP LLC                                                1 TOWER LN STE 2325                                                                                         OAKBROOK TERRACE                    IL601814646UNITED STA1-630-4725934                 1-630-4720495                 james.king@thekag.com                   Corporation                   13620687817 
23589KOCH MODULAR PROCESS SYSTEMS LLC                                                6611 KILLOUGH ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770863817UNITED STA1-281-9990991                                                                                       Unknown                       32002925975 
23592ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE PROCESSING                                                RR 3 BOX 44                                                                                                 FARMERSVILLE                        TX754429803UNITED STA1-214-6768271                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23593SOUTHWEST RECREATIONAL INDUSTRIES INC                                           PO BOX 589                                                                                                  LEANDER                             TX786460589UNITED STA1-512-2590080                                                                                       Corporation                   17423155989 
23595TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE                                            PO BOX 4011                                                                                                 HUNTSVILLE                          TX773424011UNITED STA                                                                                                    State Government                          
23596FOREST BARBER                                                                   2925 RACE ST                                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761114134UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
23597MORTEX PRODUCTS INC                                                             200 N RUPERT ST                                                                                             FORT WORTH                          TX761071428UNITED STA1-817-3326352                                                                                       Corporation                   17511529038 
23599COBRA COMPANY                                                                   PO BOX 13982                                                                                                ODESSA                              TX797683982UNITED STA1-432-3320272                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23601TRADE APPAREL                                                                   6969B INDUSTRIAL AVE                                                                                        EL PASO                             TX799151107UNITED STA1-915-7750097                                                                                       Corporation                   17426285684 
23602GENERAL MACHINED PRODUCTS INC                                                   3525 E VICKERY BLVD                                                                                         FORT WORTH                          TX761051624UNITED STA1-817-5361071                                                                                       Unknown                       17516514902 
23603ANCHOR MACHINE WORKS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Corporation                   17419572411 
23604SEPCO INDUST                                                                    4308 MURRAY AVE                                                                                             HALTOM CITY                         TX761171821UNITED STA1-817-4983290                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23605KIK HOUSTON INC                                                                 2921 CORDER ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770543401UNITED STA1-713-7478710                                                                                       Unknown                       11338971986 
23606LESTEK INTERNATIONAL LTD                                                        6542 BAKER BLVD                                                                                             RICHLAND HILLS                      TX761186223UNITED STA1-817-2840821                                                                                       Other/Misc                                
23611BORDENS DAIRY PRODUCTS INC                                                      6982 ALAMEDA AVE                                                                                            EL PASO                             TX799153438UNITED STA1-915-7722751                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23615NEW STYROCHEM U S LTD                                                           11591 BUSINESS HIGHWAY 287 N                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761795411UNITED STA1-817-7594400                 1-817-7594524                 djackman@styrochem.com                  Corporation                   32039279784 
23618E I DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY                                              1460 POST N PADDOCK ST                                                                                      GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750501232UNITED STA1-972-2062508                                                                                       Corporation                   15100140902 
23619CAR CRAFT TRIM                                                                  1952 S BUCKNER BLVD                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752171821UNITED STA1-214-3987674                                                                                       Unknown                       30004330509 
23621AVERY DENNISON CORPORATION                                                      150 N ORANGE GROVE BLVD                                                                                     PASADENA                            CA911033534UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       19514922699 
23641HAWK STEEL INDUSTRIES INC                                                       4010 S EDEN RD                                                                                              KENNEDALE                           TX760607412UNITED STA1-817-4837511                                                                                       Unknown                       17518983592 
23646MMW INDUSTRIES INC                                                              PO BOX 217                                                                                                  HURST                               TX760530217UNITED STA1-817-2844978                                                                                       Corporation                   17514261431 
23647NATIONAL SHOT PEENING INC                                                       1020 E COLUMBIA ST STE B                                                                                    WEATHERFORD                         TX760864573UNITED STA1-817-5941472                                                                                       Corporation                   17524433053 
23649HARRINGTON                                        BEN                           200 PIER RD                                                                                                 ORANGE                              TX776305287UNITED STA1-409-8833300                 1-409-8839715                                                         Individual                                
23651RAPID INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS CO INC                                                1031 GOODNIGHT TRL                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770601105UNITED STA1-281-4436220                                               normanb@rapidplastics.com               Unknown                       11119857008 
23652BECKER GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Unknown                       13816301819 
23653PRECISIONAIRE                                                                   100 FM 148                                                                                                  TERRELL                             TX751609570UNITED STA1-214-5631545                                                                                       Unknown                       30001845657 
23654FRITILLARY INC                                                                  2626 LOMBARDY LN                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752202500UNITED STA1-214-3530609                                                                                       Corporation                   17514747140 
23656WLP ESTATE INC                                                                  PO BOX 244                                                                                                  MADISON                             GA306500244UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   12218647894 
23659AIR LIQUIDE LARGE INDUSTRIES US LP                                              2121 PARK ST                                                                                                PORT NECHES                         TX776513500UNITED STA1-409-7204211                 1-409-7204250                 jason.miller@airliquide.com             Corporation                   32035542425 
23660SUNBELT ASPHALT & MATERIALS INC                                                 PO BOX 4608                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104608UNITED STA1-713-8811097                                                                                       Corporation                   17603061056 
23661TETRA TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                          25025 IH 45 N                                                                                               SPRING                              TX773803036UNITED STA1-281-3671983                                                                                       Corporation                   17421482930 
23663AVANT TECHNOLOGIES DIVISION OF A TECH C                                         3913 TODD LN STE 101                                                                                        AUSTIN                              TX787441091UNITED STA1-512-3285463                                                                                       Corporation                               
23665BERRY GLOBAL INC                                                                202 JOHN STOCKBAUER DR                                                                                      VICTORIA                            TX779013763UNITED STA0-361-5759565                                                                                       Corporation                   13518146736 
23667REMEC WACOM LP                                                                  PO BOX 21145                                                                                                WACO                                TX767021145UNITED STA1-254-8484435                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23668INGENIA POLYMERS USGC INC                                                       2222 APPELT DR                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770156593UNITED STA1-713-5045791                                               STEVEM@INGENIAPOLYMERS.COM              Corporation                   32073173034 
23671LONE STAR FASTENERS LP                                                          10202 AIRLINE DR                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770371408UNITED STA                              1-281-3553515                                                         Unknown                       12006610260 
23672THE BLIND MAKER INC                                                             2013 CENTIMETER CIR                                                                                         AUSTIN                              TX787584904UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17517313429 
23673DALTONS BEST MAID PRODUCTS INCORPORATED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                       17508397621 
23674ABC COMPOUNDING COMPANY OF TEXAS INC                                            1102 E AVENUE J                                                                                             GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750502624UNITED STA1-972-9889200                                                                                       Unknown                       15819298371 
23675BURGESS-MANNING INC                                                             8505 JACKSBORO HWY                                                                                          WICHITA FALLS                       TX763109302UNITED STA1-713-2188647                                                                                       Corporation                   17423223522 
23676CAMPBELL GRINDING & MACHINE INC                                                 582 BENJAMINS WAY                                                                                           LEWISVILLE                          TX750572674UNITED STA1-214-2212211                                                                                       Corporation                   17519133965 
23677CENTEX CONTAINER CORP                                                           4689 CROSSROADS PARK DR                                                                                     LIVERPOOL                           NY130883515UNITED STA1-817-6490119                                                                                       Corporation                   17519358588 
23678RON INK COMPANY                                                                 1555 AVENUE S STE 102                                                                                       GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750501221UNITED STA1-214-9881415                                                                                       Unknown                       11608518244 
23679VIAD CORP                                                                       4051 N HIGHWAY 121 STE 100                                                                                  GRAPEVINE                           TX760512300UNITED STA1-972-3558269                                                                                       Unknown                       13611699508 
23681SPEARS MFG CO TOOLING                                                           3132 WICHITA COURT WAYNE SPEARS                                                                             FORT WORTH                          TX761409999UNITED STA1-817-2930292                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23683HOPE AGRI PRODUCT CO INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Corporation                               
23684WNA CUPS ILLUSTRATED INC                                                        2155 W LONGHORN DR                                                                                          LANCASTER                           TX751342105UNITED STA1-972-2248407                                                                                       Unknown                       17519182343 
23686GW PLASTICS SAN ANTONIO INC                                                     901 PAULSUN ST                                                                                              SAN ANTONIO                         TX782193125UNITED STA1-210-2251516                                                                                       Corporation                   17426260414 
23687INTEPLAST GROUP LTD                                                             PO BOX 405                                                                                                  LOLITA                              TX779710405UNITED STA1-361-8743144                 1-361-8743970                 dmartino@inteplast.com                  Corporation                   15220772246 
23689UTEX INDUSTRIES INC                                                             PO BOX 79227                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772799200UNITED STA1-713-4671000                 1-800-3599230                                                         Corporation                   17409598673 
23690BIG BEAR OILFIELD SERVICE INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Corporation                   17516909763 
23690BIG BEAR OILFIELD SERVICES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
23692MARY KAY INC                                                                    16251 DALLAS PKWY                                                                                           ADDISON                             TX750016801UNITED STA1-214-6875959                                                                                       Corporation                   17511517017 
23693B AND B PLATING DBA ATLAS METAL FINISHING                                       8303 BAUMAN RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770223205UNITED STA1-713-6924712                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23694MOLDED PRODUCTS CO REVCOR                                                       PO BOX 37169                                                                                                HALTOM CITY                         TX761178169UNITED STA1-817-8386751                                                                                       Corporation                               
23697KSW INC                                                                         2970 BLYSTONE LN STE 101                                                                                    DALLAS                              TX752201515UNITED STA1-214-3501943                                                                                       Unknown                       17517881177 
23698COMPRESSOR COMPONENTS INC                                                       PO BOX 1209                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797601209UNITED STA1-915-3677786                 1-915-3629581                                                         Corporation                               
23699NATURECHEM INTERNATIONAL INC                                                    1909 HEREFORD DR                                                                                            IRVING                              TX750384317UNITED STA1-214-5801337                                                                                       Corporation                   30114672485 
23701COLUMBIA SHOWCASE & CABINET COMPANY INCORPORATED                                11640 BRITTMOORE PARK DR                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770416917UNITED STA1-713-8966031                                                                                       Corporation                   19526907746 
23702MYLAN INSTITUTIONAL INC                                                         12720 DAIRY ASHFORD RD                                                                                      SUGAR LAND                          TX774782844UNITED STA1-281-2952914                                               AMANDA.SCANLAN@MYLAN.COM                Corporation                   13630965203 
23703ASSA ABLOY DOOR GROUP LLC                                                       PO BOX 1648                                                                                                 MASON CITY                          IA504021648UNITED STA1-641-4231334                 1-641-4239104                                                         Corporation                   10616178090 
23705INDUSTRIAL MODELS INC                                                           PO BOX 1018                                                                                                 GAINESVILLE                         TX762411018UNITED STA1-940-6657841                                                                                       Corporation                   19428017255 
23707GODBOLD FEEDS A DIV OF FRIONA INDUSTRIES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                                   
23708BURNS                                             DAVID                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Individual                                
23709AMERIA TECH                                                                     6024 DALLAS AVE                                                                                             FORT WORTH                          TX761126307UNITED STA1-817-4464555                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23710PARKANS INTERNATIONAL LLC                                                       4208 FIDELITY ST BLDG C                                                                                     HOUSTON                             TX770293550UNITED STA1-713-6759141                                                                                       Corporation                   30119033139 
23711HYDRAQUIP CORPORATION                                                           1119 111TH ST                                                                                               ARLINGTON                           TX760117700UNITED STA1-214-2660723                                                                                       Corporation                   17411432887 
23712CONRAD ORANGE SHIPYARD INC                                                      PO BOX 1670                                                                                                 ORANGE                              TX776311670UNITED STA1-409-8836666                 1-409-8820609                 RJCASTIL@CONRADINDUSTRIES.COM           Corporation                   17417892738 
23713PSI INDUSTRIES INC                                                              1436 W MAIN ST                                                                                              OLNEY                               TX763741653UNITED STA1-940-5643563                                                                                       Corporation                   17525669200 
23714RANGER AVIATION ENTERPRISES INC                                                 PO BOX 61010                                                                                                SAN ANGELO                          TX769061010UNITED STA1-325-9493773                                                                                       Corporation                   17514401276 
23715PORTER                                            FRANKIE                       PO BOX 1426                                                                                                 ROCKWALL                            TX750871426UNITED STA1-972-7720244                                                                                       Individual                                
23716INSTRUMENT & VALVE SERVICES                                                     5404 SPENCER HWY                                                                                            PASADENA                            TX775051516UNITED STA1-281-9986600                 1-281-9986666                                                         Unknown                                   
23717TEXAS INDUSTRIES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Unknown                                   
23718FOSTECH CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                        PO BOX 51007                                                                                                MIDLAND                             TX797101007UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17523845166 
23719INTEGRATED BAGGING SYSTEMS COPORATION                                           PO BOX 405                                                                                                  LOLITA                              TX779710405UNITED STA1-361-8743144                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23719INTEGRATED BAGGING SYSTEMS CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                       12231038964 
23720TEXAS METAL FINISHERS INC                                                       1700 W HIGHWAY 82                                                                                           GAINESVILLE                         TX762402046UNITED STA1-817-6688622                                                                                       Corporation                   17523957375 
23722CASCO NEW BRAUNFELS                                                             710 FM 306                                                                                                  NEW BRAUNFELS                       TX781302548UNITED STA1-210-6256776                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23724PARKER-HANNIFIN CORPORATION                                                     1000 HARDING ST                                                                                             FORT WORTH                          TX761025665UNITED STA1-817-3351604                                                                                       Corporation                   13404510607 
23725MACHINE SPECIALISTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Unknown                                   
23727ENSEARCH EXPLORATION INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                                   
23727ENSERCH EXPLORATION INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                       17520159389 
23728MARS PETCARE US INC                                                             3401 EBERHARDT RD                                                                                           TEMPLE                              TX765042604UNITED STA1-662-8226363                                               ATIEREYA.ADLEY@EFFEM.COM                Corporation                   14313505159 
23729PATRIOT TEXAS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Unknown                                   
23730AMERICAN AIRLINES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Corporation                   11315027984 
23730DELTA AIR LINES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   15802185486 
23732C&M MACHINING LLC                                                               PO BOX 233                                                                                                  ANDERSON                            TX778300233UNITED STA1-409-8258139                                                                                       Unknown                       17430040067 
23734JORGENSEN STEEL & ALUMINUM                                                      PO BOX 655025                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752655025UNITED STA1-214-7411761                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23735PARADIGM VALVE SERVICES INC                                                     901 W 13TH ST                                                                                               DEER PARK                           TX775363163UNITED STA1-281-4785200                                                                                       Unknown                       17603402953 
23736SWIC LTD                                                                        121 EXPOSITION ST                                                                                           DENTON                              TX762056219UNITED STA1-817-5661899                                                                                       Unknown                                   
23737FLM MACHINE AND MANUFACTURING                                                   PO BOX 1594                                                                                                 LEVELLAND                           TX793361594UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
23740MESSER LLC                                                                      300 METRO DR                                                                                                TERRELL                             TX751609163UNITED STA                                                            jacob.simon@linde.com                   Corporation                   32039236883 
23741M B COMPANIES INC                                                               1618 OLD LOCKHART RD                                                                                        BUDA                                TX786104853UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                               
23743J M FABRICATION COMPANY LLC                                                     2478 FORT WORTH ST                                                                                          GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750504914UNITED STA1-214-6601563                                                                                       Unknown                       17517740233 
23748HARTZELL MANUFACTURING INCORPORATED                                             2200 WORTHINGTON DR                                                                                         DENTON                              TX762073453UNITED STA1-817-3873535                                                                                       Corporation                   17525478248 
23749BASDEN INDUSTRIES INC                                                           PO BOX 1061                                                                                                 BURLESON                            TX760971061UNITED STA1-817-2956100                                                                                       Unknown                       17520493663 
23751SIMPLEX                                                                         8300 ESTERS BLVD STE 950                                                                                    IRVING                              TX750632292UNITED STA1-214-6211900                                                                                       Unknown                       32008826219 
23752RAYTHEON COMPANY                                                                1030 SANTERRE ST                                                                                            GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750501937UNITED STA1-214-6414677                                                                                       Corporation                   19517785002 
23758PHILLIPS CRANE AND RIGGING INC                                                  1225 S CEDAR RIDGE DR                                                                                       DUNCANVILLE                         TX751373058UNITED STA1-214-2983621                                                                                       Unknown                       17526826478 
23760CENTRAL DYNAMIC MANUFACTURING INC                                               PO BOX 709                                                                                                  KENNEDALE                           TX760600709UNITED STA1-817-4733899                                                                                       Unknown                       17422758411 
23762K-TEC ELECTRONICS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                                   
23765PILGRIMS PRIDE CORPORATION                                                      PO BOX 93                                                                                                   PITTSBURG                           TX756860093UNITED STA1-903-8561000                 1-903-8567505                                                         Corporation                   17512850714 
27716PHILLIPS PETROLEUM COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
28775R E SWEENEY COMPANY INC                                                         3700 NOBLE AVE                                                                                              FORT WORTH                          TX761114621UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17510374519 
30000ATEC INC                                                                        12600 EXECUTIVE DR                                                                                          STAFFORD                            TX774773604UNITED STA1-713-9712377                                                                                       Corporation                   17414949622 
30001PHILLIPS 66 PIPELINE LLC                                                        2331 CITYWEST BLVD                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770422862UNITED STA1-832-2694459                                                                                       Corporation                   17301962209 
30002TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS & REFINING USA INC                                         PO BOX 849                                                                                                  PORT ARTHUR                         TX776410849UNITED STA1-409-9636828                                                                                       Corporation                   17509904037 
30003ENCYCLE TEXAS INC                                                               5500 UP RIVER RD                                                                                            CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784071322UNITED STA1-361-2890300                                                                                       Corporation                   17425013475 
30004THE PREMCOR REFINING GROUP INC                                                  PO BOX 909                                                                                                  PORT ARTHUR                         TX776410909UNITED STA1-409-9851459                                                                                       Corporation                   14314912305 
30005CHEVRON ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY                                        4240 SE 3RD AVE                                                                                             AMARILLO                            TX791042106UNITED STA1-713-4322238                                                                                       Corporation                   19460629884 
30006INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY                                                     1750 IP WAY                                                                                                 ORANGE                              TX776320590UNITED STA0-409-7467236                                               FRANK.FRACCASTORO@IPAPER.COM            Corporation                   11308728051 
30007SHELL OIL COMPANY                                                               PO BOX 100                                                                                                  DEER PARK                           TX775360100UNITED STA1-713-2461229                 1-713-2466707                 FLO.VUELVAS@SHELL.COM                   Corporation                   11312998906 
30008WHITE LION HOLDINGS LLC                                                         5100 SAN FELIPE ST UNIT 78E                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX770563680UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       32014757358 
30009HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC                                                     PO BOX 640                                                                                                  ORANGE                              TX776310640UNITED STA1-409-8867445                                                                                       Corporation                   12226406507 
30010THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC LLC                                                     PO BOX 3269                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777043269UNITED STA1-409-7279104                                                                                       Corporation                   32054480689 
30011VALERO REFINING-TEXAS LP                                                        PO BOX 691470                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782691470UNITED STA1-210-3702000                                                                                       Corporation                   17418349407 
30012THE GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY                                              1144 E MARKET ST DEPT 110F                                                                                  AKRON                               OH443160001UNITED STA1-330-7962121                 1-330-7966459                                                         Corporation                   13402532405 
30013THE NEWARK GROUP INC                                                            902 S WILLIAM ST                                                                                            ATLANTA                             TX755512890UNITED STA1-214-7964122                                                                                       Corporation                   12228848441 
30014TYLER BUSINESS PARK LLC                                                         13701 STATE HIGHWAY 31 W                                                                                    TYLER                               TX757094127UNITED STA1-330-7960578                                                                                       Corporation                   32047155521 
30015CHEVRON PHILLIPS CHEMICAL COMPANY LP                                            PO BOX 7400                                                                                                 ORANGE                              TX776317400UNITED STA1-409-8826200                                                                                       Corporation                   17315877120 
30016AZZ INC                                                                         3100 W 7TH ST STE 500                                                                                       FORT WORTH                          TX761078701UNITED STA1-817-8100095                                                                                       Corporation                   17509482505 
30017MOTIVA ENTERPRISES LLC                                                          2100 HOUSTON AVE                                                                                            PORT ARTHUR                         TX776403300UNITED STA1-409-9897902                                                                                       Corporation                   17602624904 
30018THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC LLC                                                     1007 MARKET ST                                                                                              WILMINGTON                          DE198980001UNITED STA1-361-7766620                 1-361-7766622                                                         Corporation                   32054480689 
30019PERFORMANCE MATERIALS NA INC                                                    PO BOX 1089                                                                                                 ORANGE                              TX776311089UNITED STA1-409-8866442                                               STEVEN.BARGER@DOW.COM                   Corporation                   32068281941 
30020ARLANXEO USA LLC                                                                PO BOX 2000                                                                                                 ORANGE                              TX776312000UNITED STA1-409-8822489                 1-409-8822461                 PAULA.SISSON@ARLANXEO.COM               Corporation                   32059465636 
30021ELECTRO EXTRACTION INC                                                          PO BOX 488                                                                                                  WYLIE                               TX750980488UNITED STA1-214-4422201                                                                                       Corporation                   17512901962 
30022CELANESE LTD                                                                    PO BOX 819005                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX753819005UNITED STA1-972-4434000                                                                                                                     17526225267 
30023CYTEC INDUSTRIES INC                                                            1300 MOUNT KEMBLE AVE                                                                                       MORRISTOWN                          NJ079608009UNITED STA1-201-8312873                                                                                       Corporation                   12232686605 
30024BASF CORPORATION                                                                602 COPPER RD                                                                                               FREEPORT                            TX775413001UNITED STA1-979-4156100                                                                                       Corporation                   11610908094 
30026WESTERN REFINING COMPANY LLC                                                    PO BOX 20002                                                                                                EL PASO                             TX799980002UNITED STA1-915-7753411                                                                                                                     11337204397 
30027EL PASO PRODUCTION COMPANY                                                      PO BOX 3986                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797603986UNITED STA1-915-3338205                                                                                       Corporation                               
30028ORION ENGINEERED CARBONS LLC                                                    4501 MAGNOLIA COVE DR                                                                                       KINGWOOD                            TX773452252UNITED STA1-832-4453300                                               AMERICAS@ORIONCARBONS.COM               Corporation                   10306147033 
30029INDORAMA VENTURES OXIDES LLC                                                    PO BOX 847                                                                                                  PORT NECHES                         TX776510847UNITED STA1-346-3656130                                               KIM.KNOTTS@US.INDORAMA.NET              Corporation                   32072289781 
30030EQUISTAR CHEMICALS LP                                                           PO BOX 777                                                                                                  CHANNELVIEW                         TX775300777UNITED STA1-281-8624000                 1-281-4528743                                                         Corporation                   17605504814 
30031PPG INDUSTRIES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   12507307804 
30032THE GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY                                              200 E INNOVATION WAY                                                                                        AKRON                               OH443160001UNITED STA1-303-7962121                                                                                       Corporation                   13402532405 
30033FLINT HILLS RESOURCES CORPUS CHRISTI LLC                                        PO BOX 2608                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032608UNITED STA1-361-2414811                                                                                       Corporation                   32040351226 
30034J-M MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC                                                   5821 N US HIGHWAY 75                                                                                        DENISON                             TX750209999UNITED STA1-903-4656390                                                                                       Corporation                   18408956169 
30035ALCOA WORLD ALUMINA LLC                                                         PO BOX 101                                                                                                  POINT COMFORT                       TX779780101UNITED STA1-361-9876331                 1-361-9876102                                                         Corporation                   12517545088 
30036JET RESEARCH CENTER INC                                                         PO BOX 246                                                                                                  ARLINGTON                           TX760040246UNITED STA1-817-4830933                                                                                       Corporation                   17509177345 
30037ISP TECH TEXAS INC                                                              PO BOX 2141                                                                                                 TEXAS CITY                          TX775922141UNITED STA1-409-9421852                 1-409-9421858                 mcasas@ispcorp.com                      Corporation                   15103337950 
30038CHEVRON PHILLIPS CHEMICAL COMPANY LP                                            PO BOX 3766                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772533766UNITED STA1-713-4755685                                                                                       Corporation                   17315877120 
30039RIVER CEMENT COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Unknown                       14311789516 
30040EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         800 BELL ST RM 323                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770027497UNITED STA1-713-6563573                                                                                       Corporation                   11354090059 
30041ROHM AND HAAS TEXAS INCORPORATED                                                PO BOX 1000                                                                                                 DEER PARK                           TX775361000UNITED STA1-281-2282238                 1-281-2283540                 FHUBEHS@DOW.COM                         Corporation                   17417037615 
30042INEOS USA LLC                                                                   2600 S SHORE BLVD                                                                                           LEAGUE CITY                         TX775732943UNITED STA1-281-5813498                 1-281-5813604                 randall.browning@innovene.com           Corporation                   12019819338 
30043CONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANY                                                          PO BOX 2400                                                                                                 BARTLESVILLE                        OK740052400UNITED STA1-918-6611888                                                                                       Corporation                   17304003456 
30044PHILLIPS CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 271                                                                                                  BORGER                              TX790080271UNITED STA1-806-2751222                                                                                       Unknown                       30113461310 
30045PHILLIPS CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 271                                                                                                  BORGER                              TX790080271UNITED STA1-806-2751222                                                                                       Unknown                       30113461310 
30046LAPORTE RAIL AND TERMINAL LLC                                                   5301 POLK ST BLDG 25                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770231453UNITED STA1-713-9217410                                               LAPORTERANDT@GMAIL.COM                  Corporation                   32072361119 
30047MOBIL CHEMICAL COMPANY INC                                                      PO BOX 3868                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777043868UNITED STA1-409-8391247                                                                                       Unknown                       11325764576 
30048PHILLIPS 66 COMPANY                                                             8189 OLD FM 524                                                                                             OLD OCEAN                           TX77463    UNITED STA1-979-4912360                                                                                       Corporation                   13716527026 
30049LYONDELLBASELL ACETYLS LLC                                                      PO BOX D                                                                                                    DEER PARK                           TX775361900UNITED STA1-713-3365475                 1-713-2091440                 tim.westby@lyhondellbasell.com          Corporation                   12711912332 
30051PCI NITROGEN LLC                                                                PO BOX 3447                                                                                                 PASADENA                            TX775013447UNITED STA1-713-9205300                 1-713-9205350                                                         Corporation                   13001641177 
30053BASF CORPORATION                                                                14385 W PORT ARTHUR RD                                                                                      BEAUMONT                            TX777059290UNITED STA1-409-7228061                                                                                       Corporation                   11610908094 
30054COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17507253387 
30055CABOT CORPORATION                                                               PO BOX 5001                                                                                                 PAMPA                               TX790665001UNITED STA1-806-6613100                 1-806-6613134                 carson_christie@cabot-corp.com          Corporation                   10422718972 
30056US DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY                                                       PO BOX 190010                                                                                               NORTH CHARLESTON                    SC294199010UNITED STA1-843-8205517                                                                                       Federal Government Ownership              
30057TEX TIN CORPORATION                                                             PO BOX 2130                                                                                                 TEXAS CITY                          TX775922130UNITED STA1-713-9454411                                                                                       Unknown                       17601250511 
30058TROY POTTER INC                                                                 PO BOX 300                                                                                                  TULSA                               OK741020300UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17514477904 
30059PHILLIPS 66 COMPANY                                                             PO BOX 4428                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104428UNITED STA1-281-2936600                                                                                       Corporation                   13716527026 
30060NEWELL RECYCLING CO                                                             726 PROBANDT                                                                                                SAN ANTONIO                         TX782042342UNITED STA1-999-9999999                                               UNKNOWN@UNKNOWN.COM                     Unknown                                   
30061DEL MONTE FOODS INC                                                             2205 OLD UVALDE HWY                                                                                         CRYSTAL CITY                        TX788391532UNITED STA1-830-3743451                                               Leroy.Faz@delmonte.com                  Corporation                               
30062LETOURNEAU TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                     PO BOX 2307                                                                                                 LONGVIEW                            TX756062307UNITED STA1-903-2525029                                               CLINT.MORRISON@MINING.KOMATSU           Corporation                   17604201230 
30063VALCO BIOENERGY                                                                 PO BOX 533609                                                                                               HARLINGEN                           TX785533609UNITED STA1-956-4254545                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30064LEGACY VULCAN LLC                                                               1200 URBAN CENTER DR                                                                                        VESTAVIA                            AL352422545UNITED STA1-205-2983000                                                                                       Corporation                   16303663716 
30065BNSF RAILWAY COMPANY                                                            4200 DEEN RD                                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761063042UNITED STA1-817-7407356                 1-817-7407250                                                         Corporation                   14160340007 
30066TESSENDERLO KERLEY INC                                                          PO BOX 11589                                                                                                PHOENIX                             AZ850611589UNITED STA1-602-5280665                                                                                       Corporation                   18605669300 
30067CHEROKEE SUGAR LAND LP                                                          198 KEMPNER ST                                                                                              SUGAR LAND                          TX774982967UNITED STA1-972-5801323                 1-972-5507464                                                                                       12026495593 
30068TECHNICOAT INC                                                                  301 NE 6TH ST                                                                                               FORT WORTH                          TX761649434UNITED STA1-817-3327163                                                                                       Unknown                       17513214647 
30070GRAPHIC PACKAGING INTERNATIONAL LLC                                             9978 FM 3129                                                                                                QUEEN CITY                          TX755725342UNITED STA1-903-7961444                 1-770-2406342                 MARK.BRUYNS@GRAPHICPKG.COM              Unknown                       18407729294 
30071ROGERS DELINTED COTTONSEED CO                                                   PO BOX 592                                                                                                  ROBSTOWN                            TX783800592UNITED STA1-512-3871614                                                                                       Corporation                   17410866143 
30072CELANESE LTD                                                                    PO BOX 937                                                                                                  PAMPA                               TX790660937UNITED STA1-806-6551801                 1-806-6634107                 www.celanesechemicals.com                                             17526225267 
30073SHERMAN WIRE OF CALDWELL                                                        428 GIBBONS RD                                                                                              SHERMAN                             TX750928390UNITED STA1-800-5274637                 1-903-8689502                                                         Unknown                       17521957682 
30074NATIONAL GYPSUM OF TEXAS LP                                                     PO BOX B                                                                                                    ROTAN                               TX795460481UNITED STA1-915-7352221                                                                                                                     15621683406 
30075GEORGIA-PACIFIC WOOD PRODUCTS LLC                                               PO BOX 1005                                                                                                 CORRIGAN                            TX759391005UNITED STA0-936-3982521                 0-936-3987120                                                         Corporation                   32025244206 
30077LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORPORATION                                                   PO BOX JJ                                                                                                   INGLESIDE                           TX783620920UNITED STA1-903-6933862                                                                                       Corporation                   19306090747 
30078WORLDWIDE REFINERY & PAINT CO                                                   PO BOX 9391                                                                                                 AMARILLO                            TX791059391UNITED STA1-512-4746381                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30079E I DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY                                              PO BOX 526                                                                                                  VICTORIA                            TX779020526UNITED STA1-361-5721697                 1-361-5722314                 robert.a.stryk@usa.dupont.com           Corporation                   15100140902 
30080FALCON DEVELOPMENT LLC                                                          2275 CASSENS DR STE 118                                                                                     FENTON                              MO630262561UNITED STA1-314-5806736                                               JFROH@COMMERCIALLIABILITYPARTNERS.COM   Corporation                   32072383527 
30081GOLDEN EAGLE DEVELOPMENT LLC                                                    2275 CASSENS DR STE 118                                                                                     FENTON                              MO630262561UNITED STA0-314-5806736                                               JFROH@COMMERCIALLIABILITYPARTNERS.COM   Corporation                   32072726568 
30082JOHNSTON-LAWRENCE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 1759                                                                                                 KILGORE                             TX756631759UNITED STA1-214-9845044                                                                                       Corporation                   17512551296 
30083ALON USA LP                                                                     7616 LBJ FWY STE 300                                                                                        DALLAS                              TX752511105UNITED STA1-972-3673635                 1-972-3673723                                                                                       17528767449 
30084TICONA POLYMERS INC                                                             PO BOX 428                                                                                                  BISHOP                              TX783430428UNITED STA1-361-5846000                 1-361-5846168                                                         Corporation                   11333133582 
30085EWING BROTHERS GIN INC                                                          RT 2 BOX 1225                                                                                               WACO                                TX767109999UNITED STA1-817-8484433                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30086ROCKWOOL INDUSTRIES INC                                                         1727 SARDIS RD N STE 168                                                                                    CHARLOTTE                           NC282702539UNITED STA1-704-3668895                                                                                       Corporation                   17514031487 
30087QUALITY ELECTRIC STEEL CASTINGS LP                                              252 MCCARTY ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770291138UNITED STA1-713-6726625                                                                                                                     17410753374 
30089ASARCO LLC                                                                      PO BOX 30200                                                                                                AMARILLO                            TX791200200UNITED STA1-806-4684134                                                                                       Corporation                   18106662846 
30090LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Corporation                   19306090747 
30091CHEVRON PHILLIPS CHEMICAL COMPANY LP                                            9500 INTERSTATE 10 E                                                                                        BAYTOWN                             TX775218155UNITED STA1-281-4216246                 1-281-4216272                 vyviamr@cpchem.com                      Corporation                   17315877120 
30092HOUSTON REFINING LP                                                             12000 LAWNDALE ST                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770172740UNITED STA1-713-3214111                 1-713-3216820                 ROEL.MUNOZ@LYONDELLBASELL.COM           Corporation                   17603953039 
30093US STEEL TUBULAR PRODUCTS INC                                                   PO BOX 1000                                                                                                 LONE STAR                           TX756681000UNITED STA1-903-6567415                 1-903-6567412                 JDDENMANJR@USS.COM                      Corporation                   17503995171 
30094HUNTSMAN PETROCHEMICAL LLC                                                      5451 JEFFERSON CHEMICAL RD                                                                                  CONROE                              TX773016837UNITED STA1-936-7606270                                               MARILYN_HUTTON@HUNTSMAN.COM             Corporation                   15815945181 
30096TEXAS CLAY INDUSTRIES                                                           PO BOX 469                                                                                                  MALAKOFF                            TX751480469UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
30097COPANO ENTERPRISES LLC                                                          1999 BRYAN ST STE 900                                                                                       DALLAS                              TX752013140UNITED STA1-361-9876449                                               KEITH.SCHMIDT@ALCOA.COM                 Corporation                   32066809859 
30098COOPER NATURAL RESOURCES INC                                                    PO BOX 1477                                                                                                 SEAGRAVES                           TX793591477UNITED STA1-806-4876464                                                                                       Corporation                   14317538487 
30099SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY                                             790 S BUCHANAN ST                                                                                           AMARILLO                            TX791012510UNITED STA1-806-3782593                                               HEIDI.GRUNER@XCELENERGY.COM             Corporation                   17505754006 
30100SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY                                             790 S BUCHANAN ST                                                                                           AMARILLO                            TX791012510UNITED STA1-806-3782593                                               HEIDI.GRUNER@XCELENERGY.COM             Corporation                   17505754006 
30101CABOT NORIT AMERICAS INC                                                        PO BOX 790                                                                                                  MARSHALL                            TX756710790UNITED STA1-903-9389211                                                                                       Corporation                   15901422103 
30102PROLER INTERNATIONAL CORP                                                       PO BOX 286                                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770010286UNITED STA1-713-6752281                                                                                       Corporation                   17410512515 
30103THE CONQUISTA PROJECT                                                           PO BOX 309                                                                                                  FALLS CITY                          TX781130309UNITED STA1-830-2543581                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30104PHELPS DODGE REFINING CORPORATION                                               PO BOX 20001                                                                                                EL PASO                             TX799989999UNITED STA1-915-7789881                                                                                       Corporation                   32062939593 
30105EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         800 BELL ST RM 323                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770027497UNITED STA1-713-6563573                                                                                       Corporation                   11354090059 
30106THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                        2030 WILLARD H DOW CTR                                                                                      MIDLAND                             MI486740001UNITED STA1-361-5532920                 1-361-5533064                                                         Corporation                   13812851288 
30107GEORGIA-PACIFIC WOOD PRODUCTS LLC                                               RR 1 BOX 104                                                                                                BON WIER                            TX759289750UNITED STA1-409-3974211                 1-409-3974433                                                         Corporation                   32025244206 
30108DRAGON PRODUCTS LTD                                                             PO BOX 790                                                                                                  BEAUMONT                            TX777040790UNITED STA1-409-8332665                 1-409-8324057                 doug.fierce@modernusa.com                                             17605598634 
30108LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Corporation                   19306090747 
30109LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORPORATION                                                   414 UNION ST STE 2000                                                                                       NASHVILLE                           TN372191711UNITED STA1-615-9865600                 1-615-9865666                                                         Corporation                   19306090747 
30110GEORGIA-PACIFIC WOOD PRODUCTS LLC                                               105 YELLOW PINE HIGHWAY                                                                                     PINELAND                            TX75968    UNITED STA1-404-6524000                                                                                       Corporation                   32025244206 
30111PHILLIPS 66 COMPANY                                                             PO BOX 271                                                                                                  BORGER                              TX790080271UNITED STA1-806-2752831                                                                                       Corporation                   13716527026 
30112TIN LLC                                                                         6400 POPLAR AVE                                                                                             MEMPHIS                             TN381970100UNITED STA1-901-4193878                 1-901-2149551                 TOM.RICHARDSON@IPAPER.COM               Corporation                   17514624273 
30113ROC INDUSTRIES INC                                                              1605 BRITTMOORE RD                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770433107UNITED STA1-713-4687744                                                                                       Corporation                   17415401458 
30114CITY OF GAINESVILLE                                                             200 S RUSK ST STE A                                                                                         GAINESVILLE                         TX762404867UNITED STA                                                                                                                                              
30115CAPITOL AGGREGATES INC                                                          PO BOX 33240                                                                                                SAN ANTONIO                         TX782653240UNITED STA1-210-8716100                 1-210-8716926                                                         Corporation                   17427312255 
30116GEORGIA-PACIFIC GYPSUM LLC                                                      310 FM 1856                                                                                                 SWEETWATER                          TX795565600UNITED STA1-325-2366857                 1-325-2354462                                                         Corporation                   12057576725 
30117WEATHERFORD AEROSPACE LLC                                                       1020 E COLUMBIA ST                                                                                          WEATHERFORD                         TX760864522UNITED STA0-817-5945464                 0-817-9547450                 AL.SOLIS@WEATHERFORDAEROSPACE.COM       Other/Misc                    32055288115 
30118UNITED STATES GYPSUM COMPANY                                                    PO BOX 1429                                                                                                 SWEETWATER                          TX795561429UNITED STA1-325-2367752                 1-325-2367759                                                         Corporation                   13618984101 
30119NEAL PLATING CO                                                                 196 NEAL AVE                                                                                                BELLS                               TX754142355UNITED STA1-903-9654233                                                                                       Corporation                   17514334006 
30121MOTIVA ENTERPRISES LLC                                                          2555 SAVANNAH AVE                                                                                           PORT ARTHUR                         TX776403672UNITED STA1-409-9897174                 1-409-9897108                                                         Corporation                   17602624904 
30123GULF SULPHUR SERVICES LTD LLLP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                               
30123FREEPORT MCMORAN SULPHUR LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Corporation                               
30124HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES INC                                                 PO BOX 42810                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772422810UNITED STA1-281-5754018                 1-281-9881016                 denise.tuck@halliburton.com             Corporation                   17302712801 
30125H AND L GULF INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Unknown                                   
30125H & L NEW GULF INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   17527633204 
30126NEWELL RECYCLING CO INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                       10038310117 
30127MATHESON TRI-GAS INC                                                            4545 FULLER DR STE 100                                                                                      IRVING                              TX750386509UNITED STA1-214-5701990                                                                                       Corporation                   17424603540 
30128OXBOW CALCINING LLC                                                             PO BOX C                                                                                                    PORT ARTHUR                         TX776410178UNITED STA1-409-9852578                                                                                       Other/Misc                    11336370439 
30129THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                        PO BOX 186                                                                                                  PORT LAVACA                         TX779790186UNITED STA1-361-5532040                 1-361-5533064                 wonzniara@dow.com                       Corporation                   13812851288 
30130WELLS WRIGHT INC                                                                PO BOX 151                                                                                                  EDNA                                TX779570151UNITED STA1-512-7823595                                                                                       Unknown                       17413646484 
30131CHEVRON PHILLIPS CHEMICAL COMPANY LP                                            PO BOX 968                                                                                                  BORGER                              TX790080968UNITED STA1-806-2755886                                                                                       Corporation                   17315877120 
30132ALCOA USA CORP                                                                  4069 CHARLES MARTIN HALL RD                                                                                 ROCKDALE                            TX765673082UNITED STA0-512-4468379                                                                                       Corporation                   32061508100 
30133ROCKPORT TERMINALS LLC                                                          8700 CROWNHILL BLVD STE 407                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782091128UNITED STA1-210-2909624                                               MWHITE@CNROPERATIONS.COM                Corporation                   32061323013 
30134CELANESE LTD                                                                    PO BOX 819005                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX753819005UNITED STA1-972-4434000                                                                                                                     17526225267 
30135LANCO BIT & SUPPLY CO INC                                                       8115 N COUNTY RD W                                                                                          ODESSA                              TX797641917UNITED STA1-915-3623661                                                                                       Corporation                   17513968085 
30136DIXIE METALS COMPANY                                                            PO BOX 1262                                                                                                 READING                             PA196031262UNITED STA1-214-9462132                                                                                       Unknown                       17514401995 
30137EASTMAN CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                        PO BOX 7444                                                                                                 LONGVIEW                            TX756077444UNITED STA0-903-2375826                 0-903-2376318                 TWALDREDGE@EASTMAN.COM                  Corporation                   16215393592 
30138ASCEND PERFORMANCE MATERIALS TEXAS INC                                          PO BOX 711                                                                                                  ALVIN                               TX775120711UNITED STA1-281-2284313                                                                                       Corporation                   32047480754 
30139BLANCHARD REFINING COMPANY LLC                                                  539 S MAIN ST                                                                                               FINDLAY                             OH458403229UNITED STA1-419-4222121                 1-419-4214377                                                         Corporation                   32049194742 
30140TYLER PIPE COMPANY A DIVISION OF MCWANE INC                                     11910 COUNTY ROAD 492                                                                                       TYLER                               TX757065840UNITED STA1-903-8822687                                               SCOTT.HARRIS@TYLERPIPE.COM              Corporation                               
30141HERCULES MARINE SERVICES CORPORATION                                            11011 RICHMOND AVE STE 500                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770424833UNITED STA1-713-2606300                                                                                       Corporation                   30116852903 
30142FLINT HILLS RESOURCES ODESSA LLC                                                4111 E 37TH ST N                                                                                            WICHITA                             KS672203203UNITED STA1-815-4054130                 1-316-8288405                                                         Other/Misc                    32045637017 
30143ALCOA USA CORP                                                                  4069 CHARLES MARTIN HALL RD                                                                                 ROCKDALE                            TX765673082UNITED STA1-512-4468379                                                                                       Corporation                   32061508100 
30144LION ELASTOMERS LLC                                                             1615 MAIN ST                                                                                                PORT NECHES                         TX776513039UNITED STA1-409-7248789                 1-409-7211606                 HHARDEGREE@ASHLAND.COM                  Corporation                   18106187521 
30145AMERIPOL SYNPOL CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Corporation                   17603841556 
30146THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                        PO BOX BB                                                                                                   FREEPORT                            TX775419999UNITED STA1-361-5532920                 1-361-5533064                                                         Corporation                   13812851288 
30147SERVICE TRANSPORT COMPANY                                                       7900 ALMEDA GENOA RD                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770752006UNITED STA1-713-2092500                 1-713-2092525                 jbrown@stvn.com                         Corporation                   17415354236 
30148SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY                                             PO BOX 1261                                                                                                 AMARILLO                            TX791051261UNITED STA1-806-3782593                                               HEIDI.GRUNER@XCELENERGY.COM             Corporation                   17505754006 
30149SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY                                             790 S BUCHANAN ST                                                                                           AMARILLO                            TX791012510UNITED STA1-806-3782593                                               HEIDI.GRUNER@XCELENERGY.COM             Corporation                   17505754006 
30150CITY OF GALENA PARK                                                             2000 CLINTON DR                                                                                             GALENA PARK                         TX775472837UNITED STA1-713-6722556                                                                                                                                 
30151YATES                                             WJ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Individual                                
30151YATES                                             WJ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Individual                                
30153GILCO LUBRICANTS INC                                                            PO BOX 156                                                                                                  BOYD                                TX760230156UNITED STA1-817-4332754                                                                                       Corporation                   17512167093 
30154EXXON MINERALS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION                                          PO BOX 827                                                                                                  THREE RIVERS                        TX780710827UNITED STA1-512-7862586                                                                                       Unknown                       17603521083 
30155GUIC INDUSTRIES INC                                                             2801 POST OAK BLVD STE 600                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770566110UNITED STA1-713-5852839                 1-713-6296239                                                         Unknown                       17602315966 
30156HEALTHTRACKRX INC                                                               1500 INTERSTATE 35 W                                                                                        DENTON                              TX762072402UNITED STA1-940-3832223                                               BRITTANY.JONES@HEALTHTRACKRX.COM        Corporation                   32058067789 
30158BRENNTAG SOUTHWEST INC                                                          704 E WINTERGREEN RD                                                                                        LANCASTER                           TX751343450UNITED STA1-903-7597151                                                                                       Corporation                   17518983782 
30160WARD CO                                                                         400 S ALLEN AVE                                                                                             MONAHANS                            TX797564603UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                               
30161TOMKINS INDUSTRIES INC                                                          800 AIRPORT RD                                                                                              TERRELL                             TX751605223UNITED STA1-214-5632605                                                                                       Corporation                   13105967130 
30162WICHITA COUNTY                                                                  900 7TH ST                                                                                                  WICHITA FALLS                       TX763012402UNITED STA                                                                                                    Local Government                          
30163ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND COMPANY                                                  PO BOX 1837                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761011837UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   14101291509 
30164SVC MANUFACTURING INC                                                           555 W MONROE ST                                                                                             CHICAGO                             IL606613605UNITED STA1-214-3331256                                                                                       Corporation                   13642866043 
30165LIBERTY COUNTY                                                                  119 S FENNER AVE                                                                                            CLEVELAND                           TX773274610UNITED STA1-281-5921653                                                                                       Local Government                          
30166THE HB FULLER COMPANY                                                           201 LONGHORN RD                                                                                             FORT WORTH                          TX761792403UNITED STA1-972-2891971                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30166H B FULLER COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Unknown                       14102683704 
30168MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC                                                          5555 N BEACH ST                                                                                             FORT WORTH                          TX761372702UNITED STA1-817-2452348                                                                                       Corporation                   13611158000 
30169THE COLEMAN COMPANY INC                                                         3600 N HYDRAULIC AVE                                                                                        WICHITA                             KS672193812UNITED STA1-830-6256943                 1-830-6436710                                                         Corporation                   11336392573 
30171STINNES OIL AND CHEMICAL CO                                                     6922 OLD KATY RD                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770242108UNITED STA1-713-8692441                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30172BRENNTAG SOUTHWEST INC                                                          610 FISHER RD                                                                                               LONGVIEW                            TX756045201UNITED STA1-903-7597151                                                                                       Corporation                   17518983782 
30173PETROLITE CORP BARECO DIVISION                                                  369 MARSHALL AVE                                                                                            SAINT LOUIS                         MO631191831UNITED STA1-314-9613500                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30174REXROAD                                           L                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Individual                                
30175NEW STYROCHEM U S LTD                                                           400 MINTON RD                                                                                               SAGINAW                             TX761795609UNITED STA1-817-7594545                 1-817-7594524                 djackman@styrochem.com                  Corporation                   32039279784 
30177SOUTHWEST SHIPYARD LP                                                           18310 MARKET ST                                                                                             CHANNELVIEW                         TX775303858UNITED STA1-281-8603200                 1-281-8603215                                                                                       17605157027 
30178TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED                                                  PO BOX 405                                                                                                  LEWISVILLE                          TX750670405UNITED STA1-214-4624201                                                                                       Corporation                   17502899705 
30180EISSLER                                                                         209 N WASHINGTON ST                                                                                         BEEVILLE                            TX781024510UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
30181ANDERSON CLAYTON                                                                PO BOX 369                                                                                                  THORNDALE                           TX765770369UNITED STA1-512-8982595                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30182THE STANLEY WORKS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                                   
30183UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-UNIVERSITY PARK                                           4513 CULLEN BLVD                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770046518UNITED STA1-713-7435869                 1-713-7438035                 ESULLIVAN@UH.EDU                        State Government                          
30184VITEX PACKAGING INC                                                             1577 WILROY RD                                                                                              SUFFOLK                             VA234342431UNITED STA1-804-9252138                                                                                       Corporation                               
30185TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED                                                  PO BOX 650311                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752650311UNITED STA1-972-9273148                                                                                       Corporation                   17502899705 
30186WICHITA FALLS LAKE ARROWHEAD E 2                                                229 PARK ROAD 63                                                                                            WICHITA FALLS                       TX763108444UNITED STA1-940-5282212                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30188SAN ANGELO ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY                                             7616 BAGBY AVE                                                                                              WACO                                TX767126924UNITED STA1-915-6532336                                                                                       Unknown                       17510950474 
30189BEAUMONT PLATING SERVICE                                                        3180 PARK ST                                                                                                BEAUMONT                            TX777052126UNITED STA1-713-8335626                                                                                       Unknown                       30003559207 
30190HP INC                                                                          PO BOX 20555                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772250555UNITED STA1-281-5149622                 1-281-5146838                 gary.bulanek@hp.com                     Corporation                   19410814362 
30192HOWMET CASTINGS & SERVICES INC                                                  6200 CENTRAL FWY                                                                                            WICHITA FALLS                       TX763056605UNITED STA1-940-8558100                 1-940-8551479                 ERIC.FOOS@ALCOA.COM                     Corporation                   12019028096 
30194SHIELDCOAT TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                     308 ELLEN TROUT DR                                                                                          LUFKIN                              TX759041356UNITED STA1-936-6336387                 1-936-6336398                                                         Corporation                   12008084969 
30195CAMO CHEMICAL LLC                                                               16950 WALLISVILLE RD                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770495014UNITED STA1-832-3764500                                               MTOMERLIN@STREAMLINEPOLYMERS.COM        Corporation                   32066773675 
30196UNIVERSAL URETHANES INC                                                         3919 EASTEX FWY                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770263214UNITED STA1-713-2243185                                                                                       Unknown                       17514828536 
30197LUTHER HENDON INC                                                               PO BOX 5522                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265522UNITED STA1-409-8423833                                                                                       Unknown                       17419340660 
30198ACUS CORPORATION                                                                11600 E HARDY RD                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770931021UNITED STA1-281-4490322                 1-281-4491324                 www.ashbrookcorp.com                    Corporation                   17419395045 
30199DELTA SOLVENTS & CHEMICALS CO                                                   428 E BENJAMIN ST                                                                                           TYLER                               TX757025833UNITED STA1-903-7597151                                                                                       Corporation                   17512241153 
30200SUEZ WTS USA INC                                                                9669 GROGANS MILL RD                                                                                        THE WOODLANDS                       TX773801026UNITED STA1-281-6815366                 1-281-3637780                                                         Corporation                   12315037312 
30202PEARL CONTAINER COMPANY                                                         3301 CHURCH ST                                                                                              GALVESTON                           TX775501219UNITED STA1-713-7636446                                                                                       Corporation                   17416530420 
30203COMANCHE COUNTY                                                                  COMANCHE                                                                                                   PROCTOR                             TX764689999UNITED STA1-254-8792537                                                                                       County Government                         
30205BRENNTAG SOUTHWEST INC                                                          610 FISHER RD                                                                                               LONGVIEW                            TX756045201UNITED STA1-903-7597151                                                                                       Corporation                   17518983782 
30206NEC AMERICA INC                                                                 1555 W WALNUT HILL LN                                                                                       IRVING                              TX750383702UNITED STA1-214-5809186                                                                                       Corporation                   11319809759 
30207WASHAMERICA INC                                                                 1100 WAYNE DR                                                                                               ANGLETON                            TX775159351UNITED STA1-979-8488800                 1-979-8489990                 brandan@bwservices.biz                  Corporation                   17518620657 
30208LAFAYETTE CORPORATION                                                           PO BOX 390                                                                                                  SEALY                               TX774740390UNITED STA1-409-8852983                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30209LITTELFUSE GP INC                                                               1800 HURD DR                                                                                                IRVING                              TX750384310UNITED STA1-972-5189580                                                                                       Unknown                       14320374516 
30211CANADIAN MILLWORK INC                                                           PO BOX 1002                                                                                                 FREEPORT                            TX775419999UNITED STA1-806-3236434                                                                                       Unknown                       17511021473 
30212TRINITY INDUSTRIES FORT WORTH                                                   PO BOX 568887                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX753568887UNITED STA1-817-6256225                                                                                       Corporation                   17502250404 
30213TRINITY INDUSTRIES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   17502250404 
30214TRINITY INDUSTRIES INC                                                          2525 N STEMMONS FWY                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752072401UNITED STA1-214-5896532                                                                                       Corporation                   17502250404 
30215TE PRODUCTS PIPELINE COMPANY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP                                PO BOX 2521                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772522521UNITED STA1-713-7593636                                                                                                                     17603296207 
30216TRINITY INDUSTRIES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   17502250404 
30217TRINITY INDUSTRIES FORT WORTH                                                   3910 WASHINGTON AVE                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770075604UNITED STA1-713-8618181                                                                                       Corporation                   17502250404 
30218TRINITY INDUSTRIES INC                                                          2525 N STEMMONS FWY                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752072401UNITED STA0-214-5898115                                                                                       Corporation                   17502250404 
30219US STEEL TUBULAR PRODUCTS INC                                                   PO BOX 1000                                                                                                 LONE STAR                           TX756681000UNITED STA1-903-6566513                 1-903-6566223                 JETIETZE@USS.COM                        Corporation                   17503995171 
30220GULF STATES PAINT CO                                                            PO BOX 300285                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX772300285UNITED STA1-713-4335633                                                                                       Corporation                   17410252005 
30221ALFA LAVAL AUTORAD INC                                                          2300 W MARSHALL DR                                                                                          GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750513509UNITED STA1-972-6472626                 1-972-6235027                                                         Unknown                       13200221458 
30222AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                       539 N CARANCAHUA ST                                                                                         CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784010999UNITED STA1-391-8815611                                                                                       Corporation                   17405506001 
30223AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17405506001 
30225AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 2121                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032121UNITED STA1-361-8815611                 1-361-8815837                 jkrystinik@aep.com                      Corporation                   17405506001 
30226AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 2121                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032121UNITED STA1-361-8815475                 1-361-8815837                                                         Corporation                   17405506001 
30227AEP TEXAS INC                                                                   PO BOX 2121                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032121UNITED STA0-877-3734858                 0-512-4814591                 NMHUTTON@AEP.COM                        Corporation                   32062398493 
30228AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17405506001 
30229ENTERGY GULF STATES INC                                                         PO BOX 2951                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777042951UNITED STA1-409-8275104                                                                                       Corporation                   17406627301 
30231AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17405506001 
30232AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 2121                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032121UNITED STA1-361-8815611                 1-361-8815837                 www.aep.com                             Corporation                   17405506001 
30233AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17405506001 
30234NATIONAL WELDING & GRINDING CO                                                  2929 CANTON ST                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752261604UNITED STA1-214-7421811                                                                                       Corporation                   17507270217 
30235ROBERTSHAW CONTROLS COMPANY                                                     100 W VICTORIA ST                                                                                           LONG BEACH                          CA908052147UNITED STA1-915-7798845                                                                                       Unknown                       15414195311 
30236THE GROCE COMPANY INC                                                           7650 COUNTY ROAD 48                                                                                         ROSHARON                            TX775833812UNITED STA1-281-4319511                                                                                       Corporation                   17413980461 
30237THE LUBRIZOL CORPORATION                                                        PO BOX 158                                                                                                  DEER PARK                           TX775360158UNITED STA1-713-4792851                                                                                       Corporation                   13403676003 
30238TEXACO PIPELINE INC PAPS                                                        PO BOX 4565                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104565UNITED STA1-713-2410236                                                                                       Corporation                               
30239HATHEWAY PATTERSON CORP                                                         PO BOX 19074                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772249074UNITED STA1-713-6940303                                                                                       Corporation                   17415394901 
30240CURTISS-WRIGHT CORP                                                             2671 FREEWOOD DR                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752202510UNITED STA1-214-6418011                                                                                       Corporation                               
30241PARKER-HANNIFIN CORPORATION                                                     800 S 4TH AVE                                                                                               MANSFIELD                           TX760632208UNITED STA1-817-4734431                                                                                       Corporation                   13404510607 
30242PARKER-HANNIFIN CORPORATION                                                     6035 PARKLAND BLVD                                                                                          CLEVELAND                           OH441244186UNITED STA1-216-6893000                                                                                       Corporation                   13404510607 
30243SEARLE OPTICAL LAB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30243PEARLE OPTICAL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
30244TAYLOR COMMUNICATIONS INC                                                       1725 ROE CREST DR                                                                                           NORTH MANKATO                       MN560031807UNITED STA1-507-3865889                                               JRTANKE@TAYLORCORP.COM                  Corporation                               
30245ION GEOPHYSICAL CORPORATION                                                     1001 HIGHWAY 35 BYP N                                                                                       ALVIN                               TX775112593UNITED STA1-281-3884480                                                                                       Corporation                   12222866464 
30248AIRCO INDUSTRIAL GASES                                                          PO BOX 1290                                                                                                 LA PUENTE                           CA917491290UNITED STA1-713-4287574                                                                                       Corporation                   30010491998 
30250GLOBE UNION INC                                                                 7158 MERCHANT AVE                                                                                           EL PASO                             TX799151207UNITED STA1-915-7793968                                                                                       Unknown                       30003848501 
30251CONTINENTAL PRODUCTS OF TEXAS                                                   PO BOX 3627                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797603627UNITED STA1-432-3374681                 1-432-3374685                 ukoya@cptonline.com                     Corporation                   17508249970 
30252GANTRADE CORPORATION                                                            210 SUMMIT AVE STE 1                                                                                        MONTVALE                            NJ076451579UNITED STA1-201-5731955                                                                                       Corporation                   11328355869 
30255WESTERN INTERNATIONAL GAS & CYLINDERS INC                                       PO BOX 668                                                                                                  BELLVILLE                           TX774180668UNITED STA0-979-4132100                                                                                       Corporation                   17423680531 
30256ODESSA BABBITT BEARING COMPANY                                                  PO BOX 7178                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797607178UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17512263546 
30258EQUILON ENTERPRISES LLC                                                         PO BOX 1087                                                                                                 HUFFMAN                             TX773361087UNITED STA1-281-3245921                 1-281-3245934                 kenneth.springer@shell.com              Corporation                   15220745317 
30258MAGELLAN PIPELINE COMPANY LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Corporation                   12014553304 
30261WESTROCK TEXAS LP                                                               PO BOX 816                                                                                                  SILSBEE                             TX776560816UNITED STA1-409-2761411                 1-409-2763410                                                         Corporation                   12236935354 
30262ENERGYSOLUTIONS LLC                                                             143 WEST ST STE E                                                                                           NEW MILFORD                         CT067763599UNITED STA1-801-3031092                 1-860-3553295                 rmcpeak@energysolutions.com             Corporation                               
30263AZTEC MANUFACTURING PARTNERSHIP LTD                                             PO BOX 24720                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772294720UNITED STA1-281-4581550                                                                                       Corporation                   17524038969 
30264NRG MANUFACTURING INC                                                           18703 GH CIRCLE                                                                                             WALLER                              TX77484    UNITED STA1-713-3934231                                               PMARTIN@AFGLOBALCORP.COM                Corporation                   17606754400 
30265BORDEN METAL PRODUCTS CO                                                        318 CLUBHOUSE RD                                                                                            HUNT VALLEY                         MD210311305UNITED STA1-713-4526637                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30266HUGHES TOOL COMPANY                                                             8490 KATY FWY                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770241904UNITED STA1-713-5465509                                                                                       Unknown                       17417292038 
30268IVY STEEL & WIRE INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                   15217191699 
30270FORGED PRODUCTS INC                                                             6505 N HOUSTON ROSSLYN RD                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770911006UNITED STA1-832-5907953                 1-713-4009396                 RLOVDAHL@FPITX.COM                      Corporation                   17600887206 
30271PHILIP RECLAMATION SERVICES HOUSTON LLC                                         4050 HOMESTEAD RD                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770285810UNITED STA1-713-6742406                                                                                       Corporation                   12622769417 
30272PRITCHETT ENGINEERING & MACHINE                                                 PO BOX 15296                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772205296UNITED STA1-713-6759181                                                                                       Corporation                   13102686709 
30273POWELL ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS INC                                                   PO BOX 12818                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772172818UNITED STA1-713-9474462                 1-713-9484940                 kevin.fields@powellind.com              Corporation                   17412458493 
30276RETERRA CORPORATION                                                             1503 HADEN RD                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770156455UNITED STA1-713-2567510                                               JASON.BALL@RETERRA.COM                  Corporation                   32001582892 
30279COLUMBIA LIGHTING LCA INC                                                       3808 N SULLIVAN RD BLDG 2930                                                                                SPOKANE VALLEY                      WA992161608UNITED STA1-509-9217540                                                                                       Unknown                       12313279734 
30280SCHLUMBERGER TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION                                             121 INDUSTRIAL BLVD                                                                                         SUGAR LAND                          TX774783127UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   12216926613 
30281NOURYON FUNCTIONAL CHEMICALS LLC                                                730 INDEPENDENCE PKWY S                                                                                     LA PORTE                            TX775719824UNITED STA0-281-8179154                                               QUINN.ALEXANDER@NOURYON.COM             Corporation                   13643234571 
30282ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS OPERATING LLC                                               PO BOX 573                                                                                                  MONT BELVIEU                        TX775800573UNITED STA1-832-5014000                 1-832-5015152                 RWHEATON@EPROD.COM                      Corporation                   12604305396 
30284GATES MOLDED PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                   13601 SPENCER RD                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770412568UNITED STA1-713-4666711                                                                                       Unknown                       30115852938 
30285EASTMAN CHEMICAL TEXAS CITY INC                                                 201 BAY ST S                                                                                                TEXAS CITY                          TX775908779UNITED STA1-409-6416113                 1-409-9423448                 AJEGEDE@EASTMAN.COM                     Corporation                   17605027857 
30287MATHESON TRI-GAS INC                                                            1920 W FAIRMONT PKWY                                                                                        LA PORTE                            TX775716127UNITED STA1-713-2933406                                                                                       Corporation                   17424603540 
30288CALUMET DICKINSON REFINING LLC                                                  4401 PARK AVE                                                                                               DICKINSON                           TX775396933UNITED STA1-281-3378250                 1-281-3371200                                                         Corporation                   32064415873 
30289SPX FLOW US LLC                                                                 PO BOX 40421                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772400421UNITED STA1-281-8972981                                               allen.atnip@spx.com                     Corporation                               
30290LONE STAR HEAT TREATING CO LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
30291DICKSON                                           W                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Individual                                
30292DRIL-QUIP INC                                                                   6401 N ELDRIDGE PKWY                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770413505UNITED STA1-713-9397711                 1-713-9395369                 GAIL_PICHOWSKY@DRIL-QUIP.COM            Corporation                   17421620885 
30293DRESSER FLOW CONTROL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Unknown                                   
30295PRAXAIR SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                1500 POLCO ST                                                                                               INDIANAPOLIS                        IN462223274UNITED STA1-317-2402500                                                                                       Corporation                   10612495241 
30296LINDE INC                                                                       10 RIVERVIEW DR                                                                                             DANBURY                             CT068106268UNITED STA0-281-4781905                                               MITCH.BOYLE@LINDE.COM                   Corporation                   10612490507 
30297UNITED STATES GYPSUM COMPANY                                                    1201 MAYO SHELL RD                                                                                          GALENA PARK                         TX77547    UNITED STA1-713-3085471                                                                                       Corporation                   13618984101 
30298BAY AREA ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC                                             10201 BAY AREA BLVD                                                                                         PASADENA                            TX775071850UNITED STA1-412-4004582                 1-713-9553550                 MMOSER@EXPRESSCONTAINERSVC.COM          Corporation                   32064330635 
30299VETCO GRAY LLC                                                                  12221 N HOUSTON ROSSLYN RD                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770863216UNITED STA1-281-4053572                 1-281-4055644                 CHRISTOPHER.GENUARDI@GE.COM             Corporation                   17601716198 
30300NOURYON SURFACE CHEMISTRY LLC                                                   15200 ALMEDA RD                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770534920UNITED STA1-713-2026599                                               SERGIO.SEPULVEDA@NOURYON.COM            Corporation                   13643232690 
30301FMC TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                            1777 GEARS RD                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770674001UNITED STA1-281-9312577                 1-281-5914002                 jeff.ray@fmcti.com                      Corporation                   13644126420 
30302GREIF INC                                                                       366 GREIF PKWY                                                                                              DELAWARE                            OH430158260UNITED STA1-740-6576542                 1-740-6576592                 nick.sheets@grief.com                   Corporation                   13143889031 
30303NILOK CHEMICALS INC                                                             299 JEFFERSON RD                                                                                            PARSIPPANY                          NJ070542827UNITED STA1-973-9298050                 1-973-9298040                 ANDREW.KRUCZEK@EVONIK.COM               Corporation                               
30305ONEOK HYDROCARBON SOUTHWEST LLC                                                 PO BOX 550                                                                                                  MONT BELVIEU                        TX775800550UNITED STA1-281-3853540                 1-281-3851332                                                         Corporation                   14812526862 
30306RTI EXTRUSIONS INC                                                              7600 S SANTA FE DR STE C                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770614500UNITED STA0-713-6406919                 0-713-6406039                                                         Corporation                   13417673145 
30307BAKER HUGHES HOLDINGS LLC                                                       PO BOX 1407                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772511407UNITED STA1-713-4398789                                                                                       Corporation                   17602079950 
30308MERCHANTS METALS LLC                                                            4901 LANGLEY RD                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770935020UNITED STA1-713-6972981                 1-713-6977872                 NBROWN@MERCHANTSMETALS.COM              Unknown                       17416228918 
30309CHICAGO BRIDGE AND IRON COMPANY                                                 8900 FAIRBANKS N HOUSTON RD                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX770646805UNITED STA1-713-8965906                                               tbutzke@cbi.com                         Corporation                               
30310COOK PAINT AND VARNISH COMPANY                                                  PO BOX 389                                                                                                  KANSAS CITY                         MO641416389UNITED STA1-816-3916395                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30311PASADENA REFINING SYSTEM INC                                                    111 RED BLUFF RD                                                                                            PASADENA                            TX775061530UNITED STA1-713-4722461                 1-713-9204741                                                         Corporation                   10615131587 
30312GULF REDUCTION CORPORATION                                                      6020 NAVIGATION BLVD                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770111132UNITED STA1-281-8405376                                               JOHN.WILLIAMS@USZINC.COM                Corporation                   17602649273 
30314DIXIE CHEMICAL COMPANY INC                                                      10601 BAY AREA BLVD                                                                                         PASADENA                            TX775071719UNITED STA1-281-4743271                 1-281-2913387                                                         Corporation                   17410371334 
30315FMC CORPORATION                                                                 PO BOX 1377                                                                                                 STEPHENVILLE                        TX764010014UNITED STA1-817-9682181                                                                                       Corporation                   19404798043 
30316THE GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY                                              1144 E MARKET ST                                                                                            AKRON                               OH443160001UNITED STA1-330-7962121                                                                                       Corporation                   13402532405 
30317AIR PRODUCTS LLC                                                                7201 HAMILTON BLVD                                                                                          ALLENTOWN                           PA181959642UNITED STA1-610-4814911                 1-610-7065521                                                         Corporation                   32002289901 
30318ALLIED INDUSTRIES INC                                                           10101 BAY AREA BLVD                                                                                         PASADENA                            TX775071851UNITED STA1-713-6766185                                                                                       Corporation                               
30320BAKER HUGHES OILFIELD OPERATIONS LLC                                            17021 ALDINE WESTFIELD RD                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770735101UNITED STA1-713-8791258                                               AMY.HOOD@BAKERHUGHES.COM                Corporation                   19413028861 
30321HEARST NEWSPAPERS PARTNERSHIP LP DBA HOUSTON CHRON                              PO BOX 4260                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104260UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
30324THE LUBRIZOL CORPORATION                                                        PO BOX 158                                                                                                  DEER PARK                           TX775360158UNITED STA1-281-4792851                 1-281-8845305                                                         Corporation                   13403676003 
30325THE LUBRIZOL CORPORATION                                                        PO BOX 158                                                                                                  DEER PARK                           TX775360158UNITED STA1-281-4792851                 1-281-8845305                                                         Corporation                   13403676003 
30326BLANCHARD REFINING COMPANY LLC                                                  539 S MAIN ST                                                                                               FINDLAY                             OH458403229UNITED STA1-419-4212121                                                                                       Corporation                   32049194742 
30327NATIONAL FLAME & FORGE INC                                                      PO BOX 7385                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772487385UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17418492793 
30329PLICOFLEX INC                                                                   PO BOX 45829                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770459999UNITED STA1-713-4333661                                                                                       Corporation                               
30331ATOCHEM CHEMICALS INC                                                           2000 MARKET ST                                                                                              PHILADELPHIA                        PA191033231UNITED STA1-215-4195552                                                                                       Corporation                               
30332HEMPEL COATINGS USA INC                                                         600 CONROE PARK WEST DR                                                                                     CONROE                              TX773032007UNITED STA1-936-5236000                                                                                       Corporation                   11356103751 
30334SANDVIK ROCK TOOLS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   15414347672 
30335HOOVER MATERIALS HANDLING GROUP INC                                             2135 HIGHWAY 6 S                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770774319UNITED STA1-281-8708402                 1-832-2010333                 SMEINTS@HOOVERSOLUTIONS.COM             Corporation                   15820157954 
30336BENJAMIN MOORE & CO                                                             700 W KEARNEY ST                                                                                            MESQUITE                            TX751493290UNITED STA1-972-2856346                 1-972-2856450                                                         Corporation                   11352562307 
30337EPIROC DRILLING SOLUTIONS LLC                                                   2100 N 1ST ST                                                                                               GARLAND                             TX750404102UNITED STA1-972-4967401                 1-972-4967420                 WAYNE.APKE@EPIROC.COM                   Corporation                   12008173762 
30338APEX TOOL GROUP LLC                                                             3000 W KINGSLEY RD                                                                                          GARLAND                             TX750412313UNITED STA1-469-2781569                                               TERRI.HARRISON@APEXTOOLGROUP.COM        Corporation                   32041680722 
30339DEEP FLEX PLASTIC MOLDS INC                                                     2740 LIPSCOMB ST                                                                                            FORT WORTH                          TX761103119UNITED STA1-817-9275337                                                                                       Unknown                       17511093571 
30343RAYTHEON COMPANY                                                                PO BOX 660023                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752660023UNITED STA1-972-2057395                                                                                       Corporation                   19517785002 
30344TECCOR ELECTRONICS INC                                                          1101 PAMELA DR                                                                                              EULESS                              TX760406811UNITED STA1-214-2527651                                                                                       Corporation                   13109638620 
30346ADVANCED GRAPHICS TECHNOLOGIES INC                                              1101 WINDHAM PKWY                                                                                           ROMEOVILLE                          IL604461790UNITED STA1-817-4818561                                                                                       Corporation                   17522005275 
30347GENERAL MOTORS LLC                                                              2525 E ABRAM ST                                                                                             ARLINGTON                           TX760101346UNITED STA1-817-6522452                 1-817-6522336                 Trinette.Moore@gm.com                   Corporation                   12703832225 
30348THE GLIDDEN COMPANY                                                             1900 N JOSEY LN                                                                                             CARROLLTON                          TX750064263UNITED STA1-972-4177439                 1-972-4177577                                                         Corporation                   15102868674 
30349HEXCEL CORPORATION                                                              PO BOX 1298                                                                                                 GRAHAM                              TX764501298UNITED STA1-817-5492722                                                                                       Unknown                       19411095219 
30350OLDCASTLE BUILDINGENVELOPE INC                                                  803 AIRPORT RD                                                                                              TERRELL                             TX751605224UNITED STA1-972-5516225                 1-972-5516240                 JALFORD@OLDCASTLEBE.COM                 Corporation                   17521966840 
30351HUTSON AEROSPACE INC                                                            3500 S COOPER ST                                                                                            ARLINGTON                           TX760153409UNITED STA1-817-4674927                                                                                       Corporation                   17516957309 
30352INCA METAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17524721291 
30353CARRIER CORPORATION                                                             1201 W CROSBY RD                                                                                            CARROLLTON                          TX750066905UNITED STA1-972-3897201                                                                                       Corporation                   10609917165 
30354HEMPEL USA INC                                                                  2728 EMPIRE CENTRAL                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752354409UNITED STA0-214-3531600                                               MATB@HEMPEL.COM                         Corporation                   17606254856 
30355CROWN CORK & SEAL USA INC                                                       1 CROWN WAY                                                                                                 PHILADELPHIA                        PA191544501UNITED STA1-817-6400984                                                                                       Corporation                   12328694943 
30356KRAFT LABS                                                                      1726 S GARLAND AVE                                                                                          GARLAND                             TX750409999UNITED STA1-972-2766404                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30357LED ELECTRIC COMPANY INC                                                        PO BOX AD                                                                                                   HUTCHINS                            TX751419999UNITED STA1-214-2252381                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30358LENNOX INDUSTRIES INC                                                           PO BOX 799900                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX753799900UNITED STA1-214-4975069                                                                                       Corporation                   14203771101 
30359MADIX INC                                                                       500 AIRPORT RD                                                                                              TERRELL                             TX751605217UNITED STA1-972-5245744                 1-972-5510561                 lrobinson@madixinc.com                  Corporation                   17510948106 
30360BF GOODRICH LANDING GEAR                                                        4000 S HIGHWAY 157                                                                                          EULESS                              TX760407012UNITED STA1-817-2834471                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30361MILEY TRAILER COMPANY INC                                                       2701 DECATUR AVE                                                                                            FORT WORTH                          TX761067218UNITED STA1-915-7518851                                                                                       Corporation                   30002266994 
30362OPTEK TECHNOLOGY INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                   17519624054 
30364REXAM BEVERAGE CAN COMPANY                                                      8800 SOUTH FWY                                                                                              FORT WORTH                          TX761404910UNITED STA1-817-2935350                                                                                       Corporation                   13622411810 
30365NCR CORPORATION                                                                 3000 AVENUE F                                                                                               ARLINGTON                           TX760115216UNITED STA1-817-6495505                                                                                       Corporation                   13103879204 
30366RANGAIRE INC                                                                    501 S WILHITE ST                                                                                            CLEBURNE                            TX760316338UNITED STA1-817-5566500                                                                                       Corporation                   17427599000 
30367MANDERS PREMIER INC                                                             327 COLE ST                                                                                                 DALLAS                              TX752074003UNITED STA1-214-7415316                                                                                       Corporation                   13640963644 
30368LYONDELL CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                       10801 CHOATE RD                                                                                             PASADENA                            TX775071503UNITED STA1-281-2911681                 1-281-2911782                                                         Corporation                   19541605580 
30370THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                      101 PROSPECT AVE NW                                                                                         CLEVELAND                           OH441151093UNITED STA0-216-5662000                                                                                       Corporation                   32065228846 
30371FLINT INK CORPORATION                                                           4600 ARROWHEAD DR                                                                                           ANN ARBOR                           MI481052773UNITED STA1-734-6226750                                                                                       Unknown                       13815759777 
30372SHERMAN WIRE COMPANY                                                            3573 E SUNRISE DR STE 215                                                                                   TUCSON                              AZ857183206UNITED STA1-520-5298080                                                                                       Corporation                   13618994902 
30373INEOS US CHEMICALS COMPANY                                                      PO BOX 1688                                                                                                 TEXAS CITY                          TX775921688UNITED STA1-409-6553333                                               OLLIE.NIEDERHOFER@INEOS.COM             Corporation                   13623472407 
30374SOUTHWESTERN COOPERAGE COMPANY TEXAS REFINERY                                   PO BOX 711                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010711UNITED STA1-817-3321161                                                                                       Local Government                          
30375NCSW LTD                                                                        4305 S LAMAR ST                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752154108UNITED STA1-214-4210247                 1-469-3981713                 laura@goldmetal.com                     Other/Misc                    32035188203 
30376UNIVAR SOLUTIONS USA INC                                                        PO BOX 34325                                                                                                SEATTLE                             WA981241325UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   19113479356 
30377RHONE-POULENC BASIC CHEMICALS CO                                                3500 DEEN RD                                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761064710UNITED STA1-817-6242173                                                                                       Corporation                   15103019772 
30378SUSAN CRANE INC                                                                 8107 CHANCELLOR ROW                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752475511UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17515304420 
30380BUNGE OILS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   13632538255 
30381METROPLEX PETROLEUM INC                                                         PO BOX 743                                                                                                  MIDLOTHIAN                          TX760650743UNITED STA1-972-7758428                                                                                       Corporation                   30118958575 
30382TEXAS NAMEPLATE COMPANY INC                                                     PO BOX 150499                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX753150499UNITED STA1-214-4288341                                                                                       Corporation                   17509675298 
30383CHAMPION PARTS INC                                                              PO BOX 1866                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761011866UNITED STA1-817-3369741                                                                                       Corporation                   13620889116 
30384TEXAS REFINERY CORP                                                             840 N MAIN ST                                                                                               FORT WORTH                          TX761649419UNITED STA1-817-3321161                 1-817-3326110                                                         Unknown                       17504815303 
30386TRANTER INC                                                                     PO BOX 2289                                                                                                 WICHITA FALLS                       TX763072289UNITED STA1-940-7237125                                                                                       Corporation                   13643430021 
30388DALLAS LABEL & BOX COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Corporation                               
30389TENTH STREET INDUSTRIES LP                                                      901 10TH ST                                                                                                 PLANO                               TX750746801UNITED STA1-972-9899812                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30390PRATT & WHITNEY ENGINE SERVICES INC                                             1177 N GREAT SOUTHWEST PKWY                                                                                 GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750502629UNITED STA1-817-6071423                                                                                       Corporation                   15505217941 
30391VAN DER HORST USA CORPORATION                                                   PO BOX 428                                                                                                  TERRELL                             TX751600008UNITED STA1-972-5635757                                                                                       Corporation                   17522001076 
30392INTERFET CORPORATION                                                            RR 1 BOX 292E                                                                                               NEVADA                              TX751739801UNITED STA1-214-8532728                                                                                       Unknown                       17522057656 
30395CONSOLIDATED CASTING CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                               
30397CONTROL TECHNOLOGY INC                                                          1881 W STATE ST                                                                                             GARLAND                             TX750426761UNITED STA1-214-2725544                                                                                       Unknown                       17521464143 
30398SUN CHEMICAL CORPORATION PACKAGING INK DIVISION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                               
30399BARKER CHEMICAL CO                                                              PO BOX 388                                                                                                  GRANDVIEW                           TX760500388UNITED STA1-817-8663338                                                                                       Corporation                   13624833342 
30400BIOMETRICS INSTRUMENTS CORP                                                     555 N 5TH ST                                                                                                GARLAND                             TX750405042UNITED STA1-214-2726511                                                                                       Corporation                   17510853942 
30402A BRANDT COMPANY INC                                                            PO BOX 391                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010391UNITED STA1-214-9265141                                                                                       Corporation                   17507205700 
30403GENERAL CABLE INDUSTRIES INC                                                    900 AVENUE F                                                                                                PLANO                               TX750746721UNITED STA1-972-4236565                                                                                       Corporation                   10610097148 
30404SUEZ WTS USA INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                   12315037312 
30405HARDCOTE TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                       PO BOX 1337                                                                                                 HURST                               TX760531337UNITED STA1-817-2834681                                                                                       Corporation                   17604813463 
30406BELL TEXTRON INC                                                                PO BOX 482                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010482UNITED STA1-817-2802220                 1-817-2803604                                                         Corporation                   10503939463 
30407AZTEC MANUFACTURING PARTNERSHIP LTD                                             PO BOX 668                                                                                                  CROWLEY                             TX760360668UNITED STA1-817-2974361                 1-817-3365354                                                         Corporation                   17524038969 
30408AEROPROCESS INC                                                                 PO BOX 79500                                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761790500UNITED STA1-817-2320620                                                                                       Corporation                   17509571018 
30409ANADITE INC                                                                     711 W HURST BLVD                                                                                            HURST                               TX760537605UNITED STA1-817-2829171                                                                                       Corporation                   19517253407 
30411ASSOCIATED SPRING BARNES GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
30414OXY VINYLS LP                                                                   5005 LYNDON B JOHNSON FWY STE 500                                                                           DALLAS                              TX752446100UNITED STA1-972-4042426                 1-972-4043287                                                         Corporation                   17315614267 
30415EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         PO BOX 4004                                                                                                 BAYTOWN                             TX775224004UNITED STA1-281-8341142                                                                                       Corporation                   11354090059 
30417TEXAS PETROCHEMICALS LP                                                         PO BOX 1422                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772511422UNITED STA1-713-4757474                                                                                       Corporation                   17417783135 
30418REXAM BEVERAGE CAN COMPANY                                                      4201 CONGRESS ST                                                                                            CHARLOTTE                           NC282094617UNITED STA0-704-5511500                                                                                       Corporation                   13622411810 
30419BEAZER EAST INC                                                                 1 OXFORD CTR STE 3000                                                                                       PITTSBURGH                          PA152191400UNITED STA1-412-2088860                                                                                       Corporation                   12509046657 
30421BOWTO INC                                                                       PO BOX 3186                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772533186UNITED STA1-713-8688839                                                                                       Corporation                   17602532529 
30422EQUISTAR CHEMICALS LP                                                           1221 MCKINNEY ST STE 700                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770102045UNITED STA1-281-3097200                                                                                       Corporation                   17605504814 
30424COLOTONE RIVERSIDE INC                                                          4901 WOODALL ST                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752476710UNITED STA1-214-6311150                                                                                       Unknown                       17525273946 
30425OMEGA COATINGS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   17605735509 
30426SCRANTON CORPORATION                                                            PO BOX 35667                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752350667UNITED STA1-214-6371430                                                                                       Corporation                   12407167803 
30427TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED                                                  PO BOX 84                                                                                                   SHERMAN                             TX750910084UNITED STA1-903-8687309                                                                                       Corporation                   17502899705 
30428TRINKOTE INDUSTRIAL FINISHES INC                                                1800 PARK PLACE AVE                                                                                         FORT WORTH                          TX761101302UNITED STA1-817-9265683                 1-817-9239707                 gwilson@trinkote.com                    Corporation                   32020517804 
30429POLYMER ADHESIVE SEALANT SYSTEMS INC                                            501 GARRETT MORRIS PKWY                                                                                     MINERAL WELLS                       TX760679013UNITED STA1-940-3289500                 1-940-3289510                 smccarley@polymeradhesives.com          Corporation                   17523281370 
30430BOEING DISTRIBUTION INC                                                         2055 DIPLOMAT DR                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752348919UNITED STA1-972-4066615                                                                                       Corporation                   17524018367 
30431INLAND PAPERBOARD & PACKAGING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Corporation                               
30432EMERSON ELECTRIC CO                                                             PO BOX 4100                                                                                                 SAINT LOUIS                         MO631368506UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   14302593307 
30433SOUTHWEST METAL TECHNOLOGY                                                      750 N CENTRAL EXPY                                                                                          PLANO                               TX750746735UNITED STA1-214-4247531                                                                                       Unknown                       17518895739 
30434GENERAL DYNAMICS OTS GARLAND LP                                                 1200 N GLENBROOK DR                                                                                         GARLAND                             TX750405029UNITED STA1-972-2765131                 1-972-4947706                 david.dunavin@gd-ots.com                Other/Misc                                
30435JAMIESON MANUFACTURING CO                                                       PO BOX 650                                                                                                  ITALY                               TX766510650UNITED STA1-972-4836333                                                                                       Unknown                       17510743416 
30436RHINO LININGS CORPORATION                                                       9747 BUSINESSPARK AVE                                                                                       SAN DIEGO                           CA921311661UNITED STA1-858-4500441                 1-858-4506881                 NMEDINA@RHINOLININGS.COM                Corporation                   13302834513 
30437NCH CORPORATION                                                                 2730 CARL RD                                                                                                IRVING                              TX750626405UNITED STA1-972-4380419                                                                                       Corporation                   17504572003 
30438GLASTRON BOAT CO                                                                PO BOX 9447                                                                                                 AUSTIN                              TX787669447UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17419911031 
30439GLASSCRAFT DOOR I LIMITED PARTNERSHIP                                           2002 BRITTMOORE RD                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770432209UNITED STA1-713-6908282                 1-713-6902919                 ERICE@GLASSCRAFT.NET                                                  12700209294 
30440HEAT ENERGY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY INC                                             4460 SINGLETON BLVD                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752123437UNITED STA1-214-6376434                                                                                       Corporation                   13631972232 
30441WIKOFF COLOR CORP OF TEXAS                                                      2501 DALWORTH ST # 1                                                                                        GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750504801UNITED STA1-214-6471371                                                                                       Corporation                               
30442WESTERN SPECIALITY COATINGS CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
30443MOLSON COORS USA LLC                                                            7701 SOUTH FWY                                                                                              FORT WORTH                          TX761344008UNITED STA1-817-6155505                                               MARK.BULICEK@MOLSONCOORS.COM            Corporation                   32065046065 
30444HUHTAMAKI INC                                                                   9201 PACKAGING DR                                                                                           DE SOTO                             KS660188600UNITED STA1-913-5833025                 1-913-5838756                                                         Corporation                   14811924928 
30446CALABRIAN CHEMICALS CORPORATION                                                 5500 HIGHWAY 366                                                                                            PORT NECHES                         TX776516300UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   11329865395 
30447MANSFIELD PLUMBING PRODUCTS INC                                                 PO BOX 472                                                                                                  KILGORE                             TX756630472UNITED STA1-419-9381362                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30448ROBROY INDUSTRIES-TEXAS INC                                                     1100 US HIGHWAY 271 S                                                                                       GILMER                              TX756447702UNITED STA1-903-8435591                                                                                       Corporation                   17519090942 
30449L-3 COMMUNICATION INTEGRATED SYSTEMS LP                                         PO BOX 6056                                                                                                 GREENVILLE                          TX754036056UNITED STA1-903-4574562                 1-903-4571229                 fowlerm@ISL-3com.com                    Corporation                               
30450FLEETWOOD TRAVEL TRAILERS OF TEXAS INC                                          PO BOX 669                                                                                                  EDGERTON                            OH435170669UNITED STA1-903-7599451                 1-903-7598501                                                         Corporation                   17513307177 
30451CANNON CRAFT COMPANY                                                            1201 MAIN ST STE 825                                                                                        DALLAS                              TX752023908UNITED STA1-214-8852181                                                                                       Corporation                   17510010220 
30452CARRIER CORPORATION                                                             1700 E DUNCAN ST                                                                                            TYLER                               TX757022430UNITED STA1-903-5107322                                               paul.licht@carrier.utc.com              Corporation                   10609917165 
30453CAMPBELL SOUP SUPPLY COMPANY LLC                                                PO BOX 9016                                                                                                 PARIS                               TX754619016UNITED STA1-903-7372314                                                                                       Corporation                   15103895049 
30454KRASNOSS                                          ERIC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Individual                                
30454KRASNOSS                                          ERIC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Individual                                
30455BROUGHER INC                                                                    14527 SMITH RD                                                                                              HUMBLE                              TX773962748UNITED STA1-281-6190503                 1-281-4413681                 HGUTIERREZ@FORGEDCOMPONENTS.COM         Corporation                   17606207185 
30456LACE INCORPORATED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                                   
30456LACE INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                       17416773996 
30457MATERIALS TRANSPORTATION COMPANY                                                PO BOX 1358                                                                                                 TEMPLE                              TX765031358UNITED STA1-254-2982900                                                                                       Unknown                       17413108097 
30458ARKEMA INC                                                                      18000 CROSBY EASTGATE RD                                                                                    CROSBY                              TX775323924UNITED STA1-281-3289422                 1-281-3284052                                                         Corporation                   12309608904 
30459UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY                                              PO BOX 30030                                                                                                AMARILLO                            TX791200030UNITED STA1-806-4775906                                                                                       Federal Government Ownership              
30460SS LIQUIDATION CORP                                                             1185 108TH ST                                                                                               GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750502504UNITED STA1-214-6471525                                                                                       Corporation                   17507483216 
30461SOIL NU CO                                                                      PO BOX 546                                                                                                  SAN JUAN                            TX785890546UNITED STA1-512-7873362                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30462TEXAS AG COMPANY INC                                                            PO BOX 633                                                                                                  MISSION                             TX785730011UNITED STA1-512-5854567                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30463FLINT HILLS RESOURCES HOUSTON CHEMICAL LLC                                      9822 LA PORTE FWY                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770172721UNITED STA1-713-7890380                 1-713-7898148                                                         Corporation                   12083660840 
30464THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                        2030 DOW CTR                                                                                                MIDLAND                             MI486740001UNITED STA1-713-2460369                 1-713-2460585                 jmcupples@dow.com                       Corporation                   13812851288 
30465ETHYL CORPORATION                                                               PO BOX 472                                                                                                  PASADENA                            TX775010472UNITED STA1-804-7886048                 1-804-7885194                 JOHN.STREET@ETHYL.COM                   Corporation                   15401188204 
30467PYCO INDUSTRIES INC                                                             PO BOX 1889                                                                                                 LUBBOCK                             TX794081889UNITED STA1-806-7473169                                                                                       Unknown                       17504987300 
30468STEMCO LP                                                                       PO BOX 1989                                                                                                 LONGVIEW                            TX756061989UNITED STA1-903-7589981                 1-903-2323510                                                                                       12020640004 
30471SUEZ WTS USA INC                                                                3901 WILLIAMS ST                                                                                            WEST ORANGE                         TX776307137UNITED STA1-409-3005130                 1-409-8836766                                                         Corporation                   12315037312 
30472HOOD FLEXIBLE PACKAGING CORPORATION                                             PO BOX 1828                                                                                                 HATTIESBURG                         MS394031828UNITED STA1-601-5837300                                                                                       Unknown                       16409192446 
30473SST TRUCK COMPANY LLC                                                           4030 FOREST LN                                                                                              GARLAND                             TX750426933UNITED STA1-972-4872981                                                                                       Unknown                       17526880541 
30474NATIONAL STARCH AND CHEMICAL COMPANY                                            504 WHITE BIRCH RD                                                                                          HAZLE TOWNSHIP                      PA182029388UNITED STA1-972-9751251                                                                                       Corporation                   11315224516 
30475OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL CORPORATION                                                 5005 LBJ FWY                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752446100UNITED STA1-800-5788800                                                                                       Corporation                   11604847324 
30476BASS                                              ARVIE                         18203 ELTON ST                                                                                              HITCHOCK                            TX775369999UNITED STA                                                                                                    Individual                                
30477NXP USA INC                                                                     6501 W WILLIAM CANNON DR                                                                                    AUSTIN                              TX787358523UNITED STA1-512-9333812                                                                                       Corporation                   12004431826 
30478VALERO REFINING COMPANY-TEXAS                                                   PO BOX 9370                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784699370UNITED STA1-361-2896000                                                                                       Corporation                   17418349407 
30479US DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY                                                       11001 D ST STE 143 COMMANDING CODE 186                                                                      CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784199999UNITED STA1-361-9613776                                                                                       Federal Government Ownership              
30480CENTRAL POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY                                                 PO BOX 2121                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032121UNITED STA1-512-8815390                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30481AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17405506001 
30482AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 2121                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032121UNITED STA1-512-8815611                                                                                       Corporation                   17405506001 
30483CELANESE LTD                                                                    PO BOX 9077                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784699077UNITED STA1-512-2412343                                                                                                                     17526225267 
30484CHEMETALL US INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Unknown                       11332183620 
30484CHEMETALL GMBH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                               
30485HOUSTON CRUSHED CONCRETE INC                                                    7373 OLD KATY RD                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770242115UNITED STA1-713-4629011                                                                                       Corporation                               
30486SUNOCO INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unknown                                   
30488THE VALSPAR CORPORATION                                                         11811 EAST FWY STE 300                                                                                      HOUSTON                             TX770291900UNITED STA1-713-8616192                                                                                       Corporation                   13624435809 
30489LBC HOUSTON LP                                                                  11666 PORT RD                                                                                               SEABROOK                            TX775861603UNITED STA1-281-2913418                                                                                                                     17419201797 
30490BENJAMINE MOORE & CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Unknown                                   
30492KAWNEER COMPANY INC                                                             PO BOX 294                                                                                                  DENISON                             TX750210294UNITED STA1-214-4658710                                                                                       Unknown                       13817537296 
30493FORNEY SPECIAL PRODUCTS                                                         2615 MANANA DR                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752201301UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17516249293 
30494MARATHONNORCO AEROSPACE                                                         8301 IMPERIAL DR                                                                                            WACO                                TX767126524UNITED STA1-254-7415463                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30495AMERICAN DESK MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                             801 CHERRY ST STE 1035                                                                                      FORT WORTH                          TX761026803UNITED STA1-512-3526371                                                                                       Corporation                   17422375356 
30496INTERNATIONAL SHOE CO                                                           2001 WALTON RD                                                                                              SAINT LOUIS                         MO631145805UNITED STA1-314-4261001                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30497HUCK INTERNATIONAL INC                                                          8001 IMPERIAL DR                                                                                            WACO                                TX767126522UNITED STA1-254-7762000                 1-254-7515506                                                         Corporation                   13304833315 
30498GAVLON INDUSTRIES INC                                                           PO BOX 17307                                                                                                AUSTIN                              TX787607307UNITED STA1-512-2821115                                                                                       Corporation                   17418850313 
30499RAYLOC DIVISION                                                                 PO BOX 43146                                                                                                ATLANTA                             GA303360146UNITED STA1-254-9655075                                                                                       Corporation                               
30500US INDUSTRIES INC                                                               101 WOOD AVE S                                                                                              ISELIN                              NJ088302749UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       11318043046 
30501MAJESTIC COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Unknown                                   
30502ATLANTIC RICHFIELD CO                                                           2300 W PLANO PKWY                                                                                           PLANO                               TX750758427UNITED STA1-972-5094265                                                                                       Corporation                   12303716109 
30503ARKEMA INC                                                                      900 1ST AVE                                                                                                 KING OF PRUSSIA                     PA194061308UNITED STA1-610-2057000                                                                                       Corporation                   12309608904 
30504FLOWSERVE SULPHUR SPRINGS OPERATIONS                                            1511 JEFFERSON ST E STE A                                                                                   SULPHUR SPRINGS                     TX754823008UNITED STA1-903-4393391                                                                                       Corporation                               
30505EQUITABLE BAG CO INC                                                            248 PARK AVE                                                                                                AMHERST                             OH440012232UNITED STA1-440-9884233                 1-440-9884238                                                         Corporation                   11107243708 
30507RHONE-POULENC INC                                                               6213 E HIGHWAY 332 STE 1                                                                                    FREEPORT                            TX775413006UNITED STA1-409-2337871                                                                                       Corporation                   11315768124 
30507RHONE-POULENC BASIC CHEMICALS CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                   15103019772 
30509TREY CORPORATION OF VIVIAN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Corporation                   30009800886 
30510ELECTRIC HOSE AND RUBBER CO                                                     PO BOX 37                                                                                                   OLNEY                               TX763740037UNITED STA1-817-5645602                                                                                       Unknown                       13109429178 
30511BRUCES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Corporation                   17418890293 
30511LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORPORATION                                                   805 SW BROADWAY STE 700                                                                                     PORTLAND                            OR972053347UNITED STA1-503-8215100                 1-503-8215305                                                         Corporation                   19306090747 
30512LUFKIN GEARS LLC                                                                PO BOX 849                                                                                                  LUFKIN                              TX759020849UNITED STA1-936-6375208                 1-936-6375474                                                         Corporation                   17504044102 
30513TRIPLES INDUSTRIAL                                                              PO BOX 2428                                                                                                 LONGVIEW                            TX756062428UNITED STA1-214-7587346                                                                                       Other/Misc                                
30514TRANE US INC                                                                    6200 TROUP HWY                                                                                              TYLER                               TX757071948UNITED STA1-903-7304271                 1-903-7304057                                                         Corporation                   12509004656 
30515DYNAMIC DETAILS INC                                                             1220 N SIMON CIR                                                                                            ANAHEIM                             CA928061854UNITED STA1-714-6887200                                                                                       Corporation                   13309368382 
30516FRISCO COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION                                        6101 FRISCO SQUARE BLVD FL 5                                                                                FRISCO                              TX750343253UNITED STA1-972-2925127                 1-972-2925586                 MBORCHARDT@FRISCOTEXAS.GOV              Corporation                   30117625670 
30517SOUTHERN IONICS INCORPORATED                                                    12901 BAYPARK RD                                                                                            PASADENA                            TX775071100UNITED STA1-281-4744826                 1-281-4744973                 www.southernionics.com                  Unknown                       16308007596 
30519FRIEDRICH AIR CONDITIONING CO LTD                                               PO BOX 1540                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782951540UNITED STA1-210-3574466                 1-210-3574482                 cdaugherty@satx.rr.com                  Unknown                                   
30520VALERO REFINING-TEXAS LP                                                        PO BOX 69600                                                                                                SAN ANTONIO                         TX782699999UNITED STA1-210-5922000                                                                                       Corporation                   17418349407 
30521TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS & REFINING USA INC                                         PO BOX 849                                                                                                  PORT ARTHUR                         TX776410849UNITED STA1-409-9624421                                                                                       Corporation                   17509904037 
30522THE VALSPAR CORPORATION                                                         1401 SEVERN ST                                                                                              BALTIMORE                           MD212301740UNITED STA1-409-8325528                                                                                       Corporation                   13624435809 
30523GULFCO FORGE COMPANY LLC                                                        6817 INDUSTRIAL RD                                                                                          BEAUMONT                            TX777056989UNITED STA0-409-8421311 x261                                          CHRISTINE.HOLT@GULFCO.COM               Corporation                               
30526AIR PRODUCTS AND CHEMICALS INC                                                  3415 BANNING ST                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752331301UNITED STA1-214-3393153                                                                                       Corporation                   12312744555 
30528RJR FOODS INC                                                                   2600 SW MILITARY DR                                                                                         SAN ANTONIO                         TX782241012UNITED STA1-210-9233411                                                                                       Corporation                   15608634075 
30529FLINT HILLS RESOURCES CORPUS CHRISTI LLC                                        PO BOX 2608                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032608UNITED STA1-361-2414811                                                                                       Corporation                   32040351226 
30530VALERO REFINING-TEXAS LP                                                        PO BOX 9370                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784699370UNITED STA1-361-2896000                                               Sue.Dohmann@valero.com                  Corporation                   17418349407 
30531VARCO LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               17606429797 
30531ICO WORLDWIDE INC                                                               300 W 61ST ST                                                                                               ODESSA                              TX797643576UNITED STA1-713-7994912                                                                                       Corporation                   17605648876 
30532CITGO REFINING AND CHEMICALS COMPANY LP                                         PO BOX 9176                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784699176UNITED STA1-361-8444000 x4163                                                                                 Other/Misc                    15103702591 
30533JONES COUNTY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Local Government                          
305363M COMPANY                                                                      PO BOX 1663                                                                                                 BROWNWOOD                           TX768041663UNITED STA1-915-6463551 x2311           1-915-6466731                 fbkelly@mmm.com                         Corporation                   14104177754 
30537B & W FOUNDRY AND MANUFACTURING CO                                              224 W BEAUREGARD SUITE 207                                                                                  SAN ANGELO                          TX769029999UNITED STA1-915-6534516                                                                                       Unknown                       17510840758 
30538DPT LABORATORIES LTD                                                            307 E JOSEPHINE ST                                                                                          SAN ANTONIO                         TX782151128UNITED STA1-210-4768037                 1-210-4768138                                                                                       17428023448 
30540THE NUGGET COMPANY INC                                                          222 KEMPER ST                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782077710UNITED STA1-210-2242361                                                                                       Corporation                   12010862428 
30541PEARL CONTAINER COMPANY                                                         PO BOX 1661                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782961661UNITED STA1-210-2996944                                                                                       Corporation                   17416530420 
30543HEXCEL CORPORATION                                                              1913 N KING ST                                                                                              SEGUIN                              TX781552115UNITED STA1-830-3791580 x100                                                                                  Unknown                       19411095219 
30544WIDE-LITE CORPORATION                                                           PO BOX 606                                                                                                  SAN MARCOS                          TX786670606UNITED STA1-512-3925821                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30545DEANSTEEL MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                 111 MERCHANT                                                                                                SAN ANTONIO                         TX782041435UNITED STA1-512-2268271                                                                                       Corporation                   17412992236 
30546DYNACORE HOLDINGS CORPORATION                                                   9725 DATAPOINT DR                                                                                           SAN ANTONIO                         TX782292384UNITED STA1-512-5937000                                                                                       Corporation                   17416051740 
30547SYNGENTA CROP PROTECTION LLC                                                    5757 UNDERWOOD RD                                                                                           PASADENA                            TX775071031UNITED STA1-281-4745151                                                                                       Corporation                   15620015725 
30549ALAMO IRON WORKS INC                                                            18000 CROSBY EASTGATE RD                                                                                    CROSBY                              TX775323924UNITED STA1-210-2236161                                                                                       Corporation                   17404776100 
30550OXY VINYLS LP                                                                   5005 LYNDON B JOHNSON FWY STE 500                                                                           DALLAS                              TX752446100UNITED STA1-972-7207000                 1-972-7207403                                                         Corporation                   17315614267 
30551TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS & REFINING USA INC                                         PO BOX 888                                                                                                  DEER PARK                           TX775360888UNITED STA1-281-4763700                 1-281-4763821                 ANDREW.LILLIE@TOTAL.COM                 Corporation                   17509904037 
30552GB BIOSCIENCES LLC                                                              2239 HADEN RD                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770156449UNITED STA1-713-4506005                 1-713-4506521                                                         Corporation                   13415071953 
30553ALTIVIA SPECIALTY CHEMICALS LLC                                                 PO BOX 995                                                                                                  LA PORTE                            TX775720995UNITED STA1-281-8426267                 1-281-4702985                                                         Other/Misc                    32056104741 
30555TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED                                                  PO BOX 655012                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752655012UNITED STA1-214-5674884                                                                                       Corporation                   17502899705 
30557KELLY-MOORE PAINT COMPANY INC                                                   301 W HURST BLVD                                                                                            HURST                               TX760537705UNITED STA1-817-2683131                                                                                       Corporation                   19412301921 
30558CARTER PUBLICATIONS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                               
30559AMERICAN BODY & EQUIPMENT CO                                                    1950 E MAIN ST                                                                                              GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750506135UNITED STA1-214-2621578                                                                                       Corporation                   13632878933 
30560KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT INC                                                        4100 CLINTON DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770206237UNITED STA1-713-6765872                                                                                       Corporation                               
30561LADISH COMPANY                                                                  1301 W BELT DR N                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770434010UNITED STA1-713-8273900                                                                                       Unknown                       13904151605 
30562GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY                                                        PO BOX 9016                                                                                                 PARIS                               TX754619016UNITED STA1-713-8807476                                                                                       Corporation                   11406893401 
30563EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         PO BOX 4004                                                                                                 BAYTOWN                             TX775224004UNITED STA1-281-8341142                                                                                       Corporation                   11354090059 
30564PROCTER AND GAMBLE MANUFACTURING CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Unknown                                   
30566KINDER MORGAN GALENA PARK WEST LLC                                              300 BELTWAY GREEN BLVD                                                                                      PASADENA                            TX775031370UNITED STA1-281-2167451                                                                                       Corporation                   17421337365 
30567VOPAK LOGISTICS SERVICES USA INC                                                2000 WEST LOOP S STE 2200                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770273511UNITED STA1-281-6046150                 1-281-4794464                                                         Corporation                   17418198911 
30568INTERNATIONAL GALVANIZERS INC                                                   5898 INDUSTRIAL RD                                                                                          BEAUMONT                            TX777056959UNITED STA1-409-8420216                                                                                       Corporation                   17416484511 
30569WESTPORT SHIPYARD                                                               PO BOX 1209                                                                                                 PORT ARTHUR                         TX776411209UNITED STA1-713-9825781                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30570KAG SPECIALTY PRODUCTS GROUP LLC                                                1751 TERRY DR                                                                                               JOLIET                              IL604368543UNITED STA1-630-4725934                 1-630-4720495                 JAMES.KING@THEKAG.COM                   Corporation                   13620687817 
30571UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY                                                  1416 DODGE ST                                                                                               OMAHA                               NE681790001UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   19460013238 
30572COASTAL TRANSPORT CO INC                                                        8613 WALLISVILLE RD                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770291313UNITED STA1-713-6726316                                                                                       Corporation                   17413429220 
30573KM LIQUIDS TERMINALS LLC                                                        906 CLINTON DR                                                                                              GALENA PARK                         TX775473461UNITED STA1-713-4551231                 1-713-4507485                                                         Corporation                   12604497227 
30574THE FILTAIR COMPANY                                                             411 W FORK DR                                                                                               ARLINGTON                           TX760123450UNITED STA1-817-2753201                                                                                       Unknown                       17510950599 
30575AK STEEL CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                   13112670982 
30576INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION                                     11400 BURNET RD                                                                                             AUSTIN                              TX787583415UNITED STA1-512-2869282                                                                                       Corporation                   11308719852 
30577UNITED STATES STEEL CORPORATION                                                 5200 E MCKINNEY RD STE 100                                                                                  BAYTOWN                             TX775208549UNITED STA1-903-6567414                                                                                       Corporation                   12518971523 
30578TRIMAC TRANSPORTATION INC                                                       15333 JOHN F KENNEDY BLVD STE 800                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770322353UNITED STA1-346-3480886                                               DWILMINGTON@TRIMAC.COM                  Corporation                   17612647945 
30579WEATHERFORD ARTIFICIAL LIFT SYSTEMS LLC                                         2000 SAINT JAMES PL                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770564123UNITED STA1-713-8364000                                                                                       Corporation                   17522042500 
30581LION ELASTOMERS ORANGE LLC                                                      5713 FM 1006                                                                                                ORANGE                              TX776308041UNITED STA1-409-9244500                                               DAWN.COLE@LIONELASTOMERS.COM            Corporation                   32071106382 
30582PASADENA REFINING SYSTEM                                                        111 RED BLUFF RD                                                                                            PASADENA                            TX775061530UNITED STA1-713-5396954                 1-713-9204701                                                         Unknown                                   
30583PD GLYCOL LP                                                                    1 PPG PL STE 2301                                                                                           PITTSBURGH                          PA152225401UNITED STA1-412-4343131                                                                                                                                 
30584LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION                                                     PO BOX 748                                MAIL ZONE 6875                                                    FORT WORTH                          TX761017450UNITED STA1-817-7776919                 1-817-7637476                                                         Corporation                   15218936324 
30586GENERAL ELECTRIC INTERNATIONAL INC                                              8800 WALLISVILLE RD                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770291318UNITED STA1-713-6723500                 1-713-6723856                                                         Corporation                   11319629405 
30587EXXONMOBIL OIL CORPORATION                                                      PO BOX 3311                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777043311UNITED STA1-409-8339411                                                                                       Corporation                   11354015700 
30588CHAMPIONX LLC                                                                   7705 HIGHWAY 90A                                                                                            SUGAR LAND                          TX774782121UNITED STA1-713-7056502                                               STACEE.SCHWEIGERT@ECOLAB.COM            Corporation                   13615204800 
30589STONE CONTAINER CORPORATION                                                     2302 W MARSHALL DR                                                                                          GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750513509UNITED STA1-972-6022839                                                                                       Corporation                   13620412562 
30590ONA POLYMERS LLC                                                                2326 LONNECKER DR                                                                                           GARLAND                             TX750411205UNITED STA1-469-3714226                                                                                       Corporation                   32021276012 
30591METALIZED CERAMICS CORP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                               
30593DALLAS CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                   12519019223 
30595SASOL CHEMICALS USA LLC                                                         1914 HADEN RD                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770156408UNITED STA1-713-4285400                 1-713-4550276                                                         Corporation                   17600830362 
30596CUSTOM PIPE COATING INC                                                         PO BOX 3274                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772533274UNITED STA1-409-8336226                                                                                       Corporation                   17417181058 
30598QUEBECOR PRINTING CORP                                                          4800 SPRING VALLEY RD                                                                                       DALLAS                              TX752443905UNITED STA1-972-2333400                                                                                       Corporation                               
30599VICTOR CORNELIUS INC                                                            PO BOX 71                                                                                                   EASTLAND                            TX764480071UNITED STA1-817-6292626                                                                                       Unknown                       17510396405 
30600DALLAS DIE CASTING CORP                                                         2125 DOOLEY RD                                                                                              CARROLLTON                          TX750069999UNITED STA1-214-3873000                                                                                       Corporation                   17512125778 
30601CHAMPIONX LLC                                                                   11177 S STADIUM DR                                                                                          SUAGR LAND                          TX77478    UNITED STA1-281-2637401                                               SSCHAWALDER@ECOLAB.COM                  Corporation                   13615204800 
30602DIVERSEY CORPORATION                                                            8770 S CENTRAL EXPY                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752417502UNITED STA1-214-3766491                                                                                       Corporation                   30000788528 
30603COVESTRO LLC                                                                    8500 W BAY RD                                                                                               BAYTOWN                             TX775238727UNITED STA1-281-3836000                 1-281-3836102                                                         Corporation                   10616537402 
30604FIBER GLASS SYSTEMS LP                                                          7909 PARKWOOD CIRCLE DR                                                                                     HOUSTON                             TX770366565UNITED STA1-832-9128282                                                                                                                                 
30605CHEVRON ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY                                        6501 TROWBRIDGE DR                                                                                          EL PASO                             TX799053401UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   19460629884 
30606MASONITE INTERIOR DOOR MANUFACTURING CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                   32042682958 
30607ECCO CHEMICALS INC                                                              8708 DIRECTORS ROW                                                                                          DALLAS                              TX752475506UNITED STA1-214-6316885                                                                                       Unknown                       17509446062 
30608INDUSTRIAL METALS CO                                                            PO BOX 609                                                                                                  ENNIS                               TX751200609UNITED STA1-214-8753896                                                                                       Unknown                       17512299714 
30609AMERICAN LITHO-TEXAS INC                                                        2202 E UNION BOWER RD                                                                                       IRVING                              TX750618814UNITED STA1-214-4382681                                                                                       Corporation                               
30610HAYES & STOLZ INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTORING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                                   
30611H B FULLER COMPANY                                                              3500 EXECUTIVE BLVD                                                                                         MESQUITE                            TX751492710UNITED STA1-214-2891971                                                                                       Unknown                       14102683704 
30613CALGON CARBON CORPORATION                                                       3300 BINGLE RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770551037UNITED STA1-713-4624501                                                                                       Unknown                       12505301106 
30614PEROXYCHEM LLC                                                                  1735 MARKET ST                                                                                              PHILADELPHIA                        PA191037501UNITED STA1-215-2995858                                                                                       Corporation                               
30615TIMCO AVIATION SERVICES INC                                                     623 RADAR RD                                                                                                GREENSBORO                          NC274106221UNITED STA                              1-336-3930313                 glenn.ross@timco.aero                   Corporation                               
30619HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES INC                                                 3000 N SAM HOUSTON PKWY E                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770323219UNITED STA1-281-8714765                 1-281-8714199                 jesse.avina@halliburton.com             Corporation                   17302712801 
30620COOPER CAMERON VALVES                                                           3250 BRIARPARK DR STE 300                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770424461UNITED STA1-281-4998511                 1-281-4995211                                                         Other/Misc                                
30621LEVINGSTON SHIPBUILDING CO                                                      PO BOX 968                                                                                                  ORANGE                              TX776310968UNITED STA1-409-8833521                                                                                       Corporation                   16109601746 
30622TEXFORD BATTERY CO                                                              2002 MILBY ST                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770035612UNITED STA1-713-2220125                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30623GEORGIA-PACIFIC WOOD PRODUCTS LLC                                               PO BOX 200                                                                                                  CAMDEN                              TX759340200UNITED STA1-936-3982511                 1-936-3987384                 WAYNE.TURNEY@GAPAC.COM                  Corporation                   32025244206 
30627TB BUTLER PUBLISHING COMPANY INC                                                PO BOX 2030                                                                                                 TYLER                               TX757102030UNITED STA1-903-5978111                                                                                       Unknown                       17514202104 
30628KRAFT HEINZ FOODS COMPANY                                                       2340 FOREST LN                                                                                              GARLAND                             TX750427924UNITED STA0-972-4856671                 0-972-4878244                 FELIPE.BELGODERE@KRAFTHEINZCOMPANY.COM  Corporation                   12505425202 
30629SKEETER PRODUCTS INC                                                            PO BOX 230                                                                                                  KILGORE                             TX756630230UNITED STA1-903-9840541                                                                                       Unknown                       17516790437 
30631KASPAR WIRE WORKS INC                                                           PO BOX 667                                                                                                  SHINER                              TX779840667UNITED STA1-361-5943327                 1-361-5943311                                                         Corporation                   17412099909 
30632SELKIRK CORPORATION                                                             5030 CORPORATE EXCHANGE BLVD SE                                                                             GRAND RAPIDS                        MI495125506UNITED STA                              1-866-2350235                 Karina.Pena@selkirkinc.com              Corporation                               
30633AMERICAN VALVE & HYDRANT MANUFACTURING COMPANY GP                               3525 HOLLYWOOD ST                                                                                           BEAUMONT                            TX777013832UNITED STA1-409-8325135                                                                                       Corporation                   16312404235 
30634TENN-TEX ALLOY CORPORATION                                                      PO BOX 9758                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772130758UNITED STA1-713-4537138                                                                                       Unknown                       17415953284 
30636TEXAS STEEL PARTNERS INC                                                        3901 HEMPHILL ST                                                                                            FORT WORTH                          TX761106253UNITED STA1-817-9234611                 1-817-9275350                                                         Corporation                   13644498092 
30637STANDARD INDUSTRIES INC                                                         PO BOX 27500                                                                                                SAN ANTONIO                         TX782270500UNITED STA1-512-6233131                                                                                       Unknown                       17409184706 
30638RANGAIRE INC                                                                    501 S WILHITE ST                                                                                            CLEBURNE                            TX760316338UNITED STA1-817-6872377                                                                                       Corporation                   17427599000 
30639PRECISION NATIONAL PLATING SERVICES INC                                         901 S MOPAC EXPY STE 120                                                                                    AUSTIN                              TX787465759UNITED STA1-512-4778661                 1-512-4800113                                                         Corporation                   13709254232 
30640MARTIN SPROCKET & GEAR INC                                                      PO BOX 3062                                                                                                 ABILENE                             TX796043062UNITED STA1-325-6773591                                                                                       Corporation                   17508322686 
30641STATE CHEMICAL CO                                                               PO BOX 310                                                                                                  AMARILLO                            TX791050310UNITED STA1-806-3734253                                                                                       Unknown                       17507547101 
30642AIR LIQUIDE AMERICA CORPORATION                                                 11101 TODD ST                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770551816UNITED STA1-999-9999999                                               UNKNOWN@UNKNOWN.COM                     Corporation                   15809390592 
30643BIG THREE INDUSTRIAL GAS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Corporation                   17603627849 
30644TEXAS PLASTICS INC                                                              PO BOX 278                                                                                                  ELSA                                TX785430278UNITED STA1-512-2621324                                                                                       Corporation                               
30645SOUTHLINE METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                366 GREIF PKWY                                                                                              DELAWARE                            OH430158260UNITED STA1-713-8694343                 1-713-8695650                                                         Corporation                   17410509339 
30646HOUSTON ETCHING COMPANY                                                         PO BOX 249                                                                                                  FLATONIA                            TX789410249UNITED STA1-512-8653579                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30649G-P ENVELOPE HOLDINGS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                               
30649CENVEO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                                   
30650DAINIPPON INKS & CHEMICAL CO                                                    1505 109TH ST                                                                                               GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750501904UNITED STA1-214-6471641                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30651STP NUCLEAR OPERATING COMPANY                                                   PO BOX 289                                                                                                  WADSWORTH                           TX774830289UNITED STA1-361-9727880                 1-361-9727760                 kmcunningham@stpegs.com                 Other/Misc                    17605175979 
30652CHEMETRON CORPORATION                                                           3301 NATIONAL ST                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752153347UNITED STA1-214-4214450                                                                                       Corporation                   12513271804 
30653KERR-MCGEE OPERATING CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Unknown                       17303114676 
30653KERR MCGEE CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                                   
30654TEXMARK CHEMICALS INC                                                           PO BOX 67                                                                                                   GALENA PARK                         TX775470067UNITED STA1-713-4551206                                                                                       Corporation                   14603637571 
30655PRINCETON PACKAGING INC                                                         PO BOX 660108                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752660108UNITED STA1-214-4260501                                                                                       Corporation                   11332348447 
30656FLINT INK CORPORATION                                                           9259 KING ARTHUR DR                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752473609UNITED STA                              1-214-6386754                                                         Unknown                       13815759777 
30657ARROW-MAGNOLIA INTERNATIONAL INC                                                PO BOX 29179                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752290179UNITED STA1-214-2477111                                                                                       Corporation                               
30658BLUE RIDGE PAPER PRODUCTS LLC                                                   1901 WINDSOR PL                                                                                             FORT WORTH                          TX761101857UNITED STA1-817-9218435                                                                                       Unknown                       15621365095 
30660REILLY INDUSTRIES INC                                                           PO BOX 247                                                                                                  LONE STAR                           TX756680247UNITED STA1-903-6562536                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30661CHAPARRAL STEEL MIDLOTHIAN LP                                                   300 WARD RD                                                                                                 MIDLOTHIAN                          TX760659646UNITED STA1-972-7758241                                                                                                                     17526346626 
30662RHEEM MFG CO                                                                    1025 LOCKWOOD DR                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770207301UNITED STA1-713-6728275                                                                                       Corporation                               
30663ARKEMA INC                                                                      2810 GULF ST                                                                                                BEAUMONT                            TX777034400UNITED STA1-409-8383981                 1-409-8384334                                                         Corporation                   12309608904 
30664PERMIAN ENTERPRISES LTD                                                         316 WILLIAMS AVE                                                                                            ODESSA                              TX797634404UNITED STA1-432-3320903                                                                                       Unknown                       12000653407 
30665THE HEARST CORPORATION EXPRESS-NEWS DIVISION                                    3530 W 12TH ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770086006UNITED STA1-210-2503651                                                                                       Corporation                   11304331207 
30667FLINT GROUP NORTH AMERICA CORPORATION                                           1010 LOCKWOOD DR                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770207302UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   13834264056 
30667FLINT INK CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unknown                       13815759777 
30668MALONEY PRECISION PRODUCTS CO                                                   PO BOX 287                                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770010287UNITED STA1-713-2221753                                                                                       Unknown                       17421613211 
30669IRISH PIPE COATING COMPANY INC                                                  PO BOX 3723                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797603723UNITED STA1-915-3622325                                                                                       Corporation                   17103036632 
30672SOUTH HAMPTON RESOURCES INC                                                     PO BOX 1636                                                                                                 SILSBEE                             TX776561636UNITED STA1-409-3858300                                                                                       Corporation                   17413812789 
30673AVIALL OF TEXAS INC                                                             PO BOX 7086                                                                                                 DALLAS                              TX752090086UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       19427768080 
30675MIRROR ACQUISITIONS LLC                                                         PO BOX 55328                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772555328UNITED STA1-713-6436516                 1-713-6433307                 GHAMBY@HMPLATING.COM                    Other/Misc                    32058930556 
30676LYONDELL CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 2583                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772522583UNITED STA1-713-6527300                                                                                       Corporation                   19541605580 
30677MARTIN OPERATING PARTNERSHIP LP                                                 2603 US HIGHWAY 259 N                                                                                       KILGORE                             TX756626413UNITED STA1-713-9414410                 1-713-9474906                                                                                       17607121005 
30678DR JOHN E LEONARD                                                                E OF LAKE LAVON DEEPWATER POINT                                                                            LAVON                               TX751669999UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
30679FIBER GLASS SYSTEMS INC                                                         PO BOX 1831                                                                                                 BIG SPRING                          TX797211831UNITED STA1-915-2631291                                                                                       Corporation                   17512864160 
30680PHIBRO-TECH INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   12230603396 
30680PHIBRO ANIMAL HEALTH CORPORATION                                                PO BOX 1009                                                                                                 QUINCY                              IL623061009UNITED STA1-800-2230424                                                                                       Corporation                   11318404974 
30681TYCO ELECTRONICS PRINTED CIRCUIT GROUP LP                                       1612 VIKKI CT                                                                                               VENICE                              FL342931336UNITED STA1-512-2506672                                                                                                                     16509584187 
30682SMITH INTERNATIONAL INC                                                         1310 RANKIN RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770734802UNITED STA1-281-8300722                                               JAMES.ROBINSON@WELLBOREINTEGRITY.COM    Corporation                   19538226317 
30683ARMOR COTE CORP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   17511855474 
30685AIR LIQUIDE LARGE INDUSTRIES US LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   32035542425 
30686BIG THREE INDUSTRIAL GAS INC                                                    PO BOX 3047                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772533047UNITED STA1-512-2890044                                                                                       Corporation                   17603627849 
30687BLAKEMAN INDUSTRIES INC                                                         13108 EULESS ST                                                                                             EULESS                              TX760407266UNITED STA1-817-2674444                                                                                       Corporation                   17519860088 
30688HUNTSMAN PETROCHEMICAL CORPORATION                                              7114 N LAMAR BLVD                                                                                           AUSTIN                              TX787529999UNITED STA1-512-4830934                 1-512-4830989                                                         Corporation                   15815945181 
30689UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION                                                       3301 5TH AVE S                                                                                              TEXAS CITY                          TX775908121UNITED STA1-409-9457411                 1-409-9485339                                                         Corporation                   11314217305 
30691GCP APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                    4323 CRITES ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770031311UNITED STA1-713-2238353 x2515                                         ARMAND.BARNILS@GCPAT.COM                Corporation                   32057565445 
30692INTERNATIONAL PAINT LLC                                                         6001 ANTOINE DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770913503UNITED STA1-713-6841247                 1-713-6820065                                                         Corporation                   16103109407 
30694BJ SERVICES LLC                                                                 11211 FM 2920 RD                                                                                            TOMBALL                             TX773758927UNITED STA1-832-5594553                                               BRIDGET.TODD@BJSERVICES.COM             Corporation                   32059580533 
30695BRYCE DIXICO                                                                    PO BOX 18338                                                                                                MEMPHIS                             TN381810338UNITED STA1-901-3694489                                                                                       Unknown                       30116890432 
30696CHEMICAL SPECIALTIES INC                                                        PO BOX 3080                                                                                                 FREEPORT                            TX775421280UNITED STA1-979-2338183                 1-979-2338188                 mrdfpt@mrdc.com                         Corporation                   17418469932 
30697UNITED GALVANIZING INC                                                          6123 CUNNINGHAM RD                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770414707UNITED STA1-713-4664161                                                                                       Corporation                   17416757809 
30698BAKER PETROLITE LLC                                                             369 S MARSHALL ST                                                                                           MIDLAND                             TX797017571UNITED STA1-432-4989191                                                                                       Corporation                   14306175721 
30701KENT INDUSTRIES DIVISION OF PREMIER IND                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                               
30702WELLMARK INTERNATIONAL                                                          12111 FORD RD                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752347203UNITED STA1-972-8888680                                                                                       Corporation                   19432735835 
30703TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED                                                  12201 SOUTHWEST FWY                                                                                         STAFFORD                            TX774773006UNITED STA1-281-2743742                                                                                       Corporation                   17502899705 
30704INEOS USA LLC                                                                   2600 S SHORE BLVD STE 500                                                                                   LEAGUE CITY                         TX775732944UNITED STA1-281-5356600                                               SUSAN.ZOLLERS@INEOS.COM                 Corporation                   12019819338 
30705MILWHITE INC                                                                    7050 PORTWEST DR STE 190                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770248060UNITED STA1-713-4402000                                                                                       Corporation                   17407873508 
30707CHAMPIONX LLC                                                                   PO BOX 2167                                                                                                 FREEPORT                            TX775422167UNITED STA1-979-2333541                 1-979-2336767                                                         Corporation                   13615204800 
30708ECO SERVICES OPERATIONS CORP                                                    300 LINDENWOOD DR                                                                                           MALVERN                             PA193551740UNITED STA1-610-6514720                 1-610-6514249                                                         Corporation                   32058753503 
30709DI-KU CORP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Corporation                   17412040820 
30710SINCLAIR & VALENTINE LP                                                         4274 CLARK RD                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770406502UNITED STA1-612-4528010                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30711NATIONAL FORGE CO INC                                                           PO BOX 7385                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772487385UNITED STA1-713-8695724                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30712THE PORTER COMPANY                                                              PO BOX 397                                                                                                  NEW BRAUNFELS                       TX781300000UNITED STA1-512-6258577                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30714J LEE BOYLE & ASSOCIATES INC                                                    PO BOX 689                                                                                                  ORANGE                              TX776310689UNITED STA1-409-7467181                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30717EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         PO BOX 4255                                                                                                 BAYTOWN                             TX775224255UNITED STA1-713-4255356                                                                                       Corporation                   11354090059 
30718SOUTHWEST STEEL CASTING COMPANY LLC                                             100 CLARK ST                                                                                                SAINT CHARLES                       MO633012075UNITED STA1-636-9406000                 1-636-5731112                 EHS@AMERICANRAILCAR.COM                 Corporation                   17529406138 
30720ACME COOPERAGE COMPANY INC                                                      4515 IRVING BLVD                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752475703UNITED STA1-214-6312200                                                                                       Corporation                   17509532606 
30722GEO DETOX INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Unknown                       17421847546 
30723COOPER NATURAL RESOURCES INC                                                    PO BOX 1477                                                                                                 SEAGRAVES                           TX793591477UNITED STA1-806-4876461                 1-806-4876708                 craigs@coopernatural.com                Corporation                   14317538487 
30724COX TEXAS NEWSPAPERS LP                                                         PO BOX 670                                                                                                  AUSTIN                              TX787670670UNITED STA1-512-4453705                                                                                       Corporation                   15822752224 
30725RIVERSIDE CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                      PO BOX 25                                                                                                   BARTLETT                            TX765110025UNITED STA1-817-7727210                                                                                       Unknown                       30005807083 
30726TYCO FIRE PRODUCTS LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  15825882457 
30727AUSTIN METER INC                                                                PO BOX 9876                                                                                                 AUSTIN                              TX787660876UNITED STA1-512-8361700                                                                                       Corporation                   17417354168 
30729ALGAS INDUSTRIES INC                                                            2657 ANDJON DR                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752201309UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   19521374637 
30730SIMKINS INDUSTRIES INC                                                          2801 E ABRAM ST                                                                                             ARLINGTON                           TX760101402UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   10604694801 
30731HATCO INC                                                                       601 MARION DR                                                                                               GARLAND                             TX750427930UNITED STA1-972-4940511                                                                                       Unknown                       17528216629 
30732CONSO TOOL AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                            818 CURRENCY DR                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752479999UNITED STA1-214-8691690                                                                                       Unknown                       17509133702 
30733CONTINENTAL ELECTRONICS CORPORATION                                             4212 S BUCKNER BLVD                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752274201UNITED STA1-214-3817161                 1-214-3814949                                                         Corporation                   17603189733 
30734DYO CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                            2200 S CENTRAL EXPY                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752159999UNITED STA1-214-4211769                                                                                       Corporation                   17510087228 
30735ELEVATOR INDUSTRIES INC                                                          E HIGHWAY 287                                                                                              MIDLOTHIAN                          TX760659999UNITED STA1-214-7752113                                                                                       Corporation                               
30736F & M GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS                                                     PO BOX 29778                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752290778UNITED STA1-214-2414242                                                                                       Corporation                   17520183900 
30737CHALLENGER ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT CORP                                            1102 AVENUE T                                                                                               GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750501118UNITED STA1-214-6472103                                                                                       Unknown                       11331800299 
30738KIDDE PLC MATHISEN WAY                                                          3405 WILEY POST RD                                                                                          CARROLLTON                          TX750065115UNITED STA1-972-4586598                 1-972-4586552                                                         Unknown                                   
30740CARBURETION J & S INC                                                           PO BOX 4778                                                                                                 DALLAS                              TX752080778UNITED STA1-214-7428315                                                                                       Corporation                   17518580729 
30742MAGNI-FAB SOUTHWEST CO                                                          PO BOX 578                                                                                                  HOWE                                TX754590578UNITED STA1-903-5325533                                                                                       Unknown                       17513343289 
30744NORRIS CERAMIC SUPPLY                                                           2534 W DAVIS ST                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752112621UNITED STA1-214-9462048                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30745SOLVAY USA INC                                                                  201 HARRISON ST                                                                                             VERNON                              TX763843327UNITED STA1-281-3617612                 1-609-3955482                 MIKE.CHOW@SOLVAY.COM                    Corporation                   12235399545 
30746PACKAGING CORPORATION OF AMERICA                                                1001 113TH ST                                                                                               ARLINGTON                           TX760117707UNITED STA1-817-6401888                                               GKANNENBERG@PACKAGINGCORP.COM           Corporation                   13642770500 
30747HILITE INDUSTRIES AUTOMOTIVE LP                                                 1671 S BROADWAY ST                                                                                          CARROLLTON                          TX750067442UNITED STA1-972-2422116 x4197           1-972-4464014                 ANTHONY.TURNER@HILITE.COM               Corporation                   17527358588 
30748CATERPILLAR INC                                                                 100 NE ADAMS ST                                                                                             PEORIA                              IL616290001UNITED STA1-309-6751000                                                                                       Corporation                   13713772385 
30750SOUTHERN PRECISION MACHINE                                                      5819 DENTON DR                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752356601UNITED STA1-214-3585151                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30751RRPFG LIMITED PARTNERSHIP                                                       3401 S SHILOH RD                                                                                            GARLAND                             TX750414013UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   12086011157 
30752TEMP-CON INC                                                                    RR 4 BOX 48                                                                                                 LEWISVILLE                          TX750779999UNITED STA1-214-4364586                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30753QUEBECOR WORLD DALLAS II INC                                                    4800 SPRING VALLEY RD                                                                                       DALLAS                              TX752443905UNITED STA1-214-7746324                                                                                       Corporation                   17526792472 
30754TRI DAC                                                                         PO BOX 549                                                                                                  CARROLLTON                          TX750069999UNITED STA1-214-2420431                                                                                       Corporation                   30001716171 
30756STEELCASE INC                                                                   1800 S GREAT SOUTHWEST PKWY                                                                                 GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750513501UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   13808190501 
30759WELCO MANUFACTURING COMPANY OF TEXAS                                            1302 NE 64TH TER                                                                                            KANSAS CITY                         MO641183503UNITED STA1-214-6371290                                                                                       Unknown                       17511077988 
30760FOTOMAT CORPORATION                                                             4505 MCEWEN RD                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752445208UNITED STA1-203-7628621                                                                                       Corporation                               
30761PILOT INDUSTRIES OF TEXAS INC                                                   11623 N HOUSTON ROSSLYN RD                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770863601UNITED STA1-281-4483222                                               masmith@pilotchemical.com               Corporation                   11325790787 
30763SI GROUP INC                                                                    702 FM 523 RD                                                                                               FREEPORT                            TX775418615UNITED STA1-979-4151051                 1-979-4151160                                                         Corporation                   11410417908 
30764PPG ARCHITECTURAL FINISHES INC                                                  3530 LANG RD                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770926105UNITED STA1-713-6811868                                                                                       Unknown                       12516125858 
30765VITRO FLAT GLASS LLC                                                            7400 CENTRAL FWY N                                                                                          WICHITA FALLS                       TX763056656UNITED STA1-940-8553804                                                                                       Corporation                   32061545375 
30766AZTEC MANUFACTURING-WASKOM PARTNERSHIP LTD                                      PO BOX 728                                                                                                  WASKOM                              TX756920728UNITED STA1-903-6873943                                                                                                                     17524039090 
30767STRAUSS & CO LEVI                                                               3320 E AMARILLO BLVD                                                                                        AMARILLO                            TX791077909UNITED STA1-806-3833364                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30769ORION ENGINEERED CARBONS LLC                                                    7702 FM 1960 RD E                         STE 100 BOX 1                                                     HUMBLE                              TX773462201UNITED STA1-832-4453300                 1-832-4450250                                                         Corporation                   10306147033 
30770AGRIUM US INC                                                                   PO BOX 5067                                                                                                 BORGER                              TX790085067UNITED STA1-806-2745204                                                                                       Corporation                   19115895682 
30771GULF SULPHUR SERVICES LTD LLLP                                                  4500 OLD PORT INDUSTRIAL RD                                                                                 GALVESTON                           TX775542892UNITED STA1-409-7651204                                                                                       Corporation                   18706873520 
30772KM LIQUIDS TERMINALS LLC                                                        405 CLINTON DR                                                                                              GALENA PARK                         TX775473468UNITED STA1-713-3699000                                                                                                                     32033256382 
30773NUSTAR TERMINALS OPERATIONS PARTNERSHIP LP                                      PO BOX 3608                                                                                                 TEXAS CITY                          TX775923608UNITED STA1-409-9483561                 1-409-9484460                                                                                       17524678095 
30774T & R CHEMICALS INC                                                             PO BOX 330                                                                                                  CLINT                               TX798360330UNITED STA1-915-8512761                                                                                       Unknown                       17413652805 
30776AIR PRODUCTS LLC                                                                7201 HAMILTON BLVD                                                                                          ALLENTOWN                           PA181959642UNITED STA1-610-4814911                                                                                       Corporation                   32002289901 
30779EAGLE RAILCAR SERVICES-CHANNELVIEW TEXAS LLC                                    407 W BRENTWOOD ST                                                                                          CHANNELVIEW                         TX775303952UNITED STA1-281-7299156                                               MARCW@EAGLESM.COM                       Corporation                   32070036242 
30780SIEMENS ENERGY INC                                                              4400 N ALAFAYA TRL                                                                                          ORLANDO                             FL328262301UNITED STA1-407-7362000                                                                                       Corporation                   11339872803 
30782AMERICAN PORCELAIN ENAMELING                                                    PO BOX 3488                                                                                                 IRVING                              TX750619999UNITED STA1-713-8693731                                                                                       Corporation                   17410926558 
30783ELECTRO-COATINGS OF TEXAS INC                                                   216 BAYWOOD ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770112302UNITED STA1-713-9235935                                                                                       Unknown                       17603538236 
30784DELUXE CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   14102168003 
30786COOPER POWER SYSTEMS INC                                                        2315 SE STALLINGS DR                                                                                        NACOGDOCHES                         TX759616873UNITED STA1-936-5699422                 1-936-5697834                                                         Corporation                               
30790GAMMON GEAR WORKS                                                               9229 E AVENUE Q                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770122313UNITED STA1-713-9212514                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30791PROCESS PLASTICS INC                                                            PO BOX 396                                                                                                  WHITEHOUSE                          TX757910396UNITED STA1-214-5615771                                                                                       Corporation                   17516035049 
30793COOPER TOOLS INC                                                                7007 PINEMONT DR                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770406601UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17606267551 
30794HARSCO CORPORATION                                                              675 BROOKSEDGE BLVD                                                                                         WESTERVILLE                         OH430812817UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   12314839916 
30795CHEMTRADE REFINERY SERVICES INC                                                 1400 OLIN RD                                                                                                BEAUMONT                            TX777055754UNITED STA1-913-2270584                                                                                       Corporation                   17108703186 
30796ANCHOR POST PRODUCTS OF TEXAS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Unknown                                   
30797SHAFFER A VARCO COMPANY                                                         875 LOCKWOOD DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770207917UNITED STA1-713-9375061                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30798DATOTEK INC                                                                     3801 REALTY RD                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752449998UNITED STA1-214-2414491                                                                                       Corporation                   17420332136 
30799BLANCHARD REFINING COMPANY LLC                                                  2401 5TH AVE S                                                                                              TEXAS CITY                          TX775908349UNITED STA1-409-9424693                                                                                       Corporation                   32049194742 
30800COLLINS OF TEXAS INC                                                            PO BOX 1000                                                                                                 MEDINA                              TX780551000UNITED STA1-512-5892877                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30801DIAMOND COATINGS INC                                                            117 N PALMER ST                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770031612UNITED STA1-281-7978032                                                                                       Corporation                   32073152509 
30802LONG REACH HOLDINGS CORP                                                        12300 AMELIA DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770454814UNITED STA1-713-4343441                                                                                       Corporation                   30010706973 
30803BAKER PROD TECH                                                                 PO BOX 40129                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772400129UNITED STA1-713-4398754                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30805RUTH BERRY CO                                                                   5025 JENSEN DR                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770262502UNITED STA1-713-6955871                                                                                       Corporation                   17416876872 
30806NORTHWEST PIPE COMPANY                                                          PO BOX 2002                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772522002UNITED STA1-713-8634300                                                                                       Corporation                   19305579880 
30808OTECO INC                                                                       2828 TROUT ST                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770935546UNITED STA1-713-6953693                 1-713-8697737                                                         Corporation                   17603094925 
30810THERMON INDUSTRIES INC                                                          100 THERMON DR                                                                                              SAN MARCOS                          TX786665947UNITED STA1-512-3965801                                                                                       Corporation                   17422467997 
30811AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 2121                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032121UNITED STA1-361-8815611                 1-361-8815837                 jkrystinik@aep.com                      Corporation                   17405506001 
30812AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 2121                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032121UNITED STA1-361-8815475                 1-361-8815837                 nmhutton@aep.com                        Corporation                   17405506001 
30813NUECES BAY WLE LP                                                               2002 E NAVIGATION BLVD                                                                                      CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784021913UNITED STA1-361-5612224                                               CECILIA.GARCIA-RIOS@TALENENERGY.COM     Other/Misc                    12010456452 
30814AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 2121                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032121UNITED STA1-361-8815475                 1-361-8815837                 nmhutton@aep.com                        Corporation                   17405506001 
30815AEP TEXAS CENTRAL COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17405506001 
30817BAKER HUGHES OILFIELD OPERATIONS LLC                                            15355 VANTAGE PKWY W                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770321975UNITED STA1-713-7443810                                                                                       Corporation                   19413028861 
30819TEXAS URANIUM OPERATIONS                                                        HWY 59                                                                                                      GEORGE WEST                         TX78022    UNITED STA1-512-4491656                                               UNKNOWN@UNKNOWN.COM                     Unknown                                   
30821NATIONAL STEEL SERVICE CENTER                                                   750 LOCKWOOD DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770207993UNITED STA1-713-5910075                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30822REICHHOLD LIQUIDATION INC                                                       PO BOX 9405                                                                                                 AUSTIN                              TX787669405UNITED STA1-512-8361426                                                                                       Corporation                   11317648266 
30825PHELPS DODGE REFINING CORPORATION                                               897 HAWKINS BLVD                                                                                            EL PASO                             TX799151217UNITED STA1-915-7827353                 1-915-7827789                 RAJESH_BHAKTA@FMI.COM                   Corporation                   32062939593 
30827PRICES CREAMERIES INC                                                           PO BOX 3008                                                                                                 EL PASO                             TX799233008UNITED STA                              1-915-5628232                 lonnie_williams@deanfoods.com           Corporation                   17416474280 
30829TAYLOR-SIMPKINS WELDING PRODUCTS                                                1805 W PAISANO DR                                                                                           EL PASO                             TX799221614UNITED STA1-915-3769500                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30830AZAR NUT COMPANY                                                                1800 NORTHWESTERN DR                                                                                        EL PASO                             TX799121122UNITED STA1-915-7791212                                                                                       Unknown                       13637856637 
30832TEXAS APPAREL CO DEL RIO PLANT                                                  PO BOX 1389                                                                                                 DEL RIO                             TX788411389UNITED STA1-915-5321900                                                                                       Unknown                       11353652008 
30834BORDEN DAIRY PRODUCTS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Unknown                                   
30835CHEVRON USA INC                                                                 PO BOX 1150                                                                                                 MIDLAND                             TX797021150UNITED STA1-915-6877551                                                                                       Corporation                   12505279252 
30836EL PASO ACID CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                                   
30837POWELL ESCO                                                                     3200 FRONTAGE RD                                                                                            GREENVILLE                          TX754029999UNITED STA1-903-4556234                                                                                       Unknown                       17603309232 
30838LUFKIN GEARS LLC                                                                PO BOX 849                                                                                                  LUFKIN                              TX759020849UNITED STA1-936-6375208                 1-936-6375474                                                         Corporation                   17504044102 
30839LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORPORATION                                                   805 SW BROADWAY STE 700                                                                                     PORTLAND                            OR972053347UNITED STA1-800-5476331                 1-503-8215305                                                         Corporation                   19306090747 
30840COVIDIEN LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                       10205021628 
30840THE KENDALL COMPANY LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                               
30841STONE CONTAINER CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Corporation                   13620412562 
30842GROENDYKE TRANSPORT INC                                                         PO BOX 30097                                                                                                AMARILLO                            TX791200097UNITED STA1-806-3733705                                                                                       Corporation                   17305652467 
30843OAK HILL SUBDIVISION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                               
30844CARGILL MEAT SOLUTIONS CORPORATION                                              PO BOX 579                                                                                                  FRIONA                              TX790350579UNITED STA1-806-2958211                 1-806-2958214                 Jarrod_grillig@cargill.com              Corporation                   17514494305 
30845AMAX POTASH CORPORATION                                                         PO BOX 1178                                                                                                 DUMAS                               TX790291178UNITED STA1-806-9354139                                                                                       Corporation                   10610937459 
30846ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND COMPANY                                                  PO BOX 180                                                                                                  QUANAH                              TX792520180UNITED STA1-817-6635323                                                                                       Corporation                   14101291509 
30847COOPER INDUSTRIES INC                                                           1810 GARDNER EXPY                                                                                           QUINCY                              IL623059364UNITED STA1-217-2225400                                                                                       Corporation                   13141566201 
30848KOCH-GLITSCH LP                                                                 4900 SINGLETON BLVD                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752123300UNITED STA1-214-5833174                 1-214-5833283                 richard.wise@kochglitsch.com            Unknown                       14812519040 
30849LOMA CORP                                                                       PO BOX 40350                                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761400350UNITED STA1-817-2932551                                                                                       Unknown                       17513613244 
30850HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES INC                                                 2601 E BELT LINE RD                                                                                         CARROLLTON                          TX750065401UNITED STA1-972-4184350                                                                                       Corporation                   17302712801 
30851GENERAL MILLS OPERATIONS LLC                                                    200 S 6TH ST STE 3                                                                                          MINNEAPOLIS                         MN554021403UNITED STA1-903-4152555                 1-903-4632219                 mike.crocker2@genmills.com              Unknown                       14118380907 
30852AGP REFINERIES LC                                                               1405 W WASHINGTON ST                                                                                        DENISON                             TX750201849UNITED STA1-903-4638210                                                                                       Other/Misc                    13638956675 
30854GROENDYKE TRANSPORT INC                                                         PO BOX 632                                                                                                  ENID                                OK737020632UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17305652467 
30856ANDERSON LABORATORIES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17508475294 
30857CITY OF AMARILLO                                                                10801 AIRPORT BLVD                                                                                          AMARILLO                            TX791111211UNITED STA1-806-3351551                                                                                                                                 
30858FMC CORPORATION                                                                 PO BOX 340                                                                                                  ENNIS                               TX751200340UNITED STA1-214-8752661                                                                                       Corporation                   19404798043 
30859CHATLEFF CONTROLS INC                                                           205 INDUSTRIAL BLVD                                                                                         AUSTIN                              TX787451204UNITED STA1-512-4422387                                                                                       Unknown                       17419959444 
30860ASSOCIATED COURT REPORTERS INC                                                  2929 N STEMMONS FWY                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752476102UNITED STA1-214-6384400                                                                                       Corporation                   32002746009 
30861COMMERCIAL PAINTING SERVICE                                                     1515 HICKORY ST                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752152037UNITED STA1-214-4212056                                                                                       Unknown                       17510059094 
30864SOUTHERN FOLGER DETENTION EQUIPMENT COMPANY LLC                                 4634 S PRESA ST                                                                                             SAN ANTONIO                         TX782231058UNITED STA1-210-5314118                                               JLEGROS@SOUTHERNFOLGER.COM              Corporation                   32018873979 
30865RHE HATCO INC                                                                   601 MARION DR                                                                                               GARLAND                             TX750427930UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       15413408657 
30867KENNAMETAL INC                                                                  PO BOX 231                                                                                                  LATROBE                             PA156500231UNITED STA1-724-5395000                 1-800-8470004                                                         Corporation                   12509001686 
30868CAN TEX INDUSTRIES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                               
30870CHEMICAL LEAMAN TANK LINES INC                                                  PO BOX 4385                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761640385UNITED STA1-713-9283131                                                                                       Corporation                   12313169828 
30871DIAMOND SHAMROCK REFINING COMPANY LP                                            6701 FM 119                                                                                                 SUNRAY                              TX790862013UNITED STA1-806-9352141                 1-806-9351216                 shelly.williamson@valero.com                                          17426911677 
30872DELEK REFINING LTD                                                              425 MCMURREY DR                                                                                             TYLER                               TX757026326UNITED STA1-903-5793400                 1-903-5793499                                                         Corporation                   12024151495 
30873WEATHERFORD INTERNATIONAL LLC                                                   515 POST OAK BLVD STE 600                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770279408UNITED STA1-713-6934913                                                                                       Corporation                   10425150199 
30875GROENDYKE TRANSPORT INC                                                         PO BOX 9142                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784699142UNITED STA1-512-8825407                                                                                       Corporation                   17305652467 
30878THAMES CHELSEA CHEMICAL COMPANY USA                                             13101 CONKLIN LN                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770349999UNITED STA1-713-4818720                                                                                       Corporation                   17602648879 
30879THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                      101 W PROSPECT AVE                                                                                          CLEVELAND                           OH441151093UNITED STA0-216-5662000                                                                                       Corporation                   32065228846 
30881SCHNADIG CORPORATION                                                            200 W DODGE ST                                                                                              BRYAN                               TX778011105UNITED STA1-713-8221527                                                                                       Unknown                       13622533902 
30882RKI INC                                                                         2301 CENTRAL PARK CIR                                                                                       HOUSTON                             TX770594414UNITED STA1-713-6884414                                               RFKOENIG@RKIUS.COM                      Corporation                   17605598519 
30885INGERSOLL-RAND COMPANY                                                          PO BOX 8738                                                                                                 WOODCLIFF LAKE                      NJ076778738UNITED STA1-201-5733179                                                                                       Corporation                   11351566408 
30887LUBBOCK AVALANCHE JOURNAL                                                       PO BOX 491                                                                                                  LUBBOCK                             TX794080491UNITED STA1-806-7628844                                                                                       Unknown                       15811386406 
30889PRIDE REFINING INC                                                              2350 BONANZA DR                                                                                             ABILENE                             TX796022123UNITED STA1-325-6771698                 1-325-6771488                                                         Corporation                   17523158602 
30889PRIDE COMPANIES LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   17523135972 
30890TOKAI CARBON CB LTD                                                             201 MAIN ST STE 3000                                                                                        FORT WORTH                          TX761023135UNITED STA1-817-3908600                                                                                       Corporation                   17524680810 
30892MRS BAIRDS BAKERIES INC                                                         PO BOX 119                                                                                                  WACO                                TX767039998UNITED STA1-254-7537885                                                                                       Corporation                   17507516015 
30893FUQUA HOMES INC                                                                 PO BOX 27                                                                                                   EASTLAND                            TX764480027UNITED STA1-817-6291766                                                                                       Corporation                   19525720363 
30894ANDERTON CASTINGS LLC                                                           PO BOX 1170                                                                                                 TEMPLE                              TX765031170UNITED STA1-254-9382541 x225            1-254-9387117                 ajohnson@chdiecastng.com                                              32056159240 
30895CALCOMP INC                                                                     8500 CAMERON RD                                                                                             AUSTIN                              TX787543900UNITED STA1-512-8350900                                                                                       Corporation                   13302497840 
30897CHESLEY INDUSTRIES INC SUBSIDIARY OF HUSSMANN CORP                              1709 HIGHWAY 36 N                                                                                           BRENHAM                             TX778339136UNITED STA1-978-5322000                                                                                       Corporation                   13812781212 
30898CARGILL MEAT SOLUTIONS CORPORATION                                              2510 E LAKE SHORE DR                                                                                        WACO                                TX767051788UNITED STA1-254-4123437                 1-254-7991520                 MICKEY_DALRYMPLE@CARGILL.COM            Corporation                   17514494305 
30899WEST POINT PEPPERELL INC                                                        PO BOX 71                                                                                                   MEXIA                               TX766670071UNITED STA1-817-5623884                                                                                       Corporation                   16302604489 
30900CES ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC                                                  4904 GRIGGS RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770213208UNITED STA1-713-6761460                 1-713-6761676                 cesenvironmental @yahoo.com             Corporation                   17605929854 
30901AGRICULTURE WAREHOUSE INC                                                       PO BOX 237                                                                                                  ENNIS                               TX751200237UNITED STA1-214-8758456                                                                                       Unknown                       17515212201 
30902ECKEL MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC                                                 PO BOX 1375                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797601375UNITED STA1-432-3624336                 1-432-3621827                                                         Corporation                   17511050563 
30903E R CARPENTER LP                                                                5016 MONUMENT AVE                                                                                           RICHMOND                            VA232303620UNITED STA1-800-2883830                                                                                                                     15419665524 
30904AMPCO SOUTHWEST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Unknown                                   
30905HOMCO INC                                                                       4055 VALLEY VIEW LN                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752445074UNITED STA1-972-5420131                                                                                       Corporation                   17517258616 
30906CORNING OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS LLC                                              9275 DENTON HWY                                                                                             FORT WORTH                          TX762445111UNITED STA1-817-4311521                 1-817-4313108                 www.corning.com                         Corporation                   15620580108 
30907STANDARD MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Unknown                       17502481173 
30908RAYTHEON COMPANY                                                                PO BOX 660246                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752660246UNITED STA1-972-3446718                 1-972-3446027                                                         Corporation                   19517785002 
30909COLORED METALS                                                                  PO BOX 369                                                                                                  ARLINGTON                           TX760040369UNITED STA1-817-4677571                                                                                       Unknown                       15907984668 
30910VAN HUFFEL TUBE CORPORATION                                                     111 W 2ND ST                                                                                                JAMESTOWN                           NY147015207UNITED STA1-817-6687211                                                                                       Corporation                   11611334860 
30911GAINESVILLE FOUNDRY INC                                                         PO BOX 1259                                                                                                 GAINESVILLE                         TX762411259UNITED STA1-940-6650355                                                                                       Corporation                   17508958414 
30912HURRICANE INDUSTRIES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Corporation                               
30913NATIONAL CHROME PLATING CO                                                      2404 E R L THORNTON FWY                                                                                     DALLAS                              TX752262254UNITED STA1-214-4281414                                                                                       Unknown                       17509920652 
30914OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL CORPORATION                                                 8800 S CENTRAL EXPY                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752417503UNITED STA1-214-3712367                                                                                       Corporation                   11604847324 
30915HOLBROOK STEEL DRUM CO                                                          804 E ORANGE ST                                                                                             SHERMAN                             TX750903836UNITED STA1-214-8930793                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30916HALE MANUFACTURING CO INC                                                       PO BOX 609                                                                                                  SHERMAN                             TX750910609UNITED STA1-214-8926141                                                                                       Corporation                   17511027371 
30917GENERAL CABLE INDUSTRIES INC                                                    4 TESSENEER DR                                                                                              HIGHLAND HEIGHTS                    KY410769167UNITED STA1-859-5728000                                                                                       Corporation                   10610097148 
30918SUNLITE CASUAL FURNITURE INC                                                    1400 DONELSON PIKE STE B4                                                                                   NASHVILLE                           TN372172934UNITED STA1-409-5642612                                                                                       Corporation                   15822891634 
30919EARTHGRAINS BAKING COMPANIES LLC                                                2020 19TH ST NW                                                                                             PARIS                               TX754601708UNITED STA1-903-7856401                                                                                       Corporation                   17100510407 
30922NORTH AMERICAN PHILIPS LIGHTING CO                                              3010 CLARKSVILLE ST                                                                                         PARIS                               TX754607913UNITED STA1-903-7847453                                                                                       Unknown                       30007124008 
30923G2O TECHNOLOGIES LLC                                                            9401 STRANG RD                                                                                              LA PORTE                            TX775719746UNITED STA1-281-4764321                 1-281-4760452                 EMEJIAS@GULBRANDSEN.COM                                                           
30924ALCO INDUSTRIES INC                                                             8700 N COUNTY RD W                                                                                          ODESSA                              TX797641926UNITED STA1-915-3668811                                                                                       Unknown                       12322652939 
30925TOTTEN INC                                                                      400 E LAMAR ST                                                                                              SHERMAN                             TX750907018UNITED STA1-903-8928145                                                                                       Unknown                       17506399207 
30926COMPRESSOR RENEWAL SERVICES LTD                                                 PO BOX 14288                                                                                                ODESSA                              TX797684288UNITED STA1-432-3620303                 1-432-3627175                                                                                       17109415053 
30927HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES INC                                                 PO BOX 42810                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772422810UNITED STA1-281-5754018                 1-281-9881016                 denise.tuck@halliburton.com             Corporation                   17302712801 
30928THE LEHIGH PRESS INC                                                            1228 CROWLEY CIR                                                                                            CARROLLTON                          TX750061371UNITED STA1-214-4461900                                                                                       Unknown                       12314173308 
30929HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES INC                                                 16548 DONWICK DR                                                                                            CONROE                              TX773853506UNITED STA1-214-3302205                 1-214-3302389                 dennis.lynch@halliburton.com            Corporation                   17302712801 
30930MINERAL WELLS INDUSTRIAL FOUNDATION                                             PO BOX 1193                                                                                                 MINERAL WELLS                       TX760681193UNITED STA1-940-3259734                                                                                       Corporation                               
30931DECKER FOOD COMPANY                                                             5900 W PLANO PKWY STE 350                                                                                   PLANO                               TX750932205UNITED STA1-214-2786192                                                                                       Corporation                   13630838574 
30932CAMERON SOLUTIONS INC                                                           PO BOX 1072                                                                                                 ELECTRA                             TX763601072UNITED STA1-940-4954333                                                                                       Unknown                       11325719455 
30933BORDEN DAIRY SERVICES                                                           5327 S LAMAR ST                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752154924UNITED STA1-214-5650332                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30934NATIONAL SUPPLY CO INC                                                          2000 ONEAL ST                                                                                               GAINESVILLE                         TX762403716UNITED STA1-817-6653577                                                                                       Corporation                   17517952721 
30935MRS BAIRDS BAKERIES BUSINESS TRUST                                              5230 E MOCKINGBIRD LN                                                                                       DALLAS                              TX752052917UNITED STA1-214-5267201                                                                                       Corporation                               
30936FOUR SEASONS                                                                    1900 SE LOOP 820                                                                                            FORT WORTH                          TX761401003UNITED STA1-817-5510220                 1-817-5510112                 tim.brooks@4s.com                       Unknown                                   
30937RUBENSTEIN FOODS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                   17507135501 
30939WILSONART LLC                                                                   PO BOX 6110                                                                                                 TEMPLE                              TX765036110UNITED STA1-254-2076827                 1-254-2078548                                                         Corporation                   13716993137 
309401201 E PECAN HOLDINGS LLC                                                       1201 E PECAN ST                                                                                             SHERMAN                             TX750906227UNITED STA1-903-9572270                                                                                       Corporation                   32036372483 
30941W & P DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION                                                   18511 BEAUMONT HWY                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770491220UNITED STA1-281-4560643                 1-281-4560745                 alacosta@ssteeltermimals.com            Corporation                   32046502210 
30942SURGIKOS INC                                                                    PO BOX 130                                                                                                  ARLINGTON                           TX760040130UNITED STA1-817-4602261                                                                                       Corporation                               
30943JOHNSON AND JOHNSON MEDICAL INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                               
30944WONDER BREAD HOSTESS CAKE                                                       PO BOX 35126                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752350126UNITED STA1-214-3580232                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30945ALUMAX ALUMINUM CORPORATION                                                     1200 E WASHINGTON ST                                                                                        ROCKWALL                            TX750874713UNITED STA1-214-2267681                                                                                       Corporation                   11328386989 
30946ENNIS INC                                                                       114 NE MAIN ST                                                                                              ENNIS                               TX751194045UNITED STA1-972-8753811                                                                                       Corporation                               
30947QUALEX KODAK                                                                    3131 MANOR WAY                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752355907UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
30948MICHLIN ROBERT R INC                                                            429 S 2ND AVE                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752261922UNITED STA1-214-8232163                                                                                       Corporation                   17504837638 
30949EARTHGRAINS BAKING COMPANIES LLC                                                3500 MANOR WAY                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752355916UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17100510407 
30951JUSTIN BOOT COMPANY                                                             PO BOX 548                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010548UNITED STA1-817-3901511                                                                                       Unknown                       17503701207 
30952ALEON RENEWABLE METALS LLC                                                      302 MIDWAY ROAD                                                                                             FREEPORT                            TX77542    UNITED STA1-979-4151500                                                                                       Corporation                   32063380052 
30953NOCONA BOOT CO INC                                                              PO BOX 599                                                                                                  NOCONA                              TX762550599UNITED STA1-817-8253321                                                                                       Corporation                               
30954SANDY-ALEXANDER INC                                                             PO BOX 2338                                                                                                 DALLAS                              TX752212338UNITED STA1-214-7415531                                                                                       Unknown                       17504603907 
30956WAYSIDE HOMES INC                                                               PO BOX 1157                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761011157UNITED STA1-817-2322000                                                                                       Unknown                       17512908504 
30957VINTAGE HOMES INC                                                               PO BOX 632                                                                                                  BRECKENRIDGE                        TX764240632UNITED STA1-817-5595493                                                                                       Unknown                       15809581992 
30958AAVID THERMALLOY LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Unknown                                   
30960ADVANCED MOLDING COMPOUNDS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   32001888174 
30961KEL STAR                                                                        PO BOX 709                                                                                                  WOODVILLE                           TX759790709UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
30962GRAHAM MAGNETICS LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Unknown                       12605346761 
30964QUALITY CARRIERS INC                                                            4041 PARK OAKS BLVD STE 200                                                                                 TAMPA                               FL336109524UNITED STA1-800-2822031                                                                                       Corporation                   13625900637 
30965JEFFERSON LAKE SULPHUR CO                                                       RR 1 BOX 126                                                                                                NEEDVILLE                           TX774619801UNITED STA1-713-7934215                                                                                       Corporation                               
30966INTERCONTINENTAL TERMINALS COMPANY LLC                                          PO BOX 698                                                                                                  DEER PARK                           TX775360698UNITED STA1-281-8840350                 1-281-8840203                 CHOLLEY@ITERM.COM                       Corporation                   17417104225 
30967HINES                                             GERALD                        PO BOX 19322                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772249322UNITED STA                                                                                                    Individual                                
30968HOUSTON NATURAL GAS PETROCHEMICALS INC                                          PO BOX 520                                                                                                  TOMBALL                             TX773770520UNITED STA1-713-4446311                                                                                       Unknown                                   
30969ENGINEERS AND FABRICATORS                                                       4615 SOUTHWEST FWY STE 410                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770277114UNITED STA1-713-8034700                                                                                       Corporation                   17604363741 
30971MRS BAIRDS BAKERIES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                   17507516015 
30972PIPE DISTRIBUTORS LTD                                                           PO BOX 23237                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772283237UNITED STA1-713-6354200                                                                                       Corporation                   17413680996 
30976LANDRETH HOLDINGS INC                                                           8700 SCRANTON ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770751008UNITED STA1-713-9447400                 1-713-9448176                 mrust@lfcorp.com                        Corporation                   17606981953 
30977KIRBY BUILDING SYSTEMS INC                                                      PO BOX 36429                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772366429UNITED STA1-713-6661941                                                                                       Unknown                       17418479691 
30978PULLMAN POWER PRODUCTS CORPORATION                                              PO BOX 2                                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770010002UNITED STA1-713-6722491                                                                                       Corporation                   12321464799 
30979SHERMAN WIRE COMPANY                                                            PO BOX 729                                                                                                  SHERMAN                             TX750910729UNITED STA1-903-8930191                                                                                       Corporation                   13618994902 
30979SHERMAN WIRE WEST PLANT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                                   
30980AMBER REFINING INC                                                              PO BOX 1508                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761011508UNITED STA1-817-8382346                                                                                       Corporation                   15610535229 
30982STEERE TANK LINES INC                                                           19391 HIGHWAY 35                                                                                            ALVIN                               TX775111400UNITED STA1-281-4823346                                                                                       Corporation                   17508747759 
30983EOF HOLDINGS LTD                                                                409 E WALLISVILLE RD                                                                                        HIGHLANDS                           TX775623827UNITED STA                              1-281-4268839                 rgonzalez@zxptech.com                                                             
30984GULF COAST AUTHORITY                                                            910 BAY AREA BLVD                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770582604UNITED STA1-281-4884115                 1-281-4883331                 cganze@gcwda.com                        Local Government                          
30985LBC HOUSTON LP                                                                  11666 PORT RD                                                                                               SEABROOK                            TX775861603UNITED STA1-281-2913402                 1-281-2913428                                                                                       17419201797 
30986GULF COPPER & MANUFACTURING CORPORATION                                         PO BOX 547                                                                                                  PORT ARTHUR                         TX776410547UNITED STA1-409-7419200                 1-409-9856349                 mhaughton@gulfcopper.com                Corporation                   17420456067 
30987TODD SHIPYARD CORP                                                              PO BOX 9666                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772130666UNITED STA1-713-4537261                                                                                       Corporation                               
30988BONUS CROP FERTILIZER INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Unknown                       17518060235 
30989MORTON SALT INC                                                                 801 STATE HIGHWAY 110                                                                                       GRAND SALINE                        TX751405145UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   32042359573 
30990US DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY                                                       2629 YORK AVE                                                                                               MINDEN                              LA710558312UNITED STA1-318-4595100                                                                                       Federal Government Ownership              
30991US DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY                                                       US HIGHWAY 82 W SJMLS IM                                                                                    TEXARKANA                           TX755059101UNITED STA1-903-2552858                                               JOHN.MEDLOCK@LONESTARAAP.COM            Federal Government Ownership              
30992LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORPORATION                                                   PO BOX 730                                                                                                  JASPER                              TX759510009UNITED STA1-409-3843444                                                                                       Corporation                   19306090747 
30993VERDANT INDUSTRIES LLC                                                          6004 S FIRST ST                           ATTN STEVE BRADLEY                                                LUFKIN                              TX759018558UNITED STA1-936-6343365                 1-936-6349636                 steve@texastimberjack.com               Corporation                   32042363435 
30995LINDE INC                                                                       PO BOX 44                                                                                                   TONAWANDA                           NY141510044UNITED STA1-409-9489081                                                                                       Corporation                   10612490507 
30997PERGAN MARSHALL LLC                                                             710 BUSSEY RD STE B                                                                                         MARSHALL                            TX756702676UNITED STA1-903-9385141                 1-903-9351298                 p.schluesener@pergan.com                Corporation                   18304840400 
30998VISADOR COMPANY                                                                 PO BOX 2090                                                                                                 JASPER                              TX759510023UNITED STA1-409-3842564                                                                                       Unknown                       17522474521 
31000NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO LP                                                       7909 PARKWOOD CIRCLE DR FL 6                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770366565UNITED STA1-713-3753737                 1-713-7994961                                                                                       17604889877 
31001JOHNS MANVILLE                                                                  1370 E 40TH ST STE 1                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770224150UNITED STA1-713-6917567                                                                                       Corporation                   11308896908 
31002TRONOX LLC                                                                      2513 BUCHANAN RD                                                                                            TEXARKANA                           TX755017543UNITED STA1-903-7945169                 1-903-7926150                 jgetz@kmg.com                           Corporation                   30119226436 
31003TEXASGULF INC                                                                   PO BOX 488                                                                                                  NEWGULF                             TX774629999UNITED STA1-713-6574481                                                                                       Corporation                   11313739606 
31004COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY                                                      1 COCA COLA PL                                                                                              SAN ANTONIO                         TX782193712UNITED STA1-210-2586230                 1-210-2586205                                                         Corporation                   17405804901 
31005CEDAR FIBER COMPANY INC                                                         PO BOX 56306                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772566306UNITED STA1-713-6215666                 1-713-6214473                                                         Corporation                   17413969886 
31006THE SMEAD MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                 PO BOX 447                                                                                                  MC GREGOR                           TX766570447UNITED STA1-817-8402861                                                                                       Unknown                       14105434204 
31007BUTTER KRUST BAKERY INC                                                         6000 NE LOOP 410                                                                                            SAN ANTONIO                         TX782185424UNITED STA1-210-6612361                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31008CARDELL KITCHEN & BATH CABINETRY                                                PO BOX 200850                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782200850UNITED STA1-210-2250290                                                                                       Unknown                       17512982848 
31009MILLER CURTAIN CO INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
31010BRASKEM AMERICA INC                                                             8811 STRANG RD                                                                                              LA PORTE                            TX775717633UNITED STA1-281-9302645                 1-866-7053143                 EBERG@SUNOCOINC.COM                     Corporation                   12515344989 
31011VAUGHAN & SONS INC                                                              PO BOX 17258                                                                                                SAN ANTONIO                         TX782170258UNITED STA1-512-6536610                                                                                       Corporation                   17409636408 
31012BAKER HUGHES OILFIELD OPERATIONS LLC                                            17021 ALDINE WESTFIELD RD                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770735101UNITED STA0-713-3927815                                               AMY.HOOD@BAKERHUGHES.COM                Corporation                   19413028861 
31013KNAPP-SHERRILL COMPANY                                                          PO BOX 308                                                                                                  ELSA                                TX785430308UNITED STA1-512-4643382                                                                                       Corporation                   17417806399 
31014WR GRACE & CO-CONN                                                              2954 BOCA CHICA BLVD                                                                                        BROWNSVILLE                         TX785213506UNITED STA1-512-5462211                                                                                       Corporation                   11351142309 
31015GROENDYKE TRANSPORT INC                                                         PO BOX 632                                                                                                  ENID                                OK737020632UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17305652467 
31016THE DALLAS GROUP OF AMERICA INC                                                 PO BOX 1687                                                                                                 TEXAS CITY                          TX775921687UNITED STA1-409-9453361                                                                                       Unknown                       12229529545 
31017E R CARPENTER LP                                                                11002 CHOATE RD                                                                                             PASADENA                            TX775071500UNITED STA1-281-4745111                                                                                                                     15419665524 
31018MARTIN OPERATING PARTNERSHIP LP                                                 PO BOX 191                                                                                                  KILGORE                             TX756630191UNITED STA1-903-9836200                 1-903-9836262                                                                                       17607121005 
31019ECO SERVICES OPERATIONS CORP                                                    8615 MANCHESTER ST                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770122142UNITED STA1-610-6514720                 1-610-6514249                                                         Corporation                   32058753503 
31020TUBOSCOPE VETCO INTERNATIONAL INC                                               PO BOX 808                                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770010808UNITED STA1-713-7995593                                                                                       Corporation                               
31022LONE STAR INDUSTRIES INC                                                        PO BOX 2148                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772522148UNITED STA1-713-9212131                                                                                       Corporation                   11309826607 
31026CALLER-TIMES PUBLISHING COMPANY                                                 PO BOX 9136                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784699136UNITED STA1-512-8863642                                                                                       Corporation                               
31028SOUTHWEST PLATING SERVICE                                                       PO BOX 7306                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784677306UNITED STA1-361-8559882                                                                                       Corporation                   17427864222 
31029MITSUBISHI AIRCRAFT INTERNATIONAL INC                                           PO BOX 61087                                                                                                SAN ANGELO                          TX769061087UNITED STA1-915-9441511                                                                                       Unknown                       17518688092 
31030BOOMERANG TUBE LLC                                                              PO BOX 10420                                                                                                LIBERTY                             TX775757920UNITED STA1-936-3340725                                                                                       Corporation                   12089994151 
31031BRIGHTSTAR TECHNOLOGY INC                                                       4403 PASADENA FWY                                                                                           PASADENA                            TX775031111UNITED STA1-281-8844281                                                                                       Unknown                       17603392428 
31032ANDEAVOR                                                                        PO BOX 156                                                                                                  CARRIZO SPRINGS                     TX788346156UNITED STA1-512-8762417                                                                                       Corporation                   19508627684 
31033BURDETT GAS PRODUCTS CO                                                         12204 W FAIRMONT PKWY                                                                                       LA PORTE                            TX775716004UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                               
31034MPM SILICONES LLC                                                               5700 CENTURY BLVD                                                                                           TEXAS CITY                          TX775915009UNITED STA1-281-3372531                                                                                       Corporation                               
31035KERR BAN FURNITURE MANUFACTURING CO                                             PO BOX 1407                                                                                                 SAN MARCOS                          TX786671407UNITED STA1-512-3926626                                                                                       Unknown                       17412346268 
31036QUALITY DISTRIBUTION INC                                                        4041 PARK OAKS BLVD STE 200                                                                                 TAMPA                               FL336109524UNITED STA1-800-2822031                                                                                       Corporation                   17426273987 
31036QUALITY CARRIERS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                   13625900637 
31037BANCTEC INC                                                                     PO BOX 660204                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752660204UNITED STA1-214-5796288                                                                                       Corporation                   17515596330 
31038ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS OPERATING LLC                                               PO BOX 573                                                                                                  MONT BELVIEU                        TX775800573UNITED STA1-832-5014000                                               JEFIELDS@EPROD.COM                      Corporation                   12604305396 
31040ARDAGH GLASS PACKAGING INC                                                      PO BOX 84                                                                                                   FISHERS                             IN460380084UNITED STA1-412-3357436                 1-317-5588805                 RICHARD.TOMICEK@ARDAGHGROUP.COM         Corporation                   32078064279 
31040LONGHORN GLASS MANUFACTURING LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   13643600268 
31042VICTOR EQUIPMENT COMPANY                                                        2800 AIRPORT RD                                                                                             DENTON                              TX762072100UNITED STA1-940-5662000                                                                                       Corporation                   19409556800 
31043UNIVAR SOLUTIONS USA INC                                                        3 WATERWAY SQUARE PL STE 1000                                                                               THE WOODLANDS                       TX773803488UNITED STA1-281-2970700                 1-281-2970399                 ANA.MAURICIO@UNIVARSOLUTIONS.COM        Corporation                   19113479356 
31044QUALAWASH HOLDINGS LLC                                                          101 S FRANKLIN ST                                                                                           TAMPA                               FL336025312UNITED STA1-281-8629505                                                                                                                     12706838518 
31045KAUFMAN COUNTY                                                                  202 S BLANCHE ST                                                                                            TERRELL                             TX75160    UNITED STA1-214-5633584                                                                                       Local Government                          
31046THE OILGEAR COMPANY                                                             PO BOX 671                                                                                                  LONGVIEW                            TX756060671UNITED STA1-214-7535751                                                                                       Corporation                   13905145804 
31047TESORO TRANSPORATION CO                                                         3703 MESA DR                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770133823UNITED STA1-713-6757506                                                                                       Unknown                       17509406884 
31048TARGA MIDSTREAM SERVICES LLC                                                    811 LOUISIANA ST STE 2100                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770021412UNITED STA1-713-5841000                                                                                       Corporation                   17605078918 
31049TYCO ELECTRONICS POWER SYSTEMS INC                                              3000 SKYLINE DR                                                                                             MESQUITE                            TX751491802UNITED STA1-972-2848449                 1-972-2842424                 chad.vadnais@lineagepower.com           Corporation                   15825542267 
31050WEATHERFORD ARTIFICIAL LIFT SYSTEMS LLC                                         2000 SAINT JAMES PL                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770564123UNITED STA1-713-8364000                                                                                       Corporation                   17522042500 
31051ANHEUSER-BUSCH LLC                                                              775 GELLHORN DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770291416UNITED STA1-713-6752311                                                                                       Corporation                   14301610003 
31053HEARST NEWSPAPERS PARTNERSHIP LP DBA HOUSTON CHRON                              PO BOX 4260                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104260UNITED STA1-713-2207607                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31054HUNTSMAN PETROCHEMICAL CORPORATION                                              PO BOX 817                                                                                                  PORT NECHES                         TX776510817UNITED STA1-409-7244797                                                                                       Corporation                   15815945181 
31055ENTERGY TEXAS INC                                                               10055 GROGANS MILL RD STE 400                                                                               SPRING                              TX773801018UNITED STA1-281-2973304                 1-281-2973251                 fmanhar@entergy.com                     Corporation                   16114357987 
31057WALKER MANUFACTURING                                                            PO BOX 1218                                                                                                 GREENVILLE                          TX754039999UNITED STA1-214-4458201                                                                                       Other/Misc                                
31058GREENVILLE TRANSFORMER CO INC                                                   PO BOX 845                                                                                                  GREENVILLE                          TX754030845UNITED STA1-903-4551610                                                                                       Unknown                       17514396476 
31059GROENDYKE TRANSPORT INC                                                         PO BOX 632                                                                                                  ENID                                OK737020632UNITED STA1-580-2139275                 1-580-2340836                 tbain@groendyke.com                     Corporation                   17305652467 
31060BWC TEXAS TERMINALS LLC                                                         PO BOX 3608                                                                                                 TEXAS CITY                          TX775923608UNITED STA1-409-9483561                 1-409-9484460                                                                                       17526437219 
31063THE STROH BREWERY COMPANY                                                       300 RIVER PLACE DR                                                                                          DETROIT                             MI482074457UNITED STA1-313-4462121                                                                                       Corporation                   13810788409 
31064REED TOOL COMPANY                                                               PO BOX 615                                                                                                  ADDISON                             TX750010615UNITED STA1-214-3872334                                                                                       Corporation                   17602199907 
31065ACETYLENE OXYGEN CO                                                             PO BOX 430                                                                                                  HARLINGEN                           TX785510430UNITED STA1-512-4233543                                                                                       Corporation                   17418801084 
31067SURGIKOS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Corporation                               
31069HANOVER SMITH INC                                                               1200 SMITH ST STE 1700                    STE 1700                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770024372UNITED STA1-713-8691421                                                                                       Corporation                   30917672409 
31070X-FAB TEXAS INC                                                                 2301 N UNIVERSITY AVE                                                                                       LUBBOCK                             TX794151717UNITED STA1-806-7474400                 1-806-7473111                                                         Corporation                   17527989986 
31071WEST GULF MARINE INC                                                            PO BOX 2660                                                                                                 GALVESTON                           TX775532660UNITED STA1-409-7440492                 1-409-7445895                                                         Corporation                   17605793060 
31072CABOT CORPORATION                                                               PO BOX 5001                                                                                                 PAMPA                               TX790665001UNITED STA1-806-6692581                                                                                       Corporation                   10422718972 
31073LAFARGE NORTH AMERICA INC                                                       3333 FORT WORTH AVE                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752111513UNITED STA1-214-3378961                                                                                       Corporation                   15812902268 
31075DEAN RAINWATER                                                                  12424 EAST FWY                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770155504UNITED STA1-713-4588348                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31076UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL BRANCH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Local Government                          
31076UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL BRANCH AT GALVESTON                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          State Government                          
31077OXY VINYLS LP                                                                   5005 LYNDON B JOHNSON FWY                                                                                   DALLAS                              TX752446100UNITED STA1-972-4042426                 1-972-4043287                                                         Corporation                   17315614267 
31078ETHICON INC                                                                     3348 PULLIAM ST                                                                                             SAN ANGELO                          TX769054403UNITED STA1-915-4825419                                                                                       Corporation                   12228816745 
31080PLAINS MARKETING LP                                                             PO BOX 4648                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104648UNITED STA1-713-6464100                                                                                       Corporation                   17605871155 
31081WR GRACE & CO-CONN                                                              7500 GRACE DR                                                                                               COLUMBIA                            MD210444009UNITED STA1-410-5314000                                                                                       Corporation                   11351142309 
31082SOUTHWEST LATEX CORPORATION                                                     PO BOX 478                                                                                                  SEABROOK                            TX775860478UNITED STA1-713-4743241                                                                                       Unknown                       17415539190 
31084SOUTHWESTERN GRAPHITE COMPANY                                                   2046 COUNTY ROAD 115                                                                                        BURNET                              TX786113373UNITED STA1-512-7562163                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31086AEP SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY                                         1187 COUNTY ROAD 4865                                                                                       PITTSBURG                           TX756868561UNITED STA1-903-8555444                                                                                       Corporation                               
31087BORDEN SNACKS BORDEN INC                                                        6333 DENTON DR                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752355698UNITED STA1-214-3586992                                                                                       Corporation                               
31088BILLY THE KID INC                                                               PO BOX 9817                                                                                                 EL PASO                             TX799952817UNITED STA1-915-5454000                                                                                       Corporation                   17417128125 
31090VALLEY STEEL PRODUCTS CO                                                        5901 S LAMAR ST                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752155114UNITED STA1-314-2312160                                                                                       Corporation                   14306319592 
31091DR PEPPER COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                       17504897400 
31092TRINITY VALLEY IRON & STEEL CO                                                  3400 BRYCE AVE                                                                                              FORT WORTH                          TX761073401UNITED STA1-817-7381925                                                                                       Corporation                   17503245601 
31094DR PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY OF TEXAS                                             PO BOX 655024                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752655024UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17522757545 
31095DUNN HEAT EXCHANGERS INC                                                        PO BOX 3028                                                                                                 TEXAS CITY                          TX775923028UNITED STA1-409-9481704                                                                                       Corporation                   17416097586 
31096TOR MINERALS INTERNATIONAL INC                                                  722 BURLESON ST                                                                                             CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784021344UNITED STA1-361-8825591                                                                                       Corporation                   17420819298 
31098CADECO INDUSTRIES INC                                                           5610 CLINTON DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770208011UNITED STA1-713-6700700                 1-713-6700702                                                         Corporation                   17604784839 
31098UNCLE BENS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                       17410476109 
31099UNCLE BENS INC                                                                  13000 WESTHEIMER RD                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770775502UNITED STA1-713-4971970                                                                                       Unknown                       17410476109 
31100KAG SPECIALTY PRODUCTS GROUP LLC                                                5206 WADE RD                                                                                                BAYTOWN                             TX775218351UNITED STA1-281-8256052                                               JAMES.HALL@THEKAG.COM                   Corporation                   13620687817 
31102TIMPSON TAMCO INCORPORATED                                                      PO BOX 280                                                                                                  TIMPSON                             TX759750280UNITED STA1-713-2542797                                                                                       Unknown                       17513268437 
31103TEXAS TILE MANUFACTURING LLC                                                    1705 OLIVER ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770073821UNITED STA1-713-8695811                 1-713-8801922                 kimberly.taylor@tarkett.com             Other/Misc                    32018040058 
31104TRIMAC TRANSPORTATION INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17612647945 
31105TRIMAC TRANSPORTATION INC                                                       1704 HUNTER RD                                                                                              CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784092004UNITED STA1-999-9999999                                               UNKNOWN@UNKNOWN.COM                     Corporation                   17612647945 
31107NOURYON SURFACE CHEMISTRY LLC                                                   611 E NORTHSIDE DR                                                                                          FORT WORTH                          TX761649243UNITED STA1-817-8876027                 1-817-6269269                 JOHN.PARASKEVAS@NOURYON.COM             Corporation                   13643232690 
31109SMITH SYSTEMS TRANSPORTATION INC                                                PO BOX 2455                                                                                                 SCOTTSBLUFF                         NE693632455UNITED STA1-308-6324158                 1-308-6327973                 ssti@go.com                             Corporation                   14707682150 
31110HDV INC                                                                         PO BOX 1272                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797601272UNITED STA1-915-3327384                                                                                       Unknown                       17519745578 
31111OLD JACKSONVILLE INDUSTRIES INC                                                 PO BOX 2154                                                                                                 JACKSONVILLE                        TX757667154UNITED STA1-903-5860637                                                                                       Unknown                       17520044185 
31112TEXAS TAG & SPECIALTY COMPANY                                                   PO BOX D                                                                                                    WOLFE CITY                          TX754960190UNITED STA1-903-4962244                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31113BUILDING MATERIALS INVESTMENT CORPORATION                                       2600 SINGLETON BLVD                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752123738UNITED STA1-972-8722325                                               KEVIN.BUSH@GAF.COM                      Corporation                   32024552898 
31114CARY PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                           101 LANCASTER HUTCHINS RD                                                                                   HUTCHINS                            TX751413061UNITED STA1-972-2254271                                                                                       Corporation                   17512189964 
31115THE TERRILL MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC                                           PO BOX 3646                                                                                                 SAN ANGELO                          TX769023646UNITED STA1-915-6557133                                                                                       Corporation                   17508018391 
31118RECTORSEAL LLC                                                                  2601 SPENWICK DR                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770551035UNITED STA1-713-9286423                                                                                       Corporation                   17418892174 
31119CENTEX CEMENT CORPORATION                                                       3811 TURTLE CREEK BLVD STE 1100                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752194487UNITED STA1-214-4322000                 1-214-4322110                 GESSL@EAGLEMATERIALS.COM                Corporation                   17513138242 
31120MACHINED PARTS CORPORATION                                                      PO BOX 8007                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761240007UNITED STA1-817-4575060                                                                                       Unknown                       17521477426 
31121SHINTECH INCORPORATED                                                           5618 E HIGHWAY 332                                                                                          FREEPORT                            TX775413113UNITED STA1-979-2337861 x235            1-979-2300605                 PSPINKS@SHIN-TECH.COM                   Corporation                   17417505215 
31122THE REYNOLDS AND REYNOLDS COMPANY                                               1010 E AVENUE J                                                                                             GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750502619UNITED STA1-281-2912535                                                                                       Corporation                   13104211209 
31124HELENA LABORATORIES CORPORATION                                                 PO BOX 752                                                                                                  BEAUMONT                            TX777040752UNITED STA1-409-8423714                 1-409-8426241                                                         Unknown                       17417187345 
31125BROUGHAM INDUSTRIES INC                                                         PO BOX 741                                                                                                  CHINO                               CA917080741UNITED STA1-714-5971893                                                                                       Corporation                   17513094585 
31127DENTLER-FACS                                                                    423 CAROLINE                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752359999UNITED STA1-214-3509971                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31128THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Corporation                   13812851288 
31129KING CANDY COMPANY                                                              PO BOX 2080                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761132080UNITED STA1-817-3326161                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31131FLEETWOOD TRAVEL TRAILERS OF TEXAS INC                                          3125 MYERS ST                                                                                               RIVERSIDE                           CA925035527UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17513307177 
31132CPI SATCOM & ANTENNA TECHNOLOGIES INC                                           8201 E MCDOWELL RD                                                                                          SCOTTSDALE                          AZ852573812UNITED STA1-903-9883064                 1-903-9886129                 CHARITY.VAUGHN@GD-MS.COM                Corporation                   15618718991 
31133LASTRA AMERICA CORPORATION                                                      100 CHALLENGER RD                                                                                           RIDGEFIELD PARK                     NJ076602108UNITED STA1-201-3734795                 1-201-4404376                 bill.bosmann@agfa.com                   Corporation                   14109405234 
31135COERVE INDUSTRIES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Corporation                               
31138FIDELITY PRINTING COMPANY INC                                                   PO BOX 2622                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772522622UNITED STA1-713-2222335                                                                                       Unknown                       19426662268 
31140SVANOSIO USA LLC                                                                5380 W 34TH ST STE 333                                                                                      HOUSTON                             TX770926626UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   32003007658 
31141TOMS FOODS INC                                                                  3001 E HIGHWAY 31                                                                                           CORSICANA                           TX751099048UNITED STA1-214-8746553                                                                                       Unknown                       15815169634 
31142TEXAS PACKAGING COMPANY INC                                                     PO BOX 250                                                                                                  MINERAL WELLS                       TX760680250UNITED STA1-817-3251354                                                                                       Unknown                       17516778887 
31143CELOTEX CORPORATION                                                             4010 W BOY SCOUT BLVD                                                                                       TAMPA                               FL336075727UNITED STA1-813-8734369                                                                                       Corporation                   13625352425 
31144CARLING TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                        3734 INTERNATIONAL BLVD                                                                                     BROWNSVILLE                         TX785213230UNITED STA1-956-5465564                                                                                       Corporation                   10602844606 
31145STRAUS SYSTEMS LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
31145STRAUS SYSTEMS INC                                                              PO BOX 1189                                                                                                 STAFFORD                            TX774971189UNITED STA1-713-4981689                                                                                       Corporation                   17415094758 
31146AVIATION INSTRUMENT MANUFACTORING CORPORATION                                   9033 MONROE RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770615230UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                               
31148TN TECHNOLOGIES                                                                 PO BOX 800                                                                                                  ROUND ROCK                          TX786800800UNITED STA1-512-8360801                                                                                       Unknown                       17427136407 
31150OLD FRITO-LAY INC                                                               4855 GREATLAND                                                                                              SAN ANTONIO                         TX782185336UNITED STA1-210-6622100                                                                                       Corporation                   17502814704 
31151INGERSOLL-RAND COMPANY                                                          PO BOX 19188                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772249188UNITED STA1-713-4672221                                                                                       Corporation                   11351566408 
31152REYNOLDS INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT LP                                             PO BOX 550                                                                                                  MCALLEN                             TX785050550UNITED STA1-956-6877500                 1-956-6305263                                                         Unknown                       12021634469 
31153HORMEL CO GA                                                                    PO BOX 763849                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX753763849UNITED STA1-214-3333251                                                                                       Corporation                               
31154FOREMOST FOODS CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                                   
31155OVERHEAD DOOR CORPORATION                                                       PO BOX 809046                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX753809999UNITED STA1-214-2336611                                                                                       Corporation                   13505641202 
31156ENNIS AUTOMOTIVE INC                                                            PO BOX 400                                                                                                  ENNIS                               TX751200400UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17509430322 
31157COOPER ENERGY SERVICES DIVISION OF COOPER CAMERON                               11800 CHARLES RD                                                                                            JERSEY VILLAGE                      TX770412412UNITED STA1-281-8920333                                                                                       Corporation                               
31161PRINTPACK INC                                                                   4715 FM 1006                                                                                                ORANGE                              TX776304360UNITED STA1-409-8831522                 1-409-8860321                 jwalters@printpack.com                  Corporation                   15806737795 
31162C-E BEAUMONT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Unknown                                   
31163NEWS-TEXAN INC                                                                  4880 ALPHA RD                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752444607UNITED STA1-214-6618100                                                                                       Corporation                   17511518718 
31164ELDORADO CHEMICAL CO INC                                                        14350 LOOKOUT RD                                                                                            LIVE OAK                            TX782334054UNITED STA1-210-6532060                                                                                       Corporation                   17416677940 
31165CENTURION CONTAINER LLC                                                         15555 LA SALLE ST                                                                                           SOUTH HOLLAND                       IL604731267UNITED STA1-708-4950371                                               KAYR@C-CONTAINERS.COM                   Corporation                   32066446173 
31166CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION                                              10555 NORTHWEST FWY STE 316                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX770928236UNITED STA1-713-6816808                                                                                       Corporation                   11314273902 
31167CONAGRA BRANDS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   14702487100 
31168AIR LIQUIDE AMERICA LP                                                          801 W NORTH CARRIER PKWY                                                                                    GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750501003UNITED STA1-214-6600500                                                                                       Corporation                   15809390592 
31168AIR LIQUIDE LARGE INDUSTRIES US LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Corporation                   32035542425 
31169STEVES & SONS INC                                                               201 HUMBLE AVE                                                                                              SAN ANTONIO                         TX782251317UNITED STA1-210-9778161                                                                                       Corporation                   17413204417 
31171HU-MAR CHEMICAL INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   17419970565 
31171HU MAR CHEMICAL INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Unknown                                   
31172LIGHTHOUSE FOR THE BLIND OF HOUSTON                                             3530 W DALLAS ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770191702UNITED STA1-713-5279561                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31173PRIDE REFINERY INC                                                              PO BOX 3237                                                                                                 ABILENE                             TX796043237UNITED STA1-915-6736756                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31174PLACID OIL COMPANY                                                              4 JASON CT                                                                                                  BROOKFIELD                          CT068043034UNITED STA1-918-5613172                                                                                       Unknown                       17203951748 
31175KAISER ALUMINUM FABRICATED PRODUCTS LLC                                         PO BOX 1215                                                                                                 SHERMAN                             TX750911215UNITED STA1-903-8935566                                                                                       Corporation                   15625531817 
31176DE ROSE INDUSTRIES INC                                                          PO BOX C                                                                                                    BONHAM                              TX754180180UNITED STA1-214-5833141                                                                                       Corporation                   17513062764 
31177SOLVENT RECOVERY SERVICE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                                   
31177SOLVENT RECOVERY SYSTEMS INC                                                    3406 LOCKWOOD DR                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770265460UNITED STA1-713-6611363                                                                                       Unknown                       17603096854 
31179SOUTH TEXAS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE INC                                            PO BOX 119                                                                                                  NURSERY                             TX779760119UNITED STA1-361-5756491                                                                                       Corporation                   17413937602 
31181STAUFFER MANAGEMENT COMPANY                                                     1800 CONCORD PIKE                                                                                           WILMINGTON                          DE198970001UNITED STA1-302-8866932                                               JOHNPAUL.ROSSI@ASTRAZENECA.COM          Corporation                   15103019889 
31182LON C HILL LP                                                                   3501 CALLICOATTE RD                                                                                         CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784103933UNITED STA1-361-9353164                                                                                       Other/Misc                                
31183CALHOUN PORT AUTHORITY PORT OF PORT LAVACA                                      1205 BOTTOM ST                                                                                              VICTORIA                            TX779019161UNITED STA1-361-9872813                                                                                       County Government                         
31184BARNEY M DAVIS LP                                                               4301 WALDRON RD                                                                                             CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784184104UNITED STA1-361-9395026                                               CECILIA.GARCIA-RIOS@TALENENERGY.COM     Other/Misc                    12010454176 
31185PRODUCTION PLANTING INC                                                         3411 CONFLANS RD                                                                                            IRVING                              TX750616341UNITED STA1-214-5212800                                                                                       Corporation                               
31188VICTORIA WLE LP                                                                 1205 BOTTOM ST                                                                                              VICTORIA                            TX779019161UNITED STA1-361-5754934                                                                                                                     12010456296 
31189LEGGETT & PLATT INCORPORATED                                                    1 LEGGETT RD                                                                                                CARTHAGE                            MO648369649UNITED STA1-817-3477252                                                                                       Corporation                   14403246300 
31190JEFFERSON SMURFIT CORPORATION                                                   6701 SOUTH FWY                                                                                              FORT WORTH                          TX761343001UNITED STA1-999-9999999                                               UNKNOWN@UNKNOWN.COM                     Corporation                   13626592888 
31191AAON COIL PRODUCTS INC                                                          203 GUM SPRINGS RD                                                                                          LONGVIEW                            TX756021721UNITED STA1-903-2479328                 1-903-2479329                                                         Corporation                   17524047176 
31192FLSMIDTH INC                                                                    16530 PENINSULA ST                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770156504UNITED STA1-215-2646011                                                                                       Corporation                   12306065603 
31193RIO GRANDE FOODS INC                                                            3701 W MILITARY HWY                                                                                         MCALLEN                             TX785034403UNITED STA1-210-6821360                                                                                       Unknown                       17417910720 
31194SARALEE BAKERY GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Unknown                                   
31196CEDRA OIL ASSOCIATES                                                            PO BOX 1395                                                                                                 MEDINA                              TX780551395UNITED STA1-512-5892828                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31197GROENDYKE TRANSPORT INC                                                         PO BOX 632                                                                                                  ENID                                OK737020632UNITED STA1-580-2139275                                                                                       Corporation                   17305652467 
31199TANK SERVICE WESTERN INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                       30007243113 
31202REEDHYCALOG LP                                                                  6501 NAVIGATION BLVD                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770111352UNITED STA1-832-6818000                 1-832-6818056                                                                                       14708988218 
31203LEAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION                                                      214 NE LOOP 410 STE 201                                                                                     SAN ANTONIO                         TX782164734UNITED STA1-512-3495955                                                                                       Unknown                       17423423262 
31204TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       State Government                          
31205J L BATES LP                                                                    919 MILAM ST STE 2300                                                                                       HOUSTON                             TX770025418UNITED STA1-361-9479934                 1-713-7510392                                                                                       12010454861 
31206INDUSTRIAL STEEL PRODUCTS                                                       8517 HERRINGTON CT                                                                                          PEVELY                              MO630701658UNITED STA1-636-4754441                 1-636-4754047                 sam@ispdismantling.com                  Corporation                   32040000583 
31207TRINITY INDUSTRIES FORT WORTH                                                   2525 N STEMMONS FWY                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752072401UNITED STA1-214-5898075                                                                                       Corporation                   17502250404 
31208SOUTHWEST SHIPYARD LP                                                           18310 MARKET ST                                                                                             CHANNELVIEW                         TX775303858UNITED STA1-281-8603200                 1-281-8603215                                                                                       17605157027 
31209VINTON STEEL LLC                                                                PO BOX 12843                                                                                                EL PASO                             TX799130843UNITED STA1-915-8862000 x6887           1-915-8863723                 JOSE.A.VAZQUEZ@BAYOUSTEEL.COM           Corporation                   17428572006 
31210INTERCOASTAL REFINING COMPANY                                                   6100 RICHMOND AVE STE 200                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770576219UNITED STA1-713-9463075                                                                                       Corporation                   17418964080 
31211MOONEY INTERNATIONAL CORP                                                       165 AL MOONEY RD                                                                                            KERRVILLE                           TX780288388UNITED STA1-830-7922916                 1-830-2574635                 DBURNS@MOONEY.COM                       Corporation                   32052239277 
31212WEATHERFORD ENTERRA INC                                                         PO BOX 9607                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784699607UNITED STA1-361-6934913                                                                                       Corporation                   17416816423 
31213SOUTHWEST GALVANIZING INC                                                       PO BOX 24188                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772294188UNITED STA1-713-6750921                 1-713-6753715                 TIM@SWGALVANIZING.COM                   Corporation                   17415401482 
31214CHEMICAL PROCESS AND PRODUCTION INC                                             PO BOX 1515                                                                                                 SANTA FE                            TX775101515UNITED STA1-409-9251676                 1-409-9256224                                                         Corporation                   17417248311 
31215LANE PLATING WORKS INC                                                          5322 BONNIE VIEW RD                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752413201UNITED STA1-214-3711351                 1-214-3710131                                                         Corporation                   17523454373 
31216TEX-TUBE COMPANY                                                                1503 N POST OAK RD                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770555409UNITED STA1-713-6864351                                                                                       Other/Misc                                
31218SERVICE TRANSPORT COMPANY                                                       7349 UP RIVER RD                                                                                            CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784092814UNITED STA1-361-2896464                                                                                       Corporation                   17415354236 
31219BLANKS PRINTING & IMAGING INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Corporation                   17511568945 
31220ELECTRO CHEM CORPORATION                                                        PO BOX 79234                                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761790234UNITED STA1-817-2321770                                                                                       Corporation                   17511558920 
31222WITCO CHEMICAL CORPORATION                                                      PO BOX 398                                                                                                  POINT COMFORT                       TX779780398UNITED STA1-512-9872611                                                                                       Corporation                               
31223BRIDGE TERMINAL TRANSPORT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                               
31224LILLY RESEARCH LABORATORIES                                                     PO BOX 1001                                                                                                 MISSION                             TX785730016UNITED STA1-512-5854565                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31225SOLUGEN CHEMICALS LLC                                                           14549 MINETTA ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770356523UNITED STA1-281-3802134                                                                                       Corporation                   32072110052 
31226ALBEMARLE CATALYSTS COMPANY LP                                                  13000 BAYPARK RD                                                                                            PASADENA                            TX775071104UNITED STA1-281-4742864                 1-281-4740351                                                         Corporation                               
31228RECTORSEAL LLC                                                                  PO BOX 14669                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772214669UNITED STA1-713-2638001                                                                                       Corporation                   17418892174 
31229XEROX CORPORATION                                                               416 TAYLOR ST                                                                                               FORT WORTH                          TX761023706UNITED STA1-817-6544298                                                                                       Corporation                   11604680204 
31230CLEAN CHANNEL INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED                                           8201 CYPRESS ST STE B                                                                                       HOUSTON                             TX770121737UNITED STA1-713-9232785                                                                                       Corporation                   17419720283 
31231AUSTIN ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS INC                                                     1301 ARROW POINT DR                                                                                         CEDAR PARK                          TX786136936UNITED STA1-800-7491460                 1-512-4442282                 www.acousticsystems.com                 Unknown                       17416871634 
31232HYDRIL COMPANY                                                                  302 MCCARTY ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770291140UNITED STA1-713-6703564                 1-713-6703579                 HCURRIE@TENARIS.COM                     Corporation                   19527772685 
31234MURMUR CORPORATION                                                              2823 N WESTMORELAND RD                                                                                      DALLAS                              TX752124828UNITED STA1-214-6305400                                                                                       Corporation                   17517836627 
31235PROJECT NAVIGATOR LTD CUSTODIAL TRUSTEE TEXAS CUST                              2301 W PAISANO DR                                                                                           EL PASO                             TX799221622UNITED STA1-714-3881800                 1-714-3881839                 rpuga@projectnavigator.com              Other/Misc                                
31237OPTIMUS STEEL LLC                                                               25219 KUYKENDAHL RD STE 290                                                                                 THE WOODLANDS                       TX773753438UNITED STA1-832-7915479                                               LUIS.BARRENECHEA@OPTIMUS-STEELUSA.COM   Corporation                   32065658992 
31238BAKER HUGHES HOLDINGS LLC                                                       3900 ESSEX LN                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770275133UNITED STA1-713-4398600                                                                                       Corporation                   17602079950 
31239MONUMENT CHEMICAL BAYTOWN LLC                                                   5501 W BAKER RD                                                                                             BAYTOWN                             TX775201611UNITED STA1-281-4244505                 1-281-4243532                 KPAYNE@MONUMENTCHEMICAL.COM             Corporation                   32046732221 
31242MERICHEM COMPANY                                                                1503 CENTRAL ST                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770122743UNITED STA1-713-4285341                                                                                       Corporation                   17415398837 
31244LUMINANT GENERATION COMPANY LLC                                                 1601 BRYAN ST, ENERGY PLAZA, 27TH FLOOR                                                                     DALLAS                              TX75201    UNITED STA1-214-8758297                                               jjones8@txu.com                         Corporation                   17529678207 
31245BAKER HUGHES OILFIELD OPERATIONS LLC                                            17021 ALDINE WESTFIELD RD                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770735101UNITED STA1-713-8791840                 1-713-8791868                                                         Corporation                   19413028861 
31245BJ SERVICES COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                               
31246CITATION CORPORATION                                                            PO BOX 3718                                                                                                 LUFKIN                              TX759033718UNITED STA1-936-6324451                 1-936-6396126                                                         Corporation                               
31248CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION                                                901 W HARRISON RD                                                                                           LONGVIEW                            TX756045606UNITED STA1-999-9999999                                               UNKNOWN@UNKNOWN.COM                     Unknown                       12304585008 
31249PRECOAT METALS CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Corporation                               
31249SEQUA CORPORATION                                                               300 BLAISDELL RD                                                                                            ORANGEBURG                          NY109622506UNITED STA1-201-3431122                                                                                       Corporation                   11318850309 
31250THE LUBRIZOL CORPORATION                                                        PO BOX 158                                                                                                  DEER PARK                           TX775360158UNITED STA1-713-4792851                                                                                       Corporation                   13403676003 
31251INDUSTRIAL METALS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   17603468632 
31252BNSF RAILWAY COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Corporation                   14160340007 
31253SID RICHARDSON CARBON AND GASOLINE CO                                           PO BOX R                                                                                                    KERMIT                              TX797456017UNITED STA1-915-5863431                                                                                       Corporation                   17507456337 
31254SKYTOP BREWSTER RIG COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                                   
31254SKYTOP BREWSTER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Unknown                       17109547467 
31255ELECTROSPACE SYSTEMS INC                                                        PO BOX 831359                                                                                               RICHARDSON                          TX750831359UNITED STA1-915-3652555                                                                                       Corporation                   17513127906 
31256HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES INC                                                 101 HOLT RD                                                                                                 VICTORIA                            TX779055876UNITED STA1-361-5825342                                                                                       Corporation                   17302712801 
31257CHANNEL SHIPYARD COMPANY INC                                                    PO BOX 926                                                                                                  HIGHLANDS                           TX775620926UNITED STA1-281-4241581                                                                                       Corporation                   17421389200 
31259KLN STEEL PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                      PO BOX 34690                                                                                                SAN ANTONIO                         TX782654690UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
31260BORDENS DAIRY PRODUCTS INC                                                      PO BOX 5643                                                                                                 ARLINGTON                           TX760055643UNITED STA1-817-6405326                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31261UTEX INDUSTRIES INC                                                             605 UTEX DR                                                                                                 WEIMAR                              TX789623310UNITED STA1-979-7604100                 1-936-7602539                                                         Corporation                   17409598673 
31263CENTERPOINT ENERGY HOUSTON ELECTRIC LLC                                         PO BOX 1700                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772511700UNITED STA1-713-9458201                                                                                       Corporation                   12238651066 
31265MOBOTREX INC                                                                    109 W 55TH ST                                                                                               DAVENPORT                           IA528062244UNITED STA0-563-3230009                                                                                       Corporation                               
31267CAMERON INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION                                               515 POST OAK BLVD                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770279482UNITED STA1-713-5133325                                                                                       Corporation                   17604518435 
31268VOUGHT AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES INC                                                  PO BOX 655907                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752655907UNITED STA1-972-9462678                                                                                       Unknown                       17528840725 
31270WYMAN-GORDON FORGINGS INC                                                       10825 TELGE RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770955038UNITED STA1-281-8563353                                               JASON.TIETZE@WYMAN.COM                                                17602036554 
31271CORTLAND CONTAINER CORP                                                         PO BOX 156                                                                                                  PORT ARTHUR                         TX776410156UNITED STA1-281-9999999                                                                                       Corporation                   11328433971 
31272DERICHEBOURG RECYCLING USA INC                                                  7501 WALLISVILLE RD                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770203543UNITED STA1-713-8757700                 1-713-6752285                 keith.guilbeau@derichebourg.com         Corporation                   10203244495 
31273ENTERGY GULF STATES INC                                                         PO BOX 2951                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777042951UNITED STA1-409-8275099                                                                                       Corporation                   17406627301 
31274ENTERGY TEXAS INC                                                               10055 GROGANS MILL RD STE 400                                                                               SPRING                              TX773801018UNITED STA1-281-2973304                 1-281-2973251                 fmanhar@entergy.com                     Corporation                   16114357987 
31275SCOT INDUSTRIES INC                                                             PO BOX 146                                                                                                  LONE STAR                           TX756680146UNITED STA0-903-6392551                                                                                       Unknown                       13908347480 
31277LUMINANT GENERATION COMPANY LLC                                                 6555 SIERRA DR                                                                                              IRVING                              TX750392479UNITED STA0-214-8758297                                                                                       Corporation                   17529678207 
31278SAINT-GOBAIN VETROTEX AMERICA INC                                               4515 ALLENDALE RD                                                                                           WICHITA FALLS                       TX763102101UNITED STA1-940-6893264                                                                                       Unknown                       12326444762 
31279BROWNING-FERRIS INDUSTRIES INC                                                  PO BOX 751                                                                                                  ALVIN                               TX775120751UNITED STA1-713-3313161                                                                                       Corporation                   17416736829 
31280JERRELL B THOMPSON INC                                                          PO BOX 144                                                                                                  CANTON                              TX751030144UNITED STA1-214-8877343                                                                                       Corporation                   30005108441 
31283LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION                                                     300 WALL ST                                                                                                 ABILENE                             TX796036435UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   15218936324 
31284SUN CHEMICAL CORPORATION                                                        1501 TURTLE CREEK BLVD                                                                                      DALLAS                              TX752073305UNITED STA1-214-7473786                                                                                       Unknown                       12227612970 
31286ENTERGY GULF STATES INC                                                         PO BOX 2951                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777042951UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17406627301 
31288LAZARUS TEXAS REFINERY I LLC                                                    11372 US HIGHWAY 87 E                                                                                       NIXON                               TX781404021UNITED STA1-361-8163312                                               JON.KIGGANS@SAGEENVIRONMENTAL.COM       Corporation                               
31289HUDSON PRODUCTS CORPORATION                                                     PO BOX 36100                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772366099UNITED STA1-713-7854000                                                                                       Corporation                   17415862576 
31291MARTIN OPERATING PARTNERSHIP LP                                                 10100 WOOLWORTH RD                                                                                          KEITHVILLE                          LA710477566UNITED STA1-806-2932501                                                                                                                     17607121005 
31292BASIN WAX DIV REPETRO INC                                                       PO BOX 3368                                                                                                 MIDLAND                             TX797023368UNITED STA1-915-5732659                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31293H B FULLER COMPANY                                                              10212 DENTON DR                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752204524UNITED STA1-214-3579411                                                                                       Unknown                       14102683704 
31294REXAM BEVERAGE CAN COMPANY                                                      8770 W BRYN MAWR AVE STE 175                                                                                CHICAGO                             IL606313515UNITED STA1-773-3993389                 1-773-3998430                                                         Corporation                   13622411810 
31295DAL-AIR TOOL CO INC                                                             PO BOX 330                                                                                                  POINT                               TX754720330UNITED STA1-214-5982227                                                                                       Unknown                       17512339593 
31297ALLEGIANT INDUSTRIAL ISLAND PARK LLC                                            850 PINE ST                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777011851UNITED STA1-409-6591350                                               MSCOGIN@ALLEGIANTINDUSTRIAL.COM         Corporation                   32067509532 
31298HEARST NEWSPAPERS PARTNERSHIP II LP                                             PO BOX 3071                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777043071UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
31299ALLEE INCORPORATED                                                              PO BOX 758                                                                                                  CROCKETT                            TX758350758UNITED STA1-713-5442756                                                                                       Unknown                       14806720612 
31300EARTHGRAINS BAKING COMPANIES LLC                                                4104 LEELAND ST                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770233014UNITED STA1-713-2370001                                                                                       Corporation                   17100510407 
31301RICHARD BARTLEY INC                                                             2125 HOPPER RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770932431UNITED STA1-713-4492361                                                                                       Unknown                       17416723322 
31303STERLING RUBBER & GASKET INC                                                    PO BOX 87                                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770010087UNITED STA1-713-9443160                                                                                       Corporation                   30007139360 
31304SHELL CHEMICAL LP                                                               3333 HIGHWAY 6 S                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770823101UNITED STA1-281-5447071                                               BETH.COLLIER@SHELL.COM                                                17606417495 
31305AMERICAN FRUIT PROCESSORS                                                       2841 PIERCE ST                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752331535UNITED STA1-214-6342121                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31306TEXAS TRUNK COMPANY INC                                                         PO BOX 7268                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782070268UNITED STA1-210-2277353                                                                                       Corporation                               
31307NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO LP                                                       7909 PARKWOOD CIRCLE DR FL 6                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770366565UNITED STA1-713-3753737                 1-713-7994961                                                                                       17604889877 
31308BAKER HUGHES OILFIELD OPERATIONS LLC                                            17015 ALDINE WESTFIELD RD                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770735101UNITED STA1-713-2306200                                                                                       Corporation                   19413028861 
31309TARGA MIDSTREAM SERVICES LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Corporation                   17605078918 
31310PILLSBURY COMPANY THE                                                           1200 MAIN ST                                                                                                ANTHONY                             TX798217247UNITED STA1-915-8866332                                                                                       Corporation                   14104817706 
31312WELL CONTROL INC                                                                7243 UP RIVER RD                                                                                            CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784092817UNITED STA1-512-8533124                                                                                       Unknown                       17414803712 
31313WYN-CAUD 2 INC                                                                  4608 US HIGHWAY 271                                                                                         TYLER                               TX757086023UNITED STA1-903-5091800                                                                                       Unknown                       32000627342 
31314ALLIED CHEMICAL CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Corporation                   12223387676 
31314ALLIED CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                               
31315PROTOTYPE MACHINE CO                                                            PO BOX 249                                                                                                  FLATONIA                            TX789410249UNITED STA1-361-8653579                                                                                       Unknown                       17414820245 
31316GERBER TECHNOLOGY LLC                                                           1200 N BOWSER RD                                                                                            RICHARDSON                          TX750812219UNITED STA1-972-2387211                                                                                       Unknown                       10608501408 
31317TELEMETRICS COMM                                                                4131 LINDBERGH DR                                                                                           ADDISON                             TX750014345UNITED STA1-214-3871827                                                                                       Unknown                       17515199747 
31318COX INDUSTRIES INC                                                              11324 RUSSELL ST                                                                                            BALCH SPRINGS                       TX751801053UNITED STA1-972-2887555                 1-972-2887577                 cffi@airmail.net                        Unknown                       17509872192 
31319CROWN CORK & SEAL COMPANY INC                                                   PO BOX 40220                                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761400220UNITED STA1-817-2932360                                                                                       Corporation                   12315264445 
31319CROWN BEVERAGE PACKAGING USA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Corporation                               
31320CLASSIC CHEMICAL INC                                                            1305 AVENUE H                                                                                               GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750502706UNITED STA1-817-6472990                                                                                       Unknown                       12220388495 
31321FISHER CONTROLS INTERNATIONAL INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Corporation                   19002581064 
31322MARTIN SPROCKET & GEAR INC                                                      2944 OAK LN                                                                                                 DALLAS                              TX752151559UNITED STA1-214-4282191                                                                                       Corporation                   17508322686 
31323INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY                                                     2605 E BELT LINE RD                                                                                         CARROLLTON                          TX750065444UNITED STA1-972-4171350                 1-972-4171355                 Antony.Nguyen2@ipaper.com               Corporation                   11308728051 
31324INTERNATIONAL POWER MACHINES                                                    10451 BROCKWOOD RD                                                                                          DALLAS                              TX752381641UNITED STA1-214-2887501                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31325STRAUSS & COMPANY LEVI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                                   
31325LEVI STRAUSS & COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Unknown                                   
31326PILOT CORPORATION                                                               3444 MORSE DR                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752361120UNITED STA1-214-3374711                                                                                       Unknown                       16206004158 
31327POLYMER ADDITIVES INC                                                           510 E CENTRAL AVE                                                                                           FORT WORTH                          TX761649218UNITED STA1-817-6252894                 1-817-6240973                 rannellsj@ferro.com                     Corporation                   32055887593 
31329TECO-WESTINGHOUSE MOTOR COMPANY                                                 5100 IH 35 N                                                                                                ROUND ROCK                          TX786812421UNITED STA1-512-2554141                 1-512-2445515                 HIBBSTOM@TECOWESTINGHOUSE.COM           Corporation                   17424827081 
31330BRANIFF INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES                                                  PO BOX 612167                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752612167UNITED STA1-214-3587321                                                                                       Unknown                       17418821504 
31331SHARP CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                          5921 PLAINVIEW ST                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770875130UNITED STA1-713-6411444                                                                                       Unknown                       17417217456 
31332W J SMITH WOOD PRESERVING COMPANY                                               PO BOX 703                                                                                                  DENISON                             TX750210703UNITED STA1-903-4656161                                                                                       Corporation                   17505658603 
31334PLICOFLEX INC                                                                   PO BOX 45829                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770459999UNITED STA1-713-4333661                                                                                       Corporation                               
31336SEATEX LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             17414878268 
31337JOHNSON HARDCASTLE                                LYNETTE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Individual                                
31338ASHLAND CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                        PO BOX 2219                                                                                                 COLUMBUS                            OH432162219UNITED STA1-614-8893333                                                                                       Corporation                               
31340TEXAS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVES INC                                                 PO BOX 510                                                                                                  JASPER                              TX759510007UNITED STA1-409-3844633 x2017           1-409-3847463                                                         Corporation                   17410078293 
31341THERMOTICS INCORPORATED                                                         9640 CLINTON DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770294324UNITED STA1-713-6821211                                                                                       Unknown                       30006144320 
31342TEXAS SCREW PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                    PO BOX 1983                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772511983UNITED STA1-713-2284585                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31344WEATHERFORD INTERNATIONAL LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Corporation                   10425150199 
31345OWENS CORNING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Corporation                   13201766345 
31346PLAINS COTTON COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION                                           PO BOX 311807                                                                                               NEW BRAUNFELS                       TX781311807UNITED STA1-830-6253411                                                                                       Unknown                       17508688987 
31347WEST TEXAS DRUM COMPANY INC                                                     11107 W COUNTY ROAD 127                                                                                     ODESSA                              TX797659684UNITED STA1-915-5635151                                                                                       Corporation                   17525686279 
31348GENERAL BATTERY CORPORATION                                                     2040 MEDICAL DISTRICT DR                                                                                    DALLAS                              TX752357818UNITED STA1-214-6313210                                                                                       Corporation                   13627666806 
31349HOUSTON CORRUGATED BOX CO                                                       6002 DONOHO ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770331102UNITED STA1-713-6443303                                                                                       Unknown                       17413654959 
31350KING OIL TOOLS INC                                                              749 BRADFIELD RD                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770603108UNITED STA1-281-4462188                                                                                       Corporation                   17309884140 
31351AMERICAN BAKERIES COMPANY                                                       500 S HENDERSON ST                                                                                          FORT WORTH                          TX761042150UNITED STA1-817-3369444                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31352MCGINNES MANUFACTURING CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Unknown                                   
31353HNG GAS LIQUIDS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   17415640345 
31355ATLAS ARCHITECTURAL METALS INC                                                  8230 LOVETT AVE                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752274230UNITED STA1-214-3884701                                                                                       Corporation                   17509161547 
31357KILGORE MANUFACTURING                                                           PO BOX 1017                                                                                                 KILGORE                             TX756631017UNITED STA1-214-9845547                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31360TYSON FOODS INC                                                                 1200 W KINGSBURY ST                                                                                         SEGUIN                              TX781553428UNITED STA1-830-4018890                 1-479-7576682                                                         Corporation                   17102251653 
31361BON L CAMPO LIMITED PARTNERSHIP                                                 901 GLADYS ST                                                                                               EL CAMPO                            TX77437    UNITED STA1-999-9999999                                               UNKNOWN@UNKNOWN.COM                                                   15418477376 
31362F L MOTHERAL CO                                                                 PO BOX 629                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010629UNITED STA1-817-3351481                                                                                       Corporation                   17508299454 
31363UNITED SALT CORPORATION                                                         14002 WARREN RANCH RD                                                                                       HOCKLEY                             TX774479111UNITED STA1-713-8772600                                                                                       Corporation                   17416867715 
31364ALENCO HOLDING CORPORATION                                                      615 W CARSON ST                                                                                             BRYAN                               TX778011102UNITED STA1-979-7791051                 1-979-7790121                 BANDERSON@PLYGEMWINDOWS.COM             Unknown                                   
31365BOX USA GROUP INC                                                               700 S SAM HOUSTON RD                                                                                        MESQUITE                            TX751493542UNITED STA1-214-2858865                                                                                       Corporation                   11329948910 
31366MESTEK INC                                                                      4830 TRANSPORT DR                                                                                           DALLAS                              TX752476310UNITED STA1-214-6386010                                                                                       Corporation                   12506616502 
31367CALAN GLOBAL GROUP LLC                                                          808 STEWART DR                                                                                              PLANO                               TX750748197UNITED STA1-972-4225808                 1-972-5098779                 doyle.mains@stewart-systems.com         Corporation                   32036723693 
313683M COMPANY                                                                      11705 RESEARCH BLVD # A0011S04                                                                              AUSTIN                              TX787592445UNITED STA1-512-9842219                                                                                       Corporation                   14104177754 
31369ONCOR ELECTRIC DELIVERY COMPANY LLC                                             RR 7 BOX 5000                                                                                               MISSION                             TX785729271UNITED STA1-214-8128410                                                                                       Corporation                   17529678306 
31370SOUTHWESTERN LABORATORIES INC                                                   222 CAVALCADE ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770093213UNITED STA1-972-2477576                                                                                       Corporation                   30116889616 
31371SIEMENS ENERGY & AUTOMATION INC                                                 PO BOX 89                                                                                                   WICHITA FALLS                       TX763070089UNITED STA1-817-8554980                                                                                       Corporation                   13912802561 
31372MILPARK INC                                                                     1900 LINDER ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770262032UNITED STA1-713-4398564                                                                                       Corporation                   15102903265 
31373CALGON CORPORATION                                                              9640 BAYPORT BLVD                                                                                           PASADENA                            TX775071404UNITED STA1-281-2915211                                                                                       Corporation                   12517116146 
31375AIR LIQUIDE LARGE INDUSTRIES US LP                                              5100 N TWIN CITY HWY                                                                                        NEDERLAND                           TX776273100UNITED STA1-409-7204211                 1-409-7292695                 jason.miller@airliquide.com             Corporation                   32035542425 
31376LONGVIEW REFINING ASSOCIATES INC                                                PO BOX 3325                                                                                                 LONGVIEW                            TX756063325UNITED STA1-903-7594431                                                                                       Corporation                   17602608196 
31377PORT DRUM COMPANY                                                               PO BOX 425                                                                                                  NEDERLAND                           TX776270425UNITED STA1-409-9836611                                                                                       Unknown                       17408413759 
31379FRIGIKING                                                                       206 WOODFORM AVE                                                                                            ELYRIA                              OH440359999UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                               
31380COOPER INDUSTRIES INC                                                           5306 CLINTON DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770207912UNITED STA1-713-2613516                                                                                       Corporation                   13141566201 
31381HEAD & GUILD EQUIPMENT CO INC                                                   5910 NAVIGATION BLVD                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770111112UNITED STA1-713-9282921                                                                                       Corporation                   17413823562 
31382PACCAR INC                                                                      777 106TH AVE NE                                                                                            BELLEVUE                            WA980045027UNITED STA1-425-4687400                                               CAROLE.ROBBINS@PACCAR.COM               Corporation                   19103511101 
31383ATHENA PRODUCTS CORPORATION                                                     1919 LONE STAR DR                                                                                           DALLAS                              TX752126302UNITED STA1-214-6372330                                                                                       Corporation                   17508764440 
31384ASHLAND CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                        3101 WOOD DR                                                                                                GARLAND                             TX750416116UNITED STA1-214-8400206                                                                                       Corporation                               
31385STANDCO INDUSTRIES INC                                                          PO BOX 87                                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770010087UNITED STA1-713-2246311                                                                                       Unknown                       17416252124 
31386KOPPERS INC                                                                     436 7TH AVE STE 9                                                                                           PITTSBURGH                          PA152191800UNITED STA1-412-2272677                                                                                       Corporation                   12515883994 
31387NIBCO INC                                                                       1516 MIDDLEBURY ST                                                                                          ELKHART                             IN465164740UNITED STA1-219-2953000                                                                                       Corporation                   13505525603 
31389ENGINEERING SCIENCE INC                                                         924 GEMINI ST                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770582704UNITED STA1-713-9435432                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31390MARTIN SPROCKET & GEAR INC                                                      3600 MCCART AVE                                                                                             FORT WORTH                          TX761104613UNITED STA1-817-2583000                                                                                       Corporation                   17508322686 
31391DALLAS TIMES HERALD                                                             1101 PACIFIC AVE                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752029999UNITED STA1-214-7446111                                                                                       Unknown                       30010296835 
31392LINDE INC                                                                       4550 KENNEDY AVE                                                                                            EAST CHICAGO                        IN463122736UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   10612490507 
31393HOUSTON LIGHTING & POWER COMPANY                                                PO BOX 1700                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772511700UNITED STA1-713-4817158                                                                                       Unknown                       32000057359 
31394HOECHST CELANESE CORPORATION                                                    89 MORRIS AVE                                                                                               SUMMIT                              NJ079013953UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   11355684348 
31395WESTERN MARINE                                                                  1523 STRAND                                                                                                 GALVESTON                           TX775519999UNITED STA1-713-9481235                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31398SOUTHWEST ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC                                            PO BOX 1499                                                                                                 ROANOKE                             TX762621499UNITED STA1-817-4300803                                                                                       Corporation                   17426163469 
31400TRANSCONTINENTAL TAPE CO INC                                                    9441 SUMMERBELL LN                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770741344UNITED STA1-713-7716294                                                                                       Corporation                   17600003176 
31401HYDRIL USA DISTRIBUTION LLC                                                     3300 N SAM HOUSTON PKWY E                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770323411UNITED STA                                                                                                    Other/Misc                    12620667555 
31402THE FLUOROCARBON COMPANY                                                        PO BOX 3402                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772533402UNITED STA1-713-4664365                                                                                       Corporation                               
31403GREAT LAKES CHEMICAL CORPORATION                                                PO BOX 4806                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104806UNITED STA1-956-7222486                                                                                       Corporation                   19517650354 
31404EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         1601 BRYAN ST                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752013401UNITED STA1-281-8346215                 1-281-8346071                                                         Corporation                   11354090059 
31405MATHESON TRI-GAS INC                                                            4545 FULLER DR STE 100                                                                                      IRVING                              TX750386509UNITED STA1-214-5701990                                                                                       Corporation                   17424603540 
31406LEGACY METALS LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Corporation                   32049612701 
31407TIDELAND SIGNAL CORPORATION                                                     PO BOX 52430                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770522430UNITED STA1-713-6816101                                                                                       Corporation                   17412120721 
31409MFG CHEMICAL LLC                                                                9700 BAYPORT BLVD                                                                                           PASADENA                            TX775071406UNITED STA0-281-2912300                 0-281-2912315                                                         Corporation                   32066303515 
31411PARKER-HANNIFIN CORPORATION                                                     PO BOX 10398                                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761140398UNITED STA1-817-7386543                 1-817-7389920                                                         Corporation                   13404510607 
31412UNITED INTERIORS INC                                                            5901 BEVERLYHILL ST                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770576711UNITED STA1-713-7890000                                                                                       Corporation                   17417201658 
31413SOUTH COAST TERMINALS LP                                                        7401 WALLISVILLE RD                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770203555UNITED STA1-713-6722401                 1-713-6760323                 darylep@scterm.com                                                                
31414QORVO TEXAS LLC                                                                 2300 NE BROOKWOOD PKWY                                                                                      HILLSBORO                           OR971245300UNITED STA1-972-9943668                                               JEFF.MANFOLK@QORVO.COM                  Corporation                   17527409407 
31416MILLENNIUM PETROCHEMICALS INC                                                   PO BOX 877                                                                                                  DEER PARK                           TX775360877UNITED STA1-713-4792873                                                                                       Corporation                   11317626767 
31418ALLPRO MANUFACTURING INC                                                        PO BOX 941088                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770948088UNITED STA0-713-2249546                 0-713-2238010                 COSTERA@ALLIANCEREPS.COM                Corporation                   32019569741 
31419CONTAINMENT SOLUTIONS INC                                                       5150 JEFFERSON CHEMICAL RD                                                                                  CONROE                              TX773016834UNITED STA1-936-7567731                                                                                       Unknown                       17604546394 
31420OWENS CORNING INSULATING SYSTEMS LLC                                            1 OWENS CORNING PKWY                                                                                        TOLEDO                              OH436591000UNITED STA1-972-9234330                                               gary.chastain@owenscorning.com          Other/Misc                    32020858554 
31421LUMINATOR HOLDING LP                                                            PO BOX 278                                                                                                  PLANO                               TX750749999UNITED STA1-214-4246511                                                                                       Corporation                   10615584637 
31422RADIOSHACK CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Other/Misc                    17510477106 
31422TANDY CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Corporation                               
31423W R GRACE & CO                                                                  1301 W MAGNOLIA AVE                                                                                         IOWA PARK                           TX763671410UNITED STA1-940-5926527                                                                                       Corporation                               
31424EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         PO BOX 2295                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777042295UNITED STA0-409-8662168                                                                                       Corporation                   11354090059 
31425RUF-NEK BUILDING COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unknown                                   
31425RUF-NEK BUILDING COMPANY INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Corporation                   17416851479 
31426QUALITY CARRIERS INC                                                            150 E PENNSYLVANIA AVE                                                                                      DOWNINGTOWN                         PA193352632UNITED STA1-800-2822031                                                                                       Corporation                   13625900637 
31427TIDE PRODUCTS INC                                                               223 W 8TH ST                                                                                                LOS FRESNOS                         TX785663803UNITED STA1-956-2335751                                                                                       Unknown                       17423920705 
31429GATX CORPORATION                                                                PO BOX 486                                                                                                  GALENA PARK                         TX775470486UNITED STA1-713-4551231                                                                                       Corporation                   32037490268 
31430ONCOR ELECTRIC DELIVERY COMPANY LLC                                             PO BOX 132280                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX753132280UNITED STA1-214-4862022                                                                                       Corporation                   17529678306 
31431CARGILL MEAT SOLUTIONS CORPORATION                                              PO BOX 910                                                                                                  PLAINVIEW                           TX790730910UNITED STA1-806-2915010                 1-806-2914184                                                         Corporation                   17514494305 
31433AZON CORPORATION                                                                2925 AVENUE E E                                                                                             ARLINGTON                           TX760115209UNITED STA1-817-6331422                                                                                       Corporation                   11505229135 
31434SAN MIGUEL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE INC                                             PO BOX 280                                                                                                  JOURDANTON                          TX780260280UNITED STA1-830-7843411                 1-830-7843411                 DLOESER@SMECI.NET                       Corporation                   17419371343 
31435OWENS CORNING ROOFING AND ASPHALT LLC                                           9702 CLINTON DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770294330UNITED STA1-312-4582424                                                                                       Corporation                   13201766345 
31436GAF CORPORATION                                                                 PO BOX 36387                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772366387UNITED STA1-713-6677523                                                                                       Corporation                   11307620275 
31437MCNEIL CONSUMER PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                7050 CAMP HILL RD                                                                                           FORT WASHINGTON                     PA190342210UNITED STA1-215-8364500                                                                                       Corporation                               
31438MEADOR PRODUCTS INC                                                             PO BOX 244                                                                                                  WICHITA FALLS                       TX763070244UNITED STA1-940-7678541                                                                                       Corporation                   17522985005 
31441NDT SYSTEMS INC                                                                 PO BOX 4999                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797604999UNITED STA1-915-3620378                                                                                       Corporation                   30114566943 
31443NEDERLAND TANK WASH INC                                                         PO BOX 605                                                                                                  NEDERLAND                           TX776270605UNITED STA1-409-7273531                                                                                       Unknown                       32000315872 
31444AZZ INC                                                                         3100 W 7TH ST STE 500                                                                                       FORT WORTH                          TX761078701UNITED STA1-817-8100095                                                                                       Corporation                   17509482505 
31445CITY PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD                                                       PO BOX 1771                               MAIL DROP 100406                                                  SAN ANTONIO                         TX782961771UNITED STA1-210-3536510                 1-210-3533012                 JASANDOVAL@CPSENERGY.COM                                                          
31446AUSTRON INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Corporation                   17414732382 
31447DIXIE ELECTRO PLATING COMPANY                                                   3001 ENGELKE ST                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770031211UNITED STA1-713-2241826                                                                                       Unknown                       17600112621 
31449HAHN & CLAY                                                                     PO BOX 15521                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772205521UNITED STA1-713-6721671                 1-713-6729420                                                         Corporation                   17410824928 
31450PLAINS MACHINERY COMPANY                                                        PO BOX 35068                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772355068UNITED STA1-713-4438910                                                                                       Unknown                       17507194201 
31451AIR PRODUCTS AND CHEMICALS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   12312744555 
31451AIR PRODUCTS LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                               
31452RIDGEWAYS INC UNIVERSAL                                                         5711 HILLCROFT ST                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770362367UNITED STA1-817-3329258                                                                                       Corporation                               
31453HYDROCHEM LLC                                                                   900 GEORGIA AVE                                                                                             DEER PARK                           TX775362518UNITED STA1-713-3935600 x5828           1-713-3935959                                                         Corporation                   17525039065 
31454WILLOUGHBY TRUCKING INC                                                         PO BOX 4997                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784694997UNITED STA1-361-2892705                 1-361-2892588                 dcantu@willoughbytrucking.com           Corporation                               
31455TYSON FRESH MEATS INC                                                           800 STEVENS PORT DR STE 709                                                                                 DAKOTA DUNES                        SD570495005UNITED STA1-605-2352056                 1-479-7577182                                                         Corporation                   17108575147 
31457DOWELL SCHLUMBERGER INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                                   
31457SCHLUMBERGER TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   12216926613 
31458E & S VALVE COMPONENTS INC                                                      506 W HARRISON RD                                                                                           LONGVIEW                            TX756045317UNITED STA1-214-7592326                                                                                       Corporation                   13833952297 
31460GENERAL CABLE TEXAS OPERATIONS LP                                               4 TESSENEER DR                                                                                              HIGHLAND HEIGHTS                    KY410769167UNITED STA1-859-5728000                 1-859-5728444                                                         Unknown                       16114002583 
31462MARTIN TRANSPORT INC                                                            1301 FM 1845 S                                                                                              LONGVIEW                            TX756039423UNITED STA1-903-7580196                                                                                       Corporation                   17517560748 
31463SENOX CORPORATION                                                               15409 LONG VISTA DR                                                                                         AUSTIN                              TX787283815UNITED STA1-512-2313333                 1-512-2768797                                                         Corporation                   17424514804 
31464DENISON INDUSTRIES INC                                                          22 FIELDER STREET                                                                                           DENISON                             TX750219999UNITED STA1-903-7864444                 1-903-7866571                 tball@denisonindustries.com             Corporation                   17523508194 
31466SAN ANGELO STANDARD TIMES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Unknown                                   
31467GRIGGS INTERNATIONAL INC                                                        PO BOX 630                                                                                                  BELTON                              TX765130630UNITED STA1-817-9393761                                                                                       Unknown                       17412605051 
31469NIPCO INC                                                                       PO BOX 69240                                                                                                ODESSA                              TX797690240UNITED STA1-432-3621936                 1-432-3624971                 FieldsDeano@yahoo.com                   Corporation                   17513805485 
31470CMC DISMANTLING & PROCESS                                                       1710 UNDERWOOD                                                                                              DEER PARK                           TX775019999UNITED STA1-713-4726094                                                                                       Unknown                       30005863847 
31471QUALITY MACHINING OF TEXAS                                                      PO BOX 9433                                                                                                 AUSTIN                              TX787669433UNITED STA1-512-2441343                                                                                       Unknown                       17415865256 
31472LONESTAR PLYWOOD & DOOR CORP                                                    600 N WILDWOOD DR                                                                                           IRVING                              TX750618830UNITED STA1-214-4386611                                                                                       Unknown                       17512557517 
31473BROWNWOOD WOOLEN MILL INC                                                       PO BOX 850                                                                                                  BROWNWOOD                           TX768040850UNITED STA1-915-6433685                                                                                       Corporation                   17517142125 
31474GULF COPPER & MANUFACTURING CORPORATION                                         2920 TODD RD                                                                                                GALVESTON                           TX775542806UNITED STA1-409-9416200                 1-409-9416201                 jlang@gulfcopper.com                    Corporation                   17420456067 
31476FLO-LOK INC                                                                     1434 RAYFORD RD                                                                                             SPRING                              TX773862627UNITED STA1-713-3671980                                                                                       Unknown                       17413901863 
31477LEVI STRAUSS & CO                                                               1500 N US HIGHWAY 67                                                                                        SAN ANGELO                          TX769054451UNITED STA1-915-6536996                                                                                       Corporation                   19409051604 
31478AVIENT CORPORATION                                                              200 PUBLIC SQ STE 36-5000                                                                                   CLEVELAND                           OH441142316UNITED STA1-216-5694000                                                                                       Corporation                   13417304881 
31479CHAMPIONX LLC                                                                   11177 S STADIUM DR                                                                                          SUGAR LAND                          TX77478    UNITED STA1-281-6328096                 1-281-2637900                 MAWHITE@ECOLAB.COM                      Corporation                   13615204800 
31480BJ SERVICES COMPANY USA LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Corporation                               
31481ODESSA DRUM CO INC                                                              PO BOX 12308                                                                                                ODESSA                              TX797682308UNITED STA1-915-3664454                                                                                       Unknown                       17514286321 
31482ANACAST DIVISION OF ANADITE INC                                                 PO BOX 15035                                                                                                FORT WORTH                          TX761190035UNITED STA1-817-4789231                                                                                       Corporation                               
31483VARCO LP                                                                        1100 EVERMAN PKWY                                                                                           FORT WORTH                          TX761404908UNITED STA1-817-9855000                                               snichols@varco.com                                                    17606429797 
31483HYDRA RIG                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Unknown                       17519200590 
31484JOHNS MANVILLE                                                                  PO BOX 9069                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761472069UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   11308896908 
31486JOHN E MITCHELL CO                                                              3800 COMMERCE ST                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752262428UNITED STA1-214-8215161                                                                                       Unknown                       17504423355 
31487AMERICAN DESK MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                             PO BOX 608                                                                                                  TEMPLE                              TX765030608UNITED STA1-254-7731776                                                                                       Corporation                   17422375356 
31488ROYAL CAMERON CORP                                                              PO BOX 753                                                                                                  CAMERON                             TX765200753UNITED STA1-254-6976421                                                                                       Corporation                   17416039893 
31489TEXAS ELECTRIC STEEL CASTING                                                    3617 BAER ST                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770208603UNITED STA1-713-2256503                                                                                       Unknown                       17600327112 
31490TELEDYNE INSTRUMENTS INC                                                        16830 CHESTNUT ST                                                                                           CITY OF INDUSTRY                    CA917481017UNITED STA1-626-8881500                 1-626-9341651                                                         Corporation                   19548882836 
31491WEBER AIRCRAFT INC                                                              2000 WEBER DR                                                                                               GAINESVILLE                         TX762409699UNITED STA1-940-6684158                 1-940-6684178                                                         Unknown                       15103052856 
31493HOBBS TRAILERS & EQUIPMENT INCORPORATED                                         PO BOX 1568                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761011568UNITED STA1-817-6252181                                                                                       Corporation                   17523833568 
31494CENTURY FLIGHT SYSTEMS INC                                                      PO BOX 610                                                                                                  MINERAL WELLS                       TX760680610UNITED STA1-817-3252517                                                                                       Corporation                   17518950674 
31495TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                     PO BOX 630009                                                                                               NACOGDOCHES                         TX759630009UNITED STA1-936-5643711                                                                                       Corporation                   17506043300 
31495TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Corporation                   17506043300 
31496OWENS-ILLINOIS INC                                                              5200 BEVERLY DR                                                                                             WACO                                TX767111033UNITED STA1-254-7549523                                                                                       Corporation                   13443234771 
31498PURINA ANIMAL NUTRITION LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Corporation                   14119818483 
31498PM HOLDINGS LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Unknown                       30119819115 
31499TEXSTARS LLC                                                                    PO BOX 201626                                                                                               ARLINGTON                           TX760061626UNITED STA1-972-6471366                 1-972-6412800                                                         Corporation                   17515555864 
31500TEXION INC                                                                      5008 BURLESON RD                                                                                            AUSTIN                              TX787441214UNITED STA1-512-4449208                                                                                       Corporation                               
31501SERCEL INC                                                                      17200 PARK ROW                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770844925UNITED STA1-281-4926688                 1-281-4927443                                                         Corporation                   17313966032 
31502NALCO PRODUCTION LLC                                                            3130 FM 521 RD                                                                                              FRESNO                              TX775458057UNITED STA0-281-7109357                                               AMARI.JONES@ECOLAB.COM                  Corporation                   32073075361 
31503COMET RICE INC                                                                  4601 CLINTON DR                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770207801UNITED STA1-713-6755211                                                                                       Corporation                   17417062860 
31504CSA LIMITED INC                                                                 16212 STATE HIGHWAY 249                                                                                     HOUSTON                             TX770861014UNITED STA1-281-4446454                 1-281-4440185                 MARTYY@I8PRODUCTS. COM                  Corporation                   17603521158 
31508SWIFT INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY                                               1901 S SAN MARCOS                                                                                           SAN ANTONIO                         TX782077087UNITED STA1-512-2256851                                                                                       Unknown                       14702487100 
31509EXCELLO CIRCUITS INC                                                            9441 BAYTHORNE DR                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770417709UNITED STA1-713-4623163                                                                                       Corporation                               
31511BUTTERKRUST BAKERY INC                                                          6000 NE LOOP 410                                                                                            SAN ANTONIO                         TX782185424UNITED STA1-512-8845585                                                                                       Corporation                   17427207083 
31513DORE                                                                            PO BOX 42081                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772422081UNITED STA1-713-4986380                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31514INDUSTRIAL METAL FINISHING COMPANY                                              4200 PERRY ST                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770212756UNITED STA1-713-7476700                                                                                       Corporation                   17413407952 
31515ARMSTRONG HARDWOOD FLOORING COMPANY                                             1100 COTTON FORD RD                                                                                         CENTER                              TX759353234UNITED STA1-936-5905066                 1-936-5988058                 tprosser@armstrong.com                  Corporation                   32016325162 
31516SOUTHDOWN INC DBA SOUTHWESTERN PORTLAND CEMENT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
31518NORBORD TEXAS NACOGDOCHES INC                                                   PO BOX 632750                                                                                               NACOGDOCHES                         TX759632750UNITED STA1-936-5688038                                                                                       Corporation                   12081864113 
31519H & H MEAT PRODUCTS CO INC                                                      PO BOX 358                                                                                                  MERCEDES                            TX785700358UNITED STA1-512-5653177                                                                                       Corporation                               
31520NATIONAL STARCH AND CHEMICAL COMPANY                                            1168 N GREAT SOUTHWEST PKWY                                                                                 GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750502628UNITED STA1-512-5522994                                                                                       Corporation                   11315224516 
31522EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         9701 BAYPORT BLVD                                                                                           PASADENA                            TX775071405UNITED STA1-713-4745301                                                                                       Corporation                   11354090059 
31524JAMAKA CO                                                                       349 E VIRGINIA ST                                                                                           MCKINNEY                            TX750694324UNITED STA1-214-5426561                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31525CAMCO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Corporation                               
31526THE EARTHGRAINS COMPANY INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                       17400510407 
31526EARTHGRAINS BAKING COMPANIES LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                   17100510407 
31530PHILLIPS PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                      13 B4 PHILLIPS BLDG                                                                                         BARTLESVILLE                        OK740040001UNITED STA1-918-6613769                                                                                       Corporation                   17304656808 
31531C J MARTIN COMPANY                                                              PO BOX 630009                                                                                               NACOGDOCHES                         TX759630009UNITED STA1-972-2716472                                                                                       Unknown                       17410461879 
31532SUPERIOR ESSEX COMMUNICATIONS LLC                                               2900 MORRIS SHEPPARD DR                                                                                     BROWNWOOD                           TX768016457UNITED STA1-325-6468591                 1-325-6432767                 www.superioressex.com                   Unknown                                   
31533STRUCTURAL METALS INC                                                           PO BOX 911                                                                                                  SEGUIN                              TX781560911UNITED STA1-830-3728200                                                                                       Corporation                   17410709657 
31534MOTION SPORTS OF AMERICA LLC                                                    315 W RIPY ST                                                                                               FORT WORTH                          TX761105352UNITED STA1-817-9265223                                               BRYANP@MOTIONWATERSPORTS.COM            Corporation                   32013986875 
31535EAGLE-PICHER INDUSTRIES INC                                                     PO BOX 550                                                                                                  JOPLIN                              MO648020550UNITED STA1-417-6238000                                                                                       Corporation                   13102686709 
31537AITX RAILCAR SERVICES LLC                                                       100 CLARK ST                                                                                                SAINT CHARLES                       MO633012075UNITED STA1-636-9406000                 1-636-5731112                 EHS@AMERICANRAILCAR.COM                 Corporation                   32059163785 
31539US PLATING LP                                                                   2501 BURBANK ST                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752353130UNITED STA1-214-3516481                                                                                                                                 
31540TEXAS MARINE INTERNATIONAL INC                                                  1700 NAUTICAL WAY                                                                                           PLANO                               TX750749999UNITED STA1-214-4234571                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31541WESTERN GEOPHYSICAL A DIVISION OF BAKER HUGHES                                  PO BOX 2469                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772522469UNITED STA1-409-7447121                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31542PANEL PROCESSING OF TEXAS INC                                                   PO BOX 871                                                                                                  JACKSONVILLE                        TX757660871UNITED STA1-214-5862423                                                                                       Corporation                   17514744907 
31545NORRIS CYLINDER COMPANY                                                         4818 W LOOP 281 S                                                                                           LONGVIEW                            TX756038405UNITED STA1-903-7577633                                                                                       Corporation                   13303332616 
31546OIL MOP GULF SERVICES INC                                                       450 PRESTON AVE                                                                                             PASADENA                            TX775031227UNITED STA1-713-4751475                                                                                       Corporation                               
31547UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY                                                  1400 DOUGLAS ST STOP 1030                                                                                   OMAHA                               NE681791001UNITED STA1-281-3507197                                                                                       Corporation                   19460013238 
31548CHASE CORPORATION                                                               295 UNIVERSITY AVE                                                                                          WESTWOOD                            MA020902315UNITED STA0-781-3320700                                                                                       Corporation                   11117971264 
31551J AND R PIT SERVICE                                                             PO BOX 1026                                                                                                 SOUR LAKE                           TX776591026UNITED STA1-409-8994483                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31552LEWIS ACRES SERVICE INC                                                         PO BOX 4222                                                                                                 PORT ARTHUR                         TX776414222UNITED STA1-409-9626969                 1-409-9626960                                                         Corporation                   17601217429 
31553DIAMOND SHAMROCK REFINING COMPANY LP                                            PO BOX 490                                                                                                  THREE RIVERS                        TX78071    UNITED STA1-361-7868286                                                                                                                     17426911677 
31554DOWELL SCHLUMBERGER INCORPORATED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                               
31554SCHLUMBERGER TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   12216926613 
31555WYATT INDUSTRIES INC                                                            6200 KANSAS ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770071040UNITED STA1-713-8686402                                                                                       Unknown                       17460444577 
31558MCKENZIE EQUIPMENT INC                                                          PO BOX 34427                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772344427UNITED STA1-713-9461413                 1-713-9479998                 maryann@mckenzieequipment.com           Corporation                   17413635586 
31560RESOURCE CONCEPTS INC                                                           2940 EISENHOWER ST STE 100                                                                                  CARROLLTON                          TX750074973UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17522040413 
31562SEARLE-PRECEPT DIVISION                                                         6625 INDUSTRIAL PARK BLVD                                                                                   NORTH RICHLAND HILLS                TX761806027UNITED STA1-817-4984900                                                                                       Corporation                               
31563CATES MACHINE SHOP INC                                                          12198 STATE HIGHWAY 64 W                                                                                    TYLER                               TX757046966UNITED STA1-903-5922015                                                                                       Unknown                       17519139434 
31567CONTINENTAL AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES INC                                          9503 MIDDLEX DR                                                                                             SAN ANTONIO                         TX782175915UNITED STA1-210-8202400 x428            1-210-8202401                 PMALL@CONTINENTALMOTORS.AERO            Corporation                               
31570LOWES HOME CENTERS LLC                                                          1000 LOWES BLVD STOP A3WLP                                                                                  MOORESVILLE                         NC281178520UNITED STA1-704-7582955                 1-877-6589885                 BOBBI.TENBORG@LOWES.COM                 Corporation                   15607483581 
31571ADM ALIANCE NUTRITION                                                           PO BOX 420                                                                                                  SWEETWATER                          TX795560420UNITED STA1-915-2366661                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31572BRIDGESTONE BANDAG LLC                                                          4750 FM 18                                                                                                  ABILENE                             TX796022010UNITED STA0-325-7346046                 0-325-7346040                 MusicScot@bfusa.com                     Corporation                   32033421226 
31574NORDAM DEE HOWARD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                                   
31575LOWER COLORADO RIVER AUTHORITY                                                  PO BOX 220                                                                                                  AUSTIN                              TX787670220UNITED STA1-512-4733272                 1-512-4733579                                                         Local Government                          
31576EMERSON AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS FINAL CONTROL US LP                                10707 CLAY RD                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770416145UNITED STA1-713-9375320                 1-713-9375402                                                                                       15824287377 
31577TRANSFORMER CONSULTANTS INC                                                     PO BOX 4724                                                                                                 AKRON                               OH443100724UNITED STA1-216-6332666                                                                                       Corporation                               
31581HOLLY SUGAR CORPORATION                                                         PO BOX 1778                                                                                                 HEREFORD                            TX790451778UNITED STA1-806-3646475                                                                                       Corporation                   18402288007 
31582ROLLIGON CORPORATION                                                            6740 HIGHWAY 30                                                                                             ANDERSON                            TX778309035UNITED STA1-713-4951140                                                                                       Corporation                   17413663653 
31583OLD FRITO-LAY INC                                                               6601 STILLWELL ST                                                                                           HOUSTON                             TX770871417UNITED STA1-214-6891603                                                                                       Corporation                   17502814704 
31584JOY MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                       301 GRANT ST                                                                                                PITTSBURGH                          PA152191407UNITED STA1-412-5624500                                                                                       Unknown                       12505812805 
31585THURMOND                                          JIMMY                         PO BOX 14147                                                                                                SAN ANTONIO                         TX782140147UNITED STA1-210-9234317                                                                                       Individual                                
31586CONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANY                                                          PO BOX 271                                                                                                  BORGER                              TX790080271UNITED STA1-806-2751378                                                                                       Corporation                   17304003456 
31589STEERE TANK LINES INC                                                           1200 HIGHWAY 176                                                                                            BIG SPRING                          TX797200390UNITED STA1-915-2637656                                                                                       Corporation                   17508747759 
31590STEERE TANK LINES                                                               3411 SUMMERHILL RD                                                                                          TEXARKANA                           TX755033559UNITED STA1-806-3832212                                                                                       Unknown                       17527959724 
31591STERRE TANK LINES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
31593CAPITOL METAL FINISHING INC                                                     3909 WAREHOUSE ROW                                                                                          AUSTIN                              TX787047367UNITED STA1-512-4446516                                                                                       Corporation                   17422805931 
31594LOWES HOME CENTERS LLC                                                          1000 LOWES BLVD STOP A3WLP                                                                                  MOORESVILLE                         NC281178520UNITED STA1-704-7582955                 1-877-6589885                 BOBBI.L.TENBORG@LOWES.COM               Corporation                   15607483581 
31595BAKER HUGHES PROCESS SYSTEMS INC                                                22001 NORTHPARK DR                                                                                          KINGWOOD                            TX773393804UNITED STA1-817-6252311                                                                                       Corporation                   17603800602 
31596METAL COATINGS CORP                                                             PO BOX 630407                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX772630407UNITED STA1-713-9770123                                                                                       Corporation                   17417917477 
31597JONES CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                          PO BOX 800206                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX753800206UNITED STA1-214-6615425                                                                                       Unknown                       17510795770 
31599HOECHST CELANESE CORPORATION                                                    PO BOX 428                                                                                                  BISHOP                              TX783430428UNITED STA1-512-5843533                                                                                       Corporation                   11355684348 
31600TEXAS APPAREL COMPANY                                                           360 ALICE DR                                                                                                EAGLE PASS                          TX788524460UNITED STA1-830-7739464                                                                                       Corporation                   11353652008 
31601TXI OPERATIONS LP                                                               7781 FM 1102                                                                                                NEW BRAUNFELS                       TX781323412UNITED STA1-512-8054465                                                                                                                     17526470004 
31602CLINT PACKING COMPANY                                                           PO BOX 328                                                                                                  CLINT                               TX798360328UNITED STA1-915-8512348                                                                                       Corporation                   17420401030 
31603TEXAS APPAREL CO-CARRIZO SPRINGS                                                PO BOX 20017                                                                                                EL PASO                             TX799980017UNITED STA1-512-8765286                                                                                       Corporation                   11353652008 
31604CONTINENTAL GRAIN COMPANY                                                       200 E RANDOLPH ST STE 400                                                                                   CHICAGO                             IL606016415UNITED STA1-312-3817178                 1-212-2075396                 james.taylor@conti.com                  Corporation                   13609478709 
31605BJ SERVICES COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                               
31605BJ SERVICES COMPANY USA LP                                                      5500 NW CENTRAL DR                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770922040UNITED STA1-713-4624229                                                                                       Corporation                               
31606PHILLIPS 66 CARRIER LLC                                                         3010 BRIARPARK DR                         PWC 07 7330 19                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770423706UNITED STA1-832-7651682                 1-918-9778475                 ALLEN.C.EGGEN@P66.COM                   Corporation                   32050294076 
31607INCINERATION RECYCLING SERVICES OF TEXAS LLP                                    3501 MAPLE ST                                                                                               ABILENE                             TX796027129UNITED STA                              1-215-9537773                 bportnoy@altchem.com                    Unknown                                   
31608INEOS AMERICAS LLC                                                              PO BOX 1959                                                                                                 PASADENA                            TX775011959UNITED STA0-713-9204334                 0-713-9204389                 AMY.NARVAEZ@INEOS.COM                   Corporation                   32014638764 
31610URANIUM ONE USA INC                                                             PO BOX 228                                                                                                  BRUNI                               TX783440228UNITED STA1-512-7475401                                                                                       Corporation                   17419417195 
31611MOBIL PRODUCING TEXAS & NEW MEXICO INC                                          9 GREENWAY PLZ STE 270                                                                                      HOUSTON                             TX770460905UNITED STA1-713-8715168                                                                                       Corporation                   17521627665 
31612THE FOLGER COFFEE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 3125                                                                                                 SHERMAN                             TX750913125UNITED STA1-903-8709493                                                                                       Corporation                   13106734240 
31613HUNTSMAN INTERNATIONAL LLC                                                      101 CONCRETE ST                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770122443UNITED STA1-713-9246433                                                                                       Corporation                   18706303585 
31614ZACHRY CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   12608687625 
31614ZACHRY INDUSTRIAL INC                                                           PO BOX 240130                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782240130UNITED STA1-210-5885000                 1-210-5885037                 nashb@zhi.com                           Corporation                   17428875839 
31616AIR LIQUIDE LARGE INDUSTRIES US LP                                              PO BOX 460229                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770568229UNITED STA1-979-2395250                 1-979-2395262                 dave.vickerman@airliquide.com           Corporation                   32035542425 
31617LL SAMS INC                                                                     PO BOX 751                                                                                                  CAMERON                             TX765200751UNITED STA1-254-6976794                                                                                       Unknown                       17427117258 
31618MORMAN                                            JASON                         PO BOX 188                                                                                                  SEABROOK                            TX775860188UNITED STA1-281-4713541                                                                                       Individual                                
31619GRAY TOOL COMPANY                                                               PO BOX 9880                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772130880UNITED STA1-713-6701847                                                                                       Unknown                       30002948492 
31620S B FOOT TANNING COMPANY                                                        PO BOX 845                                                                                                  DUMAS                               TX790290845UNITED STA1-612-3884731                                                                                       Corporation                   14102612109 
31621MONTEREY MUSHROOMS INC                                                          PO BOX 1030                                                                                                 MADISONVILLE                        TX778641030UNITED STA1-936-3483511                                                                                       Corporation                   17701854972 
31622MEAD OFFICE SYSTEMS                                                             1307 N GLENVILLE DR                                                                                         RICHARDSON                          TX750812414UNITED STA1-214-6991500                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31623RIO GRANDE MINING COMPANY                                                       712 W HOLLAND AVE                                                                                           ALPINE                              TX798305915UNITED STA1-432-2294737 x601                                          SBRUCE@RGMINING.COM                     Corporation                   14604658337 
31624SWIFT INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY                                               PO BOX 31090                                                                                                AMARILLO                            TX791201090UNITED STA1-806-3745084                                                                                       Unknown                       14702487100 
31625CROWN CENTRAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION                                             111 RED BLUFF RD                                                                                            PASADENA                            TX775061530UNITED STA1-713-4722461                 1-713-9204741                 jajones@crowncentral.com                Unknown                       15205506825 
31626PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY                                                     222 N LOOP 336 E                                                                                            CONROE                              TX773011429UNITED STA1-409-7566606                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31627NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO LP                                                       7909 PARKWOOD CIRCLE DR FL 6                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX770366565UNITED STA1-713-3753737                 1-713-7994961                                                                                       17604889877 
31628SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY                                             790 S BUCHANAN ST                                                                                           AMARILLO                            TX791012510UNITED STA1-806-3782593                                               HEIDI.GRUNER@XCELENERGY.COM             Corporation                   17505754006 
31630REYNOLDS PRESTO PRODUCTS INC                                                    PO BOX 2399                                                                                                 APPLETON                            WI549122399UNITED STA1-972-4166500 x8217           1-972-4178218                                                         Corporation                   17601706207 
31631NRG TEXAS POWER LLC                                                             910 LOUISIANA ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770024916UNITED STA0-713-5372776                                               CRAIG.ECKBERG@NRG.COM                   Corporation                   32033232003 
31632KM LIQUIDS TERMINALS LLC                                                        300 BELTWAY GREEN BLVD                                                                                      PASADENA                            TX775031370UNITED STA0-713-9208447                                                                                       Corporation                   12604497227 
31633CHEROKEE WEBSTER DEVELOPMENT LP                                                 PO BOX 2345                                                                                                 LEAGUE CITY                         TX775742345UNITED STA1-281-3377601                                                                                                                     32035216681 
31634NRG TEXAS POWER LLC                                                             910 LOUISIANA ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770024916UNITED STA0-713-5372776                                               CRAIG.ECKBERG@NRG.COM                   Corporation                   32033232003 
31635NRG TEXAS POWER LLC                                                             1300 MCKINNEY ST STE 2300                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770103019UNITED STA1-713-7956024                                                                                       Corporation                   32033232003 
31636NRG TEXAS POWER LLC                                                             910 LOUISIANA ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770024916UNITED STA1-713-5372776                                               CRAIG.ECKBERG@NRG.COM                   Corporation                   32033232003 
31637NRG TEXAS POWER LLC                                                             910 LOUISIANA ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770024916UNITED STA0-713-5372776                                               CRAIG.ECKBERG@NRG.COM                   Corporation                   32033232003 
31638KV LAND LLC                                                                     4203 YOAKUM BLVD STE 200                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770065455UNITED STA1-713-2945507                                                                                       Corporation                   32043240137 
31639NRG TEXAS POWER LLC                                                             910 LOUISIANA ST                                                                                            HOUSTON                             TX770024916UNITED STA1-713-5372776                                               CRAIG.ECKBERG@NRG.COM                   Corporation                   32033232003 
31640ROCKWELL INTL REPAIR SERVICE                                                    1205 W N CARRIER PKWY STE 206                                                                               GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750501248UNITED STA1-214-6478156                                                                                       Corporation                               
31642OWENS CORNING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Corporation                   13201766345 
31643MONTGOMERY TANK LINES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
31647SEMTECH CORPORATION                                                             121 INTERNATIONAL BLVD                                                                                      CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784061801UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   19521196840 
31648WEATHERFORD ENTERA                                                              515 POST OAK BLVD STE 600                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770279408UNITED STA1-713-6721601                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31649PILGRIMS PRIDE CORPORATION                                                      PO BOX 93                                                                                                   PITTSBURG                           TX756860093UNITED STA1-903-8551000                                                                                       Corporation                   17512850714 
31650CHEVRON CORPORATION                                                             4800 FOURNACE PL                                                                                            BELLAIRE                            TX774012324UNITED STA1-713-4323490                                                                                       Corporation                               
31651BAE SYSTEMS INFORMATION AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS INT                              6500 TRACOR LN                                                                                              AUSTIN                              TX787252151UNITED STA1-512-9292844                                                                                       Corporation                   15222687426 
31653STANDARD INDUSTRIES INC                                                         318 E NOPAL ST                                                                                              UVALDE                              TX788015331UNITED STA1-830-2784471                                                                                       Unknown                       17409184706 
31655SOUTHWEST WHEEL INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Unknown                       17515827701 
31657UNIVAR SOLUTIONS USA INC                                                        PO BOX 34325                                                                                                SEATTLE                             WA981241325UNITED STA1-425-8893978                                                                                       Corporation                   19113479356 
31658GARDNER ASPHALT CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unknown                                   
31659LEHIGH CEMENT COMPANY LLC                                                       PO BOX 2576                                                                                                 WACO                                TX767022576UNITED STA                              1-254-7767923                                                         Corporation                   12307970504 
31660PILGRIMS PRIDE CORPORATION                                                      1770 PROMONTORY CIR                                                                                         GREELEY                             CO806349039UNITED STA1-970-3475730                                               DAVE.TOWNSEND@PILGRIMS.COM              Corporation                   17512850714 
31661AMERICAN CHROME & CHEMICALS INC                                                 3800 BUDDY LAWRENCE DR                                                                                      CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784071900UNITED STA1-361-8807737                                                                                       Corporation                   15102389234 
31662CHEVRON PHILLIPS CHEMICAL COMPANY LP                                            1862 KINGWOOD DR                                                                                            KINGWOOD                            TX773393048UNITED STA1-281-3596548                                                                                       Corporation                   17315877120 
31663MAGELLAN TERMINALS HOLDINGS LP                                                  4200 SINGLETON BLVD                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752123433UNITED STA1-214-6314118                 1-214-6316107                                                                                       17316057300 
31664EXXONMOBIL OIL CORPORATION                                                      4200 SINGLETON BLVD                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752123433UNITED STA1-210-3335510                                                                                       Corporation                   11354015700 
31665EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         PO BOX 6369                                                                                                 AUSTIN                              TX787626369UNITED STA1-512-9268177                                                                                       Corporation                   11354090059 
31666PRINTPACK INC                                                                   4335 WENDELL DR SW                                                                                          ATLANTA                             GA303361622UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   15806737795 
31667SUNOCO PARTNERS MARKETING & TERMINALS LP                                        700 ALDINE BENDER RD                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770604602UNITED STA1-281-4057086                 1-866-5289783                                                                                       12331026554 
31668SUNOCO PARTNERS MARKETING & TERMINALS LP                                        700 ALDINE BENDER RD                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770604602UNITED STA1-281-4057086                 1-866-5289783                 RMBURNETT@SUNOCOLOGISTICS.COM                                         12331026554 
31669EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                   11354090059 
31669SUNOCO PARTNERS MARKETING & TERMINALS LP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               12331026554 
31671PETROLEUM WHOLESALE INC                                                         PO BOX 4456                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104456UNITED STA                              1-281-4441278                 cbutler@sunmart.net                     Corporation                   17309568362 
31672EXXONMOBIL OIL CORPORATION                                                      3600 N SYLVANIA AVE                                                                                         FORT WORTH                          TX761113105UNITED STA1-999-9999999                                               UNKNOWN@UNKNOWN.COM                     Corporation                   11354015700 
31674PRIME EQUIPMENT 112                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Unknown                                   
31674PRIME EQUIPMENT COMPANY                                                         3000 WILCREST DR STE 300                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770423483UNITED STA1-713-6721601                                                                                       Unknown                       17604864086 
31675LEIGH METAL COATING AND MACHINING INC                                           PO BOX 69709                                                                                                ODESSA                              TX797690709UNITED STA1-915-3678924                                                                                       Unknown                       17516557299 
31676TRIANGLE CHEMICALS INC                                                          PO BOX 668                                                                                                  BRIDGE CITY                         TX776110668UNITED STA1-713-7353575                                                                                       Corporation                   17417284423 
31677SPECIALTY CONSTRUCTION BRANDS INC                                               6107 INDUSTRIAL WAY                                                                                         HOUSTON                             TX770111123UNITED STA1-713-9263125                                                                                       Corporation                   14116262222 
31678MAVERICK TUBE LLC                                                               PO BOX 659                                                                                                  CONROE                              TX773050659UNITED STA                              1-936-5392504                 sbaig@tenaris.com                       Corporation                               
31679AHMSA STEEL INTERNATIONAL INC                                                   PO BOX 5906                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782010906UNITED STA1-512-7364111                                                                                       Corporation                   17414597637 
31680AIR LIQUIDE AMERICA LP                                                          PO BOX 3047                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772533047UNITED STA1-713-4386551                                                                                       Corporation                   15809390592 
31681LOUISIANA CHEMICAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC                                        PO BOX 1490                                                                                                 LA PORTE                            TX775721490UNITED STA1-713-4714900                                                                                       Corporation                   17206971636 
31682INTEGRITY-GOLDEN TRIANGLE MARINE SERVICES LLC                                   PO BOX 9605                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784699605UNITED STA1-361-8828870                 1-361-7678819                 RLAWHON@TOPWATERMGMT.COM                Corporation                   32057314455 
31684QUAD GRAPHICS INC                                                               N61W23044 HARRYS WAY                                                                                        SUSSEX                              WI530893995UNITED STA1-920-2695246                                               BRYAN.OLSON@QG.COM                      Corporation                   13911529835 
31685EQUISTAR CHEMICALS LP                                                           1501 MCKINZIE RD                                                                                            CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784109706UNITED STA1-361-2428000                 1-361-2428030                                                         Corporation                   17605504814 
31686AEP TEXAS NORTH COMPANY                                                         12567 FM 3430                                                                                               VERNON                              TX763848825UNITED STA1-915-6747253                                                                                       Corporation                   17506467905 
31687OWENS CORNING                                                                   201 N NURSERY RD                                                                                            IRVING                              TX750617727UNITED STA1-972-4381050                                                                                       Corporation                   14321090210 
31688OLD RIVER IRON WORKS                                                            1000 W BRAZOS ST                                                                                            FREEPORT                            TX775415200UNITED STA1-409-2330176                                                                                       Unknown                       17420684312 
31689VERTRAUEN CHEMIE SOLUTIONS INC                                                  200 INDUSTRIAL BLVD                                                                                         MCKINNEY                            TX750697303UNITED STA1-469-2830789                                               SUSAN.ANDERSON@VERTRAUEN-US.COM         Corporation                   32059835044 
31690GULF OIL CHEMICALS COMPANY                                                      PO BOX 79070                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772799070UNITED STA1-713-7547503                                                                                       Corporation                               
31691MISSION PETROLEUM CARRIERS INC                                                  PO BOX 407                                                                                                  GALENA PARK                         TX775470407UNITED STA1-713-6752686                                                                                       Corporation                   17422463004 
31692INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY                                                     6400 POPLAR AVE                                                                                             MEMPHIS                             TN381970100UNITED STA1-214-9346000                                                                                       Corporation                   11308728051 
31693CHEVRON CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                        595 MARKET ST                                                                                               SAN FRANCISCO                       CA941052802UNITED STA1-214-4552367                                                                                       Unknown                       32000424237 
31694PM HOLDINGS CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unknown                                   
31695ARKEMA INC                                                                      2000 MARKET ST                                                                                              PHILADELPHIA                        PA191033231UNITED STA1-409-7790060                                                                                       Corporation                   12309608904 
31696PRATT & WHITNEY ENGINE SERVICES INC                                             1177 N GREAT SOUTHWEST PKWY                                                                                 GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750502629UNITED STA1-972-3432010                                                                                       Corporation                   15505217941 
31697EXIDE TECHNOLOGIES LLC                                                          3301 E PLANO PKWY                                                                                           PLANO                               TX750747230UNITED STA1-972-6336949                                                                                       Corporation                   12305527306 
31698EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                                         5011 W BAKER RD                                                                                             BAYTOWN                             TX775201601UNITED STA1-713-4243521                                                                                       Corporation                   11354090059 
31699HERCULES LLC                                                                    1 MILL ST                                                                                                   KENEDY                              TX781192803UNITED STA1-830-5831500                 1-830-5839951                                                         Corporation                   15100234507 
31701UNION TANK CAR CLEVELAND                                                        604 COUNTY ROAD 2205                                                                                        CLEVELAND                           TX773272754UNITED STA1-281-5926424                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31702TRANSPLASTICS INC                                                               102 PICKERING WAY                                                                                           EXTON                               PA193411330UNITED STA1-610-3634499                                                                                       Corporation                               
31703DYNACORE HOLDINGS CORPORATION                                                   9725 DATAPOINT DR                                                                                           SAN ANTONIO                         TX782292384UNITED STA1-512-6997000                                                                                       Corporation                   17416051740 
31704TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED                                                  PO BOX 10028                                                                                                COLLEGE STATION                     TX778420028UNITED STA1-409-6964502                                                                                       Corporation                   17502899705 
31705TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED                                                  PO BOX 655474                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752655474UNITED STA1-915-6913312                                                                                       Corporation                   17502899705 
31706VARCO LP                                                                        PO BOX 808                                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770010808UNITED STA1-713-7995593                                                                                                                     17606429797 
31707TURNER INDUSTRIES GROUP LLC                                                     PO BOX 899                                                                                                  PARIS                               TX754610899UNITED STA1-903-7376130                                                                                       Corporation                   17215130471 
31708BARKEL INC                                                                      PO BOX 310683                                                                                               NEW BRAUNFELS                       TX781310683UNITED STA1-830-6258535                                                                                       Corporation                   17423203433 
31709BOLLMAN INDUSTRIES INC                                                          PO BOX 2109                                                                                                 SAN MARCOS                          TX786672109UNITED STA1-512-3533281                                                                                       Corporation                   17424682239 
31710BP SAND & GRAVEL INC                                                            9901 FM 1325                                                                                                AUSTIN                              TX787585247UNITED STA1-512-8360758                                                                                       Corporation                   17412005047 
31711POOL PRODUCTION SERVICES CO                                                     PO BOX 7                                                                                                    REFUGIO                             TX783770007UNITED STA1-512-5265335                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31712BARTLETT ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE INC                                               PO BOX 200                                                                                                  BARTLETT                            TX765110200UNITED STA1-817-5273551                                                                                       Unknown                       17405011564 
31713BASF CORPORATION                                                                PO BOX 1710                                                                                                 PASADENA                            TX775011710UNITED STA1-918-6639100                                                                                       Corporation                   11610908094 
31714FMC TECHNOLOGIES INC                                                            2825 W WASHINGTON ST                                                                                        STEPHENVILLE                        TX764013706UNITED STA1-254-9658373                 1-254-9658256                 jay.wilson@fmcti.com                    Corporation                   13644126420 
31717EXXONMOBIL OIL CORPORATION                                                      PO BOX 5444                                                                                                 DENVER                              CO802175444UNITED STA1-303-5722383                                                                                       Corporation                   11354015700 
31718EXXONMOBIL OIL CORPORATION                                                      PO BOX 5444                                                                                                 DENVER                              CO802175444UNITED STA1-303-5722383                                                                                       Corporation                   11354015700 
31719URANIUM ONE USA INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   17419417195 
31720OHMSTEDE LTD                                                                    12415 HIGHWAY 225                                                                                           LA PORTE                            TX775719592UNITED STA1-281-4714140                                               RKIRTLEY@OHMSTEDE.NET                   Corporation                   17606788929 
31721RIO GRANDE VALLEY SUGAR GROWERS INC                                             PO BOX 459                                                                                                  SANTA ROSA                          TX785930459UNITED STA1-956-6361411                                                                                       Corporation                   17416729923 
31722GEOSOURCE INC                                                                   PO BOX 24                                                                                                   HARVEY                              LA700590024UNITED STA1-504-3687600                                                                                       Corporation                   17427172154 
31724CITY OF DENTON                                                                  901 TEXAS ST STE A                                                                                          DENTON                              TX762094354UNITED STA1-817-3837121                                                                                                                                 
31726SAN AUGUSTINE FIBER GLASS PRODUCTS INC                                          PO BOX 596                                                                                                  SAN AUGUSTINE                       TX759720596UNITED STA1-409-2753456                                                                                       Unknown                       17512773700 
31727TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED                                                  PO BOX 655474                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752655474UNITED STA1-972-9273148                                                                                       Corporation                   17502899705 
31728RAYTHEON TI SYSTEMS INC                                                         2501 S STATE HIGHWAY 121 BUS                                                                                LEWISVILLE                          TX750674394UNITED STA1-972-4624201                                                                                       Unknown                       10433768552 
31731MULTI-CHEM GROUP LLC                                                            PO BOX 60087                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772050087UNITED STA1-281-5754383                                               CHANDRA.FERNANDEZ@HALLIBURTON.COM       Corporation                   17527317279 
31732KAG SPECIALTY PRODUCTS GROUP LLC                                                2001 SPRING RD STE 400                                                                                      OAK BROOK                           IL605231903UNITED STA                              1-630-4720495                 Victor.Bell@Transportserviceco.com      Corporation                   13620687817 
31735BAKER HUGHES OILFIELD OPERATIONS LLC                                            6023 NAVIGATION BLVD                                                                                        HOUSTON                             TX770111131UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   19413028861 
31736BRAZOS ELECTRIC POWER COOPERATIVE INC                                           PO BOX 2585                                                                                                 WACO                                TX767022585UNITED STA1-254-7506395                                                                                       Corporation                   17405247291 
31737UNITED STATES CAN COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                   30006941881 
31738DAP PRODUCTS INC                                                                13555 JUPITER RD                                                                                            DALLAS                              TX752382405UNITED STA1-800-4533840                 1-410-5581097                                                         Unknown                       13113328523 
31739CAMERON IRON WORKS INC                                                          PO BOX 1212                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772511212UNITED STA1-713-9394800                                                                                       Unknown                       17405408406 
31740CONSOLIDATED ANDY INC                                                           PO BOX 3028                                                                                                 BROWNSVILLE                         TX785233028UNITED STA1-512-8314251                                                                                       Corporation                   17419198282 
31741BRENNTAG SOUTHWEST INC                                                          610 FISHER RD                                                                                               LONGVIEW                            TX756045201UNITED STA1-903-7597151                                                                                       Corporation                   17518983782 
31742NUCOR CORPORATION                                                               PO BOX 186                                                                                                  GRAPELAND                           TX758440186UNITED STA1-936-6874665                                                                                       Corporation                   11318608178 
31743AQUAPHARM PCHEM LLC                                                             PO BOX 977                                                                                                  LATEXO                              TX758490977UNITED STA0-713-5019756                                               REED.KILLION@AQUAPHARMPCHEM.COM         Corporation                   32064770947 
31744TEXAS STEEL CONVERSION INC                                                      3101 HOLMES RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770511146UNITED STA1-713-7336013                                                                                       Corporation                   17514942709 
31746EXPLORER PIPELINE COMPANY                                                       6120 S YALE AVE STE 1100                                                                                    TULSA                               OK741364250UNITED STA1-918-5913123                                               AFREISNER@EXPL.COM                      Corporation                   17307859821 
31747WESTROCK MWV LLC                                                                14001 INWOOD RD                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752444602UNITED STA1-214-3529791                                                                                       Unknown                       13117979990 
31747MEADWESTVACO CORP ENVELOP GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Unknown                                   
31749AIR LIQUIDE ELECTRONICS US LP                                                   13140 T I BLVD                                                                                              DALLAS                              TX752431508UNITED STA1-972-3015220                                                                                                                     15508841952 
31750US DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE                                                  143 BILLY MITCHELL RD STE 5                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782261858UNITED STA1-210-9250195                                                                                       Federal Government Ownership              
31751TEX-PLATE ELECTROLESS NICKEL PLATING                                            507 N LEE AVE                                                                                               ODESSA                              TX797614423UNITED STA1-915-3328221                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31752ECTOR DRUM INC                                                                  PO BOX 1888                                                                                                 ODESSA                              TX797601888UNITED STA1-915-3668352                                                                                       Unknown                       17514519390 
31753EXXONMOBIL UPSTREAM RESEARCH COMPANY                                            PO BOX 2189                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772522189UNITED STA1-832-6256389                                                                                       Corporation                   17414978217 
31755KRESTEO INC                                                                     5949 SHERRY LN STE 1635                                                                                     DALLAS                              TX752256532UNITED STA1-214-4361581                                                                                       Corporation                               
31760AMERICHEM INC                                                                   2000 AMERICHEM WAY                                                                                          CUYAHOGA FALLS                      OH442213357UNITED STA1-817-4773431                 1-817-4773902                 ssotherl@americhem.com                  Unknown                       13401271054 
31761NUSTAR LOGISTICS LP                                                             410 S PADRE ISLAND DR STE 200                                                                               CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784054122UNITED STA1-210-9187040                 1-210-2400145                 steven.schmidt@nustarenergy.com         Other/Misc                    17429588175 
31762PHILLIPS 66 PIPELINE LLC                                                        1000 S PINE ST                                                                                              PONCA CITY                          OK746017509UNITED STA1-580-7673456                                                                                       Corporation                   17301962209 
31763FRITZ INDUSTRIES INC                                                            500 N SAM HOUSTON RD                                                                                        MESQUITE                            TX751492733UNITED STA1-972-2855471                                                                                       Corporation                   17510834074 
31764MINERAL WOOL INSULATION MFG CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
31765ASGROW SEED CO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
31765ASGROW SEED COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Corporation                   10608468517 
31767SAFETY RAILWAY SERVICE LP                                                       403 WAREHOUSE RD                                                                                            VICTORIA                            TX779050514UNITED STA1-361-5762141                                               JAMIE.DESANNO@SAFETYRAILWAY.COM         Corporation                               
31769POLYGUARD PRODUCTS INC                                                          PO BOX 755                                                                                                  ENNIS                               TX751200755UNITED STA1-214-5155000                                               polyguard@polyguard.com                 Corporation                   17306787171 
31770AAA WIRE PRODUCTS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Corporation                   17512397500 
31770AAA WIRE PRODUSTS SERVICE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporation                               
31771INTERNATIONAL MICROFILMING                                                      PO BOX 606                                                                                                  SPRINGTOWN                          TX760820606UNITED STA1-817-5237293                                                                                       Unknown                       17515492746 
31772BULL DOG TRUCK PARTS INC                                                        PO BOX 4215                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784694215UNITED STA1-512-8840691                                                                                       Corporation                   17420472346 
31773LONE STAR PAINT & LACQUER MFG CO INC                                            PO BOX 608                                                                                                  HENDERSON                           TX756530608UNITED STA1-214-6574588                                                                                       Unknown                       17509893362 
31774HFOTCO LLC                                                                      16642 JACINTOPORT BLVD                                                                                      HOUSTON                             TX770156541UNITED STA1-281-4523390                                                                                       Corporation                   17420083606 
31775MOTIVA ENTERPRISES LLC                                                          3900 SINGLETON BLVD                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752123503UNITED STA1-214-6316192                                                                                       Corporation                   17602624904 
31776DUBOSE FOODS INC                                                                PO BOX 658                                                                                                  GONZALES                            TX786290658UNITED STA1-512-6722856                                                                                       Unknown                       17417120478 
31777ORYX ENERGY COMPANY                                                             7266 FIRST AVE                                                                                              SABINE PASS                         TX77655    UNITED STA1-409-2964327                                                                                       Unknown                       12317432842 
31778TAMKO BUILDING PRODUCTS LLC                                                     PO BOX 1240                                                                                                 ENNIS                               TX751201240UNITED STA                              1-972-8756569                 bobby.slovak@tamko.com                  Corporation                   14405023673 
31779AIR LIQUIDE LARGE INDUSTRIES US LP                                              PO BOX 460229                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770568229UNITED STA1-281-4748337                                               greg.johnson@airliquide.com             Corporation                   32035542425 
31780HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC                                                     830 E ARAPAHO RD                                                                                            RICHARDSON                          TX750812241UNITED STA1-972-4704442                                                                                       Corporation                   12226406507 
31781LEGGETT & PLATT INCORPORATED                                                    PO BOX 8289                                                                                                 ENNIS                               TX751208289UNITED STA1-714-8758401                                                                                       Corporation                   14403246300 
31782CHEVRON USA INC                                                                 PO BOX 1660                                                                                                 MIDLAND                             TX797021660UNITED STA1-915-6820242                                                                                       Corporation                   12505279252 
31783CUMMINS SOUTHERN PLAINS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Corporation                   13516631242 
31784HUDSON PRODUCTS CORPORATION                                                     9660 GRUNWALD RD                                                                                            BEASLEY                             TX774178600UNITED STA1-281-3968392                 1-281-3968316                 msbeauchamp@hudsonproducts.cm           Corporation                   17415862576 
31786REGAL INTERNATIONAL INC                                                         PO BOX 1237                                                                                                 CORSICANA                           TX751511237UNITED STA1-903-8723091                                                                                       Corporation                   17510715893 
31787ANDREW CORPORATION                                                              2601 TELECOM PKWY                                                                                           RICHARDSON                          TX750823521UNITED STA1-817-3818133                                                                                       Corporation                               
31788FRAZER INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Corporation                   17412613188 
31789BRENNTAG SOUTHWEST INC                                                          704 E WINTERGREEN RD                                                                                        LANCASTER                           TX751343450UNITED STA1-915-3679121                                                                                       Corporation                   17518983782 
31790CONTICO INTERNATIONAL INC DBA JOHNS INTERNATIONAL                               305 N FRISCO ST                                                                                             WINTERS                             TX795674601UNITED STA1-915-7544561                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31790TRADESMAN TRUCK ACCESSORIES LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Corporation                   32019726838 
31791SCHNECK AVIATION INC                                                            PO BOX 6417                                                                                                 ROCKFORD                            IL611251417UNITED STA1-512-9249261                                                                                       Corporation                   13626818358 
31792PAG SEEDS                                                                       PO BOX 10303                                                                                                LUBBOCK                             TX794083303UNITED STA1-806-7473111                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31793MISSION PETROLEUM CARRIERS INC                                                  8450 MOSLEY RD                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770751114UNITED STA1-979-2655000                                                                                       Corporation                   17422463004 
31794MISSION PETROLEUM CARRIERS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   17422463004 
31794MISSION PETROLEUM CARRIERS INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corporation                   17422463004 
31795MISSION PETROLEUM CARRIERS INC                                                  PO BOX 17120                                                                                                SAN ANTONIO                         TX782179999UNITED STA1-832-6150707                                               jfeatherly@mipe.com                     Corporation                   17422463004 
31798H & H DRUM CO                                                                   PO BOX 312                                                                                                  ROBSTOWN                            TX783800312UNITED STA1-512-3873544                                                                                       Corporation                   17421161708 
31799CONROE CREOSOTING COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 9                                                                                                    CONROE                              TX773050009UNITED STA1-713-7564484                                                                                       Corporation                   17410251874 
31800BRASSCRAFT MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                PO BOX 100                                                                                                  LANCASTER                           TX751460100UNITED STA1-972-2275511                 1-972-2275837                 TJOHNSON@BRASSCRAFTHQ.COM               Corporation                   13812555574 
31801DRILLING SPECIALTIES COMPANY LLC                                                PO BOX 2567                                                                                                 CONROE                              TX773052567UNITED STA1-936-5393154                 1-936-7568523                                                         Corporation                   17315906762 
31802MOTIVA ENTERPRISES LLC                                                          PO BOX 2463                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772522463UNITED STA1-281-8742219                 1-281-8742293                 diana.henk@shell.com                    Corporation                   17602624904 
31803PSC INDUSTRIAL OUTSOURCING LP                                                   5151 SAN FELIPE ST STE 1600                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX770563647UNITED STA1-713-9855428                 1-713-9855317                 shenry@pscnow.com                       Other/Misc                    12617684068 
31804NUSTAR LOGISTICS LP                                                             400 GROVE RD                                                                                                WEST DEPTFORD                       NJ080661844UNITED STA0-856-5795063                 0-210-9185619                 stephen.doyle@nustarenergy.com                                                    
31806BROWNING-FERRIS INDUSTRIES INC                                                  PO BOX 1397                                                                                                 VICTORIA                            TX779021397UNITED STA1-512-5782948                                                                                       Corporation                   17416736829 
31807INDURA TECH OF HOUSTON INC                                                      4847 HOMESTEAD RD STE 420                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770285808UNITED STA1-713-6745964                                                                                       Corporation                   17419366327 
31808PARKER-HANNIFIN CORPORATION                                                     6035 PARKLAND BLVD                                                                                          CLEVELAND                           OH441244186UNITED STA1-216-8963000                                                                                       Corporation                   13404510607 
31809POLYGUARD PRODUCTS INC                                                          PO BOX 755                                                                                                  ENNIS                               TX751200755UNITED STA1-214-8758421                                                                                       Corporation                   17306787171 
31810PHILLIPS 66 PIPELINE LLC                                                        905 S FILLMORE ST STE 600                                                                                   AMARILLO                            TX791013518UNITED STA1-806-3189285                                                                                       Corporation                   17301962209 
31811PHILLIPS PIPE LINE CO                                                           370 ADAMS BUILDING                                                                                          BARTLESVILLE                        OK740040001UNITED STA1-918-6611399                                                                                       Corporation                               
31812KINDER MORGAN DALLAS FORT WORTH RAIL TERMINAL LLC                               500 DALLAS ST STE 1000                                                                                      HOUSTON                             TX770024718UNITED STA1-731-3699000                                                                                       Corporation                   12044999279 
31813FMC CORPORATION                                                                 PO BOX 246                                                                                                  BROWNWOOD                           TX768040246UNITED STA1-915-6433511                                                                                       Corporation                   19404798043 
31814EQUILON ENTERPRISES LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                   15220745317 
31815MOTIVA ENTERPRISES LLC                                                          1320 W SHAW AVE                                                                                             PASADENA                            TX775061049UNITED STA1-713-4770861                                                                                       Corporation                   17602624904 
31817ALLEN-BRADLEY COMPANY                                                           1201 S 2ND ST                                                                                               MILWAUKEE                           WI532042410UNITED STA1-414-3823640                                                                                       Unknown                       13901256902 
31818ALCON LABORATORIES INC                                                          PO BOX 1959                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761011959UNITED STA1-817-4516391                                                                                       Corporation                   17522523699 
31821PHILLIPS TEXAS PIPELINE CO LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
31822OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS INC                                   PO BOX 5337                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772625337UNITED STA1-713-4778811                                                                                       Corporation                   17417572769 
31824TENNECO GAS                                                                     PO BOX 2511                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772522511UNITED STA1-713-6625382                                                                                       Unknown                       17602286951 
31825CHEMICAL TRANSPORT INC                                                          6102 STATE HIGHWAY 185 N                                                                                    PORT LAVACA                         TX779797218UNITED STA1-281-4715817                                               reichem@swbell.net                      Corporation                   17604768550 
31826ALAMO GROUP TX INC                                                              1502 E WALNUT ST                                                                                            SEGUIN                              TX781555202UNITED STA1-830-3791480                 1-830-3729648                 LSWINNEY@ALAMO-GROUP.COM                Corporation                   17423625098 
31827ECOLAB INC                                                                      2305 SHERWIN ST                                                                                             GARLAND                             TX750411222UNITED STA1-972-8403968                                                                                       Corporation                   14102315109 
31828TEXAS MILTRONICS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corporation                               
31828RAYTHEON COMPANY                                                                515 S FRIO ST                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782075009UNITED STA1-512-2711116                                                                                       Corporation                   19517785002 
31830IRI INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION                                                   PO BOX 1101                                                                                                 PAMPA                               TX790661101UNITED STA1-409-8353731                                                                                       Corporation                   17520446810 
31831ELG IRELAND ALLOYS INC                                                          PO BOX 369                                                                                                  MCKEESPORT                          PA151340369UNITED STA1-713-9371111                                                                                       Unknown                       13819637904 
31832STELLA-JONES CORPORATION                                                        5865 S US HIGHWAY 69                                                                                        LUFKIN                              TX759012170UNITED STA1-936-6344923                                               CLEE@STELLA-JONES.COM                   Corporation                   32052463562 
31833PHILLIPS TEXAS PIPELINE COMPANY LTD                                             PO BOX 5068                                                                                                 BORGER                              TX790085068UNITED STA1-806-2752557                                                                                       Corporation                               
31834TEXARKANA WOOD PRESERVING CO                                                    PO BOX 156                                                                                                  TEXARKANA                           TX755040156UNITED STA1-214-7938473                                                                                       Corporation                   17510835139 
31835L G BALFOUR COMPANY                                                             7101 INTERMODAL DR                                                                                          LOUISVILLE                          KY402582876UNITED STA1-502-9338001                                                                                       Unknown                       10410594203 
31836ENERGY CHEMICALS CORPORATION                                                    3408 S STOCKTON ST                                                                                          MONAHANS                            TX797569999UNITED STA1-915-9433273                                                                                       Corporation                   17521446249 
31837EQUILON PIPELINE COMPANY LLC                                                    6767 GATEWAY BLVD W                                                                                         EL PASO                             TX799254803UNITED STA1-713-2412258                                                                                       Corporation                   15220745317 
31838GPM GAS CORPORATION WTR                                                         4044 PENBROOK ST                                                                                            ODESSA                              TX797625918UNITED STA1-915-3681079                                                                                       Corporation                               
31839CONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANY                                                          PO BOX 2400                                                                                                 BARTLESVILLE                        OK740052400UNITED STA1-915-3671331                                                                                       Corporation                   17304003456 
31840PHILLIPS PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                      PO BOX 1267                                                                                                 PONCA CITY                          OK746021267UNITED STA1-580-7675041                 1-580-7673527                 Kelly.W.Hayes@ConocoPhillips.com        Corporation                   17304656808 
31841PHILLIPS PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                      PO BOX 666                                                                                                  ALVIN                               TX775120666UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17304656808 
31842MONEX RESOURCES INC                                                             45 NE LOOP 419 STE 700                                                                                      SAN ANTONIO                         TX782169999UNITED STA1-210-3416182                                                                                       Corporation                   13106247805 
31843SHORE COMPANY INC                                                               PO BOX 110                                                                                                  KILGORE                             TX756630110UNITED STA1-214-9848681                                                                                       Corporation                   17512547393 
31844BAYOU PETROLEUM INC                                                             PO BOX 40505                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772400505UNITED STA1-713-4600100                                                                                       Unknown                       17419444991 
31845ALCATEL USA INC                                                                 1000 COIT RD                                                                                                PLANO                               TX750755813UNITED STA1-972-4777349                                                                                       Corporation                   15410257636 
31846VITESCO TECHNOLOGIES USA LLC                                                    1 CONTINENTAL DR                                                                                            AUBURN HILLS                        MI483261581UNITED STA0-243-3935300                                                                                       Corporation                   32069101627 
31847GEORGIA-PACIFIC WOOD PRODUCTS LLC                                               805 SW BROADWAY                                                                                             PORTLAND                            OR972053339UNITED STA1-800-5476331                                                                                       Corporation                   32025244206 
31848GUNTER                                            JOHN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Individual                                
31848BRENTHAM                                          JERRY                         2121 INDUSTRIAL PARK RD                                                                                     BELTON                              TX765131923UNITED STA1-817-9391831                                                                                       Individual                                
31849JASPER CREOSOTING COMPANY                                                       823 N PEACHTREE ST                                                                                          JASPER                              TX759512914UNITED STA1-713-3845471                                                                                       Corporation                   17416254773 
31850AKZO COATINGS INC                                                               1930 BISHOP LN STE 1600                                                                                     LOUISVILLE                          KY402181948UNITED STA1-502-4599110                                                                                       Corporation                   12321272911 
31853RAYTHEON COMPANY                                                                PO BOX 655474                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752655474UNITED STA1-972-9956046                                                                                       Corporation                   19517785002 
31854KAG SPECIALTY PRODUCTS GROUP LLC                                                1 TOWER LN STE 2325                                                                                         OAKBROOK TERRACE                    IL601814646UNITED STA1-630-4725934                 1-630-4720495                 james.king@thekag.com                   Corporation                   13620687817 
31855CITY PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD                                                       PO BOX 1771                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782961771UNITED STA1-210-9782000                                               krstoker@cps-satx.com                                                             
31856CITY PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD                                                       PO BOX 1771                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782961771UNITED STA1-210-9782000                                                                                                                                 
31857CITY PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD                                                       PO BOX 1771                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782961771UNITED STA1-210-9784583                                                                                                                                 
31858CITY PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD                                                       PO BOX 1771                                                                                                 SAN ANTONIO                         TX782961771UNITED STA1-210-9782000                                                                                                                                 
31859EXXONMOBIL OIL CORPORATION                                                      PO BOX 216                                                                                                  BEAUMONT                            TX777040216UNITED STA1-409-8391446                 1-409-8391744                                                         Corporation                   11354015700 
31861CHEVRON USA                                                                     PO BOX 1017                                                                                                 BIG SANDY                           TX757551017UNITED STA1-303-6364435                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31862CHEVRON USA INC                                                                 2525 BRENNAN AVE                                                                                            FORT WORTH                          TX761068408UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   12505279252 
31863CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 5241                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265241UNITED STA1-817-5781426                                                                                       Corporation                   19415291608 
31864LINDE INC                                                                       13505 VARGON ST                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752431442UNITED STA1-972-2318626                                                                                       Corporation                   10612490507 
31865LONE STAR GAUGE AND CALIBRATION INC                                             510 NORWOOD ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770114346UNITED STA1-713-9232823                                                                                       Corporation                   17420815148 
31867LINDE INC                                                                       2225 LONNECKER DR                                                                                           GARLAND                             TX750411204UNITED STA1-972-8407113                 1-972-8408101                                                         Corporation                   10612490507 
31868FRANCE COMPRESSOR PRODUCTS DIVISION                                             2147 N JACKSON AVE                                                                                          ODESSA                              TX797611220UNITED STA1-215-9685959                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31869GARDNER-GIBSON MANUFACTURING INC                                                PO BOX 777                                                                                                  ENNIS                               TX751200777UNITED STA0-972-8781602                 0-972-8758865                 JWHITE@GARDNER-GIBSON.COM               Corporation                   15936458650 
31870CHEVRON USA INC                                                                 RR 3 BOX 414                                                                                                EASTLAND                            TX764489803UNITED STA1-817-6292062                                                                                       Corporation                   12505279252 
31871SOUTHERN FOREST PRODUCTS LLC                                                    12229 ALMEDA RD                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770453725UNITED STA1-713-4134700                                                                                       Corporation                   17527600385 
31872EAGLE SUPPLY & MANUFACTURING LP                                                 9701 I 20 E                                                                                                 EASTLAND                            TX764489999UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17423661440 
31873IDEAL COMPANY INC                                                               PO BOX 889                                                                                                  WACO                                TX767030889UNITED STA1-817-7544631                                                                                       Corporation                   12216044912 
31874AEP TEXAS NORTH GENERATING COMPANY LLC                                          PO BOX 660164                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752660164UNITED STA1-214-7772896                 1-214-7771380                 kpgaus@aep.com                          Other/Misc                    32020632264 
31875EAGLE CONSTRUCTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC                               9701 I 20 E                                                                                                 EASTLAND                            TX764489999UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17423661440 
31877AEP TEXAS INC                                                                   PO BOX 2121                                                                                                 CORPUS CHRISTI                      TX784032121UNITED STA0-877-3734858                 0-512-4814591                 NMHUTTON@AEP.COM                        Corporation                   32062398493 
31878AEP TEXAS NORTH GENERATING COMPANY LLC                                          PO BOX 660164                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752660164UNITED STA1-325-6747727                 1-325-6747256                 mjkidd@aep.com                          Other/Misc                    32020632264 
31878AEP TEXAS NORTH COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                   17506467905 
31879DRILCO INDUSTRIES INC                                                           PO BOX 57                                                                                                   HENDERSON                           KY424190057UNITED STA1-915-6835431                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31880MOUNTAIN CREEK POWER LLC                                                        2233 MOUNTAIN CREEK PKWY                                                                                    DALLAS                              TX752116716UNITED STA1-214-6231044                                                                                       Corporation                   32055047842 
31881LUMINANT GENERATION COMPANY LLC                                                 6555 SIERRA DR                                                                                              IRVING                              TX750392479UNITED STA0-214-8758297                                                                                       Corporation                   17529678207 
31882TXU GENERATION COMPANY LP                                                       1601 BRYAN ST, ENERGY PLAZA, 27TH FLOOR                                                                     DALLAS                              TX75201    UNITED STA1-214-8758297                 1-214-8125695                 jjones@l-3.com.com                      Corporation                   17529678207 
31883TXU GENERATION COMPANY LP                                                       1601 BRYAN ST, ENERGY PLAZA, 27TH FLOOR                                                                     DALLAS                              TX75201    UNITED STA1-214-8758297                                               jjones8@txu.com                         Corporation                   17529678207 
31884TXU GENERATION COMPANY LP                                                       1601 BRYAN ST, ENERGY PLAZA, 27TH FLOOR                                                                     DALLAS                              TX75201    UNITED STA1-214-8758297                                                                                       Corporation                   17529678207 
31885AEP TEXAS NORTH COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Corporation                   17506467905 
31885AEP TEXAS NORTH GENERATION COMPANY LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Other/Misc                    32020632264 
31886WEST TEXAS UTILITIES COMPANY                                                    301 CYPRESS ST                                                                                              ABILENE                             TX796015800UNITED STA1-915-6747253                                                                                       Corporation                   17506467905 
31887AEP TEXAS NORTH GENERATING COMPANY LLC                                          PO BOX 660164                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752660164UNITED STA1-214-7772896                 1-214-7771380                 kpgaus@aep.com                          Other/Misc                    32020632264 
31888PORT TERMINAL RAILROAD ASSOCIATION                                              8934 MANCHESTER ST                                                                                          HOUSTON                             TX770122149UNITED STA1-713-3936500                                                                                       Unknown                                   
31889KRATON POLYMERS US LLC                                                          16400 PARK ROW                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770845015UNITED STA0-305-8129223                 0-281-6762405                 ROGER.TOCCHETTO@KRATON.COM              Corporation                   17606075954 
31890AST RESEARCH INC                                                                4211 E ROSEDALE ST                                                                                          FORT WORTH                          TX761051826UNITED STA1-817-2305717                                                                                       Corporation                   19535255657 
31891QUALA SERVICES LLC                                                              1302 N 19TH ST STE 300                                                                                      TAMPA                               FL336055243UNITED STA1-813-3216485                                                                                       Corporation                   15816151912 
31892NATIONAL-OILWELL LP                                                             11929 FM 529 RD                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770413017UNITED STA1-281-2740401                                                                                                                     17604889877 
31893AUTOTRONICS INC                                                                 1399 EXECUTIVE DR W                                                                                         RICHARDSON                          TX750812254UNITED STA1-214-2387291                                                                                       Unknown                       17514031610 
31894INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY                                                     PO BOX 1380                                                                                                 NAVASOTA                            TX778681380UNITED STA1-936-8253108                                                                                       Corporation                   11308728051 
31895WIRE MESH TEXAS LLC                                                             25219 KUYKENDAHL RD STE 290                                                                                 TOMBALL                             TX773753438UNITED STA1-832-7915479                                               LUIS@SCM-US.COM                         Corporation                   32066251383 
31896CAMTRACO ENTERPRISES INC                                                        2825 WILCREST DR STE 100                                                                                    HOUSTON                             TX770423358UNITED STA1-713-7898452                                                                                       Unknown                       17602631651 
31897JOBSON ENTERPRISES INC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Corporation                   17510519774 
31900AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL MANUFACTURING CORPORATION                                PO BOX 7037                                                                                                 FORT WORTH                          TX761110037UNITED STA1-817-8382301                                                                                       Corporation                   13827501886 
31901EXPLORER PIPELINE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 2650                                                                                                 TULSA                               OK741012650UNITED STA1-918-5913143                                               dlee@expl.com                           Corporation                   17307859821 
31902GROVES EQUIPMENT RENTAL COMPANY INC                                             120 TOWER ST                                                                                                CHANNELVIEW                         TX775304308UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17413944483 
31903GREIF BROS CORPORATION                                                          425 WINTER RD                                                                                               DELAWARE                            OH430158903UNITED STA1-740-5496000                                                                                       Corporation                   12016185949 
31904ALTIVIA OXIDE CHEMICALS LLC                                                     1100 LOUISIANA ST STE 4800                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770025227UNITED STA1-713-6589000                                                                                       Corporation                   32074270896 
31905DISPOSAL PROPERTIES LLC                                                         500 INDEPENDENCE PKWY S                                                                                     LA PORTE                            TX775719768UNITED STA1-210-3043085                                                                                       Unknown                       32007196754 
31906BEST CIRCUIT BOARDS INC                                                         10501 FM 720                                                                                                FRISCO                              TX750353100UNITED STA1-972-7711930                                                                                       Corporation                   17521314967 
31907HUNTSMAN PETROCHEMICAL LLC                                                      4241 SAVANNAH AVE # GATE24                                                                                  PORT ARTHUR                         TX776403668UNITED STA1-409-9896440                 1-409-9896520                 matt.baker@fhr.com                      Corporation                   15815945181 
31908TEXAS REFINING COMPANY                                                          1280 M N B TOWER BANKS BLDG STE 115                                                                         MIDLAND                             TX797019999UNITED STA1-915-6820542                                                                                       Unknown                       17516731704 
31909TEXAS REFINING COMPANY                                                          1280 M N B TOWER SUITE 115                                                                                  MIDLAND                             TX797019999UNITED STA1-915-6820542                                                                                       Unknown                       17516731704 
31910SPINKS INDUSTRIES INC                                                           PO BOX 821                                                                                                  FORT WORTH                          TX761010821UNITED STA1-817-2932140                                                                                       Corporation                   17512161096 
31911COLETO CREEK POWER LP                                                           PO BOX 8                                                                                                    FANNIN                              TX779600008UNITED STA1-361-7885145                 1-361-7885136                 aespinosa@coletocreekpower.com                                        10305996836 
31912LAREDO WLE LP                                                                   7300 CPL RD                                                                                                 LAREDO                              TX780412531UNITED STA1-956-7215607                                                                                       Corporation                   12010456650 
31914POLYCOAT PRODUCTS LLC                                                           2100 RELIANCE PKWY                                                                                          BEDFORD                             TX760216102UNITED STA1-817-6847335 x102            1-817-6849741                 UTKARSH@POLYCOATUSA.COM                 Corporation                   32037237107 
31915LINDE INC                                                                       6710 HOGABOOM RD                                                                                            GROVES                              TX776196039UNITED STA1-409-9636415                                                                                       Corporation                   10612490507 
31916ELECTROPLATING SPECIALISTS INC                                                  4700 RANGER ST                                                                                              HOUSTON                             TX770286026UNITED STA                                                                                                    Unknown                       17419733229 
31917FOAMEX INTERNATIONAL INC                                                        3210 CURTIS BLVD                                                                                            MESQUITE                            TX751492701UNITED STA1-214-2887655                                                                                       Corporation                   32002960576 
31918GREIF PACKAGING LLC                                                             10850 STRANG RD                                                                                             LA PORTE                            TX775719733UNITED STA0-281-4704414                                                                                       Corporation                   13632681238 
31920SESA FLUORSPAR INC                                                              PO BOX 1207                                                                                                 EAGLE PASS                          TX788531207UNITED STA1-512-7732328                                                                                       Corporation                   17424469843 
31921CEN-TEX SEED & DELINTING INC                                                    1301 OLD HIGHWAY 77/81 S                                                                                    HILLSBORO                           TX766452884UNITED STA1-254-5828314                 1-254-5827155                                                         Corporation                   17413860101 
31922US DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE                                                  2909 NORTH RD                                                                                               SAN ANTONIO                         TX782359999UNITED STA1-210-5363252                                                                                       Federal Government Ownership              
31924DUKE CITY LUMBER CO                                                             PO BOX 480                                                                                                  LIVINGSTON                          TX773510008UNITED STA1-713-3275721                                                                                       Unknown                       18500943842 
31926M & M ENGRAVING & MFG CO                                                        608 E MAIN ST STE A                                                                                         GRAND PRAIRIE                       TX750505806UNITED STA1-214-6421221                                                                                       Unknown                       17516177346 
31928BALL METAL BEVERAGE CONTAINER CORP                                              6600 WILL ROGERS BLVD                                                                                       FORT WORTH                          TX761406006UNITED STA1-817-5523196                 1-817-5513197                 tcase@ball.com                          Corporation                   18413266448 
31929UNITED STATES GYPSUM COMPANY                                                    255 REGAL ROW                                                                                               DALLAS                              TX752475201UNITED STA1-214-6317830                                                                                       Corporation                   13618984101 
31932HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES INC                                                 PO BOX 42810                                                                                                HOUSTON                             TX772422810UNITED STA1-281-5754018                 1-281-9881016                 denise.tuck@halliburton.com             Corporation                   17302712801 
31933CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 5241                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265241UNITED STA1-409-8393130                                                                                       Corporation                   19415291608 
31934CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 5241                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265241UNITED STA1-409-8393130                                                                                       Corporation                   19415291608 
31935CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 5241                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265241UNITED STA1-281-5765723                                                                                       Corporation                   19415291608 
31936CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 4879                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104879UNITED STA1-281-5963561                 1-281-5963640                 pshevlin@chevron.com                    Corporation                   19415291608 
31937CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 5241                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265241UNITED STA1-409-8393130                                                                                       Corporation                   19415291608 
31938CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 5241                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265241UNITED STA1-409-8393100                                                                                       Corporation                   19415291608 
31939CHEVRON USA INC                                                                 PO BOX 1150                                                                                                 MIDLAND                             TX797021150UNITED STA1-915-6877552                                                                                       Corporation                   12505279252 
31941HYDROCHEM LLC                                                                   900 GEORGIA AVE                                                                                             DEER PARK                           TX775362518UNITED STA1-713-3935600 x5828           1-713-3935959                                                         Corporation                   17525039065 
31943SOLAR TURBINES INCORPORATED                                                     PO BOX 1086                                                                                                 DESOTO                              TX751231086UNITED STA1-214-2285500                                                                                       Corporation                   19536215148 
31944LEMASTER LITHO SUPPLY INC                                                       PO BOX 10005                                                                                                DALLAS                              TX752079999UNITED STA1-214-6386700                                                                                       Corporation                   17512183975 
31945FORMOSA PLASTICS CORPORATION TEXAS                                              PO BOX 700                                                                                                  POINT COMFORT                       TX779780700UNITED STA1-361-9877000                 1-361-9872363                                                         Corporation                   12223554648 
31947UNIVAR SOLUTIONS USA INC                                                        3075 HIGHLAND PKWY STE 200                                                                                  DOWNERS GROVE                       IL605155560UNITED STA1-919-2596261                                               MARK.KLEIMAN@UNIVARSOLUTIONS.COM        Corporation                   19113479356 
31948UNIVAR SOLUTIONS USA INC                                                        777 BRISBANE ST                                                                                             HOUSTON                             TX770615044UNITED STA1-713-6441601                                                                                       Corporation                   19113479356 
31949UNIVAR SOLUTIONS USA INC                                                        1490 V W R DR                                                                                               BEAUMONT                            TX777059999UNITED STA1-409-8321612                                                                                       Corporation                   19113479356 
31950UNIVAR SOLUTIONS USA INC                                                        3636 DAN MORTON DR                                                                                          DALLAS                              TX752361071UNITED STA1-214-3994272                                               GAIL.BACKUS@UNIVARSOLUTIONS.COM         Corporation                   19113479356 
31951UNIVAR SOLUTIONS USA INC                                                        4351 DIRECTOR DR                                                                                            SAN ANTONIO                         TX782193203UNITED STA1-210-3332310                                                                                       Corporation                   19113479356 
31952ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS OPERATING LLC                                               PO BOX 4324                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104324UNITED STA1-713-3816595                 1-866-2269817                 SNOLAN@EPROD.COM                        Corporation                   12604305396 
31953AMINOIL USA INC                                                                 PO BOX 1188                                                                                                 GEORGE WEST                         TX780221188UNITED STA1-512-5662431                                                                                       Corporation                   11327730211 
31955US DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE                                                  2180 KENLY AVE                                                                                              LACKLAND AFB                        TX782365172UNITED STA1-512-6712901                                                                                       Federal Government Ownership              
31956BRENNTAG SOUTHWEST INC                                                          1632 HADEN RD                                                                                               HOUSTON                             TX770156402UNITED STA1-713-3308570                                               HLORRAINE@ALTIVA.COM                    Corporation                   17518983782 
31957TS LIQUIDATING COMPANY INC                                                      4600 BLUE MOUND RD                                                                                          FORT WORTH                          TX761061907UNITED STA1-817-6652054                                               sean.nelson@americanionhorse.com        Corporation                   17527531093 
31959NEW VALLEY CORP                                                                 3131 HALIFAX ST                                                                                             DALLAS                              TX752476013UNITED STA1-214-6302229                                                                                       Corporation                   11354820505 
31961CITGO PETROLEUM CORPORATION                                                     PO BOX 4689                                                                                                 HOUSTON                             TX772104689UNITED STA1-832-4865539                                               lttolar@citgo.com                       Corporation                   17311738813 
31962CITGO PETROLEUM CORPORATION                                                     PO BOX 3758                                                                                                 TULSA                               OK741023758UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17311738813 
31963CITGO PETROLEUM CORPORATION                                                     PO BOX 3758                                                                                                 TULSA                               OK741023758UNITED STA                                                                                                    Corporation                   17311738813 
31964US VENTURE INC                                                                  425 BETTER WAY                                                                                              APPLETON                            WI549156192UNITED STA1-920-7358228                 1-920-7304245                                                         Corporation                   13909640149 
31965US VENTURE INC                                                                  425 BETTER WAY                                                                                              APPLETON                            WI549156192UNITED STA0-920-7358228                 0-920-7304245                                                         Corporation                   13909640149 
31966US VENTURE INC                                                                  425 BETTER WAY                                                                                              APPLETON                            WI549156192UNITED STA1-920-7358228                 1-920-7304245                                                         Corporation                   13909640149 
31968SOUTHERN GRAPHIC SYSTEMS LLC                                                    1702 S CENTRAL EXPY                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752151269UNITED STA1-214-5659000                                                                                       Unknown                       15406769164 
31969ROHM AND HAAS COMPANY                                                           PO BOX 1330                                                                                                 LA PORTE                            TX775721330UNITED STA1-281-4748551                 1-281-4748546                                                         Corporation                   12310283705 
31970AMF BEN HOGAN COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unknown                                   
31971APTIV SERVICES US LLC                                                           PO BOX 3548                                                                                                 WICHITA FALLS                       TX763010548UNITED STA1-940-8557095                                                                                       Other/Misc                    12707914540 
31972CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 156                                                                                                  WORTHAM                             TX766930156UNITED STA1-254-7653261                                                                                       Corporation                   19415291608 
31973CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY                                                       PO BOX 5241                                                                                                 BEAUMONT                            TX777265241UNITED STA1-254-7653261                                                                                       Corporation                   19415291608 
31974KTS TEXAS 1 LLC                                                                 5390 PECOS ST                                                                                               DENVER                              CO802216445UNITED STA1-303-9139139                                               TROY@KEYSTONETOWERSYSTEMS.COM           Corporation                   32075229362 
31977SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC USA INC                                                      1415 S ROSELLE RD                                                                                           PALATINE                            IL600677337UNITED STA1-312-3972600                                                                                       Unknown                       13624406834 
31978TT BARGE SERVICE INC                                                            7700 SAN FELIPE ST STE 575                                                                                  HOUSTON                             TX770631611UNITED STA1-713-4555890                                                                                       Corporation                               
31979TERRA-ACE INTERMEDIATE HOLDINGS LLC                                             325 PRONTO AVE                                                                                              ODESSA                              TX797629727UNITED STA1-432-5303012                                               AGOLDEN@ACECOMPLETIONS.COM              Corporation                   13718762142 
31980HANCOCK INDUSTRIES INC                                                          7144 BURNS ST                                                                                               RICHLAND HILLS                      TX761186808UNITED STA1-817-5892410                                                                                       Corporation                   17515935488 
31981MANGUM SCI INC                                                                  PO BOX 2620                                                                                                 WHITNEY                             TX766925620UNITED STA1-254-6943847                                                                                       Unknown                       17526244441 
31982OLD FRITO-LAY INC                                                               10679 HARRY HINES BLVD                                                                                      DALLAS                              TX752202612UNITED STA1-214-3507753                                                                                       Corporation                   17502814704 
31983OLD FRITO-LAY INC                                                               3420 DUNCANVILLE RD                                                                                         DALLAS                              TX752361010UNITED STA1-214-9445219                                                                                       Corporation                   17502814704 
31984APPLETON ELECTRIC LLC                                                           13639 ALDINE WESTFIELD RD                                                                                   HOUSTON                             TX770393007UNITED STA1-281-7743700                 1-281-7743705                                                         Corporation                   13641799385 
31985CARLISLE MEMORY PRODUCTS GROUP INCORPORATED                                     6625 INDUSTRIAL PARK BLVD                                                                                   NORTH RICHLAND HILLS                TX761806027UNITED STA1-817-5494500                                                                                       Unknown                       17515724973 
31986NORTHROP GRUMMAN GUIDANCE AND ELECTRONICS COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unknown                       19522777606 
31986LITTON ELECTRO-OPTICAL SYSTEMS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unknown                                   
31989EXXONMOBIL UPSTREAM RESEARCH COMPANY                                            22777 SPRINGWOODS VILLAGE PKWY